All Deceased beginning with letters 'FR'

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All names beginning FR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FRANCIS AnnieE0713222 Oct 197065RK20 33
FRANCIS BettyE0713326 Jun 197062RM23 22
FRANCIS JanetE0713405 Sep 194956RB44 32
FRANCIS JuliaE0713531 Jan 194655RB38 16
FRANCIS MichaelE0713623 Jan 199090RM23 23
FRANCIS SamuelE0713718 Apr 199484RK20 34
FRANK BenjaminE0713810 Jun 200381RL28 43
FRANK FannyE0713913 Oct 196464RH40 19
FRANK IdaE0714003 Aug 194469RB33 15
FRANK JanE0714111 May 199470RE17 32
FRANK MorrisE0714207 Sep 194028RA20 21
FRANK SamuelE0714323 Jan 196365RC12 28
FRANK SamuelE0714431 Jul 196780RF15 22
FRANK WilliamE0714525 Feb 197980RE22 14
FRANKEL Aaron WoolfE0714623 Aug 199574RJ38 16
FRANKEL Abraham MaxE0714710 Sep 196284RC10 11
FRANKEL AbrahamE0714818 Jan 196572RJ06 32
FRANKEL AdaE0714905 Mar 197388RJ12 14
FRANKEL AlexanderE0715016 May 193941RA15 26
FRANKEL AnneE0715112 Jul 199373RJ38 15
FRANKEL AnneE0715209 Sep 201288RI24 2
FRANKEL AnnieE0715304 Oct 199791RA39 29
FRANKEL BernardE0715419 Aug 196679RJ12 13
FRANKEL BessieE0715501 Dec 19910RD27 11
FRANKEL CeliaE0715616 Aug 198378RO30 35
FRANKEL DavidE0715725 Dec 20161 mthRI24 1
FRANKEL DennisE0715818 Dec 200875RI37 23
FRANKEL EstherE0715910 Feb 198177RN23 22
FRANKEL EstherE0716022 Feb 195883RD30 27
FRANKEL FannyE0716128 Jan 197678RJ06 31
FRANKEL FlorrieE0716225 Mar 198382RH26 12
FRANKEL FredaE0716319 Apr 196076RD09 25
FRANKEL GeraldE0716407 Oct 198960RK46 7
FRANKEL HarryE0716515 Jul 195047RA50 31
FRANKEL HelenE0716601 Aug 201283RA15 36
FRANKEL HymanE0716706 Mar 195477RD30 26
FRANKEL IsadoreE0716803 Dec 196456RJ06 5
FRANKEL JackE0716903 Sep 194641RA39 28
FRANKEL JeanetteE0717031 Dec 197167RJ06 6
FRANKEL JennieE0717123 Feb 200485RN23 45
FRANKEL LewisE0717204 Oct 197870RF08 9
FRANKEL LilianE0717316 May 198174RN32 37
FRANKEL LindaE0717414 Aug 19482 mthRB55 31
FRANKEL LouisE0717505 Sep 197676RN23 23
FRANKEL MarieE0717608 Mar 198387RB30 34
FRANKEL MarksE0717726 Feb 193965RA14 27
FRANKEL MaryE0717820 Jun 195453RD30 20
FRANKEL MaryE0717917 May 193960RA14 26
FRANKEL MinnieE0718006 Feb 194421RB30 10
FRANKEL MyerE0718128 Dec 196272RE27 26
FRANKEL MyerE0718214 Feb 198279RL05 28
FRANKEL NathanE0718304 Mar 197665RM15 20
FRANKEL PhilipE0718416 Apr 199888RI37 33
FRANKEL RachelE0718506 Mar 199084RL05 29
FRANKEL RachelE0718604 Dec 200191RI37 32
FRANKEL RaphaelE0718720 Nov 196567RH32 28
FRANKEL RebeccaE0718829 Jan 197269RL20 39
FRANKEL RebeccaE0718910 Oct 200699RF08 10
FRANKEL ReubenE0719002 Apr 198880RO30 36
FRANKEL SamuelE0719131 Jul 195455RD27 12
FRANKEL SamuelE0719203 Jun 198186RB30 35
