All Deceased beginning with letters 'BY'

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All names beginning BY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
BYER AlexanderE0323318 Oct 196686RI06 10
BYER MaryE0323409 Oct 194665RB40 15
BYER NathanE0323526 Jun 197064RM23 18
BYERS BetsyE0323629 Nov 197492RH35 6
BYLASKI HarryE0323711 Aug 197979RL07 13
BYLASKI SarahE0323816 Nov 197976RO20 15
BYRNE Dr. Arthur JohnE0323914 Jul 197766RK13 1
BYRON GertrudeE0324004 Jun 197067RJ17 1
BYRUCK IsaacE0324109 Sep 198282RL13 12
BYRUCK MillyE0324222 May 197773RL13 11

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