All Deceased beginning with letters 'EP'

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All names beginning EP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EPHRAIM AlfredB0303611 Feb 197873O24 18
EPHRAIM BarrieC0419010 Jan 200873H254 33
EPHRAIM FrankC0049326 Dec 199485J02 35
EPHRAIM RebeccaC0180518 Jul 199895O24 19
EPHRAIM RoseC0178523 Jun 199882J02 34
EPPLE DorothyC0271013 Jul 200192L16 28
EPPLE ThomasB0057210 Apr 197370L16 29
EPSTEIN AbrahamA0493820 Mar 196086A116 01
EPSTEIN AliceB0358802 Mar 197987L30 27
EPSTEIN AnnieB0708717 Apr 198687D111 34
EPSTEIN BarnettA0448204 Jun 195869F249 26
EPSTEIN BrendaC0485402 Dec 201155O24 64
EPSTEIN EmanuelA0873318 Mar 196957H116 09
EPSTEIN FannyB0022911 Sep 197271M31 38
EPSTEIN JackA0241203 Sep 194951A250 06
EPSTEIN JackB0909326 Sep 199065O23 61
EPSTEIN MauriceA0453630 Aug 195859D111 35
EPSTEIN MaxwellB0298504 Jan 197853L12 31
EPSTEIN MinnieB0834031 Dec 198884M05 32
EPSTEIN Morris o/w SolomonA0060114 Sep 194070A120 10
EPSTEIN PaulA0616927 Apr 196367H246 18
EPSTEIN PollyB0025130 Sep 197274I114 14
EPSTEIN RachelA0360307 Jan 195572D127 22
EPSTEIN RebeccaB0614022 Apr 198481O15 25
EPSTEIN Samuel DimomA0825323 Mar 196872I114 13
EPSTEIN SamuelB0727018 Sep 198676O28 57
EPSTEIN SarahA0428818 Oct 195779A116 02
EPSTEIN SarahA0553901 Jan 196284A255 28
EPSTEIN SarahB0216527 Apr 197682I138 08
EPSTEIN SolomonA0722227 Oct 196584H134 17
EPSTEIN StewartC0309010 Jan 200357L25 43
EPSTEIN SylviaC0429821 Jul 200882O23 62
EPSTEIN TillyA1012424 Dec 197189L18 34
EPTON RobertB0912927 Oct 199088H113 09

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