All Deceased beginning with letters 'PA'

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All names beginning PA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PACHOLDER JozefE1785229 Nov 194648RA43 16
PACK BettyE1785306 Sep 198683RK43 12
PACK HarryE1785427 Apr 198893RK43 11
PACK SarahE1785501 Dec 194862RB46 20
PACK YettaE1785624 May 194784RB42 19
PACKER JessieE1785706 Nov 198987RL34 26
PACKER JoyceE1785805 Mar 201686RE50 4
PACKER KateE1785923 Jul 197380RM23 36
PACKER NathanE1786010 Feb 197674RG39 22
PACKER PhilipE1786112 Jun 198080RL34 25
PACKER RoseE1786222 Feb 196763RG39 21
PADOLSEY LeahE1786330 Jun 198367RI14 21
PADOLSKY DavidE1786412 Mar 196856RI14 22
PAGE BettyE1786509 Jun 198673RO05 37
PAGE BettyE1786613 Feb 200383RM17 31
PAGE FredaE1786717 Mar 198183RD08 12
PAGE MaxE1786814 Dec 197359RM17 30
PAGE RachelE1786915 May 197575RE52 2
PAGE Samuel PageE1787017 Mar 198775RO05 38
PAIGE HarryE1787116 Nov 195645RE18 12
PALACE AlecE1787230 Oct 196577RC13 8
PALACE RayE1787326 Jul 196573RC13 7
PALENBAUM EmanuelE1787412 Apr 194259RA27 17
PALENBERG EstherE1787528 Jun 197578RJ01 10
PALENBERG LouisE1787605 Apr 198271RE54 29
PALENBERG SimonE1787702 Jul 197771RJ01 11
PALESTER EvaE1787827 Jul 194840RB45 14
PALESTER HettieE1787922 Jun 2008103RO28 6
PALESTER MarkE1788008 Sep 198173RO28 5
PALLATS Jenifer Daphne SandraE1788117 Mar 195020 mthRB55 41
PALLATZ HaroldE1788218 Nov 200982RI43 26
PALLATZ MayE1788329 Jul 196969RA55 7
PALLATZ ReubenE1788419 Dec 195056RA55 8
PALLIS Annie EstherE1788525 Mar 194657RB38 25
PALLIS DianaE1788601 Nov 195867RA54 9
PALLIS HymanE1788709 Oct 195063RA54 10
PALLIS LeahE1788811 Feb 195454RB38 26
PALLIS LionelE1788929 Jul 200284RI31 7
PALLIS StanleyE1789019 Apr 197342RI31 6
PALLY AlfredE1789105 Apr 196549RH38 27
PALMER AlfredE1789208 Aug 196472RH41 19
PALMER BettyE1789313 Oct 197067RM24 16
PALMER DavidE1789421 Jan 197463RK26 36
PALMER DovinaE1789513 May 2013104RO05 46
PALMER GoldaE1789628 Nov 201198RK26 35
PALMER HannahE1789730 Mar 200177RG05 2
PALMER HenryE1789805 Sep 195032RA53 31
PALMER MartinE1789911 Jul 198680RO05 45
PALMER RachelE1790010 Sep 196571RH41 18
PALMER SidneyE1790114 Jun 197269RM24 15
PALMER SidneyE1790210 Aug 200383RG05 1
PAM AnneE1790314 Jan 200291RN17 1
PAM JacobE1790427 Nov 195456RD25 25
PAM SidneyE1790529 Jan 200782RN17 2
PAMPEL CeliaE1790628 Jul 197177RM19 27
PAMPLE AbrahamE1790721 Sep 198390RM19 28
PANAS SylviaE1790822 Nov 198360RK37 13
PANAS TadeuszE1790912 Sep 198973RK37 14
PAPERNICK JaneE1791030 Dec 193860RB13 18
PAPIER GoldaE1791119 Aug 199587RK36 25
PAPIER IsaacE1791220 Jul 198379RK36 24
PAPPE BernardE1791302 Dec 194643RA43 17
PARADISE AliceE1791430 May 199081RJ33 16
PARADISE AnnieE1791514 Feb 194766RB41 9
PARADISE BenjaminE1791601 Dec 197071RG46 22
PARADISE JackE1791714 Feb 198576RK39 24
PARADISE MarkE1791825 Nov 197473RK16 33
