All Deceased beginning with letters 'PA'

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All names beginning PA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PACHOLDER JozefA0183329 Nov 194648A243 16
PACK BettyB0726006 Sep 198683K243 12
PACK HarryB0803427 Apr 198893K243 11
PACK SarahA0224901 Dec 194862B246 20
PACK YettaA0195624 May 194784B242 19
PACKER JessieB0873106 Nov 198987L34 26
PACKER JoyceC0546305 Mar 201686E250 04
PACKER KateB0068623 Jul 197380M23 36
PACKER NathanB0202110 Feb 197674G139 22
PACKER PhilipB0425012 Jun 198080L34 25
PACKER RoseA0779622 Feb 196763G139 21
PADOLSEY LeahB0574330 Jun 198367I114 21
PADOLSKY DavidA0823912 Mar 196856I114 22
PAGE BettyB0715409 Jun 198673O05 37
PAGE BettyC0311813 Feb 200383M17 31
PAGE FredaB0461517 Mar 198183D108 12
PAGE MaxB0087814 Dec 197359M17 30
PAGE RachelB0163615 May 197575E252 02
PAGE Samuel PageB0749617 Mar 198775O05 38
PAIGE HarryA0404916 Nov 195645E118 12
PALACE AlecA0722630 Oct 196577C113 08
PALACE RayA0711326 Jul 196573C113 07
PALENBAUM EmanuelA0099012 Apr 194259A127 17
PALENBERG EstherB0170128 Jun 197578J01 10
PALENBERG LouisB0515005 Apr 198271E254 29
PALENBERG SimonB0273002 Jul 197771J01 11
PALESTER EvaA0218327 Jul 194840B245 14
PALESTER HettieC0428322 Jun 2008103O28 06
PALESTER MarkB0483308 Sep 198173O28 05
PALLATS Jenifer Daphne SandraA0252417 Mar 195020B255 41
PALLATZ HaroldC0453018 Nov 200982I243 26
PALLATZ MayA0887029 Jul 196969A255 07
PALLATZ ReubenA0268219 Dec 195056A255 08
PALLIS Annie EstherA0171325 Mar 194657B138 25
PALLIS DianaA0457901 Nov 195867A254 09
PALLIS HymanA0264009 Oct 195063A254 10
PALLIS LeahA0340111 Feb 195454B138 26
PALLIS LionelC0298329 Jul 200284I131 07
PALLIS StanleyB0058519 Apr 197342I131 06
PALLY AlfredA0699705 Apr 196549H138 27
PALMER AlfredA0668708 Aug 196472H241 19
PALMER BettyA0947913 Oct 197067M24 16
PALMER DavidB0093521 Jan 197463K126 36
PALMER DovinaC0509813 May 2013104O05 46
PALMER GoldaC0485328 Nov 201198K126 35
PALMER HannahC0262530 Mar 200177G105 02
PALMER HenryA0262405 Sep 195032A253 31
PALMER MartinB0719211 Jul 198680O05 45
PALMER RachelA0717010 Sep 196571H241 18
PALMER SidneyB0012014 Jun 197269M24 15
PALMER SidneyC0324310 Aug 200383G105 01
PAM AnneC0284114 Jan 200291N117 01
PAM JacobA0358127 Nov 195456D125 25
PAM SidneyC0400929 Jan 200782N117 02
PAMPEL CeliaA0990728 Jul 197177M19 27
PAMPLE AbrahamB0582421 Sep 198390M19 28
PANAS SylviaB0590922 Nov 198360K137 13
PANAS TadeuszB0865812 Sep 198973K137 14
PAPERNICK JaneA0021130 Dec 193860B113 18
PAPIER GoldaC0073219 Aug 199587K136 25
PAPIER IsaacB0576120 Jul 198379K136 24
PAPPE BernardA0183202 Dec 194643A243 17
PARADISE AliceB0897930 May 199081J33 16
PARADISE AnnieA0188814 Feb 194766B241 09
PARADISE BenjaminA0955501 Dec 197071G246 22
PARADISE JackB0651914 Feb 198576K139 24
PARADISE MarkB0136525 Nov 197473K116 33
