All Deceased beginning with letters 'OR'

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All names beginning OR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ORBACH CharlesB0816019 Aug 198878L26 08
ORBACH GoldaC0071629 Jul 199584L26 07
ORBACH MorrisA0111022 Jan 194367A128 06
ORBACH SarahB0124825 Aug 197466H127 28
ORBACK AnneA0109820 Dec 194272A124 04
ORBACK RachelA0142130 Aug 194444A124 03
ORBACK SamuelA0097718 Mar 194273A124 05
ORDELL AbrahamB0548702 Jan 198375J11 27
ORDELL RoseA0975128 Mar 197156K119 33
ORDELL SophieA0755923 Jul 196663J11 28
ORDER AbrahamB0414918 Mar 198070L07 38
ORDER BettyC0012819 Dec 199376O27 04
ORDER EmanuelC0406210 May 200792O27 03
ORDER EstherA0450415 Jul 195852F248 17
ORDER GeorgeB0786824 Dec 198780F249 17
ORDGICH EstherA0175405 Jun 194664B139 28
ORDOWER AnnieB0334321 Sep 197890L20 30
ORDOWER MaxA0945022 Sep 197082L20 31
ORENSTEIN BellaB1010418 Mar 199372O18 39
ORENSTEIN Carol (Coleman)C0152028 Sep 199778O16 38
ORENSTEIN Max AdaszB0543627 Nov 198275N106 35
ORKIN CissieA0973921 Mar 197164D243 25
ORKIN LeonardA0308716 Sep 195224D243 24
ORKIN WolfeB0408129 Jan 198074D243 26
ORLENS JuliaA0894025 Sep 196989H119 13
ORLESS Catherine SophiaC0524005 Jun 201484E242 35
ORLESS David MichaelC0393417 Aug 200650E108 22
ORLESS JosephC0459102 Apr 201079E242 34
ORLIN JacobC0208418 May 199980E108 28
ORLINSKY AnnieA0474211 Jun 195960F245 21
ORLINSKY FannyA0227629 Jan 194953B246 22
ORLINSKY HarryA0550914 Dec 196148F246 21
ORLINSKY HarryB0193017 Dec 197576O20 51
ORLINSKY HymanB0169624 Jun 197568H245 22
ORLITSKY DinahA0067702 Nov 194075B119 29
ORLOFF AlbertA0147030 Dec 194458B119 03
ORLOFF DoraB0675215 Aug 198583O32 50
ORMSBY AdelaideB0276609 Aug 197766O18 47
ORMSBY BernardC0262222 Mar 200188O18 46
ORMSBY LewisC0219330 Sep 199988J29 42
ORMSBY QueenieC0298429 Jul 200293J29 41
ORSHANSKY DavidC0105826 Jul 199672C101 21
ORSHANSKY ElaineC0244814 Aug 200052G109 03
ORSHANSKY FredaC0364725 Apr 200583C101 22
ORSKEY AnnieA0590007 Nov 196274D139 34
ORSKEY JackA0437716 Jan 195877D139 35
ORSKY Israel OsserA0661116 May 196460H244 17
ORZOLEK FredaA1001313 Oct 197183D127 32
ORZOLEK JacobA0592225 Nov 196273D127 33

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