All Deceased beginning with letters 'NE'

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All names beginning NE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NEAIGUS IsidoreE1732729 Apr 198587RO21 22
NEAIGUS Lily LeahE1732820 Dec 197578RO21 21
NEAR HannahE1732923 Feb 194625RB38 13
NEARY PhyllisE1733015 Sep 198463RF19 4
NEDAS FannyE1733114 Jul 199685RH02 30
NEDAS HildaE1733202 Sep 199486RH02 29
NEEDEL HarryE1733305 Jun 197769RO22 39
NEEDEL JaneE1733430 Jan 197774RO22 38
NEEDLE HarryE1733521 Jul 199677RK06 41
NEEDLE NikkiE1733612 May 201236RI39 34
NEEDLEMAN (NELMAN) RoseE1733706 Apr 198277RN07 21
NEEDLEMAN AbrahamE1733824 Dec 197170RM29 16
NEEDLEMAN AmeliaE1733925 Dec 193934RB16 17
NEEDLEMAN EdithE1734019 Mar 198588RL23 15
NEEDLEMAN EvaE1734127 Feb 199690RM29 15
NEEDLEMAN FannyE1734215 May 198283RO28 31
NEEDLEMAN FlorenceE1734312 Sep 198275RN38 7
NEEDLEMAN GertrudeE1734417 Feb 196061RF42 16
NEEDLEMAN HaroldE1734522 Apr 198153RL05 22
NEEDLEMAN HarryE1734601 Oct 194044RA21 11
NEEDLEMAN Israel SidneyE1734724 Feb 196463RG26 17
NEEDLEMAN LenaE1734827 Apr 200588RI15 6
NEEDLEMAN MaxE1734915 Mar 197580RL23 16
NEEDLEMAN Morris MarksE1735030 May 196859RI15 5
NEEDLEMAN MorrisE1735105 Sep 198286RN07 22
NEEDLEMAN PhilipE1735218 Jun 199385RN37 10
NEEDLEMAN RachelE1735307 Nov 197286RI34 18
NEEDLEMAN YettaE1735430 Sep 194040RB19 23
NEEDLER EdithE1735517 May 199087RM23 16
NEEDLER MorrisE1735617 Jul 197073RM23 17
NEEDLESTEIN AbrahamE1735714 Jan 194668RB36 7
NEEDLESTEIN LottieE1735830 Jul 194560RB36 13
NEEDLESTITCHER Israel EmmanuelE1735909 May 195860RF50 14
NEEDLESTITCHER Sarah RebeccaE1736009 Jan 195555RD29 31
NEEDLISTER Doreen CarolE1736126 Jul 199246RL06 29
NEEDLISTER Harry Henry JohnE1736215 Oct 198268RL05 30
NEEDLISTER ReneE1736306 Apr 200185RL05 31
NEGAL AlbertE1736414 Aug 194435RA35 18
NEGAL AnnieE1736521 Jul 199589RM21 18
NEGAL AnselE1736626 Sep 195149RD51 21
NEGAL JacobE1736706 Feb 194427RB57 30
NEGAL MyerE1736802 Jan 197064RM21 17
NEGAL NathanE1736930 Oct 197077RM24 26
NEGAL SydneyE1737005 May 198279RM27 15
NEIBERG SolomonE1737119 Oct 198386RE52 11
NEIMAN CharlesE1737207 Aug 199283RK35 22
NEIMAN GildaE1737308 Mar 198375RM35 22
NEIMAN Marilyn SophiaE1737409 Aug 19462RB55 20
NEIMAN NessieE1737502 Oct 198267RK35 21
NEKLENSKY JaneE1737601 Mar 196282RG05 18
NELKIN IsaacE1737712 Nov 198982RK15 23
NELKIN RachelE1737821 Aug 197263RK15 24
NELKON SolomonE1737928 Jan 197387RJ27 20
NELSON Abraham AlfredE1738025 Jun 197261RH51 19
NEMNI LuliE1738129 Aug 198055RN09 28
NESBITT NechemiahE1738219 May 2004RB57 13
NESBITT PhilipE1738305 Nov 199382RL22 3
NESHAVER EstherE1738413 May 196489RG29 19
NESHOFSKY AlfredE1738528 Jun 199672RK04 27
NESSICK HymanE1738606 Feb 197070RE50 20
NESSICK JacobE1738710 Jan 196859RH22 25
NESSICK KatieE1738801 Aug 201095RH22 26
NESSICK Morris IsaacE1738924 Nov 195760RE21 9
NESSICK PaulineE1739005 Mar 195761RE21 10
NESSICK RebeccaE1739113 Dec 197068RE50 21
NESTAL AnnieE1739211 Jan 198585RN44 32
NESTEL IsraelE1739329 Jul 197984RL12 10
NESTEL JennieE1739421 Jun 197776RL12 9
NESTEL JuliaE1739520 Jul 198075RF35 26
NESTEL NathanE1739628 Jan 196269RF35 27
NEUESTONE JaneE1739716 Jan 195973RD32 31
NEUMAN RebeccaE1739830 Aug 199678RC02 23
NEUMANN Martin JosefE1739917 Dec 199179RC02 22
NEUMANN SiegfriedE1740024 Mar 195851RE32 8
NEUSHEWSKY BorisE1740128 May 194159RA24 22
NEUWEG RichardE1740215 Feb 197671RI38 17
