All Deceased beginning with letters 'AP'

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All names beginning AP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
APATOFF EstherE0053823 Jul 200679RN30 1
APATOFF MyerE0053928 Sep 200480RN30 2
APOTOWSKI MaryenE0054008 Feb 197783RN24 27
APPEL Alfred LazarusE0054122 Jun 197767RF36 29
APPEL DebbieE0054218 Dec 201078RH34 2
APPEL DennisE0054327 Jan 196437RF27 11
APPEL HarryE0054402 Nov 196471RD10 32
APPEL IsraelE0054528 Mar 199886RN39 46
APPEL JackE0054623 Jan 197174RK22 9
APPEL JeanE0054728 Dec 197466RD10 24
APPEL Leah LouiseE0054820 Aug 197777RO22 53
APPEL LeahE0054909 Dec 199892RF28 4
APPEL LilyE0055006 Oct 196147RF36 28
APPEL MichaelE0055117 Jul 196062RD10 25
APPEL PhyllisE0055212 Mar 198988RK22 10
APPEL WoolfE0055323 Mar 197662RN22 40
APPELL BerthaE0055429 Sep 197366RH29 11
APPELL DavidE0055514 Jul 196671RH29 12
APPLE AnnieE0055608 Feb 200598RM05 15
APPLE FannyE0055710 Feb 196067RF42 5
APPLE JackE0055801 Mar 197456RI35 21
APPLE JeanE0055912 Dec 200172RI35 22
APPLE JohnE0056002 Nov 198878RM05 16
APPLE LeahE0056110 Oct 197177RD10 31
APPLEBAUM ClaraE0056229 Jun 197266RM18 23
APPLEBAUM HettyE0056329 Apr 199086RJ33 15
APPLEBAUM IsraelE0056417 Nov 196650RI07 6
APPLEBAUM IsraelE0056516 Feb 199390RJ33 14
APPLEBAUM JennieE0056609 Feb 199878RI07 7
APPLEBAUM John HarrisE0056705 Oct 197163RG47 10
APPLEBAUM JosephE0056820 Feb 194247RA26 29
APPLEBAUM LilyE0056925 Nov 199288RO25 43
APPLEBAUM MarkE0057022 Oct 197978RO25 42
APPLEBAUM PollyE0057120 Jun 196780RF15 26
APPLEBAUM SarahE0057231 Aug 194987RB48 19
APPLEBY DoraE0057326 Mar 200490RL27 31
APPLEBY LeonardE0057403 Jan 197880RL27 32
APPLEBY MauriceE0057513 Jun 198474RN41 41
APPLEBY SarahE0057602 Mar 198682RN41 42
APPLEMAN AbrahamE0057722 Dec 196765RG40 27
APPLETON GoldaE0057804 Oct 198579RE04 20
APPLETON NathanE0057912 Aug 197675RE04 19
APTE EstherE0058003 Mar 197077RG44 8
APTEKAR AlfredE0058107 Feb 198375RO10 19
APTEKAR CeliaE0058205 Feb 198576RO10 18

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