All Deceased beginning with letters 'EP'

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All names beginning EP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EPHRAIM AlfredE0610211 Feb 197873RO24 18
EPHRAIM BarrieE0610310 Jan 200873RH54 33
EPHRAIM FrankE0610426 Dec 199485RJ02 35
EPHRAIM RebeccaE0610518 Jul 199895RO24 19
EPHRAIM RoseE0610623 Jun 199882RJ02 34
EPPLE DorothyE0610713 Jul 200192RL16 28
EPPLE ThomasE0610810 Apr 197370RL16 29
EPSTEIN AbrahamE0610920 Mar 196086RA16 1
EPSTEIN AliceE0611002 Mar 197987RL30 27
EPSTEIN AnnieE0611117 Apr 198687RD11 34
EPSTEIN BarnettE0611204 Jun 195869RF49 26
EPSTEIN BrendaE0611302 Dec 201155RO24 64
EPSTEIN EmanuelE0611418 Mar 196957RH16 9
EPSTEIN FannyE0611511 Sep 197271RM31 38
EPSTEIN JackE0611603 Sep 194951RA50 6
EPSTEIN JackE0611726 Sep 199065RO23 61
EPSTEIN MauriceE0611830 Aug 195859RD11 35
EPSTEIN MaxwellE0611904 Jan 197853RL12 31
EPSTEIN MinnieE0612031 Dec 198884RM05 32
EPSTEIN Morris o/w SolomonE0612114 Sep 194070RA20 10
EPSTEIN PaulE0612227 Apr 196367RH46 18
EPSTEIN PollyE0612330 Sep 197274RI14 14
EPSTEIN RachelE0612407 Jan 195572RD27 22
EPSTEIN RebeccaE0612522 Apr 198481RO15 25
EPSTEIN Samuel DimomE0612623 Mar 196872RI14 13
EPSTEIN SamuelE0612718 Sep 198676RO28 57
EPSTEIN SarahE0612818 Oct 195779RA16 2
EPSTEIN SarahE0612927 Apr 197682RI38 8
EPSTEIN SarahE0613001 Jan 196284RA55 28
EPSTEIN SolomonE0613127 Oct 196584RH34 17
EPSTEIN StewartE0613210 Jan 200357RL25 43
EPSTEIN SylviaE0613321 Jul 200882RO23 62
EPSTEIN TillyE0613424 Dec 197189RL18 34
EPTON RobertE0613527 Oct 199088RH13 9

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