All Deceased beginning with letters 'AB'

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All names beginning AB
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ABBOTT EstherB0265410 May 197765E128 03
ABBOTT JackB0266321 May 197772N115 13
ABBOTTS HannahB0509222 Feb 198268N115 14
ABELMAN AnnieA0026526 Feb 193951B112 06
ABELMAN SarahA0112511 Feb 194325B118 05
ABELSON DoraB0534127 Sep 198288N106 11
ABELSON HarrisB0528914 Aug 198286N106 12
ABELSON LazarusB0622530 Jun 198461H138 21
ABELSON RachelA0699906 Apr 196574H138 22
ABELSON SidneyB0868525 Sep 198967O39 53
ABERMAN AnnieA0299703 Apr 195256D248 10
ABIS EveB0223803 Jul 197674K113 36
ABIS ReubenB0062025 May 197372K113 37
ABNER EstherB0450304 Jan 198190L07 19
ABNER LeahB0383718 Aug 197990L07 20
ABRAHAM Abraham DanielC0484420 Nov 201181E251 15
ABRAHAM BarnetB0169223 Jun 197578M37 12
ABRAHAM CharlesA0856403 Dec 196868C103 12
ABRAHAM DavidB0037313 Dec 197278H243 18
ABRAHAM EllisB0855723 Jun 198961L04 31
ABRAHAM EllisB0957403 Dec 199161J37 09
ABRAHAM EzraB0196603 Jan 197678G249 11
ABRAHAM FannyA0974222 Mar 197178F243 09
ABRAHAM IsaacA0801218 Sep 196767I111 18
ABRAHAM LeopoldA0737415 Feb 196654H131 27
ABRAHAM LouisB0004714 Apr 197261M30 26
ABRAHAM MargaretA0939819 Aug 197066I111 17
ABRAHAM MinnieB0410010 Feb 198072L33 32
ABRAHAM Miriam YettaB0326422 Jul 197884N127 30
ABRAHAM MiriamB0178131 Aug 197558N121 16
ABRAHAM MorrisB0240912 Nov 197671N116 08
ABRAHAM NancyB0384724 Aug 197983F115 11
ABRAHAM RebeccaB0360410 Mar 197991D112 28
ABRAHAMOVITCH SarahA0960703 Jan 197185H130 18
ABRAHAMS AbrahamA0047827 Feb 194061A118 03
ABRAHAMS AlbertB0124117 Aug 197471M37 39
ABRAHAMS AlecA0514318 Dec 196051F138 12
ABRAHAMS AlfredB0986211 Aug 199276L23 03
ABRAHAMS AnnB0633604 Oct 198449O33 23
ABRAHAMS AnneB0801610 Apr 198886N241 47
ABRAHAMS AnnieB1011828 Mar 199383C101D12
ABRAHAMS AnnieC0394823 Sep 200699B106 08
ABRAHAMS BarnetB0261515 Apr 197760O22 41
ABRAHAMS BarnettA0495416 Apr 196084E137 29
ABRAHAMS BenjaminB0565621 Apr 198384K136 10
ABRAHAMS BenjaminB0616311 May 198484K137 34
ABRAHAMS BessieA0816418 Jan 196878F131 24
ABRAHAMS CharlesB0023717 Sep 197272J26 24
ABRAHAMS CharlesB0818610 Sep 198883K134 23
ABRAHAMS CissieC0008610 Nov 199385K136 09
ABRAHAMS CissieC0515218 Sep 201391J35 38
ABRAHAMS DanielA0292721 Dec 195172D249 10
ABRAHAMS David WoolfC0032016 Jun 199461K105 11
ABRAHAMS DavisA0462505 Jan 195978D242 32
ABRAHAMS EstherA0282401 Jul 195168B253 30
ABRAHAMS EstherA0478923 Aug 195978E137 28
ABRAHAMS EstherA0934503 Jul 197068L20 13
ABRAHAMS EvaB0502012 Jan 198289H244 21
