All Deceased beginning with letters 'AP'

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All names beginning AP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
APATOFF EstherC0392023 Jul 200679N130 01
APATOFF MyerC0350428 Sep 200480N130 02
APOTOWSKI MaryenB0255208 Feb 197783N124 27
APPEL Alfred LazarusB0271522 Jun 197767F136 29
APPEL DebbieC0469418 Dec 201078H134 02
APPEL DennisA0646927 Jan 196437F127 11
APPEL HarryA0677902 Nov 196471D110 32
APPEL IsraelC0170428 Mar 199886N139 46
APPEL JackA0963623 Jan 197174K122 09
APPEL JeanB0142228 Dec 197466D110 24
APPEL Leah LouiseB0279120 Aug 197777O22 53
APPEL LeahC0192909 Dec 199892F128 04
APPEL LilyA0542106 Oct 196147F136 28
APPEL MichaelA0501617 Jul 196062D110 25
APPEL PhyllisB0843612 Mar 198988K122 10
APPEL WoolfB0211023 Mar 197662N122 40
APPELL BerthaB0076429 Sep 197366H129 11
APPELL DavidA0754714 Jul 196671H129 12
APPLE AnnieC0358408 Feb 200598M05 15
APPLE FannyA0490710 Feb 196067F242 05
APPLE JackB0100201 Mar 197456I135 21
APPLE JeanC0281312 Dec 200172I135 22
APPLE JohnB0826402 Nov 198878M05 16
APPLE LeahA1000810 Oct 197177D110 31
APPLEBAUM ClaraB0013829 Jun 197266M18 23
APPLEBAUM HettyB0895229 Apr 199086J33 15
APPLEBAUM IsraelA0769417 Nov 196650I107 06
APPLEBAUM IsraelB1007316 Feb 199390J33 14
APPLEBAUM JennieC0165209 Feb 199878I107 07
APPLEBAUM John HarrisA0999905 Oct 197163G247 10
APPLEBAUM JosephA0096620 Feb 194247A126 29
APPLEBAUM LilyB0996425 Nov 199288O25 43
APPLEBAUM MarkB0392822 Oct 197978O25 42
APPLEBAUM PollyA0793420 Jun 196780F115 26
APPLEBAUM SarahA0241031 Aug 194987B248 19
APPLEBY DoraC0340826 Mar 200490L27 31
APPLEBY LeonardB0298303 Jan 197880L27 32
APPLEBY MauriceB0620713 Jun 198474N241 41
APPLEBY SarahB0700902 Mar 198682N241 42
APPLEMAN AbrahamA0812222 Dec 196765G140 27
APPLETON GoldaB0681504 Oct 198579E104 20
APPLETON NathanB0229512 Aug 197675E104 19
APTE EstherA0919303 Mar 197077G244 08
APTEKAR AlfredB0554407 Feb 198375O10 19
APTEKAR CeliaB0650605 Feb 198576O10 18

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