All Deceased beginning with letters 'IS'

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All names beginning IS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ISAAC AbrahamE1112229 Jul 198157RO12 7
ISAAC AlanE1112327 Jun 196931RH25 15
ISAAC HoraceE1112402 Sep 197862RN27 27
ISAAC MontyE1112505 Mar 196982RJ15 33
ISAACOFF BarnettE1112620 Nov 196057RE40 13
ISAACOVITCH Anthony MichaelE1112714 Apr 19442 mthRB56 33
ISAACS AaronE1112809 Nov 194764RA45 21
ISAACS Abraham AlfredE1112916 Apr 198780RE04 25
ISAACS AbrahamE1113004 Jul 197874RO17 17
ISAACS AdelaideE1113122 Dec 196679RJ01 6
ISAACS AlfredE1113208 Aug 200269RO39 68
ISAACS AnneE1113303 Jun 200185RO17 18
ISAACS AnnieE1113420 Nov 198376RO31 28
ISAACS AnnieE1113524 May 196480RE34 16
ISAACS BarnettE1113629 Jun 196174RE42 5
ISAACS BarnettE1113716 Jan 198281RN36 10
ISAACS Betty GloriaE1113813 Jul 200779RK21 3
ISAACS ClaraE1113901 Apr 198692RO05 13
ISAACS CyrilE1114014 Feb 199684RK32 2
ISAACS DavidE1114101 Dec 195653RE19 16
ISAACS DavidE1114205 Sep 197881RB03 19
ISAACS DeborahE1114305 Apr 198583RH21 6
ISAACS DoraE1114419 Jan 196566RE42 6
ISAACS DoraE1114504 May 200399RF45 32
ISAACS DorisE1114614 Feb 198484RN23 14
ISAACS EmanuelE1114724 Apr 197675RN23 13
ISAACS EvaE1114804 Apr 198683RB03 20
ISAACS EvaE1114909 Mar 200590RK32 3
ISAACS Fay AnneE1115022 Nov 197771RL12 29
ISAACS FayE1115112 Jan 200292RN12 40
ISAACS FredaE1115204 Mar 198569RO07 16
ISAACS GershonE1115317 Dec 196486RG32 9
ISAACS HelenE1115429 Apr 200663RN35 48
ISAACS HenryE1115502 Mar 199672RK21 4
ISAACS HildaE1115616 Nov 199490RE25 29
ISAACS IsraelE1115716 Nov 195258RD42 28
ISAACS JacobE1115804 Dec 195874RE34 17
ISAACS JaneE1115914 Oct 198072RN31 10
ISAACS JaneE1116029 Jun 195579RA40 29
ISAACS JaneE1116131 Mar 199390RE19 15
ISAACS JoeE1116206 Jun 197771RE52 9
ISAACS JoelE1116323 Dec 195054RA56 18
ISAACS John SamuelE1116429 Oct 197862RN12 39
ISAACS JohnE1116502 Jan 198477RK36 35
ISAACS LawrenceE1116623 Feb 201085RI40 33
ISAACS Lena o/w EleanorE1116719 Jun 194852RB44 29
ISAACS LilyE1116802 Mar 197670RN22 41
ISAACS LionelE1116914 Nov 201588RD55 15
ISAACS LouisE1117022 Nov 197775RL12 28
ISAACS MarieE1117118 Mar 197275RK16 27
ISAACS MarkE1117202 Oct 197558RO20 32
ISAACS MarksE1117313 Mar 194975RA49 15
ISAACS Michael EliasE1117410 Jul 198877RM06 16
ISAACS MillieE1117515 Jul 198061RL34 9
ISAACS MillieE1117631 Aug 197675RN23 37
ISAACS MiriamE1117710 Aug 196142RE43 11
ISAACS MiriamE1117825 Mar 198679RF07 20
ISAACS MorrisE1117927 Oct 197455RK10 13
ISAACS MorrisE1118009 Oct 196670RJ13 10
ISAACS MosesE1118121 Jun 199178RJ29 38
ISAACS NathanE1118201 Mar 196266RF45 33
ISAACS Norman BernardE1118309 Aug 198059RL35 13
ISAACS Paul EliasE1118419 Dec 196217 mthRB54 41
ISAACS RachelE1118515 Apr 197671RM36 24
ISAACS RachelE1118614 Jan 199071RM06 15
ISAACS RayE1118707 Feb 198689RK31 7
ISAACS RebeccaE1118806 Mar 196167RG07 22
ISAACS RebeccaE1118927 Jan 199990RK36 36
ISAACS ReneeE1119020 Jul 200882RK10 14
ISAACS SadieE1119121 Feb 197664RO19 18
ISAACS SamuelE1119224 Jul 195755RE25 28
ISAACS SamuelE1119328 May 196267RH50 18