FRANKEL SarahE0719331 Jan 2016100RE44 1
FRANKEL SarahE0719422 Aug 197068RH32 29
FRANKEL SidneyE0719526 Apr 198174RN32 38
FRANKEL SolleE0719609 Jul 2011100RN23 46
FRANKEL SylviaE0719712 May 19382 mthRA62 24
FRANKENSTEIN EvaE0719818 Nov 197179RM21 7
FRANKENSTEIN IsaacE0719906 Dec 196984RM21 8
FRANKENSTEIN SamuelE0720022 Jun 198467RO28 50
FRANKFURT Alexandre RuthE0720129 Apr 201090RO37 73
FRANKFURT DoraE0720222 Sep 198292RN38 22
FRANKFURT OscarE0720314 Aug 201389RO37 74
FRANKIEL AbrahamE0720427 May 198669RO05 27
FRANKL BerthaE0720531 Oct 197469RK10 17
FRANKLE AnnieE0720629 May 196976RC05 6
FRANKLE BenjaminE0720726 Nov 196376RC05 5
FRANKLE Jacob JackE0720826 Mar 196769RH26 11
FRANKLIN AaronE0720906 Feb 196892RF45 29
FRANKLIN AdaE0721012 May 195979RF45 28
FRANKLIN AdolphE0721123 Mar 196174RF37 34
FRANKLIN AlexanderE0721230 Nov 194062RA22 13
FRANKLIN AnnE0721304 Apr 199473RN02 15
FRANKLIN AnnE0721412 Apr 199694RI16 21
FRANKLIN AnnieE0721528 Feb 199991RN18 26
FRANKLIN CharlesE0721626 Dec 197564RN18 27
FRANKLIN CissieE0721716 Feb 199789RL33 4
FRANKLIN DinahE0721821 Jun 196786RI10 23
FRANKLIN EstelleE0721911 Oct 196753RI10 8
FRANKLIN EsterE0722009 Jun 199680RK27 3
FRANKLIN EvaE0722119 Dec 199094RN03 26
FRANKLIN FayE0722206 Sep 200385RK31 43
FRANKLIN KennethE0722325 Nov 199270RJ37 36
FRANKLIN LeslieE0722413 Dec 200380RN02 14
FRANKLIN MauriceE0722529 Jun 196865RI16 20
FRANKLIN MurrayE0722622 Sep 197382RM34 27
FRANKLIN PearlE0722701 Aug 201391RE12 34
FRANKLIN PhilipE0722821 Jan 201292RK31 42
FRANKLIN RoseE0722926 Sep 198196RO13 50
FRANKLIN SarahE0723007 Aug 198681RM34 26
FRANKLIN SimonE0723103 Dec 200551RN01 14
FRANKLIN SimonE0723204 Oct 199386RK27 4
FRANKLIN Stanley MichaelE0723317 Jul 201787RI15 33
FRANKLIN WilliamE0723422 Mar 195154RA57 22
FRANKLYN BerthaE0723505 Mar 197869RL28 8
FRANKLYN GertrudeE0723627 Sep 199780RJ37 35
FRANKS AbrahamE0723726 May 193939RA63 33
FRANKS AnitaE0723819 Mar 20040RO32 2
FRANKS AnnetteE0723921 Sep 199181RO33 31
FRANKS AnnieE0724002 Sep 194552RB36 9
FRANKS BenjaminE0724115 Aug 198576RO07 30
FRANKS BessieE0724207 Sep 197482RM19 17
FRANKS CeciliaE0724312 Apr 195355RD39 9
FRANKS Charles AbrahamE0724420 Feb 197180RM19 18
FRANKS CharlesE0724507 Feb 200578RO32 1
FRANKS DoraE0724623 Jan 196677RH31 29
FRANKS EstherE0724722 Dec 199088RG08 11
FRANKS EvaE0724823 Jan 197986RE04 22
FRANKS EvaE0724911 Feb 199390RK14 25
FRANKS EvelynE0725014 Oct 198487RO29 46
FRANKS FannyE0725121 Sep 197177RC12 27
FRANKS FayE0725217 May 197464RF42 28
FRANKS FredE0725313 Aug 199464RL02 13
FRANKS HarryE0725410 Oct 198478RO33 30
FRANKS HermanE0725512 Apr 197976RO17 53
FRANKS HymanE0725619 Oct 198175RO12 22
FRANKS JaneE0725725 Jun 199288RO17 52
