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All names beginning PE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PEAMAN SophieE1798809 Apr 195748RE22 28
PEARL AlanE1798927 Feb 199867RM05 41
PEARL AnnE1799008 Feb 196963RH15 23
PEARL AnneE1799106 Mar 199588RM05 26
PEARL AnnieE1799210 Nov 195770RE28 27
PEARL BarnettE1799323 Feb 193856RA10 12
PEARL BarnettE1799402 Nov 197773RN14 14
PEARL DavidE1799501 Dec 195063RA55 13
PEARL EssieE1799617 May 201087RO37 63
PEARL HymanE1799719 Dec 197276RJ26 32
PEARL JuliusE1799805 Jun 197285RE28 26
PEARL LouisE1799913 Aug 199269RJ27 40
PEARL MillieE1800002 Aug 198981RN14 15
PEARL MiriamE1800124 Mar 196880RA55 12
PEARL MorrisE1800220 Jun 199176RM12 4
PEARL NettieE1800329 Aug 198679RE11 4
PEARL o/w PERLMUTTER BenjaminE1800404 May 196261RE11 3
PEARL ReubenE1800521 Dec 198880RM05 27
PEARL Robert IsraelE1800607 Apr 199166RO37 62
PEARL RoseE1800715 Sep 198869RN17 29
PEARL SidneyE1800802 Jun 197661RN17 30
PEARL SidneyE1800904 Nov 200284RE26 1
PEARLBERG Jack DavidE1801016 Aug 195051RA54 15
PEARLBERG Jacob AbrahamE1801127 Oct 196766RH23 13
PEARLGOOD EnaE1801223 Oct 200794RJ02 24
PEARLGOOD SimonE1801326 Feb 199484RJ02 23
PEARLMAN AlbertE1801420 Aug 196963RI22 16
PEARLMAN AnneE1801509 May 197767RB03 23
PEARLMAN ArthurE1801610 Nov 196953RI24 21
PEARLMAN BabyE1801726 Mar 20000RA59 33
PEARLMAN BloomahE1801829 Mar 198579RN15 20
PEARLMAN EmanuelE1801905 Nov 193835RA11 25
PEARLMAN EmanuelE1802028 Apr 199181RF18 10
PEARLMAN EstherE1802110 Oct 199985RO17 36
PEARLMAN EvelynE1802223 May 199564RN19 20
PEARLMAN Fanny DeborahE1802321 Sep 197267RI22 17
PEARLMAN Gerald (Joe)E1802407 Dec 201486RJ15 3
PEARLMAN HarryE1802526 Dec 197471RM38 20
PEARLMAN HymanE1802606 Apr 196459RG27 23
PEARLMAN IsaacE1802731 Dec 193938RA17 16
PEARLMAN Isobel CecillyE1802803 Feb 199464RM16 2
PEARLMAN JaneE1802908 Dec 196580RF18 20
PEARLMAN JosephE1803006 Mar 197061RI26 28
PEARLMAN KittyE1803101 Jan 198587RO28 52
PEARLMAN LeahE1803226 Jun 196180RE25 30
PEARLMAN MarkE1803323 Jun 19428RA60 35
PEARLMAN NathanE1803401 Jan 195167RA56 15
PEARLMAN Philip DavidE1803527 May 197770RN15 19
PEARLMAN RachelE1803615 Sep 194766RB35 5
PEARLMAN RebeccaE1803727 Nov 195777RD16 8
PEARLMAN ReubenE1803811 Jun 198371RF17 29
PEARLMAN RitaE1803901 Oct 200373RJ15 4
PEARLMAN RitaE1804029 Dec 199185RJ37 18
PEARLMAN Samuel SidneyE1804108 Dec 199063RH05 14
PEARLMAN StellaE1804209 Jul 201192RI23 34
PEARLMAN YettaE1804321 Jan 198168RO13 38
PEARLMUTTER RachelE1804428 Aug 195138RB08 27
PEARLSTEIN DorisE1804507 Dec 198783RO24 28
PEARLSTEIN MorrisE1804610 Feb 197878RO24 29
PEARLSTONE RoseE1804710 May 199792RH13 21
PEARMAN JackE1804808 Oct 197770RE22 27
