All Deceased beginning with letters 'YE'

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All names beginning YE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YEDVOP JosephE2584918 Dec 196689RG39 20
YEGLIN DavidE2585004 Dec 195363RD34 7
YEGLIN KateE2585117 Dec 198789RO06 47
YEGLIN MorrisE2585227 Feb 198689RO06 48
YEGLIN SolomonE2585324 Sep 194082RA21 13
YELLIN BettyE2585428 Jun 199989RF21 34
YELON FannyE2585508 Jan 196476RF32 18
YELON MorrisE2585609 Feb 196378RF32 17
YENTIS CissieE2585703 Nov 200194RK40 41
YENTIS EstherE2585815 Oct 199272RO34 29
YENTIS FannyE2585904 Sep 196967RC16 15
YENTIS FannyE2586024 Jul 195174RB53 6
YENTIS FrankE2586110 May 198569RO34 28
YENTIS Howard LeonardE2586231 Jan 201377RK40 42
YENTIS Isaac MyerE2586322 Oct 197070RC16 14
YENTIS SarahE2586417 May 197781RN15 6
YENTIS Woolf (Abraham)E2586524 Dec 199586RK40 40
YENUSH AlfredE2586631 Dec 198683RN39 41
YENUSH AnnieE2586723 Aug 198375RN39 40
YERINSKY SollyE2586819 Apr 196171RD31 10
YERINSKY WoolfE2586926 Jun 195452RD27 19
YERKOVITCH LeahE2587013 May 198976RF52 27
YESCOVITCH IsaacE2587124 May 195176RA58 19
YESELEFSKY EstherE2587204 Feb 197273RG48 14
YESHIN IsidoreE2587318 Jun 198266RO29 9
YESHIN RoseE2587403 Apr 199783RO29 10
YESS FannyE2587519 Feb 197080RF13 17
YESS JackE2587609 Mar 196879RF13 16
YETZES ChrissieE2587710 Dec 196375RF28 20

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