FRANKS JosephE0725804 Aug 194770RA41 31
FRANKS LeahE0725920 Dec 196057RE41 19
FRANKS LouisE0726007 Mar 198165RM11 35
FRANKS LouisE0726106 Sep 199588RH14 1
FRANKS MariaE0726224 Dec 196578RF18 23
FRANKS MarieE0726307 Jan 197162RK19 16
FRANKS Marks Rev.E0726412 Apr 194054RA17 31
FRANKS MayE0726523 Nov 200893RO07 29
FRANKS MinnieE0726617 Apr 197875RO20 8
FRANKS MiriamE0726730 Oct 198254RN06 29
FRANKS NathanE0726804 Nov 195749RE28 24
FRANKS PollyE0726919 Jan 197768RI33 17
FRANKS RachelE0727016 May 197986RM35 19
FRANKS RachelE0727101 Nov 200492RM11 36
FRANKS RalphE0727210 Jan 197074RE04 23
FRANKS SamuelE0727322 Mar 197262RI33 16
FRANKS Sidney IsraelE0727407 Dec 197381RM35 12
FRANKS WilliamE0727508 May 195945RE28 4
FRANZLER Harold IsaacE0727624 Feb 198173RO27 13
FRASER AugusteE0727724 Jun 199984RL11 6
FRASER BenE0727821 Mar 197170RK19 32
FRASER DeborahE0727920 Feb 198471RK14 35
FRASER DianaE0728011 Feb 194852RB43 7
FRASER HenryE0728101 Dec 198770RL11 5
FRASER IreneE0728219 May 199975RO03 47
FRASER Leila HannahE0728317 Oct 198858RK07 40
FRASER Oscar BernardE0728417 Mar 201278RH09 9
FRASER SidneyE0728504 Feb 199068RO03 46
FRAZISKA Ingeborg GertrudE0728603 Aug 195236RD43 17
FRECHTMAN LeahE0728701 Oct 198286RC14 8
FRECHTMAN PercyE0728805 Jan 198288RC14 9
FREDKOFSKY AnnaE0728911 Apr 194763RA42 6
FREDMAN SamuelE0729007 Jan 197172RM24 9
FREED Abraham IsaacE0729117 Aug 195953RE37 11
FREED Anne HelenE0729229 Jul 201196RO28 35
FREED ArnoldE0729303 Dec 200784RO14 57
FREED BenjaminE0729408 Dec 198784RO14 17
FREED EvaE0729524 Jan 199489RO06 3
FREED FannyE0729630 Jan 197395RF11 21
FREED FrankE0729726 Feb 198268RO28 34
FREED GildaE0729831 Oct 196858RI17 10
FREED Josephine KittyE0729927 Sep 197977RO14 18
FREED Louis SamuelE0730020 Jun 198169RI40 9
FREED MarkE0730125 Nov 198282RK13 38
FREED MorrisE0730230 Apr 199291RO06 4
FREED PollyE0730323 Nov 199381RI40 8
FREED RachelE0730404 Mar 197377RK13 39
FREED RachelE0730510 Jun 195684RE14 26
FREED RebeccaE0730615 Jan 199485RA02 26
FREED Solomon SidneyE0730725 Nov 194638RA42 9
FREED WilliamE0730805 Jul 198682RI17 11
FREEDA Abraham LazarusE0730917 Jun 194226RA27 25
FREEDA EmileE0731027 Jan 195948RA41 2
FREEDA EstherE0731114 Aug 198883RI35 11
FREEDA JosephE0731213 Jul 194761RA41 5
FREEDA MiriamE0731317 Oct 198471RA41 1
FREEDA OscarE0731401 Apr 197467RI35 10
FREEDA SarahE0731502 Sep 195367RA41 4
FREEDENBERG AdaE0731611 Jan 194384RB30 17
FREEDENBERG HarryE0731721 Nov 196668RH27 25
FREEDENBERG SadieE0731809 Oct 196266RE15 4
FREEDENTHAL FayE0731921 May 198475RJ23 15
FREEDENTHAL HarrisE0732031 May 197064RJ23 16
FREEDENTHAL MarksE0732101 Mar 193969RA14 5
FREEDENTHAL SarahE0732204 Nov 194371RA14 6