PEARSON MarieE1804905 Mar 196979RJ18 35
PEARSON SamuelE1805016 Jan 197174RJ18 36
PECKMAN Judah HarryE1805114 Sep 197842RO17 34
PECTOR AsherE1805214 Sep 197081RL20 28
PECTOR EvaE1805306 Nov 197683RO19 49
PEDRO BenjaminE1805404 Oct 199166RJ36 7
PEDRO EstherE1805515 Aug 199375RL18 40
PEDRO LouisE1805623 Jan 198872RL18 41
PEDRO/ISON RebeccaE1805714 Oct 200477RJ36 8
PEGREBINSKY Percy (Harris)E1805802 Mar 194669RA38 24
PEGRISH IsaacE1805903 Feb 195752RD15 5
PEGRISH RoseE1806019 Nov 2006101RF08 18
PEIN BloomahE1806102 Mar 195644RE12 25
PEIN Morris AaronE1806224 Jul 198482RN05 32
PELAFKER ArthurE1806329 May 199282RO15 11
PELAFKER EstherE1806419 May 197983RO15 12
PELHAM DavidE1806504 Jun 196274RD21 13
PELHAM HettyE1806625 Dec 196366RF27 18
PELIN MarcusE1806701 Dec 194981RA51 21
PELIN MariaE1806820 Feb 196089RA51 22
PELL AnnieE1806927 Aug 201196RO16 2
PELL IsaacE1807022 Mar 200191RO16 1
PELOVSKI Samuel IsaacE1807124 Jul 199877RI38 26
PELOVSKY HarrisE1807205 Jun 197689RI38 25
PELSNER SamuelE1807331 Mar 195774RE22 10
PELTA MarionE1807430 Dec 201084RF41 1
PELTA MontyE1807530 Mar 200175RF41 2
PELTA SamuelE1807607 Feb 196969RF35 30
PELTON CharlesE1807710 Mar 198262RN35 38
PELTON RoseE1807811 Aug 199373RN35 37
PELTONOVITCH LottieE1807926 Jul 197877RM13 17
PELTZ BerekE1808024 Aug 195255RD44 6
PELTZ ChajaE1808118 Jul 196068RD44 4
PELTZ ElizabethE1808203 Jun 195554RD19 14
PELTZ Harry JacobE1808330 Dec 197777RD19 13
PELTZ Jack JacobE1808418 Dec 199169RD16 16
PELTZ JeanE1808525 Apr 198290RF22 19
PELTZ LeahE1808607 Jan 196593RJ06 27
PELTZ MarksE1808729 Nov 196999RJ06 28
PELTZ MordkaE1808824 Sep 195461RD44 5
PELTZ SamuelE1808915 Jan 196579RF22 18
PENEROFSKY RebeccaE1809016 Dec 195373RD33 13
PENFIELD Julius JimmyE1809106 May 198571RO10 9
PENFIELD SamuelE1809228 Oct 196986RJ21 28
PENFIELD SarahE1809317 Nov 197081RJ21 27
PENKUL KatherineE1809414 Aug 197978RM12 27
PENN JeffreyE1809524 Feb 199652RI24 4
PENN LeslieE1809626 Nov 201078RI44 33
PENN MarionE1809730 Dec 20161 mthRD55 2
PENN RebeccaE1809827 Jan 197277RL17 7
PENN WoolfE1809923 May 198182RL17 8
PENNER Benjamin MontagueE1810011 May 198054RL34 15
PENNER Hazel MaureenE1810119 Jun 19515 mthRB55 18
PENNER MarionE1810228 Jul 198654RL34 16
PENTOL JennieE1810322 Feb 197779RL21 36
PENTOL KeithE1810413 May 19950RL34 4
PENTOL MillieE1810531 Jul 198690RL21 40
PENTOL PhilipE1810627 Jun 1996100RL21 41
PENTOL SidneyE1810717 Feb 197172RL21 37
PEPPER AnnieE1810815 Oct 197180RM27 38
PEPPER Ethel BerthaE1810925 May 197659RN17 27
PEPPERBERG AnnieE1811022 Jan 197084RJ21 32
PEPPERMAN BabiesE1811109 May 19971 mthRA59 35
PEPPERMAN BienaE1811220 Dec 194758RB43 12
