All Deceased beginning with letters 'WO'

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All names beginning WO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WODDIS Isaac SamuelE2562216 Dec 197482RD03 32
WODDIS RoseE2562329 Aug 196667RD03 33
WODISLOWSKY HannahE2562418 Feb 194778RB35 7
WOHL HaroldE2562524 Jul 198972RL15 3
WOHL PearlE2562618 Jul 201497RL15 4
WOHL Sarah JennyE2562707 Apr 197175RG47 26
WOHLFEILER FayE2562801 Nov 197284RJ13 30
WOHLFIELER LewisE2562910 Jul 196781RJ13 29
WOHLMAN ArnoldE2563030 Jun 200585RM05 25
WOHLMAN KateE2563117 Dec 198869RM05 24
WOLCHAK BarnettE2563216 Jul 195854RD15 15
WOLCHAK DoraE2563327 Mar 196944RH15 9
WOLCHAK FannyE2563406 Jul 199190RD15 14
WOLCHOVER Anna GoldaE2563502 Jan 200094RJ39 23
WOLF AlanE2563612 Jun 201392RI44 8
WOLF IreneE2563718 Apr 201084RI44 7
WOLF NachumE2563831 Oct 196173RA52 12
WOLF Raymond AnthonyE2563918 Feb 201757RI45 6
WOLF SalomonE2564027 Feb 195019RA52 13
WOLFE Cicely SarahE2564103 Apr 198370RM17 35
WOLFISH MarieE2564227 Apr 197779RG13 14
WOLFISH MarkE2564323 Jul 197784RG13 12
WOLFISH MillieE2564405 Mar 196267RG13 11
WOLFMAN SamuelE2564526 Apr 199082RO04 50
WOLFOVITCH FannyE2564621 May 196085RE39 15
WOLFOVITCH JudahE2564725 Jul 198168RE39 9
WOLFRYD IsraelE2564803 Feb 199583RK23 1
WOLFRYD JosephE2564909 Jan 198869RH03 23
WOLFRYD LuanneE2565016 Mar 200124RO36 73
WOLFRYD RoseE2565101 Apr 198162RK23 2
WOLFRYD SylviaE2565213 Nov 200177RH03 24
WOLFSHAUT DavidE2565317 Jul 198369RO11 15
WOLFSHAUT FannyE2565418 Feb 198273RO11 16
WOLFSHAUT JennieE2565501 Mar 199791RM24 34
WOLFSHAUT JosephE2565608 Dec 197063RM24 33
WOLFSHAUT RoseE2565721 May 194933RB47 25
WOLFSON BellaE2565808 Sep 197281RI26 24
WOLFSON Leon BrianE2565910 Nov 198945RF53 6
WOLINSKI MariaE2566028 Dec 195575RE10 23
WOLKIND IsaacE2566106 Jul 196876RC15 17
WOLKIND SophieE2566211 Mar 198384RC15 16
WOLMAN EthelE2566322 Feb 196281RA04 17
WOLMAN IsaacE2566404 Mar 196581RA04 16
WOLMAN Sgt Morris LewisE2566522 Nov 194323RA09 17
WOLMARK FayE2566625 Oct 198881RN22 4
WOLMARK LeopoldE2566724 Jul 198680RN22 3
WOLOVITZ BenE2566821 Apr 198065RO25 47
WOLSKY LilyE2566924 Mar 197666RO22 5
WONDELOVITCH AnnieE2567029 Sep 194373RB31 20
WONDELOVITCH WoolfE2567114 Aug 194885RA46 20
WOOD JennyE2567219 Jan 197268RG48 17
WOODHAM EvaE2567329 Sep 201690RG50 26
WOODLEY MillicentE2567408 May 198469RN38 44
WOODS HarryE2567506 Jun 198886RN29 45
WOOLCOVITCH RebeccaE2567619 Oct 198789RO15 8
WOOLF AbrahamE2567725 Mar 199993RF07 18
WOOLF Amelia AnnieE2567804 Sep 196980RG17 9
WOOLF AnnieE2567930 Dec 198772RO03 8
WOOLF BarnetE2568026 Feb 198493RK37 15
WOOLF BenjaminE2568111 May 194318RA30 13
WOOLF BloomahE2568202 Jun 198085RK06 9
WOOLF Caesar SimonE2568303 Aug 196073RC09 20
WOOLF CharlesE2568402 Sep 197268RK15 28
WOOLF CharlesE2568511 Sep 198976RO03 9
WOOLF DoraE2568630 Jun 196763RI10 14
WOOLF DorothyE2568702 Mar 196334RE47 16
WOOLF EstherE2568807 Jul 196142RG09 29
WOOLF EstherE2568901 Jun 198964RO35 50
WOOLF EthelE2569008 Dec 199290RD11 9
WOOLF EvaE2569109 Dec 197868RD04 22
WOOLF FanniE2569205 Dec 198795RK37 16
WOOLF FredaE2569329 Mar 198965RF52 29
WOOLF George BenjaminE2569421 Mar 199170RO02 21
WOOLF GertrudeE2569512 Aug 201496RO02 22
WOOLF HarryE2569602 Jan 194136RA21 9
WOOLF HarryE2569730 Nov 196086RD27 8