FREEDER FredaE0732304 Jan 200691RD27 4
FREEDER LeslieE0732424 Nov 199643RD27 2
FREEDER PhilipE0732521 Jun 199276RD27 3
FREEDMAN AbrahamE0732630 Apr 197459RK27 5
FREEDMAN AbrahamE0732702 Jun 196360RG19 11
FREEDMAN AbrahamE0732802 Feb 198177RL15 8
FREEDMAN AbrahamE0732925 Apr 197889RL28 36
FREEDMAN AlecE0733004 Jan 199774RK03 30
FREEDMAN AlecE0733113 Dec 198078RN31 22
FREEDMAN Alfred o/w AbrahamE0733212 Dec 198565RF46 20
FREEDMAN AlfredE0733302 Jul 199682RJ15 5
FREEDMAN AmandaE0733418 Mar 196820 mthRB54 32
FREEDMAN AngelE0733515 Oct 197167RL21 38
FREEDMAN Anita SimoneE0733616 Aug 19763RB54 23
FREEDMAN AnitaE0733727 Mar 194517RB35 16
FREEDMAN AnnaE0733820 Apr 198794RN46 29
FREEDMAN Anne SarahE0733901 Feb 199690RL03 34
FREEDMAN AnnieE0734015 Jan 194061RB16 7
FREEDMAN AnnieE0734120 Dec 196965RI24 6
FREEDMAN AnnieE0734228 Apr 198382RK30 38
FREEDMAN AnnieE0734312 May 194388RB29 14
FREEDMAN AnthonyE0734402 Mar 199560RI17 32
FREEDMAN ArchibaldE0734508 Mar 196661RI04 22
FREEDMAN BellaE0734625 Sep 197071RM24 10
FREEDMAN BellaE0734723 Jul 194778RB29 5
FREEDMAN BellaE0734821 Nov 198278RN31 21
FREEDMAN BenjaminE0734929 Sep 197171RM27 34
FREEDMAN BenjaminE0735031 Mar 197772RL14 24
FREEDMAN BenjaminE0735110 Mar 199179RO17 4
FREEDMAN BerthaE0735227 Jun 197972RL32 23
FREEDMAN BerthaE0735317 Feb 200390RI36 32
FREEDMAN BessieE0735423 Nov 195770RE28 14
FREEDMAN BessieE0735501 Jul 198083RL28 35
FREEDMAN BetsyE0735625 Mar 199989RO39 64
FREEDMAN BettyE0735704 Sep 197057RM23 31
FREEDMAN BettyE0735831 Jan 198480RL25 35
FREEDMAN BlancheE0735912 Jan 198794RJ31 22
FREEDMAN BlumaE0736018 Nov 196486RH40 16
FREEDMAN CeliaE0736128 Mar 194048RB12 3
FREEDMAN CissieE0736211 Sep 196766RC11 15
FREEDMAN CissieE0736306 May 201089RO08 2
FREEDMAN ClaraE0736401 Jun 197474RH18 18
FREEDMAN CyrilE0736522 Mar 197538RH50 21
FREEDMAN DavidE0736627 Feb 197261RJ25 20
FREEDMAN DavidE0736731 Jul 199682RN20 19
FREEDMAN DavidE0736827 Aug 197489RL15 33
FREEDMAN EmmanuelE0736923 Mar 195058RA51 32
FREEDMAN EricE0737028 Dec 200985RD41 1
FREEDMAN Esther RachelE0737130 Aug 195477RA08 14
FREEDMAN EstherE0737208 Dec 195035RB51 26
FREEDMAN EstherE0737315 Mar 197175RG46 5
FREEDMAN EstherE0737410 Aug 199978RE08 35
FREEDMAN FannyE0737507 Sep 194374RB31 19
FREEDMAN FannyE0737605 Mar 195680RE12 27
FREEDMAN FannyE0737725 Apr 197782RL25 13
FREEDMAN FayE0737803 Feb 196561RG34 15
FREEDMAN FayE0737913 Nov 197566RI05 20
FREEDMAN FrancesE0738029 Dec 196361RH44 19
FREEDMAN FrankE0738112 Aug 197769RL26 26
FREEDMAN FredaE0738201 Nov 197985RN29 30
FREEDMAN GeraldE0738315 Nov 199972RK34 1
FREEDMAN HarrisE0738410 Mar 196581RF28 25
FREEDMAN Harry LouisE0738518 Mar 199178RE03 23
