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All names beginning SO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SOBAL KatieE2291207 Aug 200589RH22 34
SOBAL KingsleyE2291329 Dec 198966RO40 39
SOBAL MauriceE2291414 Nov 200386RH22 35
SOBAL RuthE2291521 Mar 198568RN44 37
SOBEL SarahE2291605 Nov 196973RG44 24
SOBELL AbrahamE2291726 Sep 198985RC24 31
SOBELL BernardE2291805 Apr 200368RH53 29
SOBELL FannyE2291905 Aug 199095RC10 10
SOBELL HarryE2292012 Nov 198982RH53 31
SOBELL JacobE2292104 Aug 196288RC10 9
SOBELL LouisE2292206 Feb 199383RG08 6
SOBELL RachelE2292317 Apr 199590RH53 30
SOBELL RebeccaE2292425 Jan 198982RC24 30
SOBER AlbertE2292523 Jun 197049RG45 13
SOBER BenjaminE2292627 Mar 199066RD51 32
SOBER FannyE2292702 Jan 196278RF45 4
SOBER SamuelE2292817 Jul 196173RE43 9
SOBER SarahE2292927 Oct 195163RD51 31
SOBER William DavidE2293028 Mar 195220RD47 31
SOBOLEWSKI Lily LeahE2293104 Dec 197575RO20 44
SOCKEL AbrahamE2293230 Oct 194583RB37 14
SOCKEL RoseE2293316 Jan 194066RB16 14
SOCKOLOFF SarahE2293403 Dec 197080RG46 18
SODIKOFF MarkE2293510 Aug 196380RG21 11
SODIKOFF MinnieE2293617 Apr 197190RG21 12
SOFAER Eddie Saul EliyahE2293723 Apr 197953RO16 42
SOFAER SadieE2293802 Dec 199972RO16 43
SOFER LewisE2293916 Aug 193941RA16 22
SOFER RoseE2294029 May 199965RA38 35
SOHN AlexanderE2294105 Jun 193856RA11 24
SOHN SophiaE2294203 Jul 193955RB11 34
SOKEL Abraham SimonE2294305 May 198468RM36 40
SOKELL Marion JuneE2294408 May 197418RM36 39
SOKONICK DoraE2294507 Jun 197382RM34 15
SOKONIK HymanE2294623 Jan 197478RM34 16
SOLARZ EstherE2294715 Jun 197459RG15 27
SOLARZ ManyszE2294829 Nov 196251RG15 28
SOLASH AnnieE2294913 Dec 199696RJ05 23
SOLASH MauriceE2295006 Feb 196768RJ05 24
SOLDINGER LeopoldE2295106 Sep 197167RJ18 1
SOLDINGER RoseE2295217 Jan 197351RJ18 2
SOLDOFSKY MiriamE2295328 Oct 196282RF42 13
SOLIG AbrahamE2295403 Feb 198681RC25 12
SOLIG LotteE2295524 Feb 199789RC25 11
SOLKOVITCH EstherE2295610 Jan 194468RB30 27
SOLL DavidE2295717 Dec 197174RK17 34
SOLL DoraE2295818 Jan 199492RK17 40
SOLL SidneyE2295915 Nov 198171RO28 12
SOLLASH or SHAPIRO MaryE2296014 Feb 194754RA33 26
SOLLEY HildaE2296110 Apr 196861RI14 7
SOLLEY MaxE2296221 Jan 194168RA23 14
SOLLINGER DavidE2296321 Jan 198372RK35 27
SOLLINGER RhodaE2296414 Apr 19402 mthRA61 17
SOLLINGER RhodaE2296507 Sep 198668RK35 28
SOLOFSKY HarryE2296623 May 197975RL08 8
SOLOFSKY LilyE2296727 Dec 197880RL08 7
SOLOFSKY NathanE2296818 Jun 196354RG20 13
SOLOMON AbrahamE2296927 May 197170RK23 12
SOLOMON AbrahamE2297030 May 199473RF54 32
