All Deceased beginning with letters 'FO'

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All names beginning FO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FOGAL BenjaminA0941229 Aug 197060M23 30
FOGAL IsraelB0867725 Sep 198966M04 36
FOGAL PhoebeB0967513 Feb 199292L06 41
FOGEL AbrahamA0274708 Mar 195170A256 29
FOGEL AnnieB0888823 Feb 199081M04 37
FOGEL BlumaC0311608 Feb 200391L22 43
FOGEL BorisA0695427 Feb 196569F121 23
FOGEL DorisB0924912 Feb 199187M23 29
FOGEL MauriceC0340222 Mar 20040L22 42
FOGEL MiriamA0572131 May 196271E107 28
FOGEL RachelA0238403 Jul 194974B247 27
FOGEL SamuelB0640203 Dec 198474O09 46
FOGELMAN AaronB0580803 Sep 198382K136 26
FOGELMAN EstelleA0003329 Mar 19383A262 22
FOGELMAN HarryB0157203 Apr 197553K109 25
FOGELMAN Helena AnitaA0087826 Aug 19417A260 16
FOGELMAN HildaB0725803 Sep 198676M34 19
FOGELMAN HymanB0512217 Mar 198279M34 18
FOGELMAN IsaacA0408231 Dec 195659B109 23
FOGELMAN JacobB0050421 Feb 197365K113 29
FOGELMAN KateA0184824 Dec 194647B241 17
FOGELMAN MillieB0933622 Apr 199188K136 27
FOGELMAN MillieC0478714 Jul 201187K109 24
FOGELMAN SandraC0522524 Apr 201469M34 35
FOGGAN (RIDDLE) Cissie LilyB0806423 May 198871O39 24
FOLKOVITCH AnnieA0568222 Apr 196289E120 05
FORD AnnieB0340128 Oct 197893N112 31
FORD BettyB0853905 Jun 198970H253 22
FORD CharlesB0180829 Sep 197568M15 08
FORD GertrudeB0423023 May 198073L06 26
FORD HannahB0878012 Dec 198983N117 33
FORD HettyB0847605 Apr 198981L38 38
FORD IssieB0499222 Dec 198174L38 39
FORD JuliaB0556218 Feb 198377M15 09
FORD LeahA0586310 Oct 196272F134 15
FORD Leonard DanielC0144420 Jul 199796L06 27
FORD PhilipB0223630 Jun 197674N117 32
FORD PhilipB0564511 Apr 198369O10 41
FORD PhilipB0969303 Mar 199281H253 21
FORD SandraC0463024 Jun 201066G242 34
FORDHAM GershonB0313214 Apr 197867E241 28
FORDHAM JackC0058812 Mar 199581E241 32
FORDHAM JosephA0525312 Apr 196144E242 21
FORDHAM KittyC0423515 Mar 200884E140 33
FORDHAM MartinC0091311 Feb 199683E140 32
FORDHAM RachelB0183614 Oct 197591E241 26
FORDSHAM Pauline MarieC0297119 Jul 200284C127 34
FOREMAN AbrahamB0695123 Jan 198663K241 24
FOREMAN AlfredB0017128 Jul 197276J25 32
FOREMAN HymanB0560409 Mar 198382N139 08
FOREMAN MinnieB0074213 Sep 197371J25 31
FOREMAN SimonB0436819 Sep 198066O26 39
FOREMAN SimonB0474122 Jun 198183L37 23
FORMAN AnneC0387829 Apr 200692D248 33
FORMAN IsaacB0113118 May 197469F119 31
FORMAN IsaacC0349603 Sep 200482J33 40
FORMAN JaneB0073703 Sep 197388J20 34
FORMAN LewisC0009019 Nov 199383D248 32
FORMAN LilyC0169317 Mar 199885B248 03
FORMAN MauriceA0283310 Jul 195144A109 10
FORMAN NellieB0907729 Aug 199087N139 07
FORMAN ReneeC0018805 Feb 199466J33 39
FORMAN SarahA0720416 Oct 196559F119 30
FORRESTER SimonA0538805 Sep 196138E243 19
FORSHMAN EdithC0068626 Jun 199580K135 19
FORSHMAN LewisB0534229 Sep 198268K135 20
FORTA EstherB0420525 Apr 198080E131 17
FORTA JennyC0157018 Nov 199795C120 15
FORTA JudahA0436023 Dec 195757E131 18
FORTA NathanB0083316 Nov 197371C120 16
FORTAG AlbertA0959324 Dec 197068K119 13
FORTAG FannyB0550012 Jan 198383O12 34
FORTAG Janice RachelA0274024 Feb 19516B255 44
FORTAG MaxB0506405 Feb 198277O12 33
FORTAG SadieA0992608 Aug 197168M27 16
FOSTER AlfredA0772917 Dec 196663G105 07