ISAACS SamuelE1119408 Apr 196868RH21 5
ISAACS SarahE1119529 Dec 194838RB45 29
ISAACS SarahE1119606 Mar 199482RJ29 37
ISAACS SarahE1119723 Mar 198384RO30 22
ISAACS SarahE1119809 Nov 199691RK17 41
ISAACS SimonE1119906 Dec 197572RN18 13
ISAACS SophiaE1120027 May 197797RL13 29
ISAACS Sybil RachelE1120122 Apr 201389RI40 32
ISAACS WoolfE1120227 Jun 197990RG07 23
ISAACSON AnnieE1120325 Apr 194585RB35 23
ISAACSON DoraE1120418 Dec 197690RM14 13
ISAACSON Henry PercyE1120512 Mar 201491RI47 12
ISAACSON LouisE1120617 Oct 193838RA12 26
ISAACSON NormaE1120710 May 196779RF15 29
ISAACSON WoolfeE1120824 Jun 194754RA44 22
ISABAN AbrahamE1120919 Jul 199478RK06 21
ISABAN BetseyE1121017 Mar 198168RK06 20
ISADORE MichaelE1121101 Nov 200467RJ18 39
ISADORE SadieE1121215 Jul 199177RJ15 38
ISADORE ZigmondE1121330 Aug 197362RJ15 37
ISAK Heiem IsraelE1121424 Jun 198786RF06 19
ISBIT AlfredE1121513 Jul 197680RM15 33
ISBIT RachelE1121602 Sep 198078RM15 34
ISBITSKY EmmaE1121723 Nov 196886RH16 15
ISBITSKY EstherE1121814 Feb 199192RH22 9
ISBITSKY FreedaE1121912 May 199782RN21 12
ISBITSKY HarryE1122020 Aug 197562RN21 13
ISBITSKY LevyE1122113 Jan 196868RH22 8
ISBITT MorrisE1122218 Apr 200992RN39 47
ISBITT SadieE1122319 Feb 201894RN39 48
ISBROOK YettaE1122407 Jul 195757RE24 17
ISCOVITCH RebeccaE1122517 Sep 195978RB09 25
ISEMAN DeborahE1122610 Jun 196278RE21 32
ISEMAN SamuelE1122707 Feb 196379RE21 33
ISEMAN Yetta RosieE1122827 Nov 196977RJ21 34
ISEN-KING BennyE1122922 Oct 200072RG25 32
ISEN-KING RitaE1123025 Nov 199668RG25 33
ISENBERG AnnE1123117 Apr 199585RF06 16
ISENBERG DinahE1123217 Apr 193867RB10 8
ISENBERG Frances QueenieE1123309 Oct 198057RN09 38
ISENBERG HarrisE1123419 Mar 198379RI14 32
ISENBERG HettyE1123527 Jun 198885RN07 8
ISENBERG HettyE1123603 Oct 200389RN39 49
ISENBERG IsaacE1123711 Dec 196768RH52 14
ISENBERG LeahE1123802 Jan 199390RI14 33
ISENBERG MorrisE1123930 Dec 198788RF06 15
ISENBERG or VAROFCHI PollyE1124013 Apr 198875RL27 28
ISENBERG PhoebeE1124127 Nov 196977RJ22 36
ISENBERG SamuelE1124213 Feb 194162RA23 25
ISENBERG SidneyE1124329 Mar 198280RN07 9
ISENMAN CharlesE1124415 Aug 198878RF07 1
ISENMAN JosephE1124522 Feb 194566RA33 6
ISENMAN MillieE1124615 Jun 2014101RF07 2
ISENSTEIN AbrahamE1124701 Jun 194067RA19 9
ISENSTEIN Bessie DinahE1124810 Jun 197558RG10 30
ISENSTEIN LeahE1124908 May 195883RA19 1
ISENSTEIN MorrisE1125014 Jun 196672RF16 10
ISENSTEIN SarahE1125107 Jul 198280RF16 9
ISENSTEIN SidneyE1125209 Mar 196555RH38 9
ISLIN Simone RuthE1125326 Feb 199736RK05 43
ISMACH RachelaE1125430 Oct 19890RC18 20
ISMACH SolomonE1125520 Feb 197151RC18 18
ISRAEL AnneE1125621 Apr 200187RH29 6
ISRAEL BellaE1125711 May 197173RK18 27
ISRAEL KittyE1125805 Feb 200678RG18 34
ISRAEL MarkE1125914 Nov 200298RG18 35
ISRAEL MarthaE1126023 May 194272RB26 14
ISRAEL MaxE1126121 Jun 200383RN40 49
ISRAEL NathanE1126220 Dec 197579RK18 26
ISRAEL Robert MosesE1126326 Aug 198987RN06 3
ISRAEL Zimcha CissieE1126414 Apr 199088RN06 4
ISSACS LilyE1126503 Jan 197060RE04 24

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