FREEDMAN HarryE0738613 May 194049RA18 24
FREEDMAN HarryE0738703 Oct 197381RF10 18
FREEDMAN HarryE0738808 Oct 199981RO08 1
FREEDMAN HarryE0738910 Jul 198187RN29 31
FREEDMAN HelenE0739021 Apr 199260RD45 4
FREEDMAN Henry MillerE0739121 Oct 195268RD42 16
FREEDMAN HenryE0739223 May 200689RK08 11
FREEDMAN HildaE0739319 Mar 200385RJ15 6
FREEDMAN HildaE0739405 Nov 199991RI40 4
FREEDMAN HymanE0739506 Mar 196185RG08 26
FREEDMAN IanE0739604 Mar 19459 mthRB56 41
FREEDMAN IdaE0739711 Jan 200175RD41 2
FREEDMAN IsraelE0739818 Dec 197164RM29 8
FREEDMAN IsraelE0739903 Dec 198087RL25 14
FREEDMAN Ivor AlexanderE0740018 Oct 198950RO05 3
FREEDMAN JackE0740106 Jul 194967RA50 20
FREEDMAN JackE0740222 Nov 199083RO38 20
FREEDMAN JacobE0740309 Jul 193983RA16 6
FREEDMAN JacobE0740422 May 201793RG01 8
FREEDMAN JaneE0740508 Oct 195775RB45 2
FREEDMAN JanetE0740621 Feb 200590RK08 12
FREEDMAN JanieE0740719 Sep 194072RB19 16
FREEDMAN JennyE0740808 Nov 199891RN41 11
FREEDMAN JessieE0740905 Dec 201191RN16 15
FREEDMAN Joseph IngramE0741031 Oct 197972RL32 22
FREEDMAN JosephE0741105 Oct 195147RD51 25
FREEDMAN JosephE0741213 Dec 196265RC11 14
FREEDMAN JosephE0741307 Nov 197674RI06 21
FREEDMAN JosephE0741417 Dec 194576RA39 18
FREEDMAN JosephE0741513 Feb 195876RB45 1
FREEDMAN JudahE0741609 May 197871RL10 17
FREEDMAN KittyE0741707 Oct 199081RH53 12
FREEDMAN KittyE0741805 Mar 200396RE06 16
FREEDMAN LarryE0741917 Dec 19422 mthRB56 12
FREEDMAN LeahE0742028 Feb 193869RB10 21
FREEDMAN LeahE0742121 Apr 198187RD53 15
FREEDMAN Leslie IrvingE0742223 Jun 201356RM35 3
FREEDMAN LilyE0742327 Mar 194517RB35 21
FREEDMAN LilyE0742419 May 199385RM26 3
FREEDMAN LottieE0742510 Jul 2010101RO17 3
FREEDMAN LottieE0742616 Feb 196361RG17 14
FREEDMAN LottieE0742707 Mar 198281RD41 5
FREEDMAN LouisE0742813 Jan 196554RE18 8
FREEDMAN LouisE0742911 Jan 198478RN41 12
FREEDMAN LouisE0743006 Apr 199982RG07 1
FREEDMAN LouisE0743122 Aug 199183RI36 33
FREEDMAN MarkE0743218 Feb 196874RB04 21
FREEDMAN MarkE0743314 Aug 195974RE28 13
FREEDMAN MaryE0743404 Oct 196773RH23 23
FREEDMAN MaxE0743528 Sep 198191RM10 25
FREEDMAN MendelE0743631 Jul 197381RC19 29
FREEDMAN MichaelE0743710 Jun 199583RD23 1
FREEDMAN MildredE0743810 Sep 200988RK03 29
FREEDMAN MillieE0743902 Mar 196861RH21 22
FREEDMAN MillieE0744023 Sep 197368RL15 7
FREEDMAN MillieE0744118 Dec 196378RF28 24
FREEDMAN MillieE0744211 Feb 199485RJ33 25
FREEDMAN MillyE0744306 Mar 200891RD23 2
FREEDMAN MinnieE0744411 Jun 199581RJ25 21
FREEDMAN MorrisE0744516 Jun 194449RA34 21
FREEDMAN MorrisE0744613 Mar 197766RL25 34
FREEDMAN MorrisE0744719 Oct 195677RE17 8
FREEDMAN MorrisE0744809 Feb 197679RK30 39
FREEDMAN MorrisE0744921 Mar 200382RM03 43