ABRAHAMS Eve MiriamB0866615 Sep 198969O22 42
ABRAHAMS FannyA0929617 May 197072J23 29
ABRAHAMS FannyB0197815 Jan 197667O21 30
ABRAHAMS FannyB0412327 Feb 198078N114 35
ABRAHAMS FannyB0653224 Feb 198571K139 26
ABRAHAMS FayB0679928 Sep 198581O10 51
ABRAHAMS FloraA0925111 Apr 197080I126 22
ABRAHAMS FlorenceB0987528 Aug 199286J29 20
ABRAHAMS FrancesB0524601 Jul 198296N133 44
ABRAHAMS FrancesC0393319 Aug 200682M13 09
ABRAHAMS GabrielA0116817 Apr 194334A130 15
ABRAHAMS GabrielC0465220 Aug 201082M15 43
ABRAHAMS Geoffrey (Joseph)C0268703 Jun 200168C127 16
ABRAHAMS GoldaA0565326 Mar 196294A104 12
ABRAHAMS GoldaB0700425 Feb 198683K137 36
ABRAHAMS GretaC0264323 Apr 200164O09 01
ABRAHAMS HarrisA0356508 Nov 195477D126 09
ABRAHAMS HarrisB0314219 Apr 197879J30 07
ABRAHAMS HarryA0075328 Jan 194179A123 12
ABRAHAMS HarryA0842801 Aug 196867J15 21
ABRAHAMS HarryB0154820 Mar 197572J29 19
ABRAHAMS HarryB0477518 Jul 198187J23 30
ABRAHAMS HenryA0532526 Jun 196158F137 05
ABRAHAMS HenryB0529920 Aug 198277M09 22
ABRAHAMS HenryB0629904 Sep 198485K137 35
ABRAHAMS HettieB0389630 Sep 197982O14 29
ABRAHAMS HymanA0826330 Mar 196858H121 16
ABRAHAMS IreneC0546712 Mar 201688N140 46
ABRAHAMS IsaacA0615513 Apr 196375F131 25
ABRAHAMS IsaacB0949718 Sep 199176J35 37
ABRAHAMS IsidoreC0049930 Dec 199470O33 22
ABRAHAMS Israel RalphA0916716 Feb 197061H111 22
ABRAHAMS IvorC0546208 Mar 201678D255 28
ABRAHAMS JackB0924104 Feb 199176O30 10
ABRAHAMS Jeffrey MertonC0184804 Sep 199850J37 40
ABRAHAMS JennyC0079027 Oct 199587D254 31
ABRAHAMS Joseph LouisB0808915 Jun 198873L04 35
ABRAHAMS JosephA0485329 Nov 195969F243 10
ABRAHAMS JosephB0650705 Feb 198576K139 27
ABRAHAMS JosephC0152401 Oct 199788O10 52
ABRAHAMS JosephC0307222 Dec 200295D129 02
ABRAHAMS LeahB1000527 Dec 199289J26 23
ABRAHAMS LeslieC0294910 Jun 200280L14 42
ABRAHAMS LewisA0419402 Jun 195770D112 29
ABRAHAMS LionelA0270304 Jan 195130A256 14
ABRAHAMS LipmanA0155729 May 194567A137 20
ABRAHAMS Louis HymanB1003624 Jan 199390L06 03
ABRAHAMS LouisB0821327 Sep 198891M37 40
ABRAHAMS MargaretC0100012 May 199689F137 01
ABRAHAMS MarieB0125028 Aug 197468M37 13
ABRAHAMS MarieC0293715 May 200297I243 05
ABRAHAMS MarjorieA0059109 Sep 19408A260 33
ABRAHAMS MarkA0757302 Aug 196665I105 08
ABRAHAMS MarkA0833510 May 196871F112 23
ABRAHAMS MaryA0994626 Aug 197170G247 18
ABRAHAMS MatildaA0216603 Jun 194846B245 19
ABRAHAMS MichaelB1019105 Jun 199362G138 05
ABRAHAMS MillieB0524903 Jul 198273N137 26
ABRAHAMS MillyA0310208 Oct 195270D242 18
ABRAHAMS MorrisA0309801 Oct 195249D250 24
ABRAHAMS MorrisA0946129 Sep 197087G246 31