PARADISE MarthaE1791906 Jun 198572RK39 25
PARIS AbrahamE1792014 Mar 196371RF35 12
PARIS AnnE1792106 Jul 196267RF35 11
PARIS NathanielE1792207 Feb 201590RE02 30
PARIS OlgaE1792301 Nov 199874RE02 31
PARIS Sarah SadieE1792422 Sep 198673RK43 24
PARIS Sidney SolomonE1792519 Nov 199183RK43 25
PARISER BrianE1792619 Nov 200166RE17 1
PARK BeatriceE1792718 Jan 200990RM10 41
PARK EstherE1792827 Mar 198578RN25 31
PARK IsaacE1792920 Mar 194874RA43 25
PARK JackE1793002 Jun 197760RN25 30
PARK LeslieE1793125 Jun 201582RE45 1
PARK LouisE1793207 Dec 199682RM10 40
PARK RachelE1793324 Jan 198279RO12 26
PARKER Henry SolomonE1793416 Jul 197057RM20 36
PARKER Isidore StanleyE1793520 Sep 194483RA35 14
PARKER MarieE1793606 Apr 194436RB32 19
PARKER TheresaE1793716 Feb 197962RN28 33
PARLOVITCH JudahE1793830 Sep 197883RM24 5
PARLOVITCH SarahE1793908 Sep 197073RM24 6
PARNES FannyE1794001 Nov 194648RB40 25
PARNES SimonE1794128 Apr 195462RB53 5
PAROS DinahE1794207 Apr 198481RD06 28
PARRY AllanE1794306 Feb 201768RK44 14
PARRY NathanE1794424 Jul 199689RK41 4
PARRY YettaE1794517 Apr 200190RK41 3
PASHKOVIETSKY Wolf LeibE1794626 Aug 194569RA38 20
PASOVSKY AnnieE1794705 May 195778RA51 33
PASOVSKY DavisE1794826 Oct 194969RA51 19
PASSMAN AbrahamE1794923 Apr 197673RK26 8
PASSMAN EthelE1795031 May 199688RD02 5
PASSMAN HymanE1795114 Mar 196051RD48 14
PASSMAN SarahE1795207 Dec 199269RI22 8
PASSMAN SolomonE1795319 Jun 199284RD02 6
PASTER LilyE1795411 May 197675RL22 11
PASTERNAK Judah HarryE1795507 Jul 197479RL22 12
PATASHNIK Helen CynthiaE1795624 Oct 200972RA04 37
PATCHICK AnneE1795703 Jun 198067RL34 17
PATCHICK FannyE1795817 Nov 198177RJ17 31
PATCHICK IsaacE1795911 Jun 198374RL34 18
PATCHICK SolomonE1796024 Dec 196868RJ17 30
PATER CharlesE1796127 Aug 197157RI31 31
PATER RuthE1796203 Jan 198768RI31 30
PATERSHINSKY MillieE1796323 Jun 198587RF10 6
PATERSHINSKY SamuelE1796407 Mar 197277RF10 5
PAUL AlbertE1796529 Nov 199584RM03 3
PAUL BarneyE1796620 Nov 197249RM33 8
PAUL Charles SilasE1796701 Nov 196279RH48 26
PAUL EdithE1796823 Feb 197754RO18 10
PAULINE AbrahamE1796911 May 198781RK44 32
PAULINE AdelaideE1797027 Dec 200286RK44 31
PAULINE FannyE1797110 Mar 195771RE21 7
PAULINE HarrisE1797203 Feb 196281RE21 8
PAULINE MillieE1797319 Jun 196066RF40 18
PAULL FannyE1797422 Jan 197786RI35 30
PAULL HymanE1797525 Oct 197384RI35 31
PAULOTSKY BernardE1797628 Oct 196854RI09 15
PAVA KateE1797724 Dec 195380RD33 8
PAVLOTSKY AlecE1797806 Apr 196764RI09 11
PAVLOTSKY AnnieE1797923 Dec 197970RI09 14
PAVLOTSKY DinahE1798009 Nov 198984RI09 12
PAVLOTSKY PollyE1798117 Aug 198084RI09 10
PAVLOTSKY SamuelE1798203 Nov 197360RI09 13
PAYANSKY GoldaE1798320 Apr 197077RJ23 35
PAYMAN PhyllisE1798429 May 198184RL37 21
PAYNE CeliaE1798501 Nov 199050RD19 7
PAYNE Henry HymanE1798614 Nov 197048RK21 6
PAYNE ow BUTT LilyE1798722 Feb 201186RK21 7

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