FREEDMAN Nathan IsaacE0745007 Dec 196564RH32 23
FREEDMAN NathanE0745103 Jun 195956RB08 5
FREEDMAN NathanE0745206 Feb 197878RB35 35
FREEDMAN NettieE0745318 May 198775RO38 21
FREEDMAN NitaE0745428 Apr 201078RJ37 29
FREEDMAN PhilipE0745507 Feb 196764RE06 15
FREEDMAN PhilipE0745627 Jan 197883RK19 26
FREEDMAN PinkusE0745715 Sep 196175RG10 11
FREEDMAN RachelE0745830 Aug 196665RG39 17
FREEDMAN RachelE0745902 Nov 198166RN35 28
FREEDMAN RachelE0746002 Jan 199088RB04 30
FREEDMAN RachelE0746111 Oct 197188RI31 22
FREEDMAN Raymond AnthonyE0746206 Oct 197525RK08 10
FREEDMAN RebeccaE0746311 Jan 195065RB49 23
FREEDMAN RebeccaE0746407 Mar 195470RD31 8
FREEDMAN RebeccaE0746526 Apr 199183RF05 17
FREEDMAN RebeccaE0746630 Dec 197589RO19 5
FREEDMAN RebeccaE0746702 May 197797RN25 12
FREEDMAN ReneE0746822 Sep 199083RF10 17
FREEDMAN ReubenE0746903 Feb 195350RD41 6
FREEDMAN Rose PhoebeE0747013 Apr 199080RL26 25
FREEDMAN RoseE0747129 Aug 199779RG07 2
FREEDMAN SadieE0747220 Jul 196170RG09 18
FREEDMAN SamuelE0747322 Mar 193953RA15 14
FREEDMAN SamuelE0747407 Jan 195058RA50 30
FREEDMAN SamuelE0747524 Jun 200582RM30 2
FREEDMAN SamuelE0747630 Jul 196786RJ06 7
FREEDMAN SamuelE0747703 Dec 200687RM10 26
FREEDMAN SamuelE0747830 May 197090RH44 5
FREEDMAN Sarah EstherE0747922 Feb 196753RH26 20
FREEDMAN Sarah o/w SadieE0748023 Dec 199286RL21 39
FREEDMAN Sarah YettaE0748119 May 199485RN45 4
FREEDMAN SarahE0748224 May 197565RN20 20
FREEDMAN SarahE0748315 Jan 197368RH51 22
FREEDMAN SarahE0748426 Apr 197376RM20 37
FREEDMAN SarahE0748501 Sep 198477RL10 18
FREEDMAN SarahE0748631 Jan 194178RB20 8
FREEDMAN SarahE0748701 Mar 196479RH44 6
FREEDMAN SarahE0748806 Apr 197881RK32 27
FREEDMAN SarahE0748904 Nov 196482RJ06 8
FREEDMAN SarahE0749026 Sep 198083RH44 24
FREEDMAN SarahE0749125 Jan 199395RB35 34
FREEDMAN SidneyE0749208 Jun 201378RH04 11
FREEDMAN Solomon AbrahamE0749316 Jun 198071RL15 38
FREEDMAN SolomonE0749426 Dec 197662RN16 16
FREEDMAN SolomonE0749509 Nov 197273RM32 32
FREEDMAN SolomonE0749615 Sep 199183RL03 33
FREEDMAN SophieE0749728 Jun 195750RE24 9
FREEDMAN SophieE0749803 Dec 200589RK27 6
FREEDMAN StellaE0749921 Aug 197768RN15 12
FREEDMAN SylviaE0750031 Mar 199655RK25 40
FREEDMAN SylviaE0750103 Nov 200580RM30 1
FREEDMAN SylviaE0750205 Jan 197281RG10 12
FREEDMAN TillyE0750310 Mar 197176RK19 25
FREEDMAN Tova DeborahE0750426 Feb 197989RL15 34
FREEDMAN WoolfE0750513 Oct 197065RG17 10
FREEDMAN WoolfE0750625 Jan 194273RB19 5
FREEDMAN WoolfE0750718 Jan 199182RJ33 26
FREEDMAN YettaE0750824 Feb 196069RE17 7
FREEDMAN YettaE0750902 Jun 197673RL22 6
FREEMAN AbrahamE0751027 Jun 195751RE24 12
FREEMAN AnnieE0751129 Nov 197685RH18 21
FREEMAN BarnettE0751220 Jun 196878RH18 20