PEPPERMAN RalphE1811320 Feb 197666RO19 22
PEPS MinnieE1811418 Dec 199885RK03 21
PEPS SidneyE1811508 Jan 19970RK03 20
PERCHOTKIN AaronE1811610 Nov 196792RH47 14
PERCUS RoseE1811720 Jul 20030RB11 6
PERETZMAN DavidE1811814 Mar 194233RA26 24
PEREZ Betty or BessieE1811926 Oct 198073RO18 52
PEREZ Edward EliasE1812016 Dec 197772RO18 53
PEREZ EthelE1812119 Jul 199971RE37 3
PEREZ WoolfeE1812219 Feb 201189RE37 4
PERILLY EvelynE1812320 Jul 199164RD03 10
PERILLY MarieE1812421 Apr 199592RM23 41
PERILLY MarkE1812510 Sep 197076RM23 35
PERILLY RebeccaE1812617 Jan 197073RA06 4
PERILLY SimonE1812706 May 197780RA06 3
PERIN BernardE1812813 Oct 200283RJ35 17
PERIN DavidE1812919 Apr 198976RF52 9
PERIN SadieE1813022 Dec 200181RF52 10
PERKIN BessieE1813130 Jan 200994RI02 17
PERKIN EmmanuelE1813205 Nov 199686RI02 16
PERKIS JackE1813305 May 197968RB03 5
PERKOFF BarnettE1813409 Apr 194372RB27 6
PERKOFF BeckyE1813523 Dec 197480RJ07 2
PERKOFF JosephE1813605 May 196776RJ07 1
PERKOFF WoolfE1813713 Oct 195769RD15 21
PERKS HarryE1813828 Aug 199377RK36 5
PERKS Morris ManuelE1813928 Apr 197865RB03 6
PERL Claus NicholasE1814016 Nov 200466RH01 31
PERLIN BettyE1814124 May 195385RD36 21
PERLIN MillieE1814203 Dec 195163RD49 16
PERLIN RachelE1814320 Feb 198385RO10 29
PERLMAN DavidE1814421 Jan 196873RI13 16
PERLMAN LeahE1814531 Mar 194853RB44 16
PERLMAN SamuelE1814610 Oct 197871RO17 35
PERLMUTTER AbrahamE1814717 Jan 196980RI07 14
PERLMUTTER AnnieE1814820 Nov 194123RB24 28
PERLMUTTER DoraE1814901 May 194479RB32 15
PERLMUTTER JennieE1815024 Jan 195248RB08 31
PERLMUTTER KateE1815122 Dec 196671RI07 13
PERLMUTTER MiriamE1815212 Jan 198191RM31 30
PERLMUTTER SamuelE1815301 Apr 198579RN44 9
PERLMUTTER ToneyE1815408 Jan 199487RN44 10
PERLOW AugustaE1815508 Aug 198987RM05 39
PERLOW IsaacE1815619 Feb 199393RM05 40
PERLSTONE SidneyE1815723 Nov 196970RH13 20
PERMIN GershonE1815821 Nov 201291RI45 34
PERMIN JackE1815908 Jun 198371RO09 22
PERMIN JosephE1816014 Apr 199484RG03 12
PERMIN PearlE1816104 Nov 200390RG03 11
PERMIN SadieE1816210 Mar 200589RO09 23
PERMINSKY SophieE1816310 May 197386RK19 10
PERMUTT ElsieE1816419 Jul 199487RK20 27
PERMUTT JaneE1816509 May 197270RI16 26
PERMUTT LilyE1816620 Mar 198582RL09 8
PERMUTT MarksE1816701 Oct 197067RK20 28
PERMUTT MorrisE1816805 Jan 195546RD24 12
PERMUTT Sidney MarkE1816903 Jul 197882RL09 7
PERRY BernardE1817001 Apr 200576RH01 20
PERRY HymanE1817116 Mar 196663RF17 23
PERRY LeonardE1817223 Nov 198064RN08 13
PERRY MaryE1817325 Feb 201189RN32 46
PERRY NormaE1817408 Mar 201053RD52 35
PERRY RhodaE1817520 Jun 199784RN33 38
PERRY SarahE1817619 Jul 197660RE30 26
PERRY SidneyE1817721 Dec 195741RE30 25
PERRY SidneyE1817813 Jul 198169RN33 37
