All Deceased beginning with letters 'OR'

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All names beginning OR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ORBACH CharlesE1773819 Aug 198878RL26 8
ORBACH GoldaE1773929 Jul 199584RL26 7
ORBACH MorrisE1774022 Jan 194367RA28 6
ORBACH SarahE1774125 Aug 197466RH27 28
ORBACK AnneE1774220 Dec 194272RA24 4
ORBACK RachelE1774330 Aug 194444RA24 3
ORBACK SamuelE1774418 Mar 194273RA24 5
ORDELL AbrahamE1774502 Jan 198375RJ11 27
ORDELL RoseE1774628 Mar 197156RK19 33
ORDELL SophieE1774723 Jul 196663RJ11 28
ORDER AbrahamE1774818 Mar 198070RL07 38
ORDER BettyE1774919 Dec 199376RO27 4
ORDER EmanuelE1775010 May 200792RO27 3
ORDER EstherE1775115 Jul 195852RF48 17
ORDER GeorgeE1775224 Dec 198780RF49 17
ORDGICH EstherE1775305 Jun 194664RB39 28
ORDOWER AnnieE1775421 Sep 197890RL20 30
ORDOWER MaxE1775522 Sep 197082RL20 31
ORENSTEIN BellaE1775618 Mar 199372RO18 39
ORENSTEIN Carol (Coleman)E1775728 Sep 199778RO16 38
ORENSTEIN Max AdaszE1775827 Nov 198275RN06 35
ORKIN CissieE1775921 Mar 197164RD43 25
ORKIN LeonardE1776016 Sep 195224RD43 24
ORKIN WolfeE1776129 Jan 198074RD43 26
ORLENS JuliaE1776225 Sep 196989RH19 13
ORLESS Catherine SophiaE1776305 Jun 201484RE42 35
ORLESS David MichaelE1776417 Aug 200650RE08 22
ORLESS JosephE1776502 Apr 201079RE42 34
ORLIN JacobE1776618 May 199980RE08 28
ORLINSKY AnnieE1776711 Jun 195960RF45 21
ORLINSKY FannyE1776829 Jan 194953RB46 22
ORLINSKY HarryE1776914 Dec 196148RF46 21
ORLINSKY HarryE1777017 Dec 197576RO20 51
ORLINSKY HymanE1777124 Jun 197568RH45 22
ORLITSKY DinahE1777202 Nov 194075RB19 29
ORLOFF AlbertE1777330 Dec 194458RB19 3
ORLOFF DoraE1777415 Aug 198583RO32 50
ORMSBY AdelaideE1777509 Aug 197766RO18 47
ORMSBY BernardE1777622 Mar 200188RO18 46
ORMSBY LewisE1777730 Sep 199988RJ29 42
ORMSBY QueenieE1777829 Jul 200293RJ29 41
ORSHANSKY DavidE1777926 Jul 199672RC01 21
ORSHANSKY ElaineE1778014 Aug 200052RG09 3
ORSHANSKY FredaE1778125 Apr 200583RC01 22
ORSKEY AnnieE1778207 Nov 196274RD39 34
ORSKEY JackE1778316 Jan 195877RD39 35
ORSKY Israel OsserE1778416 May 196460RH44 17
ORZOLEK FredaE1778513 Oct 197183RD27 32
ORZOLEK JacobE1778625 Nov 196273RD27 33

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