PARADISE MarthaB0667906 Jun 198572K139 25
PARIS AbrahamA0612014 Mar 196371F135 12
PARIS AnnA0576506 Jul 196267F135 11
PARIS NathanielC0533807 Feb 201590E102 30
PARIS OlgaC0190101 Nov 199874E102 31
PARIS Sarah SadieB0727922 Sep 198673K243 24
PARIS Sidney SolomonB0955619 Nov 199183K243 25
PARISER BrianC0279119 Nov 200166E117 01
PARK BeatriceC0438918 Jan 200990M10 41
PARK EstherB0658727 Mar 198578N125 31
PARK IsaacA0212320 Mar 194874A243 25
PARK JackB0268902 Jun 197760N125 30
PARK LeslieC0538925 Jun 201582E245 01
PARK LouisC0119507 Dec 199682M10 40
PARK RachelB0504124 Jan 198279O12 26
PARKER Henry SolomonA0936216 Jul 197057M20 36
PARKER Isidore StanleyA0143320 Sep 194483A135 14
PARKER MarieA0134806 Apr 194436B132 19
PARKER TheresaB0356716 Feb 197962N128 33
PARLOVITCH JudahB0335830 Sep 197883M24 05
PARLOVITCH SarahA0942908 Sep 197073M24 06
PARNES FannyA0181801 Nov 194648B140 25
PARNES SimonA0344728 Apr 195462B253 05
PAROS DinahB0611807 Apr 198481D106 28
PARRY NathanC0106524 Jul 199689K241 04
PARRY YettaC0263817 Apr 200190K241 03
PASHKOVIETSKY Wolf LeibA0160226 Aug 194569A138 20
PASOVSKY AnnieA0417405 May 195778A251 33
PASOVSKY DavisA0243826 Oct 194969A251 19
PASSMAN AbrahamB0215623 Apr 197673K126 08
PASSMAN EthelC0101431 May 199688D102 05
PASSMAN HymanA0493014 Mar 196051D248 14
PASSMAN SarahB0998407 Dec 199269I122 08
PASSMAN SolomonB0981019 Jun 199284D102 06
PASTER LilyB0218111 May 197675L22 11
PASTERNAK Judah HarryB0119307 Jul 197479L22 12
PATASHNIK Helen CynthiaC0451824 Oct 200972A104 37
PATCHICK AnneB0424203 Jun 198067L34 17
PATCHICK FannyB0493617 Nov 198177J17 31
PATCHICK IsaacB0572111 Jun 198374L34 18
PATCHICK SolomonA0859724 Dec 196868J17 30
PATER CharlesA0995227 Aug 197157I131 31
PATER RuthB0739703 Jan 198768I131 30
PATERSHINSKY MillieB0670223 Jun 198587F110 06
PATERSHINSKY SamuelA1024207 Mar 197277F110 05
PAUL AlbertC0084629 Nov 199584M03 03
PAUL BarneyB0032920 Nov 197249M33 08
PAUL Charles SilasA0589301 Nov 196279H248 26
PAUL EdithB0256423 Feb 197754O18 10
PAULINE AbrahamB0756211 May 198781K244 32
PAULINE AdelaideC0307727 Dec 200286K244 31
PAULINE FannyA0413210 Mar 195771E121 07
PAULINE HarrisA0557303 Feb 196281E121 08
PAULINE MillieA0499519 Jun 196066F140 18
PAULL FannyB0251422 Jan 197786I135 30
PAULL HymanB0079725 Oct 197384I135 31
PAULOTSKY BernardA0852428 Oct 196854I109 15
PAVA KateA0336324 Dec 195380D133 08
PAVLOTSKY AlecA0785606 Apr 196764I109 11
PAVLOTSKY AnnieB0403123 Dec 197970I109 14
PAVLOTSKY DinahB0873409 Nov 198984I109 12
PAVLOTSKY PollyB0432517 Aug 198084I109 10
PAVLOTSKY SamuelB0082403 Nov 197360I109 13
PAYANSKY GoldaA0926320 Apr 197077J23 35
PAYMAN PhyllisB0470829 May 198184L37 21
PAYNE CeliaB0913301 Nov 199050D119 07
PAYNE Henry HymanA0953014 Nov 197048K121 06
PAYNE ow BUTT LilyC0472822 Feb 201186K121 07

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