All Deceased beginning with letters 'FO'

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All names beginning FO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FOGAL BenjaminE0697229 Aug 197060RM23 30
FOGAL IsraelE0697325 Sep 198966RM04 36
FOGAL PhoebeE0697413 Feb 199292RL06 41
FOGEL AbrahamE0697508 Mar 195170RA56 29
FOGEL AnnieE0697623 Feb 199081RM04 37
FOGEL BlumaE0697708 Feb 200391RL22 43
FOGEL BorisE0697827 Feb 196569RF21 23
FOGEL DorisE0697912 Feb 199187RM23 29
FOGEL MauriceE0698022 Mar 20040RL22 42
FOGEL MiriamE0698131 May 196271RE07 28
FOGEL RachelE0698203 Jul 194974RB47 27
FOGEL SamuelE0698303 Dec 198474RO09 46
FOGELMAN AaronE0698403 Sep 198382RK36 26
FOGELMAN EstelleE0698529 Mar 19383RA62 22
FOGELMAN HarryE0698603 Apr 197553RK09 25
FOGELMAN Helena AnitaE0698726 Aug 19417RA60 16
FOGELMAN HildaE0698803 Sep 198676RM34 19
FOGELMAN HymanE0698917 Mar 198279RM34 18
FOGELMAN IsaacE0699031 Dec 195659RB09 23
FOGELMAN JacobE0699121 Feb 197365RK13 29
FOGELMAN KateE0699224 Dec 194647RB41 17
FOGELMAN MillieE0699314 Jul 201187RK09 24
FOGELMAN MillieE0699422 Apr 199188RK36 27
FOGELMAN SandraE0699524 Apr 201469RM34 35
FOGGAN (RIDDLE) Cissie LilyE0699623 May 198871RO39 24
FOLKOVITCH AnnieE0699722 Apr 196289RE20 5
FORD AnnieE0699828 Oct 197893RN12 31
FORD BettyE0699905 Jun 198970RH53 22
FORD CharlesE0700029 Sep 197568RM15 8
FORD GertrudeE0700123 May 198073RL06 26
FORD HannahE0700212 Dec 198983RN17 33
FORD HettyE0700305 Apr 198981RL38 38
FORD IssieE0700422 Dec 198174RL38 39
FORD JuliaE0700518 Feb 198377RM15 9
FORD LeahE0700610 Oct 196272RF34 15
FORD Leonard DanielE0700720 Jul 199796RL06 27
FORD PhilipE0700811 Apr 198369RO10 41
FORD PhilipE0700930 Jun 197674RN17 32
FORD PhilipE0701003 Mar 199281RH53 21
FORD SandraE0701124 Jun 201066RG42 34
FORDHAM GershonE0701214 Apr 197867RE41 28
FORDHAM JackE0701312 Mar 199581RE41 32
FORDHAM JosephE0701412 Apr 196144RE42 21
FORDHAM KittyE0701515 Mar 200884RE40 33
FORDHAM MartinE0701611 Feb 199683RE40 32
FORDHAM RachelE0701714 Oct 197591RE41 26
FORDSHAM Pauline MarieE0701819 Jul 200284RC27 34
FOREMAN AbrahamE0701923 Jan 198663RK41 24
FOREMAN AlfredE0702028 Jul 197276RJ25 32
FOREMAN HymanE0702109 Mar 198382RN39 8
FOREMAN MinnieE0702213 Sep 197371RJ25 31
FOREMAN SimonE0702319 Sep 198066RO26 39
FOREMAN SimonE0702422 Jun 198183RL37 23
FORMAN AnneE0702529 Apr 200692RD48 33
FORMAN IsaacE0702618 May 197469RF19 31
FORMAN IsaacE0702703 Sep 200482RJ33 40
FORMAN JaneE0702803 Sep 197388RJ20 34
FORMAN LewisE0702919 Nov 199383RD48 32
FORMAN LilyE0703017 Mar 199885RB48 3
FORMAN MorrisE0703110 Jul 195144RA09 10
FORMAN NellieE0703229 Aug 199087RN39 7
FORMAN ReneeE0703305 Feb 199466RJ33 39
FORMAN SarahE0703416 Oct 196559RF19 30
FORRESTER SimonE0703505 Sep 196138RE43 19
FORSHMAN EdithE0703626 Jun 199580RK35 19
FORSHMAN LewisE0703729 Sep 198268RK35 20
FORTA EstherE0703825 Apr 198080RE31 17
FORTA JennyE0703918 Nov 199795RC20 15
FORTA JudahE0704023 Dec 195757RE31 18
FORTA NathanE0704116 Nov 197371RC20 16
FORTAG AlbertE0704224 Dec 197068RK19 13
FORTAG FannyE0704312 Jan 198383RO12 34
FORTAG Janice RachelE0704424 Feb 19512 mthRB55 44
FORTAG MaxE0704505 Feb 198277RO12 33
FORTAG SadieE0704608 Aug 197168RM27 16
FOSTER AlfredE0704717 Dec 196663RG05 7
