All Deceased beginning with letters 'SK'

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All names beginning SK
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SKIRSDY AdaE2267021 Apr 197171RH22 31
SKITT EstherE2267114 Dec 198267RN10 8
SKLAR YettaE2267213 Apr 196594RH39 7
SKLAREK Annie PaulaE2267321 Sep 195273RD49 29
SKLARSH EvaE2267428 Feb 198177RJ06 41
SKLARSH JackE2267528 Dec 197177RM29 20
SKLARSH RachelE2267624 Jan 198587RM29 19
SKOLNICK AlexanderE2267714 May 194129RA24 20
SKOLNICK AnnieE2267805 Mar 196873RH20 29
SKOLNICK DavidE2267901 Sep 195156RA56 23
SKOLNICK MaryE2268009 Oct 197984RH33 21
SKOLNICK RebeccaE2268102 Aug 197174RA56 32
SKOLNICK SamuelE2268216 Sep 195971RA56 33
SKOLNICK SimonE2268318 Mar 197554RF09 21
SKOLNIK BenjaminE2268430 Sep 199578RO18 3
SKONDOVITCH IsraelE2268509 Feb 196451RH43 29
SKONTONOFSKY AnnieE2268608 Aug 197684RK07 17
SKULNICK IsaacE2268712 Dec 195579RE09 29
SKULNICK PollyE2268828 Nov 195775RE28 12
SKURNICK AbrahamE2268926 Sep 196877RH20 6
SKURNICK JaneE2269027 Sep 196061RD12 4
SKURNICK SamuelE2269131 Dec 196073RF50 33
SKUZER AdaE2269209 Sep 198886RN42 32
SKUZER JackE2269303 Jul 198475RN42 31

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