All Deceased beginning with letters 'RU'

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All names beginning RU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RUBCHINSKY WilliamE2018711 Jan 195055RA52 19
RUBECK Gedaliah o/w DanielE2018815 Jan 195754RE20 14
RUBEN AbrahamE2018917 Jan 198796RN11 39
RUBEN AdaE2019029 Dec 197784RB03 10
RUBEN Ann o/w HannahE2019130 Nov 200281RN19 46
RUBEN AnnieE2019216 Jan 199886RE03 3
RUBEN DavidE2019327 Jul 195172RA58 23
RUBEN ErnestE2019427 Feb 198973RN11 45
RUBEN Fanny BarbaraE2019529 Jan 199180RO24 62
RUBEN HenryE2019605 Jan 197089RD10 18
RUBEN IsaacE2019712 Oct 194876RA48 14
RUBEN IsraelE2019806 Jun 19450RA37 12
RUBEN JeffreyE2019902 Apr 199677RN19 45
RUBEN JosephE2020027 Dec 199892RE32 12
RUBEN MaxE2020123 Aug 197965RO24 53
RUBEN RubyE2020204 Aug 200593RK46 2
RUBEN SarahE2020326 Apr 195270RD48 8
RUBEN SarahE2020415 Jun 195383RA37 11
RUBEN SarahE2020521 Jun 197985RN11 40
RUBEN Zara PearlyE2020601 Oct 196176RD10 17
RUBENHOLD LilyE2020705 Apr 195950RE35 9
RUBENS AnnieE2020809 Jul 194134RB23 8
RUBENS DanielE2020915 Jun 199588RK15 31
RUBENS GertrudeE2021021 Oct 199080RJ33 8
RUBENS JohnE2021109 Nov 198884RJ33 7
RUBENS Milly MinnieE2021224 Sep 197271RK15 30
RUBENSON MillieE2021320 Nov 195376RD36 29
RUBENSTEIN AbieE2021427 Feb 196167RG07 25
RUBENSTEIN AbrahamE2021505 Jan 195968RF50 4
RUBENSTEIN AlanE2021611 May 200154RL02 41
RUBENSTEIN BarnetE2021723 Aug 199976RO04 21
RUBENSTEIN HymanE2021809 Jul 197868RL29 22
RUBENSTEIN IsaacE2021918 Dec 197072RJ09 42
RUBENSTEIN JannieE2022027 Dec 197474RJ09 41
RUBENSTEIN JulieE2022118 Mar 200080RG19 4
RUBENSTEIN LeonardE2022209 Apr 196220RH50 29
RUBENSTEIN MarieE2022319 Aug 198660RO04 22
RUBENSTEIN MaryE2022424 Mar 198768RO38 6
RUBENSTEIN Morris LazarusE2022523 Jun 195746RE24 25
RUBENSTEIN MyerE2022610 Jul 199884RO38 5
RUBENSTEIN NathanE2022701 Aug 194455RA34 27
RUBENSTEIN RachelE2022822 May 200895RL09 17
RUBENSTEIN WoolfE2022902 Apr 196960RE04 31
RUBENSTEIN WoolfE2023012 Mar 198485RJ08 28
RUBENSTEIN YettaE2023108 Dec 195285RD42 12
RUBICH YettaE2023215 Jan 198384RN14 29
RUBIN AbrahamE2023324 Jan 196579RA28 32
RUBIN AlexanderE2023430 Dec 194442RA35 9
RUBIN Annie DinahE2023501 Jan 194866RB43 11
RUBIN AnnieE2023627 Nov 198382RO28 46
RUBIN Ben o/w BarnettE2023720 Jan 200487RO19 55
RUBIN BenjaminE2023816 Jul 198173RN34 7
RUBIN Bernard DavidE2023914 Apr 198157RM10 13
RUBIN BettyE2024025 Jan 200989RG10 2
RUBIN BeverleyE2024127 May 200760RN27 46
RUBIN CharlesE2024208 Jun 200971RI43 21
RUBIN CharlesE2024307 Mar 197176RK18 14
RUBIN CissieE2024403 May 196368RD35 5
RUBIN CissieE2024512 Jul 200091RL27 29
RUBIN DeborahE2024628 Dec 196882RF39 15
RUBIN ElsieE2024711 Jul 199273RO20 61
RUBIN Emanuel JuliusE2024826 Dec 197766RL27 30
RUBIN EvaE2024903 Aug 197782RN15 32
RUBIN FrancesE2025024 Jul 199768RJ25 2