WOOLF HelenE2569802 Nov 201389RL34 43
WOOLF Henry HeinrichE2569930 Jun 196964RH14 13
WOOLF IrvingE2570007 Feb 196357RE29 3
WOOLF IsaacE2570122 Jul 197867RM14 17
WOOLF IsaacE2570223 Sep 198782RL36 31
WOOLF Isidore MossE2570303 May 197576RF40 6
WOOLF Jack IsraelE2570405 Nov 196458RE48 22
WOOLF JackE2570528 Apr 198966RF52 28
WOOLF JacobE2570601 Mar 196377RG17 8
WOOLF JaneE2570708 Mar 198177RL36 30
WOOLF JessieE2570829 Apr 198576RF07 17
WOOLF JohnE2570905 Jan 197988RK06 8
WOOLF JosephE2571031 May 196558RA04 7
WOOLF JosephE2571129 Jan 195971RE34 13
WOOLF LeahE2571222 Feb 195869RE19 13
WOOLF LilianE2571309 Dec 201182RO08 22
WOOLF LilyE2571430 Jan 200093RF40 7
WOOLF LilyE2571505 Jul 200794RO38 69
WOOLF Madeline MaudE2571631 May 196771RH25 14
WOOLF MarieE2571705 Jan 196470RC09 19
WOOLF MarksE2571813 Mar 200393RJ32 39
WOOLF MartinE2571919 Dec 198356RO08 21
WOOLF MatildaE2572006 Jun 198987RK11 38
WOOLF MauriceE2572129 Dec 194067RA21 29
WOOLF MauriceE2572227 Feb 199978RG09 28
WOOLF Millie SarahE2572302 Feb 195680RD27 7
WOOLF MillieE2572427 May 198282RK34 28
WOOLF MillieE2572508 Jul 201696RJ32 40
WOOLF MontagueE2572618 Sep 198479RN43 28
WOOLF MontyE2572722 Apr 198359RO30 27
WOOLF MorrisE2572820 Sep 196573RF19 21
WOOLF MorrisE2572920 Jun 199892RO38 68
WOOLF MorrisE2573001 Apr 198594RK34 27
WOOLF MyerE2573111 May 197682RH25 4
WOOLF NitaE2573217 Oct 198881RF07 19
WOOLF Norman IanE2573324 Dec 200459RE51 24
WOOLF PhilipE2573404 Dec 195668RE19 14
WOOLF PhillipE2573511 Oct 198875RK06 33
WOOLF ReneeE2573603 Aug 200685RN36 1
WOOLF RitaE2573714 May 197664RK15 27
WOOLF RobertE2573803 Aug 195454RD27 9
WOOLF SadieE2573905 Jan 198781RN43 27
WOOLF SarahE2574020 Jan 198778RN46 21
WOOLF SarahE2574114 Nov 201195RK06 34
WOOLF SidneyE2574225 Nov 200486RN36 2
WOOLF SophiaE2574311 Dec 195353RD33 15
WOOLF SophieE2574406 Jan 197076RA52 11
WOOLF SylviaE2574511 May 199487RE29 4
WOOLF TonyE2574608 Mar 200869RD50 1
WOOLF WilliamE2574718 Jul 196460RD04 23
WOOLF WoluffE2574818 May 197473RK11 39
WOOLFE MichaelE2574914 Jun 200693RK02 44
WOOLFE Raymond DavidE2575021 Oct 195739RE27 23
WOOLFOVITCH EstherE2575129 Mar 198484RE04 11
WOOLFOVITCH RebeccaE2575227 Sep 199492RE04 9
WOOLFOVITCH SarahE2575312 Aug 196963RE04 10
WOOLFSON ArthurE2575410 Apr 197093RI26 23
WOOLFSON BernardE2575525 Aug 196779RF15 10
WOOLFSON EdwardE2575627 Dec 201584RG44 32
WOOLFSON LilaE2575729 May 200974RG44 33
WOOLFSON LilyE2575826 Jan 196974RF15 9
WOOLFSON MaryE2575909 Nov 197574RN21 30
WOOLFSON MollyE2576019 Jul 199083RF03 23
WOOLISCROFT SarahE2576115 Apr 197966RM13 32
WOOLMAN JacobE2576211 Aug 196928RH14 12
WOOLMAN RoseE2576302 Aug 199485RH13 11
WOOLMARK BabyE2576428 Nov 19611 mthRB29 30S
WOOLRITCH NathanE2576510 Mar 194175RA23 8
WOOLSTON SadieE2576627 Jan 199792RK13 2
WOOLSTONE HarrisonE2576716 Apr 20109RG01 18
WORCZYK MaryE2576803 Jun 199982RI24 7
WOREZYK MaxE2576920 Dec 196960RI24 8
WORHITE HenryE2577004 Feb 197575RL22 37
WORHITE SadieE2577120 Dec 197780RL22 38
WORMAN Anne AmeliaE2577201 Feb 198272RI31 25
WORMAN AnnieE2577302 Dec 197979RO17 22
WORMAN AsherE2577426 Jul 198272RO17 23
WORMAN DoraE2577517 Oct 196867RG42 21
WORMAN IsraelE2577614 Nov 194872RA48 13
WORMAN Sidney SimonE2577709 Sep 197164RI31 24
WORTH JohnE2577812 Mar 198678RO35 48

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