All Deceased beginning with letters 'VA'

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All names beginning VA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VALE CharlesE2461315 Feb 194536RA36 18
VALE KennethE2461412 Feb 197267RM29 35
VALENCIA ElizabethE2461511 Dec 197773RD37 2
VALENS Rodney MichaelE2461605 Dec 19452RB56 48
VALENSKY HarrisE2461704 Apr 194952RA48 30
VALENTINE AnneE2461808 Aug 199078RO37 60
VALENTINE DavidE2461919 Feb 198963RO40 17
VALINS LeslieE2462008 Dec 196543RH33 10
VALINS MarkE2462124 Aug 199383RD02 24
VALINS ReubenE2462210 May 197173RB48 6
VALINS SamuelE2462318 Mar 199691RL02 9
VALINSKY or VALINS FannyE2462405 Nov 197062RG46 25
VALLINS FannyE2462507 Jun 199690RK41 40
VALLINS Hyman MauriceE2462630 Apr 198761RM08 18
VALLINS SarahE2462709 Feb 195049RB48 9
VALLINSKY IsraelE2462821 Dec 194254RA29 21
VAN BUEREN AnnieE2462919 Nov 197472RM31 20
VAN BUEREN JettaE2463024 Jun 196061RB07 9
VAN BUEREN MaxE2463106 May 196471RH41 29
VAN GELDER BernardE2463214 Jun 196848RI16 27
VAN HAAREN Jenny YettaE2463321 Dec 198250RO21 15
VAN HOORN AlexanderE2463405 Jun 196780RI10 26
VAN HOORN JudithE2463501 Sep 196877RI10 27
VAN PRAAGH AlbertE2463606 Aug 196669RH28 23
VAN PRAAGH IsraelE2463708 Jul 197371RM24 37
VAN PRAAGH MorrisE2463823 Apr 197674RN17 17
VAN PRAAGH Rebecca BettyE2463903 Aug 198677RN17 18
VAN PRAAGH SarahE2464025 Dec 198585RH28 24
VAN WEST Esther MillyE2464102 Apr 195334RD38 13
VAN WEST HarryE2464203 Jun 198364RL07 7
VAN WEST LilyE2464313 Aug 199880RL07 8
VAN-LOEN BarryE2464409 Jul 199549RJ35 40
VANCLIFF RebeccaE2464509 May 195463RD30 13
VANCLIFF SolomonE2464630 Jan 197349RG14 30
VANCLIFFE BeattieE2464727 May 201583RE27 14
VANCLIFFE LilianE2464829 Jun 198785RO37 49
VANDENBERG EleazerE2464910 Mar 197982RO25 34
VANDENBERG Sidney SamuelE2465015 Mar 198658RO24 34
VANDERBERG AnnieE2465112 Oct 198576RK41 6
VANDERBERG LewisE2465225 Jan 198978RK41 5
VANDERMOLEN BenjaminE2465327 Jul 198082RM11 19
VANDERMOLEN JosephE2465408 Apr 196337RG18 10
VANDERMOLEN MildredE2465515 Mar 201378RI17 35
VANDERMOLEN SallyE2465609 Oct 198875RM11 18
VANDERPOOL KatieE2465714 Apr 195242RD47 11
VANDT MiriamE2465815 Dec 196356RB49 4
VANGELDER Solomon SidneyE2465921 Oct 196565RG37 18
VANGROFSKY MarksE2466024 Jun 197382RL16 34
VANGROSKY LeahE2466115 Oct 198694RL16 35
VANGROVE RebeccaE2466217 Jan 198385RN10 21
VANNER DinahE2466305 May 198582RO30 46
VANNER JosephE2466406 Jun 199389RO30 47
VANOVITCH DoraE2466502 Nov 196582RF27 34
VANOVITCH IsaacE2466613 Dec 196478RF27 35
VANT AbrahamE2466716 Jul 196963RJ19 29
VANT AlexanderE2466806 Apr 201668RL01 37
VANT AlfredE2466929 Mar 199266RF30 3
VANT AnnE2467017 Jul 199888RO39 48
VANT Anne RachelE2467127 Apr 200092RJ19 30
VANT EstherE2467227 Mar 194941RB46 7
VANT MauriceE2467304 Oct 198981RO39 47
VARSOFCHIK BarnetE2467420 Dec 197769RL27 27
VARSOFCHIK JacobE2467504 Mar 195065RA52 23
VASILINSKY TheresaE2467624 Aug 198182RN09 4
VASILISKY LewisE2467707 Dec 196976RJ04 12
VAUGHAN Barbara DaphneE2467803 Dec 201578RE03 34
VAUGHAN MauriceE2467925 Jun 199762RE03 35
VAVELBERG IsidoreE2468030 Aug 195378RD35 12
VAVELBERG RachelE2468104 Mar 196280RE27 29
VAX DoraE2468210 Dec 197371RI35 24

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