SOLOMON AnnieE2297131 Aug 197772RL26 32
SOLOMON AnnieE2297231 Oct 197978RO15 9
SOLOMON BarnetE2297307 Jun 197982RO15 10
SOLOMON BeatriceE2297416 Jun 198282RN20 6
SOLOMON BenjaminE2297525 Jul 195644RE15 10
SOLOMON BenjaminE2297629 Sep 196484RF23 11
SOLOMON BrendaE2297719 Apr 197968RE15 9
SOLOMON CharlesE2297829 Jul 197074RK20 1
SOLOMON ClaraE2297925 Sep 198970RD04 10
SOLOMON David MeyerE2298014 Mar 194747RA43 27
SOLOMON DavidE2298101 Jun 194581RA37 14
SOLOMON DavidE2298211 Apr 199783RK35 42
SOLOMON EsmeE2298306 Jan 201473RK32 14
SOLOMON EstherE2298416 Feb 197868RN26 30
SOLOMON EthelE2298514 Jul 196268RD06 5
SOLOMON EzekielE2298623 Apr 197256RD05 16
SOLOMON FayE2298718 Jan 197964RL29 38
SOLOMON FrancesE2298816 Mar 197687RO19 23
SOLOMON FriedaE2298927 Aug 194733RB42 21
SOLOMON GertrudeE2299022 Feb 200996RI11 5
SOLOMON Hannah EstherE2299128 Nov 198975RH53 26
SOLOMON Harry HymanE2299216 Mar 197874RJ16 14
SOLOMON HarryE2299313 May 198872RN26 29
SOLOMON HarryE2299405 Jun 196176RB50 4
SOLOMON HarryE2299521 Mar 198685RO36 12
SOLOMON HenryE2299601 Sep 195668RD17 35
SOLOMON Hettie (Esther)E2299729 Nov 200889RI25 34
SOLOMON HymanE2299830 Jan 198386RD06 6
SOLOMON IsaacE2299902 Feb 196856RI11 6
SOLOMON KateE2300007 Sep 197165RI31 27
SOLOMON Kit (Gertie)E2300116 Oct 201699RK35 43
SOLOMON Matilda TobyE2300225 May 200881RD05 15
SOLOMON MauriceE2300304 Aug 195436RD27 24
SOLOMON MauriceE2300409 Jan 198470RN27 9
SOLOMON MauriceE2300529 Aug 198574RO07 39
SOLOMON MorrisE2300612 May 197574RN20 5
SOLOMON MorrisE2300712 Dec 196688RJ04 16
SOLOMON o/w HARRIS LilyE2300814 Sep 198876RN04 15
SOLOMON PriscillaE2300931 Oct 193858RB13 11
SOLOMON RachelE2301020 Sep 197894RO18 55
SOLOMON ReuelE2301120 Dec 200064RE05 34
SOLOMON RitaE2301221 Jan 200177RK15 43
SOLOMON SeliegE2301315 Jun 198572RK40 9
SOLOMON SophieE2301427 Apr 197759RK32 13
SOLOMONS AbbeE2301511 Jun 196850RH18 24
SOLOMONS AbrahamE2301630 Nov 193849RA13 27
SOLOMONS AbrahamE2301716 Feb 195964RE34 29
SOLOMONS AbrahamE2301830 Jan 199488RK38 20
SOLOMONS AnnieE2301915 Jun 195252RD44 22
SOLOMONS AnnieE2302009 Jun 197671RI38 24
SOLOMONS AnnieE2302111 Jan 198682RO34 53
SOLOMONS BeatriceE2302226 Dec 200893RH18 22
SOLOMONS BenjaminE2302314 May 194036RA18 25
SOLOMONS BernieE2302401 Mar 199372RF05 35
SOLOMONS BerthaE2302514 Nov 198071RI40 29
SOLOMONS BessieE2302605 Jul 198182RL30 8
SOLOMONS BloomahE2302718 May 196862RJ16 13
SOLOMONS CarolineE2302812 Dec 195757RE30 24
SOLOMONS CeliaE2302909 Oct 195852RF47 14
SOLOMONS DavidE2303016 Sep 199766RI42 6