ABRAHAMS MorrisB0102211 Mar 197476I126 21
ABRAHAMS MorrisB0165828 May 197571G116 30
ABRAHAMS MyerA0088726 Sep 194180A125 25
ABRAHAMS MyraA0059209 Sep 19406A260 34
ABRAHAMS NathanB0214213 Apr 197682M39 31
ABRAHAMS NellaC0140509 Jun 199792K242 40
ABRAHAMS O/W ASHLEY Ivor o/w AnthonyC0464113 Jul 201075I244 04
ABRAHAMS or BRAHAM ReubenA0801418 Sep 196775F115 12
ABRAHAMS PriscillaB0817906 Sep 198877J31 21
ABRAHAMS RachelA0166813 Jan 194673B137 28
ABRAHAMS RachelB0502917 Jan 198292N136 19
ABRAHAMS RachelB0704623 Mar 198668O21 58
ABRAHAMS Rene SarahC0422320 Feb 200887L06 04
ABRAHAMS ReneeC0334004 Jan 200492K137 33
ABRAHAMS Rose HannahB0790714 Jan 198894F105 12
ABRAHAMS RoseA0634018 Oct 196380G122 09
ABRAHAMS RoseC0475412 Apr 2011100D129 01
ABRAHAMS RubinA0369120 Apr 195563D120 10
ABRAHAMS RuchlaB0566929 Apr 198367O30 09
ABRAHAMS SadieB0585713 Oct 198381J30 08
ABRAHAMS SamuelA0196819 Jun 194763A244 21
ABRAHAMS SamuelB0124626 Aug 197471G128 29
ABRAHAMS SamuelB0920204 Jan 199175J31 20
ABRAHAMS SarahA0404306 Nov 195656E118 15
ABRAHAMS SarahB0856530 Jun 198981F112 22
ABRAHAMS SarahB0966030 Jan 199281L23 04
ABRAHAMS SheilaC0375431 Oct 200572M15 42
ABRAHAMS SidneyB0686514 Nov 198579E137 32
ABRAHAMS SimonB0462827 Mar 198174G134 14
ABRAHAMS SimonC0065724 May 199584N137 27
ABRAHAMS SolomonB0305618 Feb 197865M13 08
ABRAHAMS SolomonB0778027 Oct 198785N241 46
ABRAHAMS SolomonC0069812 Jul 199586D254 30
ABRAHAMS Sophie JaneB0311710 Apr 197877N116 07
ABRAHAMS SophieA0634922 Oct 196360G123 19
ABRAHAMS Woolf ShustermanA0647403 Feb 196472H244 20
ABRAHAMS YettaA0018728 Nov 193868B113 13
ABRAHAMSON DavisB0188821 Nov 197584M31 06
ABRAHAMSON DorisB1014723 Apr 199385F109 04
ABRAHAMSON Dr. HansB0364407 Apr 197979F109 05
ABRAHAMSON KittyB0865104 Sep 198983M04 32
ABRAHAMSON MorrisA0801619 Sep 196792J11 18
ABRAHAMSON PollyA0749313 May 196684J11 17
ABRAHAMSON RebeccaA0075026 Jan 194164B122 17
ABRAMOVITCH Abraham GodelA0153212 Apr 194572A131 31
ABRAMOVITCH EstherA0350317 Jul 195475D127 23
ABRAMOVITCH EstherA0440522 Feb 195882A131 32
ABRAMOVITCH MosiekA0113326 Feb 194363A129 29
ABRAMOVITCH RayB0661517 Apr 198570O34 40
ABRAMOVITCH SolomonA0003806 Apr 193863A110 05
ABRAMOVITCH SolomonA0741716 Mar 196683H130 19
ABRAMOVITCH ZeldaA0092519 Dec 194164B125 21
ABRAMS AbrahamA1015409 Jan 197276M29 21
ABRAMS AnnieA0265008 Nov 195048B251 24
ABRAMS AnnieB0520524 May 198281K134 24
ABRAMS PhilipB0195529 Dec 197583O21 32
ABRAMSKY SolomonA0703420 May 196565H137 21
ABRAMSON MinaC0163727 Jan 199890J07 36

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