FREEMAN Cecilia (Cissie)E0751316 Oct 199883RD05 2
FREEMAN Cecilia FredaE0751431 Dec 197846RH05 31
FREEMAN DavidE0751517 Mar 196025RE08 14
FREEMAN EmmanuelE0751624 Mar 200881RG35 2
FREEMAN EstherE0751705 Jan 196455RF27 17
FREEMAN FannyE0751808 Feb 197865RL11 11
FREEMAN HarryE0751928 Feb 199677RO32 4
FREEMAN HarveyE0752011 Oct 201668RF51 2
FREEMAN HenryE0752102 Mar 198174RN32 27
FREEMAN JackE0752209 Jun 198386RG29 26
FREEMAN JessieE0752308 May 193828RB11 24
FREEMAN LawrenceE0752406 Dec 199651RM03 19
FREEMAN LazarusE0752525 Mar 195173RA54 4
FREEMAN LilyE0752609 Feb 198160RN31 40
FREEMAN LouisE0752714 Apr 200080RN31 41
FREEMAN MarionE0752820 Aug 197968RO23 8
FREEMAN Maurice PincusE0752915 May 198963RO39 33
FREEMAN MauriceE0753017 Mar 197460RH09 12
FREEMAN Michael BenjaminE0753121 Jul 195265RD44 26
FREEMAN MichaelE0753207 Dec 194740RA63 34
FREEMAN MillieE0753315 Jul 197080RG45 11
FREEMAN MillieE0753407 Aug 198783RN32 28
FREEMAN MillieE0753529 Dec 200990RO32 3
FREEMAN MorrisE0753630 May 196475RG29 18
FREEMAN MorrisE0753709 Apr 199385RD05 1
FREEMAN NathanE0753820 Feb 199275RJ32 5
FREEMAN NathanE0753931 Jan 199486RL11 12
FREEMAN O/W FOWLER LilyE0754011 Oct 200882RH09 11
FREEMAN RalphE0754125 Mar 197675RJ03 6
FREEMAN RayE0754228 Dec 197171RJ03 5
FREEMAN Robert BarnettE0754323 Jan 194732RA43 12
FREEMAN SarahE0754418 Oct 198671RO04 36
FREEMAN SarahE0754512 Aug 198675RE04 7
FREEMAN SarahE0754626 Jun 197684RN17 31
FREEMAN SidneyE0754719 Nov 198281RM09 25
FREEMAN Simma AnnieE0754827 May 200181RJ32 6
FREEMAN SusanE0754922 Apr 200758RF51 1
FREIDMAN BessieE0755002 May 199385RD54 14
FREILICH CecilE0755109 Sep 194826RA47 26
FREILICH or FRILICK SolomonE0755221 Nov 196867RH16 16
FREILICH SamuelE0755320 Dec 197491RA47 35
FREIMAN AnnieE0755414 Oct 198986RM03 16
FREIMAN HarryE0755517 Oct 200191RM03 15
FREIWALD DavidE0755610 May 196347RG19 22
FRELICH AnnieE0755714 Mar 197689RA47 34
FRENKEL SimonE0755816 May 197168RG47 24
FRENKIEL NevilE0755905 Jun 200465RH54 24
FRENKIEL RachelE0756007 Mar 200291RO05 26
FRENZEL MyerE0756105 Mar 193867RA10 15
FRESCO Joseph MosesE0756216 Feb 194978RA48 9
FRESCO Rene RachelE0756310 May 198445RO32 39
FREUD MinnaE0756403 Feb 195170RB52 25
FREUTHAL AmeliaE0756521 Dec 197043RH15 19
FREUTHAL JaneE0756604 Feb 196970RH15 20
FREUTHAL WalterE0756709 Sep 196975RH15 21
FRICHTER Ann HelenE0756805 Feb 19434 mthRB56 13
FRICHTER JohnE0756915 Aug 196073RF40 28
FRIDDIN AbrahamE0757019 Oct 194972RA51 18
FRIDKIN AlfredE0757127 Mar 195352RD38 29
FRIDKIN MorrisE0757201 Sep 195870RD11 33
FRIDKIN RayE0757314 Apr 198486RO08 34
FRIDKIN Sonia SophieE0757420 Apr 197684RD11 32
FRIDLECH Israel SandyE0757516 Apr 19572 mthRB54 49