SOLOMONS DeborahE2303103 Mar 196973RG42 7
SOLOMONS DoraE2303208 Oct 200894RH18 25
SOLOMONS ElizabethE2303315 Jan 197476RH42 25
SOLOMONS EstherE2303406 Apr 194855RB44 15
SOLOMONS EstherE2303512 Jan 196260RC08 11
SOLOMONS EstherE2303621 Jan 194867RB43 24
SOLOMONS EstherE2303725 Jul 197872RJ02 4
SOLOMONS EvaE2303807 Mar 196961RH16 12
SOLOMONS FannyE2303920 Apr 196875RG41 22
SOLOMONS FannyE2304001 Jan 195386RD45 5
SOLOMONS FayE2304123 Dec 197981RK06 15
SOLOMONS FredaE2304204 Jul 196259RE34 30
SOLOMONS GeraldE2304331 Dec 199565RM03 41
SOLOMONS HarryE2304401 Aug 195852RA07 33
SOLOMONS HarryE2304512 Jan 197659RO20 5
SOLOMONS HarryE2304610 Dec 197463RM38 13
SOLOMONS HarryE2304710 Apr 196472RF26 18
SOLOMONS HelenaE2304816 Aug 200276RF54 33
SOLOMONS HettieE2304901 Jul 198356RF05 34
SOLOMONS HettyE2305030 Nov 197065RA07 32
SOLOMONS HymanE2305130 Jun 197771RN15 22
SOLOMONS IdaE2305215 Dec 195983RE38 6
SOLOMONS IsaacE2305308 Jan 198567RH18 23
SOLOMONS IsaacE2305421 Dec 198168RL38 36
SOLOMONS IsaacE2305524 Dec 199291RO34 54
SOLOMONS IsraelE2305615 Mar 194454RB32 18
SOLOMONS IsraelE2305713 Dec 198886RI31 26
SOLOMONS Jack (Israel Jacob)E2305809 Dec 197977RK06 14
SOLOMONS Jennie JaneE2305920 Mar 198083RK20 2
SOLOMONS JuliaE2306006 Nov 197476RM32 16
SOLOMONS KevaE2306126 Dec 196572RG37 27
SOLOMONS KittyE2306224 Dec 199978RL38 37
SOLOMONS LawrenceE2306324 Apr 196469RH42 26
SOLOMONS LazarusE2306430 Jun 196161RD24 33
SOLOMONS LenaE2306512 Dec 200191RI43 6
SOLOMONS LewisE2306612 Mar 194676RA39 25
SOLOMONS LewisE2306711 Feb 198477RO08 37
SOLOMONS LilyE2306805 Sep 194937RB48 20
SOLOMONS LilyE2306917 May 197965RE54 21
SOLOMONS LilyE2307023 Aug 195067RB50 5
SOLOMONS Lionel JackE2307122 Apr 201587RI40 1
SOLOMONS Lizzy ElizabethE2307219 Dec 198378RO25 54
SOLOMONS LouisE2307326 Jan 199978RB43 35
SOLOMONS MaxE2307424 Apr 196161RC08 10
SOLOMONS MiriamE2307527 Feb 200695RN15 21
SOLOMONS MontyE2307605 May 198684RO05 28
SOLOMONS MorrisE2307716 Mar 196066RA06 18
SOLOMONS MorrisE2307804 Dec 200390RE02 9
SOLOMONS NellieE2307902 Jun 197284RD17 34
SOLOMONS or HARRIS BessieE2308005 Nov 194556RB36 23
SOLOMONS RachelE2308102 Oct 196654RA03 8
SOLOMONS RachelE2308215 Aug 197678RO19 41
SOLOMONS RachelE2308324 Feb 199188RG03 27
SOLOMONS RachelE2308412 Mar 200595RK16 10
SOLOMONS RayE2308527 May 196676RC14 27
SOLOMONS RebeccaE2308605 Aug 195064RB50 7
SOLOMONS Reuben LeonE2308724 Sep 198865RL30 40
SOLOMONS RitaE2308822 Aug 201690RI40 2
SOLOMONS Rose PhoebeE2308905 Nov 198476RK31 38
SOLOMONS RoseE2309029 Oct 198754RO39 35
