All Deceased beginning with letters 'CI'

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All names beginning CI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CIBULA HarryE0367513 Jan 197972RN11 12
CICCONE DoraE0367620 Dec 198579RO13 55
CIECHANOWSKI LazarE0367713 Aug 195978RD07 31
CIECHANOWSKI YentaE0367814 May 197487RD07 30
CIMERMAN EstherE0367910 Nov 200989RH22 1
CIMERMAN HenryE0368028 Dec 200188RH22 2
CIMMERING Christine SuzanneE0368113 Jun 200653RM18 43
CIMMERING MillieE0368230 Oct 198269RL16 6
CIMMERING MossE0368309 Jan 198068RL16 5
CINNAMON HettyE0368407 Feb 197976RM12 8
CINNAMON SidneyE0368529 Feb 198887RM12 7
CIPERSTEIN MarieE0368619 Jun 197669RM15 28
CIPERSTEIN PollyE0368719 Nov 198065RO20 29
CIRSCH BarnettE0368825 May 195461RD29 9
CIRSCH HarryE0368928 Aug 197475RL15 36
CIRSCH HowardE0369005 Apr 198756RL14 36
CIRSCH HymanE0369108 Oct 194549RA38 13
CIRSCH PaulaE0369201 Mar 199390RL15 35
CIRSCH SarahE0369326 Feb 197482RD29 8
CITRIN IsaacE0369421 Feb 196463RD06 19
CITRON AlecE0369514 Aug 195275RD43 16
CITRON AnnieE0369622 Jan 199492RD45 33
CITRON BerthaE0369727 Jan 19930RD06 18
CITRON FannyE0369803 Feb 197982RD43 15
CITRON JackE0369914 Apr 195254RD45 16
CITRON MartinE0370012 Jun 201485RM07 24
CITRONOVITCH SolomonE0370103 Feb 195264RD47 16

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