FOSTER AliceA0127204 Dec 194334B257 29
FOSTER CeciliaC0376419 Nov 200593N242 26
FOSTER DavidB0618227 May 198471N242 27
FOSTER HannahA0967016 Feb 197175M23 38
FOSTER Henry HaroldA0945223 Sep 197077M23 37
FOSTER JacobB0524805 Jul 198271N137 37
FOSTER LilyA0414315 Mar 195769E122 06
FOSTER ReginaldA0736807 Feb 196669F118 12
FOSTER SimonA0491824 Feb 196069E122 07
FOSTER ZeldaB0990325 Sep 199278N137 36
FOUST Freda JudithA0926722 Apr 197055M21 01
FOUST LouisC0373115 Sep 200597M21 02
FOUST WolfeC0054503 Feb 199582K105 16
FOUX Esther LeahA0114515 Mar 194382B118 33
FOUX JenniferA0214624 Apr 194815B255 19
FOW BellaB0454731 Jan 198181L19 10
FOW DavidA0965405 Feb 197182L19 11
FOX AbrahamB0235430 Sep 197673L23 34
FOX AbrahamC0351005 Oct 200491D119 25
FOX AlexanderA0110617 Jan 194379A129 12
FOX AlfredB0930621 Mar 199190L03 15
FOX AnnieB0533722 Sep 198278M36 07
FOX AnnieB0768318 Aug 198778K245 28
FOX AnnieB0958711 Dec 199188J03 36
FOX AnnieC0499303 Nov 2012105J31 04
FOX BellaC0384912 Mar 200696C101 34
FOX BellaC0506225 Mar 2013104L03 16
FOX BenjaminA0652712 Mar 196462F126 20
FOX BessieB0474022 Jun 198180F108 08
FOX BettyB0144610 Jan 197556K116 19
FOX DanielC0368508 Jul 200589N119 38
FOX DeborahB0395412 Nov 197973O15 50
FOX DeborahB0556118 Feb 198381F126 19
FOX DoraC0336305 Feb 200499O08 43
FOX EdwardC0437022 Dec 200886I133 35
FOX EstherA0210519 Feb 194878B139 31
FOX EstherB0117119 Jun 197492E130 16
FOX EstherB0377912 Jul 197970L32 15
FOX EthelB0589307 Nov 198378M23 06
FOX FannyB0356415 Feb 197983A116 16
FOX GoldaB0853431 May 198980L23 35
FOX Harry LeonardB0734626 Nov 198666O23 60
FOX HarryB0114429 May 197477M36 06
FOX HarryB0268227 May 197772F108 07
FOX HarryB0945608 Aug 199178O20 60
FOX JaneB0633302 Oct 1984100C121 18
FOX JosephB0165124 May 197595C121 19
FOX Laura JuliaB0913807 Nov 199022K246 27
FOX LeahB0186103 Nov 197561N119 37
FOX LeonC0219402 Oct 199991C101 35
FOX LouisB0295109 Dec 197781B139 34
FOX LouisB0573623 Jun 198358O30 15
FOX MalcolmA0581818 Aug 196227F251 15
FOX Marcia Miriam DoreenA0371704 Jun 195530D119 24
FOX MauriceA0434717 Dec 195783E130 17
FOX MillieB0987226 Aug 199289N119 31
FOX MiriamB0826906 Nov 198878F108 04
FOX Morris LouisC0054705 Feb 199585K105 19
FOX MorrisA0135929 Apr 194457A134 18
FOX MorrisB0366319 Apr 197974F108 05
FOX MorrisC0133124 Mar 199787J03 37
FOX MyerA0527001 May 196166E242 27
FOX MyerB0621318 Jun 198484O08 42
FOX NathanB0788503 Jan 198877K245 27
FOX Olga HettyA0403325 Oct 195673E118 18
FOX PhyllisA0336730 Dec 195331D132 16
FOX RachelA0653319 Mar 196469F126 13
FOX RebeccaA0067531 Oct 194061B120 10
FOX RebeccaA0337105 Jan 195476D132 14
FOX SadieC0228716 Jan 200084K105 18
FOX SamuelA0838316 Jun 196872H120 17
FOX SamuelB0182812 Oct 197575N119 32
FOX SolomonA0936317 Jul 197062M23 05
FOX SolomonC0000622 Aug 199385J31 03
FOX SophieA0597902 Jan 196364E242 28
FOX WoolfC0432727 Sep 200890K110 44
FOXMAN AnthonyC0140408 Jun 199746K246 38
FOXMAN DeborahA0487029 Dec 195964E137 26
FOXMAN GeorgeB0118903 Jul 197476H123 14
FOXMAN GeraldC0541113 Sep 201592I117 04
FOXMAN JennyA0461527 Dec 195850D114 20
FOXMAN PhillipA0479025 Aug 195966E137 27
FOXMAN SylviaC0039716 Sep 199469I117 03

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