SOLOMONS RoseE2309121 Sep 198469RK38 21
SOLOMONS RoseE2309213 May 197277RJ04 32
SOLOMONS RoseE2309330 Aug 196481RF24 15
SOLOMONS SheilaE2309401 Nov 19385RA60 29
SOLOMONS SidneyE2309506 Jan 197265RK16 9
SOLOMONS SimonE2309605 Dec 197881RL30 7
SOLOMONS SollyE2309716 Mar 194639RA40 17
SOLOMONS SolomonE2309820 Jul 200179RK31 39
SOLOMONS SophieE2309905 Aug 196560RG36 20
SOLOMONS StellaE2310014 Jan 19970RE02 10
SOLOMONS SylviaE2310119 Apr 198967RL30 41
SOLOMONS WoolfE2310211 Oct 197455RI26 26
SOLOMONS Zelda ElsieE2310323 Sep 199488RK23 11
SOLOMOVITCH DavisE2310419 Nov 193956RA16 27
SOLOMOVITCH FannyE2310507 Mar 196077RA06 28
SOLOMOVITCH MiriamE2310607 Oct 195880RF47 23
SOLOSKY DorisE2310720 Apr 199885RO17 45
SOLOSKY IsaacE2310815 Oct 197872RO17 46
SOLOV KatieE2310911 Jan 196359RF33 23
SOLOV SollyE2311021 Jun 196673RF33 22
SOLOVEITCHIK AbrahamE2311123 Dec 194371RA32 8
SOLOVEITSIK AnnieE2311230 Dec 195366RA08 13
SOLOVITCH LeahE2311316 Mar 196371RA28 35
SOLOVITCH LewisE2311408 Nov 195369RD38 30
SOLOVITCH MorrisE2311509 May 193957RA15 19
SOLOVITZ Simon JosephE2311612 Jun 198480RN07 27
SOLOWAY EvaE2311728 Jul 200798RN20 21
SOLOWAY HenryE2311829 May 197567RN20 22
SOLOWAY MaryE2311930 Sep 198487RN15 34
SOLOWAY SollyE2312022 Jan 196253RD16 7
SOLSTEIN JosephE2312103 Apr 196569RJ06 20
SOLSTEIN SarahE2312209 Dec 196465RJ06 19
SOMAN SidneyE2312303 Mar 197577RH11 12
SOMAN SoniaE2312415 Feb 197074RH11 20
SOMAN TillyE2312505 Nov 194445RB34 20
SOMEN HarryE2312622 Sep 196162RG10 17
SOMEN IsaacE2312715 Oct 196875RC04 11
SOMEN JosephE2312825 Feb 198369RK35 37
SOMEN KatieE2312924 Dec 19910RC04 10
SOMEN LeahE2313021 Feb 195578RD21 21
SOMEN MorrisE2313116 Feb 196962RH16 27
SOMEN Rabbi PhilipE2313210 Oct 196839RC04 9
SOMEN RachelE2313318 Nov 198466RK35 36
SOMERS DeborahE2313428 Mar 199785RO29 7
SOMERS EvaE2313520 Nov 198982RO34 51
SOMERS Frances o/w FannyE2313628 Mar 194645RB38 10
SOMERS LouisE2313712 Oct 194635RB57 16
SOMERS LouisE2313813 May 198579RO34 50
SOMERS MarieE2313904 Jun 197252RM31 9
SOMERS MaryE2314008 Oct 198673RK06 10
SOMERS MauriceE2314115 Apr 200888RM31 10
SOMERS Myer LippeE2314220 Apr 198264RO29 8
SOMERS or SOLOMONS DavidE2314304 Sep 198169RN35 5
SOMERS SydneyE2314409 Feb 197155RJ03 12
SOMERS WilliamE2314531 Jan 197964RK06 11
SOMERS YettaE2314601 Sep 199376RJ03 11
SOMMERS DorisE2314728 Jun 200393RF04 11
SOMMERS JoelE2314828 Sep 198876RF04 12
SOMNER Jane JennyE2314918 Apr 196373RG05 23
SON KittyE2315007 Nov 201398RL37 25
SON Sidney GeraldE2315127 Mar 199858RL36 42
