All Deceased beginning with letters 'IS'

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All names beginning IS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ISAAC AbrahamB0478429 Jul 198157O12 07
ISAAC AlanA0884727 Jun 196931H125 15
ISAAC HoraceB0331402 Sep 197862N127 27
ISAAC MontyA0870805 Mar 196982J15 33
ISAACOFF BarnettA0512220 Nov 196057E140 13
ISAACOVITCH Anthony MichaelA0135214 Apr 19446B256 33
ISAACS AaronA0203909 Nov 194764A245 21
ISAACS Abraham AlfredB0753716 Apr 198780E104 25
ISAACS AbrahamB0324604 Jul 197874O17 17
ISAACS AdelaideA0773822 Dec 196679J01 06
ISAACS AlfredC0298708 Aug 200269O39 68
ISAACS AnneC0268503 Jun 200185O17 18
ISAACS AnnieA0662024 May 196480E134 16
ISAACS AnnieB0591020 Nov 198376O31 28
ISAACS BarnettA0532629 Jun 196174E242 05
ISAACS BarnettB0502716 Jan 198281N136 10
ISAACS Betty GloriaC0409713 Jul 200779K121 03
ISAACS ClaraB0706101 Apr 198692O05 13
ISAACS CyrilC0091814 Feb 199684K132 02
ISAACS DavidA0406101 Dec 195653E119 16
ISAACS DavidB0331905 Sep 197881B103 19
ISAACS DeborahB0659905 Apr 198583H121 06
ISAACS DoraA0689719 Jan 196566E242 06
ISAACS DoraC0318404 May 200399F245 32
ISAACS DorisB0603914 Feb 198484N123 14
ISAACS EmanuelB0216324 Apr 197675N123 13
ISAACS EvaB0707604 Apr 198683B103 20
ISAACS EvaC0361409 Mar 200590K132 03
ISAACS Fay AnneB0290922 Nov 197771L12 29
ISAACS FayC0283912 Jan 200292N112 40
ISAACS FredaB0654804 Mar 198569O07 16
ISAACS GershonA0685017 Dec 196486G132 09
ISAACS HelenC0387729 Apr 200663N135 48
ISAACS HenryC0093902 Mar 199672K121 04
ISAACS HildaC0046016 Nov 199490E125 29
ISAACS IsraelA0312716 Nov 195258D242 28
ISAACS JacobA0459804 Dec 195874E134 17
ISAACS JaneA0372729 Jun 195579A140 29
ISAACS JaneB0440014 Oct 198072N131 10
ISAACS JaneB1012631 Mar 199390E119 15
ISAACS JoeB0270906 Jun 197771E252 09
ISAACS JoelA0268523 Dec 195054A256 18
ISAACS John SamuelB0340029 Oct 197862N112 39
ISAACS JohnB0596702 Jan 198477K136 35
ISAACS LawrenceC0457923 Feb 201085I140 33
ISAACS Lena o/w EleanorA0217019 Jun 194852B244 29
ISAACS LilyB0207902 Mar 197670N122 41
ISAACS LionelC0542614 Nov 201588D255 15
ISAACS LouisB0290822 Nov 197775L12 28
ISAACS MarieB0000918 Mar 197275K116 27
ISAACS MarkB0182102 Oct 197558O20 32
ISAACS MarksA0232213 Mar 194975A249 15
ISAACS Michael EliasB0811510 Jul 198877M06 16
ISAACS MillieB0231231 Aug 197675N123 37
ISAACS MillieB0429615 Jul 198061L34 09
ISAACS MiriamA0536810 Aug 196142E243 11
ISAACS MiriamB0705225 Mar 198679F107 20
ISAACS MorrisA0765109 Oct 196670J13 10
ISAACS MorrisB0132127 Oct 197455K110 13
ISAACS MosesB0939521 Jun 199178J29 38
ISAACS NathanA0561201 Mar 196266F245 33
ISAACS Norman BernardB0431709 Aug 198059L35 13
ISAACS Paul EliasA0595919 Dec 196217B254 41
ISAACS RachelB0214415 Apr 197671M36 24
ISAACS RachelB0883514 Jan 199071M06 15
ISAACS RayB0697107 Feb 198689K131 07
ISAACS RebeccaA0521706 Mar 196167G107 22
ISAACS RebeccaC0198327 Jan 199990K136 36
ISAACS ReneeC0429720 Jul 200882K110 14
ISAACS SadieB0206221 Feb 197664O19 18
ISAACS SamuelA0422824 Jul 195755E125 28