RUBIN HildaE2025109 Jun 197970RL32 18
RUBIN IzakE2025220 Oct 197455RJ25 1
RUBIN JackE2025303 Aug 194147RA25 20
RUBIN JackE2025428 Feb 195260RD46 19
RUBIN JacobE2025524 Dec 199385RL32 19
RUBIN Jeanie PhyllisE2025621 Nov 199182RN34 8
RUBIN LouisE2025702 Oct 200084RG10 1
RUBIN MarksE2025824 Sep 195780RB43 10
RUBIN MaryE2025924 Oct 197282RG49 23
RUBIN MillyE2026013 Feb 198679RO12 55
RUBIN Miriam RachelE2026124 May 197764RO19 54
RUBIN MyerE2026226 Nov 195357RD35 6
RUBIN NathanE2026305 Nov 196071RF39 14
RUBIN NathanE2026403 Jan 199291RO28 45
RUBIN NettyE2026514 Oct 199882RI26 3
RUBIN PercyE2026608 Mar 199682RI26 4
RUBIN RachelE2026726 Dec 199088RH17 32
RUBIN RaieE2026821 Dec 199688RN27 38
RUBIN RoseE2026912 Mar 195854RE32 13
RUBIN SarahE2027013 Nov 198682RO08 51
RUBIN SarahE2027123 Aug 198786RK18 15
RUBINS AnnieE2027228 Dec 196777RA28 33
RUBINS DavidE2027308 Feb 19642 mthRB54 38
RUBINS JosephE2027429 Dec 197868RE31 4
RUBINS LewisE2027525 Feb 198672RN41 45
RUBINS NathanE2027629 Sep 196558RH34 7
RUBINS PollyE2027719 Dec 200085RE31 3
RUBINSKY FannyE2027811 Oct 195772RE27 5
RUBINSKY HannahE2027912 Feb 194769RB41 19
RUBINSKY SolomonE2028018 Aug 194365RA31 14
RUBINSTEIN BeatriceE2028109 Jun 199786RL29 21
RUBINSTEIN BetsyE2028206 Feb 196881RG41 19
RUBINSTEIN CharlesE2028312 Oct 201687RG50 23
RUBINSTEIN DavidE2028425 Jul 196662RG39 12
RUBINSTEIN DoraE2028531 Dec 196964RG39 11
RUBINSTEIN Harry AaronE2028609 Dec 197964RL09 16
RUBINSTEIN IsraelE2028716 Mar 197868RN13 12
RUBINSTEIN JacobE2028802 Dec 194271RA29 17
RUBINSTEIN JennyE2028924 Jun 196565RJ08 29
RUBINSTEIN MichaelE2029026 Nov 199582RO14 3
RUBINSTEIN MichaelE2029124 Oct 196488RF24 7
RUBINSTEIN MyerE2029203 Jun 197777RE50 18
RUBINSTEIN NathanE2029321 Jan 198994RK24 33
RUBINSTEIN PaulineE2029426 Sep 197375RM26 38
RUBINSTEIN RachelE2029531 May 197280RK24 32
RUBINSTEIN RebeccaE2029617 Feb 196044RE24 26
RUBINSTEIN RebeccaE2029706 Jul 194073RB18 24
RUBINSTEIN RebeccaE2029805 May 199296RF50 3
RUBINSTEIN SamuelE2029901 Mar 198660RN45 39
RUBINSTEIN SarahE2030005 Feb 196770RI07 17
RUBINSTEIN WoolfE2030108 May 198068RO25 48
RUBISA MarieE2030206 Aug 198182RN34 11
RUBNER ArthurE2030327 Nov 194754RA45 23
RUBNER CharlesE2030422 Jun 196173RG09 16
RUCKOVITCH IsraelE2030503 Apr 195872RF51 19
RUDA BessieE2030616 Nov 197471RM38 5
RUDA DavidE2030729 Jan 197670RM38 6
RUDASHAWSKY BetsyE2030820 Dec 195773RE11 10
RUDASHAWSKY IsraelE2030922 Jan 195678RE11 11
RUDD AdaE2031011 May 198882RL23 2
RUDD HymanE2031110 May 198982RL23 1
RUDD Israel Isaac JackE2031218 Jul 198578RK40 18
RUDD LeahE2031322 Mar 199988RK40 17
RUDD Leon GershonE2031417 Nov 196860RF13 35
RUDD Michael CharlesE2031517 Jan 201776RK06 13
RUDD RebeccaE2031618 Oct 199079RF13 34
RUDENBERG RoseE2031715 Mar 198975RO40 27
RUDETSKY MaxE2031829 May 194080RA19 10