NEVILLE AdaE1740312 Sep 198568RI40 17
NEVILLE AmeliaE1740406 Dec 197340RK18 16
NEVILLE AnneE1740527 May 198378RO10 44
NEVILLE IsraelE1740609 Oct 201198RG02 2
NEVILLE JackE1740719 Feb 198068RI40 18
NEVILLE JosephE1740825 Aug 197562RK30 6
NEVILLE Sadie (Shirley)E1740912 Jan 2018RK30 7
NEVILLE Shirley FrancesE1741030 Jun 201469RJ39 44
NEVILLE TillyE1741131 Mar 201298RG02 1
NEVIN KittyE1741221 Feb 198784RO14 33
NEVITT EvaE1741316 Dec 201799RI33 3
NEVITT MorrisE1741403 Nov 199686RI33 4
NEVITT NathanielE1741519 May 198479RN41 9
NEVITT SarahE1741611 Dec 199390RN41 10
NEWBERG FannyE1741707 Mar 196693RF17 19
NEWCOMBE Dorothy DorisE1741822 Apr 201385RE51 10
NEWFIELD Rose (Rachel)E1741927 Feb 194789RB41 20
NEWHAM MarjorieE1742016 Jun 201189RI35 29
NEWMAN AlfredE1742116 May 196861RH18 31
NEWMAN AlfredE1742228 May 196362RG19 9
NEWMAN Angela JuneE1742308 Aug 201771RE51 11
NEWMAN BernardE1742413 Jan 196968RH17 8
NEWMAN BerthaE1742503 Jan 199491RM07 36
NEWMAN CeliaE1742627 Jul 198871RM07 35
NEWMAN CharlesE1742714 Nov 197279RJ10 30
NEWMAN ClaraE1742804 Aug 196849RB05 9
NEWMAN DavidE1742901 Mar 199875RM33 20
NEWMAN DavidE1743030 Oct 199887RE02 29
NEWMAN DeborahE1743111 May 195949RF45 18
NEWMAN DeborahE1743214 Apr 196662RJ10 29
NEWMAN DinahE1743323 Apr 199889RO25 55
NEWMAN Elaine LanaE1743407 Jul 197824RO17 21
NEWMAN EstherE1743506 Feb 196883RH21 27
NEWMAN FannyE1743616 Jun 201195RG17 3
NEWMAN GeraldE1743715 Nov 194550RA38 9
NEWMAN GertieE1743813 May 200092RK44 42
NEWMAN HannahE1743927 Sep 198362RJ32 7
NEWMAN Harry HymieE1744023 Jul 198383RO27 41
NEWMAN HildaE1744104 Sep 200193RH17 7
NEWMAN HymanE1744230 Jul 198477RO24 54
NEWMAN JackE1744328 Feb 196452RG26 15
NEWMAN JackE1744402 Jul 196563RG35 25
NEWMAN JackE1744501 Dec 196966RJ22 35
NEWMAN JessieE1744607 May 195866RF50 24
NEWMAN JohnE1744726 Dec 199673RG17 4
NEWMAN JosephE1744830 Nov 196767RI12 20
NEWMAN JosephE1744911 Mar 197170RK19 28
NEWMAN JosephE1745003 Apr 201482RL09 44
NEWMAN KittyE1745104 Jun 196566RH37 20
NEWMAN LilyE1745210 May 199779RI21 3
NEWMAN MarkE1745309 Jun 199072RF03 5
NEWMAN MichaelE1745409 Feb 197320RM33 21
NEWMAN MillieE1745525 Jul 201194RF03 4
NEWMAN MorrisE1745626 Apr 196184RD05 29
NEWMAN NathanE1745729 Nov 194131RA25 29
NEWMAN Noel Joseph LeweyE1745827 Jun 198049RO17 20
NEWMAN PeterE1745909 Oct 197853RL09 26
NEWMAN RachelE1746003 Sep 200381RM33 22
NEWMAN RebeccaE1746114 Nov 194167RB24 27
NEWMAN RebeccaE1746230 Jan 196380RE46 9
NEWMAN RoseE1746311 Jan 199283RO28 29
NEWMAN Samuel AbrahamE1746412 Jun 197564RI24 30
NEWMAN SamuelE1746524 Nov 198270RM09 30
NEWMAN SamuelE1746628 Jun 199676RJ32 8
NEWMAN Stanley IsaacE1746725 Dec 200679RN01 27
NEWMAN SydneyE1746805 May 197176RC05 21
NEWMAN SylviaE1746922 Mar 200483RE02 28
NEWMARK AnnieE1747003 Dec 196575RF18 34
NEWMARK LilyE1747106 Sep 196879RD05 4
NEWMARK MiriamE1747204 Sep 198879RM21 4
NEWMARK MorrisE1747302 Jun 198695RF18 35
NEWMARK PearlE1747417 Jan 199287RF16 30
NEWMARK Phyllis FredaE1747513 Jun 201794RG01 23
NEWMARK RalphE1747609 Aug 197972RM21 3
NEWNSTONE HettyE1747704 Jan 195444RD32 30
NEWSTEAD DavidE1747826 Nov 196675RH27 24
NEWSTONE GeorgeE1747909 Aug 193935RA16 31
NEWSTONE MauriceE1748025 Feb 194875RA45 29
NEWTON CeliaE1748107 May 199779RM40 5
NEYMILLER HymanE1748212 Aug 198569RO07 26
NEYMILLER ItkaE1748313 Jan 201085RO07 25

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