FOSTER AliceE0704804 Dec 194334RB57 29
FOSTER CeciliaE0704919 Nov 200593RN42 26
FOSTER DavidE0705027 May 198471RN42 27
FOSTER HannahE0705116 Feb 197175RM23 38
FOSTER Henry HaroldE0705223 Sep 197077RM23 37
FOSTER JacobE0705305 Jul 198271RN37 37
FOSTER LilyE0705415 Mar 195769RE22 6
FOSTER ReginaldE0705507 Feb 196669RF18 12
FOSTER SimonE0705624 Feb 196069RE22 7
FOSTER ZeldaE0705725 Sep 199278RN37 36
FOUST Freda JudithE0705822 Apr 197055RM21 1
FOUST LouisE0705915 Sep 200597RM21 2
FOUST WolfeE0706003 Feb 199582RK05 16
FOUX Esther LeahE0706115 Mar 194382RB18 33
FOUX JenniferE0706224 Apr 194815 mthRB55 19
FOW BellaE0706331 Jan 198181RL19 10
FOW DavidE0706405 Feb 197182RL19 11
FOX AbrahamE0706530 Sep 197673RL23 34
FOX AbrahamE0706605 Oct 200491RD19 25
FOX AlexanderE0706717 Jan 194379RA29 12
FOX AlfredE0706821 Mar 199190RL03 15
FOX AnnieE0706903 Nov 2012105RJ31 4
FOX AnnieE0707018 Aug 198778RK45 28
FOX AnnieE0707122 Sep 198278RM36 7
FOX AnnieE0707211 Dec 199188RJ03 36
FOX BellaE0707325 Mar 2013104RL03 16
FOX BellaE0707412 Mar 200696RC01 34
FOX BenjaminE0707512 Mar 196462RF26 20
FOX BessieE0707622 Jun 198180RF08 8
FOX BettyE0707710 Jan 197556RK16 19
FOX DanielE0707808 Jul 200589RN19 38
FOX DeborahE0707912 Nov 197973RO15 50
FOX DeborahE0708018 Feb 198381RF26 19
FOX DoraE0708105 Feb 200499RO08 43
FOX EdwardE0708222 Dec 200886RI33 35
FOX EstherE0708312 Jul 197970RL32 15
FOX EstherE0708419 Feb 194878RB39 31
FOX EstherE0708519 Jun 197492RE30 16
FOX EthelE0708607 Nov 198378RM23 6
FOX FannyE0708715 Feb 197983RA16 16
FOX GoldaE0708831 May 198980RL23 35
FOX Harry LeonardE0708926 Nov 198666RO23 60
FOX HarryE0709027 May 197772RF08 7
FOX HarryE0709129 May 197477RM36 6
FOX HarryE0709208 Aug 199178RO20 60
FOX JaneE0709302 Oct 1984100RC21 18
FOX JosephE0709424 May 197595RC21 19
FOX Laura JuliaE0709507 Nov 199022RK46 27
FOX LeahE0709603 Nov 197561RN19 37
FOX LeonE0709702 Oct 199991RC01 35
FOX LouisE0709823 Jun 198358RO30 15
FOX LouisE0709909 Dec 197781RB39 34
FOX MalcolmE0710018 Aug 196227RF51 15
FOX Marcia Miriam DoreenE0710104 Jun 195530RD19 24
FOX MauriceE0710217 Dec 195783RE30 17
FOX MillieE0710326 Aug 199289RN19 31
FOX MiriamE0710406 Nov 198878RF08 4
FOX Morris LouisE0710505 Feb 199585RK05 19
FOX MorrisE0710629 Apr 194457RA34 18
FOX MorrisE0710719 Apr 197974RF08 5
FOX MorrisE0710824 Mar 199787RJ03 37
FOX MyerE0710901 May 196166RE42 27
FOX MyerE0711018 Jun 198484RO08 42
FOX NathanE0711103 Jan 198877RK45 27
FOX Olga HettyE0711225 Oct 195673RE18 18
FOX PhyllisE0711330 Dec 195331RD32 16
FOX RachelE0711419 Mar 196469RF26 13
FOX RebeccaE0711531 Oct 194061RB20 10
FOX RebeccaE0711605 Jan 195476RD32 14
FOX RuthE0711715 Apr 201784RC01 6
FOX SadieE0711816 Jan 200084RK05 18
FOX SamuelE0711916 Jun 196872RH20 17
FOX SamuelE0712012 Oct 197575RN19 32
FOX SolomonE0712117 Jul 197062RM23 5
FOX SolomonE0712222 Aug 199385RJ31 3
FOX SophieE0712302 Jan 196364RE42 28
FOX WoolfE0712427 Sep 200890RK10 44
FOXMAN AnthonyE0712508 Jun 199746RK46 38
FOXMAN DeborahE0712629 Dec 195964RE37 26
FOXMAN GeorgeE0712703 Jul 197476RH23 14
FOXMAN GeraldE0712813 Sep 201592RI17 4
FOXMAN JennyE0712927 Dec 195850RD14 20
FOXMAN PhillipE0713025 Aug 195966RE37 27
FOXMAN SylviaE0713116 Sep 199469RI17 3

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