PERRY Winifred AdaE1817905 Feb 197877RF17 22
PERRYMAN BessieE1818009 Jul 201291RG29 32
PERRYMAN David KeithE1818118 May 196868RG29 29
PERSELL NormanE1818220 Aug 201174RH01 25
PERSELL Sylvia PearlE1818304 Jan 200567RH01 26
PERSKY Eliezer LeslieE1818425 Aug 196953RM20 8
PERSKY EvaE1818530 Sep 195854RF47 29
PERSKY JennyE1818610 Feb 201297RM20 7
PERSKY MarksE1818709 Jun 196985RJ20 21
PERSOFF BenjaminE1818823 Apr 194483RA33 7
PERSOFF SarahE1818922 Apr 197286RA52 21
PERSOFF SimonE1819030 Jan 195070RA52 20
PERUGIA-COWEN Ellis JacobE1819108 Oct 195162RD51 23
PESCOVITCH o/w PESC Sam o/w SolomonE1819225 Mar 195278RD45 18
PESCOVITCH Abraham JacobE1819308 Oct 197879RJ03 29
PESCOVITCH KittyE1819426 Jan 196862RJ15 12
PESCOVITCH SolomonE1819501 May 197777RJ15 11
PESIS MaryE1819629 Feb 194070RB17 10
PESKIN EstherE1819715 Dec 195781RE29 7
PESKIN JacobE1819802 Apr 194670RA40 16
PESKOFF AbrahamE1819926 Apr 195060RA53 20
PESSEL CeciliaE1820006 Dec 196465RG32 7
PESSELMAN HymanE1820117 Sep 197673RO22 25
PESSELMAN LilyE1820202 Jun 196558RA03 22
PESSIS AbrahamE1820308 Dec 194071RB21 10
PESSOK AnnieE1820414 Jul 196766RD19 6
PESSOK Jack CarlE1820515 Jun 195557RD19 5
PESTON AbrahamE1820603 Feb 197372RF10 31
PESTON FredaE1820719 Nov 199279RF28 3
PESTON HarryE1820827 Oct 200292RE35 35
PESTON JackE1820909 Dec 195156RD49 14
PESTON JackE1821028 Feb 201688RG47 2
PESTON NitaE1821109 Apr 201181RG47 3
PESTON PhyllisE1821212 Jan 201896RI25 10
PESTON SamuelE1821305 Mar 197057RI25 11
PETAKOFSKY BarnettE1821426 Sep 199076RO37 61
PETAR AnnaE1821519 Nov 201592RJ33 44
PETAR JennyE1821625 Mar 197175RH37 28
PETAR JosephE1821709 Sep 193854RA12 5
PETAR LilianE1821829 May 196541RH36 29
PETAR MaxE1821903 Oct 200486RH36 28
PETERMAN BellaE1822012 Sep 199178RO02 32
PETERMAN ElsieE1822115 Feb 199793RL05 27
PETERMAN JosephE1822220 Jan 199085RO02 31
PETERMAN MaxE1822301 Jul 198178RL05 26
PETERS AlexanderE1822417 Dec 198975RJ29 35
PETERS BenjaminE1822505 Jul 197877RN27 17
PETERS EstherE1822606 May 198587RN27 16
PETERS EstherE1822702 Jan 200193RB04 35
PETERS HarryE1822803 Dec 200294RB04 34
PETERS LouisE1822921 Jun 196563RF25 35
PETERS MargaretE1823024 Jul 200891RO06 2
PETERS MauriceE1823110 Oct 199981RO06 1
PETERS MauriceE1823219 Jul 199993RN04 5
PETERS MiriamE1823320 Oct 197282RM32 38
PETERS or OUSPETTER AnnieE1823427 Jun 197185RF49 15
PETERS SarahE1823527 Dec 199084RF25 34
PETERS Stella / OW EstherE1823604 Apr 2010100RK40 38
PETERS SylviaE1823730 Dec 198882RN04 6
PETRIKOFSKY DoraE1823808 Feb 196069RC09 21
PETROOK Jacqueline RuthE1823910 Nov 19402RA61 28
PEVOVAR JudahE1824010 Jun 196156RG06 16

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