FRIEBER LouisE0757631 Mar 195548RD20 14
FRIED BellaE0757709 Mar 195849RE32 29
FRIED BerthaE0757809 May 200891RG37 2
FRIED Joseph HenryE0757906 Apr 198675RK08 38
FRIEDENTHAL WilliamE0758027 Sep 197067RK20 25
FRIEDLANDER AbrahamE0758129 Oct 197063RM19 12
FRIEDLANDER AnnieE0758203 May 198872RM19 30
FRIEDLANDER EstherE0758324 Jan 198378RM19 11
FRIEDLANDER EttaE0758401 Jul 196463RF25 8
FRIEDLANDER GodfreyE0758508 Feb 198273RM18 30
FRIEDLANDER JosephE0758601 Sep 197153RM19 29
FRIEDLANDER MatildaE0758711 Jan 195354RD46 7
FRIEDLANDER MichaelE0758804 Dec 198989RM20 33
FRIEDLANDER RoseE0758907 Apr 197066RM20 32
FRIEDLANDER SaulE0759020 Sep 198798RF25 7
FRIEDMAN AdukaE0759102 Mar 201691RE46 1
FRIEDMAN AlbertE0759210 Feb 198479RO08 23
FRIEDMAN AnnieE0759316 Aug 194235RB27 21
FRIEDMAN AnnieE0759412 Nov 193873RB13 12
FRIEDMAN BertramE0759501 Jul 198172RN33 16
FRIEDMAN Eric IsaacE0759603 Aug 198975RC02 27
FRIEDMAN GeraldineE0759708 May 200861RL10 34
FRIEDMAN HirschE0759805 May 197879RL11 35
FRIEDMAN JaneE0759918 Jan 198886RL10 19
FRIEDMAN MalkaE0760018 May 197881RL10 20
FRIEDMAN MauriceE0760129 Nov 195072RB12 2
FRIEDMAN MillyE0760217 Oct 201290RC02 26
FRIEDMAN RebeccaE0760301 Sep 199991RO08 24
FRIEDMAN RebeccaE0760408 Sep 199594RL11 34
FRIEND Israel AnczelE0760526 Nov 197562RN19 3
FRIEND MaryE0760630 May 195964RE36 16
FRIEND PolaE0760728 Dec 201286RN19 4
FRIEZE Alfred ReubenE0760818 Jul 196762RE05 7
FRIEZE MillieE0760924 Jul 198372RE43 14
FRIEZE NevilleE0761002 Mar 19381 mthRA62 20
FRISHBERG BessieE0761123 Sep 199792RO23 33
FRITSLEIN AlfredE0761211 Sep 197067RH10 13
FRITSTEIN IsraelE0761313 Mar 196961RH16 11
FRITSTEIN SimonE0761424 Jun 197666RH11 11
FROME JessieE0761511 Dec 199185RN37 39
FROME SimonE0761627 Jul 198275RN37 38
FROMOVITCH LilyE0761708 Aug 199076RO31 61
FROSH PeggyE0761815 Dec 195837RD10 35
FROSH RebeccaE0761909 May 194869RB44 12
FROSH SamuelE0762014 Jan 193948RA13 5
FROST AbeE0762130 May 199898RG33 30
FROST AnnieE0762214 Dec 197486RF31 27
FROST BenjaminE0762316 May 196378RF31 26
FROST DeborahE0762408 Mar 195050RB49 8
FROST GeorgeE0762528 Jul 197968RF31 22
FROST Gicia RebeccaE0762627 Aug 195654RE17 31
FROST JackE0762703 Oct 196166RE13 31
FROST LeahE0762821 Apr 195181RB49 7
FROST LouisE0762930 Jun 194264RB12 34
FROST SarahE0763005 Dec 193857RB12 30
FRUCHT David o/w DavisE0763109 Mar 195178RB52 11
FRUCHT IsaacE0763213 Mar 197373RB04 14
FRUCHT SarahE0763304 Sep 194775RB32 5
FRUMKIN JanetE0763430 Sep 195354RD36 5
FRYDE GertrudeE0763501 Oct 199679RK03 12
FRYDE Isaac JosephE0763609 Mar 200387RK03 13
FRYMET NewmanE0763726 Jan 194080RB17 25

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