RUDETZKY JaneE2031908 Jun 194070RA19 12
RUDINITSKY MillieE2032027 Sep 194167RB22 7
RUDNICKI FannyE2032125 Sep 197373RF20 14
RUDNICKI MarksE2032227 Jul 196567RF20 13
RUDNIDSKY RoseE2032304 Aug 196085RE39 20
RUDOI MorrisE2032420 Jan 196981RJ18 17
RUDOI SarahE2032503 Jan 198591RJ18 18
RUDOLF SolomonE2032620 Jul 193976RA16 15
RUDOLPH AnnieE2032715 May 196052RF41 9
RUDOLPH AnnieE2032816 Nov 197170RL18 28
RUDOLPH HymanE2032915 Dec 197481RL18 29
RUDOLPH JosephE2033025 Jun 198695RF41 10
RUFF JackE2033127 Jul 197974RN11 42
RUFF SolomonE2033230 Nov 193977RA17 12
RUFFMAN AnnieE2033313 Jun 197486RD06 30
RUFFMAN DavidE2033422 Oct 200084RO14 34
RUFFMAN MontagueE2033521 Dec 198057RO14 41
RUFFMAN Sadie (sally)E2033630 Oct 198365RO14 35
RUFFMAN SylviaE2033727 Apr 201082RO14 42
RUFINSKY IsraelE2033830 Sep 194241RA28 24
RUFMAN MorrisE2033929 Aug 196176RD06 31
RUFSKY HelenE2034006 May 196784RA03 12
RUGGO AnnieE2034107 Nov 196679RE49 13
RUMANA HettyE2034221 May 198374RH31 18
RUMANA ShireE2034329 Dec 196554RH32 18
RUMMELSBERG Jacob LewE2034404 Feb 195365RD40 14
RUMMELSBERG MaryE2034504 May 198490RD40 13
RURKA ReubenE2034606 Oct 194770RA43 31
RUSACK RachelE2034712 Sep 199179RL03 24
RUSH JacobE2034821 May 194577RB22 4
RUSH LeahE2034911 Feb 194173RB22 24
RUSSELL (COHEN) LeonardE2035017 Nov 199581RD45 2
RUSSELL AlfredE2035117 Apr 197555RH48 8
RUSSELL BenjaminE2035207 Jan 199787RI02 27
RUSSELL BernardE2035310 May 199761RG02 24
RUSSELL DavidE2035405 Mar 198763RO37 44
RUSSELL DoraE2035527 Feb 199184RG03 24
RUSSELL EdwardE2035613 Jul 197859RH46 2
RUSSELL Esther MiriamE2035707 Dec 200694RI02 26
RUSSELL FredaE2035809 Jul 199170RA02 4
RUSSELL HaroldE2035917 Feb 201085RM02 34
RUSSELL Jerrold JosephE2036010 Jan 201593RA02 3
RUSSELL JonathanE2036105 Jun 194333RA30 10
RUSSELL LaurenceE2036214 Mar 200057RL13 43
RUSSELL LouisE2036329 May 200286RI02 3
RUSSELL NathanE2036427 Jan 199579RO25 64
RUSSELL NellieE2036527 Dec 199683RH21 11
RUSSELL Nicholas DanielE2036627 Jan 201134RK46 44
RUSSELL PhilipE2036714 Jul 197421RM36 5
RUSSELL Sandra DorotheaE2036807 Mar 200959RL13 42
RUSSELL StellaE2036901 Mar 199770RM02 35
RUSSOFF LilyE2037006 Dec 197781RK22 4
RUSSOFF MinnieE2037123 Aug 198779RN36 25
RUSSOFF SidneyE2037215 Mar 198286RN36 24
RUTLAND AnneE2037330 Jul 201193RG27 33
RUTLAND DavidE2037405 May 200895RG27 32
RUTMAN PhilipE2037513 Oct 197373RF10 23
RUTMAN SadieE2037601 Jul 199089RF10 24
RUTNER LeahE2037730 Nov 197384RK12 25
RUTSTEIN AbrahamE2037827 Jan 196154RG08 13
RUTSTEIN HymanE2037924 Jun 196275RC10 5
RUTSTEIN IsadoreE2038005 Mar 197765RN16 32
RUTSTEIN MatildaE2038119 Jul 198292RC10 6
RUTSTEIN SophiaE2038219 Jun 198573RN16 33
RUTZ AnnieE2038322 May 195956RC09 22
RUTZ Celia SylviaE2038418 Jul 199083RO02 11
RUZANSKY RachelE2038528 Aug 197395RK17 27

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