SON WoolfE2315217 Sep 200288RL37 26
SONDACK NathanE2315302 Dec 195041RA55 23
SONDACK SolomonE2315408 Nov 194566RA37 26
SONDOSKY MillieE2315503 Jul 19410RB24 18
SONENFIELD MorrisE2315609 Feb 195390RD40 11
SONING AdaE2315731 Jul 198779RO37 50
SONING DavidE2315810 Aug 197860RL09 15
SONING PollyE2315928 Sep 199591RO37 51
SONING RebeccaE2316020 Dec 199795RO37 67
SONKIN HymanE2316104 Jun 199283RK11 5
SONKIN NathanE2316223 Mar 194644RA40 19
SONKIN YettaE2316312 Sep 200090RK11 7
SONN NettieE2316431 May 198568RH34 29
SONN ReginaldE2316512 Apr 198769RH34 28
SONNENSHEIN ClaraE2316624 Jul 196283RC11 26
SONNENTAG ClaraE2316728 Dec 194974RB49 15
SONNIS KateE2316821 May 200184RK03 25
SONNIS NathanE2316910 Apr 199781RK03 26
SONNTAG SelmaE2317026 May 198384RN40 13
SONSKY IsaacE2317107 Oct 198290RL40 12
SONSKY LeahE2317229 Oct 197077RL21 11
SONTAG JennieE2317321 Jan 198674RN05 39
SONTAG MaryE2317412 Feb 199792RN05 40
SONTAG RebeccaE2317530 Dec 198482RN05 38
SONWITZ MarkE2317613 Feb 195177RA56 26
SOOK SylviaE2317723 Jun 197563RM16 38
SORAF BettyE2317818 Jul 199156RK44 40
SORAF RonaldE2317907 Mar 201885RK44 41
SOREMEKUN SarahE2318028 Nov 200288RK38 1
SORGENSTEIN JacobE2318103 Jan 194163RA22 25
SORIN AnnieE2318229 Apr 197876RN13 24
SORKIN Bernard DanielE2318308 Dec 198582RN40 42
SORKIN EveE2318404 Jan 201792RL36 8
SORKIN JosephE2318501 Mar 199888RM21 15
SORKIN LillieE2318622 Dec 198374RN40 41
SORKIN MarthaE2318727 Nov 198994RL28 34
SORKIN RoseE2318801 Dec 195658RE19 21
SORKIN SarahE2318918 Dec 196961RM21 16
SORKIN SollyE2319007 Jun 197885RL28 33
SOROKA BerthaE2319128 Jul 199989RL27 35
SOROKA CyrilE2319215 Jan 197870RL27 34
SOROKIN AaronE2319301 Feb 194560RA35 28
SOROWSKY Hannah RosellaE2319416 Apr 200276RB44 33
SOROWSKY JaneE2319526 Jul 194762RB42 20
SORRIN SolomonE2319615 Feb 199782RE03 6
SORRIN WoolfE2319727 Nov 197250RI34 17
SORRING AnnieE2319805 Nov 199284RE03 7
SORSKY JohnE2319903 Feb 198276RO28 9
SOSKIN AaronE2320008 Jul 196860RF12 28
SOSKIN LilyE2320115 Mar 198268RF12 29
SOSNOVSKY HymanE2320217 Aug 195762RE25 10
SOSNOVSKY RebeccaE2320304 Feb 198080RE25 9
SOTNICK BellaE2320417 Jan 199586RN09 26
SOTNICK HymanE2320526 Aug 198076RN09 25
SOUL LewisE2320629 Jul 196879RJ15 20
SOUSA FannyE2320722 Aug 195472RD28 5
SOUTHERN Alfred HaroldE2320825 Oct 200481RJ36 22
SOUTHERN RachelE2320927 Nov 199174RJ36 21
SOUTHERN SadieE2321021 Mar 200483RL35 42
SOUZA SimonE2321122 May 194160RA24 21
SOVITCH Harry BarnetE2321223 Sep 197862RM13 18

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