All Deceased beginning with letters 'CI'

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All names beginning CI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CIBULA HarryB0351313 Jan 197972N111 12
CICCONE DoraB0690220 Dec 198579O13 55
CIECHANOWSKI LazarA0477913 Aug 195978D107 31
CIMERMAN EstherC0452410 Nov 200989H122 01
CIMERMAN HenryC0282428 Dec 200188H122 02
CIMMERING Christine SuzanneC0390413 Jun 200653M18 43
CIMMERING MillieB0538530 Oct 198269L16 06
CIMMERING MossB0405409 Jan 198068L16 05
CINNAMON HettyB0355407 Feb 197976M12 08
CINNAMON SidneyB0794829 Feb 198887M12 07
CIPERSTEIN MarieB0222419 Jun 197669M15 28
CIPERSTEIN PollyB0444419 Nov 198065O20 29
CIRSCH BarnettA0346525 May 195461D129 09
CIRSCH HarryB0125228 Aug 197475L15 36
CIRSCH HowardB0752005 Apr 198756L14 36
CIRSCH HymanA0161308 Oct 194549A138 13
CIRSCH PaulaB1008801 Mar 199390L15 35
CIRSCH SarahB0100026 Feb 197482D129 08
CITRIN IsaacA0657921 Feb 196463D106 19
CITRON AlecA0307514 Aug 195275D243 16
CITRON AnnieC0016922 Jan 199492D245 33
CITRON BerthaB1004227 Jan 19930D106 18
CITRON FannyB0354803 Feb 197982D243 15
CITRON JackA0300514 Apr 195254D245 16
CITRON MartinC0524312 Jun 201485M07 24
CITRONOVITCH SolomonA0295903 Feb 195264D247 16

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