All Deceased beginning with letters 'MY'

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All names beginning MY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MYDAT HarryB0710028 Apr 198681O05 23
MYDAT RoseC0349705 Sep 200498O05 22
MYEFSKY LeahA0237921 Jun 194982B242 32
MYEFSKY SamuelA0259009 Jul 195074B242 33
MYER SaulB0458724 Feb 198174L05 23
MYEROVITCH AbrahamA0052521 May 194068A118 26
MYEROVITCH AnnieA0206717 Dec 194744B243 20
MYEROVITCH BetsyA0093918 Jan 194271A118 27
MYEROVITCH Johanna AnnieA0131207 Feb 194419B131 15
MYEROVITCH MinnieA0698022 Mar 196573C106 09
MYEROVITCH or MYERS Rebecca or BettyB0289411 Nov 197789I139 21
MYERS (LEWIS) KateA1018127 Jan 197295A250 08
MYERS AaronA0879619 May 196989F112 14
MYERS AaronB0193219 Dec 197565N118 24
MYERS AbrahamB0305217 Feb 197874M14 36
MYERS AdaB0273405 Jul 197762N125 34
MYERS AdelaideB0481824 Aug 198165N134 28
MYERS AlecA0809026 Nov 196761I112 28
MYERS AlexanderB0433123 Aug 198073N109 18
MYERS AlfredB0017329 Jul 197262K115 20
MYERS AlfredB0985910 Aug 199282D128 33
MYERS AnitaC0349116 Aug 200474M12 42
MYERS AnnieA0584111 Sep 196272F134 16
MYERS AnnieA0679312 Nov 196477E248 23
MYERS AnnieB0393901 Nov 197970L32 37
MYERS BarnettC0395511 Oct 200687I241 33
MYERS BenjaminB0054624 Mar 197376M33 36
MYERS BessieA0954220 Nov 197062K119 09
MYERS BettyB0500129 Dec 198171J18 15
MYERS CyrilB0121726 Jul 197447H130 06
MYERS EdnaB0253404 Feb 197748C101D07
MYERS Edward IsaacA0863611 Jan 196966J18 16
MYERS EllaC0107311 Aug 199693K129 41
MYERS EstherA0242221 Sep 194969B247 08
MYERS EstherA0514518 Dec 196061E241 18
MYERS FannyA0983620 May 197176I126 17
MYERS FlorenceC0107513 Aug 199670K127 40
MYERS GeoffreyB0863118 Aug 198973O35 57
MYERS GertieC0023524 Mar 199478O35 58
MYERS HannahB0166906 Jun 197572K127 16
MYERS HannahB0909901 Oct 199086N118 25
MYERS Harold AsherC0404404 Apr 200785N137 49
MYERS Harry ShisterB0733921 Nov 198683O22 60
MYERS HarryA0362327 Jan 195550D123 22
MYERS HarryA0939516 Aug 197068K120 13
MYERS HarryB0170602 Jul 197577N120 39
MYERS Hetty EstherB0628013 Aug 198475N105 06
MYERS HettyB0852319 May 198994M33 37
MYERS HymanA0731904 Jan 196658A103 16
MYERS HymanC0051310 Jan 199585J02 09
MYERS IsaacC0105520 Jul 199678K127 41
MYERS JackC0461029 Apr 201084C101D08
MYERS JacobA0924507 Apr 197081I126 18
MYERS JeanetteC0452510 Nov 200983N137 48
MYERS JessieB0849318 Apr 198984O03 19
MYERS John LazarusB0200601 Feb 197666H106 26
MYERS JosephA0507729 Sep 196070F139 18
MYERS JosephB0727320 Sep 198674N132 41
MYERS JosephC0107920 Aug 199695K129 40
MYERS LewisA0240215 Aug 194975A250 09
MYERS LilyC0276105 Oct 200192O38 72
MYERS LottieC0237911 May 200094K115 39
MYERS LouisC0054806 Feb 199586N105 05
MYERS MarkC0346310 Jun 200494N134 27
MYERS MaryA0977516 Apr 197169G247 28
MYERS MauriceB0592605 Dec 198383O21 44
MYERS MichaelB0028623 Oct 197270K115 38
MYERS Miriam.C0172116 Apr 199871I241 32
MYERS Miss DoraC0032522 Jun 199487N104 04
MYERS MorrisC0469109 Dec 201097D254 34
MYERS MurrayC0498201 Oct 201278I245 30
MYERS MyerB0143102 Jan 197571L23 07
MYERS NathanB0425416 Jun 198076L32 38
MYERS NathanB0790314 Jan 198884O03 18
MYERS PollyA0195423 May 194786B133 06
MYERS PollyA0841424 Jul 196883F112 15
MYERS RachelB0203511 Feb 197681O21 43
MYERS RachelB0481014 Aug 198178L23 08
MYERS RachelB0898201 Jun 199082H106 27
MYERS RachelC0164305 Feb 199890O22 61
MYERS RachelC0245121 Aug 200087K115 19
MYERS RebeccaB0175310 Aug 197578N120 40
MYERS RebeccaC0188713 Oct 199888J02 10
MYERS RoseA0122430 Aug 194376B130 23
MYERS RosemaryC0531707 Jan 201576I245 29
MYERS SallyC0095112 Mar 199698H125 33
MYERS SamuelA0505504 Sep 196067F140 05
MYERS SarahA0108928 Nov 194278B129 20
MYERS SarahA0463421 Jan 195952F246 26
MYERS SidneyA0992810 Aug 197182M27 14
MYERS SusieB0841523 Feb 198982L40 26
MYERS WilfredA0384921 Jan 195664E111 14
MYERSTEIN JeannetteA0355423 Oct 195451D125 30
MYRON SybilC0237226 Apr 200076K127 25
MYUK IsaacA0055318 Jul 194072A111 34

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