All Deceased beginning with letters 'MY'

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All names beginning MY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MYDAT HarryE1711228 Apr 198681RO05 23
MYDAT RoseE1711305 Sep 200498RO05 22
MYEFSKY LeahE1711421 Jun 194982RB42 32
MYEFSKY SamuelE1711509 Jul 195074RB42 33
MYER SaulE1711624 Feb 198174RL05 23
MYEROVITCH AbrahamE1711721 May 194068RA18 26
MYEROVITCH AnnieE1711817 Dec 194744RB43 20
MYEROVITCH BetsyE1711918 Jan 194271RA18 27
MYEROVITCH Johanna AnnieE1712007 Feb 194419RB31 15
MYEROVITCH MinnieE1712122 Mar 196573RC06 9
MYEROVITCH or MYERS Rebecca or BettyE1712211 Nov 197789RI39 21
MYERS (LEWIS) KateE1712327 Jan 197295RA50 8
MYERS AaronE1712419 Dec 197565RN18 24
MYERS AaronE1712519 May 196989RF12 14
MYERS AbrahamE1712617 Feb 197874RM14 36
MYERS AdaE1712705 Jul 197762RN25 34
MYERS AdelaideE1712824 Aug 198165RN34 28
MYERS AlecE1712926 Nov 196761RI12 28
MYERS AlexanderE1713023 Aug 198073RN09 18
MYERS AlfredE1713129 Jul 197262RK15 20
MYERS AlfredE1713210 Aug 199282RD28 33
MYERS AnitaE1713316 Aug 200474RM12 42
MYERS AnnieE1713401 Nov 197970RL32 37
MYERS AnnieE1713511 Sep 196272RF34 16
MYERS AnnieE1713612 Nov 196477RE48 23
MYERS BarnettE1713711 Oct 200687RI41 33
MYERS BenjaminE1713824 Mar 197376RM33 36
MYERS BessieE1713920 Nov 197062RK19 9
MYERS BettyE1714029 Dec 198171RJ18 15
MYERS CyrilE1714126 Jul 197447RH30 6
MYERS EdnaE1714204 Feb 197736 mthRC01 7
MYERS Edward IsaacE1714311 Jan 196966RJ18 16
MYERS EllaE1714411 Aug 199693RK29 41
MYERS EstherE1714518 Dec 196061RE41 18
MYERS EstherE1714621 Sep 194969RB47 8
MYERS FannyE1714720 May 197176RI26 17
MYERS FlorenceE1714813 Aug 199670RK27 40
MYERS GeoffreyE1714918 Aug 198973RO35 57
MYERS GertieE1715024 Mar 199478RO35 58
MYERS HannahE1715106 Jun 197572RK27 16
MYERS HannahE1715201 Oct 199086RN18 25
MYERS Harold AsherE1715304 Apr 200785RN37 49
MYERS Harry ShisterE1715421 Nov 198683RO22 60
MYERS HarryE1715527 Jan 195550RD23 22
MYERS HarryE1715616 Aug 197068RK20 13
MYERS HarryE1715702 Jul 197577RN20 39
MYERS Hetty EstherE1715813 Aug 198475RN05 6
MYERS HettyE1715919 May 198994RM33 37
MYERS HymanE1716004 Jan 196658RA03 16
MYERS HymanE1716110 Jan 199585RJ02 9
MYERS IsaacE1716220 Jul 199678RK27 41
MYERS JackE1716329 Apr 201036 mthRC01 8
MYERS JacobE1716407 Apr 197081RI26 18
MYERS JeanetteE1716510 Nov 200983RN37 48
MYERS JessieE1716618 Apr 198984RO03 19
MYERS John LazarusE1716701 Feb 197666RH06 26
MYERS JosephE1716829 Sep 196070RF39 18
MYERS JosephE1716920 Sep 198674RN32 41
MYERS JosephE1717020 Aug 199695RK29 40
MYERS LewisE1717115 Aug 194975RA50 9
MYERS LilyE1717205 Oct 200192RO38 72
MYERS LottieE1717311 May 200094RK15 39
MYERS LouisE1717406 Feb 199586RN05 5
MYERS MarkE1717510 Jun 200494RN34 27
MYERS MaryE1717616 Apr 197169RG47 28
MYERS MauriceE1717705 Dec 198383RO21 44
MYERS MichaelE1717823 Oct 197270RK15 38
MYERS Miriam.E1717916 Apr 199871RI41 32
MYERS Miss DoraE1718022 Jun 199487RN04 4
MYERS MorrisE1718109 Dec 201097RD54 34
MYERS MurrayE1718201 Oct 201278RI45 30
MYERS MyerE1718302 Jan 197571RL23 7
MYERS NathanE1718416 Jun 198076RL32 38
MYERS NathanE1718514 Jan 198884RO03 18
MYERS PollyE1718624 Jul 196883RF12 15
MYERS PollyE1718723 May 194786RB33 6
MYERS RachelE1718814 Aug 198178RL23 8
MYERS RachelE1718911 Feb 197681RO21 43
MYERS RachelE1719001 Jun 199082RH06 27
MYERS RachelE1719121 Aug 200087RK15 19
MYERS RachelE1719205 Feb 199890RO22 61
MYERS RebeccaE1719310 Aug 197578RN20 40
MYERS RebeccaE1719413 Oct 199888RJ02 10
MYERS RoseE1719530 Aug 194376RB30 23
MYERS RosemaryE1719607 Jan 201576RI45 29
MYERS SallyE1719712 Mar 199698RH25 33
MYERS SamuelE1719804 Sep 196067RF40 5
MYERS SarahE1719921 Jan 195952RF46 26
MYERS SarahE1720028 Nov 194278RB29 20
MYERS SidneyE1720110 Aug 197182RM27 14
MYERS SusieE1720223 Feb 198982RL40 26
MYERS WilfredE1720321 Jan 195664RE11 14
MYERSTEIN JeannetteE1720423 Oct 195451RD25 30
MYRON SybilE1720526 Apr 200076RK27 25
MYUK IsaacE1720618 Jul 194072RA11 34

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