All Deceased beginning with letters 'CR'

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All names beginning CR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CRABB Barnett GabrielE0501215 Sep 194764RA42 31
CRADER Foetuses ofE0501314 Apr 20125 mthRA61 35
CRADER StuartE0501424 Feb 201177RC29 33
CRAFT AbrahamE0501509 Aug 196585RJ09 14
CRAFT RebeccaE0501601 Jul 196888RJ09 13
CRAIG Ethel MaudE0501730 Sep 197778RK18 30
CRAIG HenryE0501814 Oct 197990RO26 18
CRAIG JackE0501908 Jun 197376RK18 29
CRAMER AliceE0502011 Feb 199994RK42 18
CRAMER JosephE0502109 Apr 198683RK42 17
CRAMER ReubenE0502217 Dec 198777RL26 5
CRAVEN AlfredE0502328 Oct 197760RI39 10
CRAVITZ AlexanderE0502426 Feb 199085RK29 21
CRAVITZ Bloomah BlancheE0502528 Jul 197981RM12 18
CRAVITZ JessieE0502621 Dec 197471RK29 22
CRAVITZ MaxE0502720 May 198182RM12 19
CRAVITZ Morris IsraelE0502830 Aug 198070RD53 29
CRAVITZ RebeccaE0502924 Mar 200695RD53 28
CREECHMAN HannahE0503016 Jun 197276RK24 39
CREECHMAN MaxE0503113 Dec 198488RK24 38
CREECHMAN MiriamE0503208 Dec 198690RI41 24
CRESS AlbertE0503324 Apr 197265RH35 32
CRESS Keith MichaelE0503415 Jul 196532RH35 31
CRESS RoseE0503511 Dec 198783RH35 33
CREST DoraE0503610 Mar 198584RJ22 18
CREST NathanE0503726 Nov 196969RJ22 19
CREVIS SidneyE0503830 May 195265RD45 11
CRISP JessieE0503921 Jul 197666RF33 19
CRISTOL JennieE0504023 Apr 197782RM29 30
CRISTOL JoshuaE0504108 Feb 197275RM29 31
CROEK RoseE0504227 Oct 198166RL12 26
CROEK SidneyE0504323 Nov 197762RL12 25
CRONICK DavidE0504410 Jun 197079RC17 10
CRONICK SarahE0504530 Apr 197992RC17 11
CROOK Barnet WoolfE0504613 Sep 196764RH24 7
CROOK RoseE0504726 Aug 199587RK26 3
CROSBY KateE0504829 Nov 199289RE41 10
CROSS AbrahamE0504914 Nov 198994RO40 34
CROSS BenjaminE0505019 Dec 197284RH51 26
CROSS CharlotteE0505112 Dec 196870RI18 16
CROSS HarryE0505217 Feb 196666RG35 5
CROSS JaneE0505309 Mar 194687RB38 23
CROSS JosephE0505417 Aug 198789RI18 15
CROSS LeahE0505510 Nov 195971RC06 25
CROSS MaureenE0505627 Nov 201577RI46 12
CROSSE Patricia ElizabethE0505726 Oct 197831RO16 16
CROSSE SadieE0505806 Aug 198166RO16 17
CROSSE SamuelE0505903 Nov 198269RO16 15
CROSSICK MauriceE0506026 Sep 197671RJ24 20
CROSSICK SarahE0506131 Oct 197065RJ24 19
CROUEN JackE0506230 Jan 194948RA49 19
CROUP AnnieE0506322 Mar 196057RF42 14
CROUP MarkE0506423 Dec 197572RM15 15
CROUP SadieE0506527 Dec 196965RM20 21
CROW HarryE0506626 Dec 198977RO40 36
CROW SarahE0506707 Sep 198784RD10 12
CROW VictorE0506823 Sep 196162RD10 11
CROWN BennettE0506930 May 197568RN20 23
CROWN DorisE0507014 Jul 196749RI10 11
CROWN HymanE0507109 May 199286RI10 10
CROWN JackE0507205 Jan 196071RD07 27
CROWN JennyE0507328 Aug 200069RN15 2
CROWN Judith RhondaE0507429 Oct 196074RD07 26
CROWN RoseE0507514 Mar 200493RN20 24
CROWNSON AnnieE0507607 May 199985RJ22 10
CROWNSON BarnetE0507710 Feb 197054RJ22 9
CROWNSON DavidE0507815 Oct 200079RN21 1
CROWNSON JacobE0507922 Jan 194965RA43 32
CROWNSON RachelE0508018 Jan 201190RN21 2
CROWNSON RoseE0508109 May 195774RA44 33
CRUSKALL EmanuelE0508217 Nov 196169RD09 14
CRUSKELL MinnieE0508328 Jul 197985RD09 15

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