ISAACS SamuelA0571828 May 196267H250 18
ISAACS SamuelA0828608 Apr 196868H121 05
ISAACS SarahA0226129 Dec 194838B245 29
ISAACS SarahB0561923 Mar 198384O30 22
ISAACS SarahC0022206 Mar 199482J29 37
ISAACS SarahC0116709 Nov 199691K117 41
ISAACS SimonB0190806 Dec 197572N118 13
ISAACS SophiaB0267927 May 197797L13 29
ISAACS Sybil RachelC0508422 Apr 201389I140 32
ISAACS WoolfB0375127 Jun 197990G107 23
ISAACSON AnnieA0154125 Apr 194585B135 23
ISAACSON DoraB0245918 Dec 197690M14 13
ISAACSON Henry PercyC0521112 Mar 201491I247 12
ISAACSON LouisA0016117 Oct 193838A112 26
ISAACSON NormaA0789510 May 196779F115 29
ISAACSON WoolfeA0197024 Jun 194754A244 22
ISABAN AbrahamC0035019 Jul 199478K106 21
ISABAN BetseyB0461417 Mar 198168K106 20
ISADORE MichaelC0352801 Nov 200467J18 39
ISADORE SadieB0942515 Jul 199177J15 38
ISADORE ZigmondB0073530 Aug 197362J15 37
ISAK Heiem IsraelB0761824 Jun 198786F106 19
ISBIT AlfredB0225513 Jul 197680M15 33
ISBIT RachelB0435102 Sep 198078M15 34
ISBITSKY EmmaA0855723 Nov 196886H116 15
ISBITSKY EstherB0925314 Feb 199192H122 09
ISBITSKY FreedaC0137912 May 199782N121 12
ISBITSKY HarryB0176820 Aug 197562N121 13
ISBITSKY LevyA0815313 Jan 196868H122 08
ISBITT MorrisC0443518 Apr 200992N139 47
ISBROOK YettaA0421607 Jul 195757E124 17
ISCOVITCH RebeccaA0480817 Sep 195978B109 25
ISEMAN DeborahA0573110 Jun 196278E121 32
ISEMAN SamuelA0604507 Feb 196379E121 33
ISEMAN Yetta RosieA0903027 Nov 196977J21 34
ISEN-KING BennyC0249622 Oct 200072G125 32
ISEN-KING RitaC0117425 Nov 199668G125 33
ISENBERG AnnC0062017 Apr 199585F106 16
ISENBERG DinahA0004417 Apr 193867B110 08
ISENBERG Frances QueenieB0439509 Oct 198057N109 38
ISENBERG HarrisB0561119 Mar 198379I114 32
ISENBERG HettyB0810027 Jun 198885N107 08
ISENBERG HettyC0328403 Oct 200389N139 49
ISENBERG IsaacA0810411 Dec 196768H252 14
ISENBERG LeahB1001002 Jan 199390I114 33
ISENBERG MorrisB0787930 Dec 198788F106 15
ISENBERG or VAROFCHI PollyB0801813 Apr 198875L27 28
ISENBERG PhoebeA0903127 Nov 196977J22 36
ISENBERG SamuelA0076813 Feb 194162A123 25
ISENBERG SidneyB0513929 Mar 198280N107 09
ISENMAN CharlesB0815415 Aug 198878F107 01
ISENMAN JosephA0149622 Feb 194566A133 06
ISENMAN MillieC0524415 Jun 2014101F107 02
ISENSTEIN AbrahamA0053101 Jun 194067A119 09
ISENSTEIN Bessie DinahB0167810 Jun 197558G110 30
ISENSTEIN LeahA0446008 May 195883A119 01
ISENSTEIN MorrisA0752014 Jun 196672F116 10
ISENSTEIN SarahB0525207 Jul 198280F116 09
ISENSTEIN SidneyA0696109 Mar 196555H138 09
ISLIN Simone RuthC0130526 Feb 199736K105 43
ISMACH RachelaB0872130 Oct 19890C118 20
ISMACH SolomonA0967420 Feb 197151C118 18
ISRAEL AnneC0264121 Apr 200187H129 06
ISRAEL BellaA0982611 May 197173K118 27
ISRAEL KittyC0382105 Feb 200678G118 34
ISRAEL MarkC0305114 Nov 200298G118 35
ISRAEL MarthaA0101123 May 194272B126 14
ISRAEL MaxC0320821 Jun 200383N140 49
ISRAEL NathanB0193420 Dec 197579K118 26
ISRAEL Robert MosesB0864026 Aug 198987N106 03
ISRAEL Zimcha CissieB0893914 Apr 199088N106 04
ISSACS LilyA0910103 Jan 197060E104 24

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