All Deceased beginning with letters 'AB'

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All names beginning AB
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ABBOTT EstherE0004510 May 197765RE28 3
ABBOTT JackE0004621 May 197772RN15 13
ABBOTTS HannahE0004722 Feb 198268RN15 14
ABELMAN AnnieE0004826 Feb 193951RB12 6
ABELMAN SarahE0004911 Feb 194325RB18 5
ABELSON DoraE0005027 Sep 198288RN06 11
ABELSON HarrisE0005114 Aug 198286RN06 12
ABELSON LazarusE0005230 Jun 198461RH38 21
ABELSON RachelE0005306 Apr 196574RH38 22
ABELSON SidneyE0005425 Sep 198967RO39 53
ABERMAN AnnieE0005503 Apr 195256RD48 10
ABIS EveE0005603 Jul 197674RK13 36
ABIS ReubenE0005725 May 197372RK13 37
ABNER EstherE0005804 Jan 198190RL07 19
ABNER LeahE0005918 Aug 197990RL07 20
ABRAHAM Abraham DanielE0006020 Nov 201181RE51 15
ABRAHAM BarnetE0006123 Jun 197578RM37 12
ABRAHAM CharlesE0006203 Dec 196868RC03 12
ABRAHAM DavidE0006313 Dec 197278RH43 18
ABRAHAM EllisE0006403 Dec 199161RJ37 9
ABRAHAM EllisE0006523 Jun 198961RL04 31
ABRAHAM EzraE0006603 Jan 197678RG49 11
ABRAHAM FannyE0006722 Mar 197178RF43 9
ABRAHAM IsaacE0006818 Sep 196767RI11 18
ABRAHAM LeopoldE0006915 Feb 196654RH31 27
ABRAHAM LouisE0007014 Apr 197261RM30 26
ABRAHAM MargaretE0007119 Aug 197066RI11 17
ABRAHAM MinnieE0007210 Feb 198072RL33 32
ABRAHAM Miriam YettaE0007322 Jul 197884RN27 30
ABRAHAM MiriamE0007431 Aug 197558RN21 16
ABRAHAM MorrisE0007512 Nov 197671RN16 8
ABRAHAM NancyE0007624 Aug 197983RF15 11
ABRAHAM RebeccaE0007710 Mar 197991RD12 28
ABRAHAMOVITCH SarahE0007803 Jan 197185RH30 18
ABRAHAMS AbrahamE0007927 Feb 194061RA18 3
ABRAHAMS AlbertE0008017 Aug 197471RM37 39
ABRAHAMS AlecE0008118 Dec 196051RF38 12
ABRAHAMS AlfredE0008211 Aug 199276RL23 3
ABRAHAMS AnnE0008304 Oct 198449RO33 23
ABRAHAMS AnneE0008410 Apr 198886RN41 47
ABRAHAMS AnnieE0008528 Mar 199351 mthRC01 12
ABRAHAMS AnnieE0008623 Sep 200699RB06 8
ABRAHAMS BarnetE0008715 Apr 197760RO22 41
ABRAHAMS BarnettE0008816 Apr 196084RE37 29
ABRAHAMS BenjaminE0008921 Apr 198384RK36 10
ABRAHAMS BenjaminE0009011 May 198484RK37 34
ABRAHAMS BessieE0009118 Jan 196878RF31 24
ABRAHAMS CharlesE0009217 Sep 197272RJ26 24
ABRAHAMS CharlesE0009310 Sep 198883RK34 23
ABRAHAMS CissieE0009410 Nov 199385RK36 9
ABRAHAMS CissieE0009518 Sep 201391RJ35 38
ABRAHAMS DanielE0009621 Dec 195172RD49 10
ABRAHAMS David WoolfE0009716 Jun 199461RK05 11
ABRAHAMS DavisE0009805 Jan 195978RD42 32
ABRAHAMS EstherE0009901 Jul 195168RB53 30
ABRAHAMS EstherE0010003 Jul 197068RL20 13
ABRAHAMS EstherE0010123 Aug 195978RE37 28
ABRAHAMS EvaE0010212 Jan 198289RH44 21
ABRAHAMS Eve MiriamE0010315 Sep 198969RO22 42
ABRAHAMS FannyE0010415 Jan 197667RO21 30
ABRAHAMS FannyE0010524 Feb 198571RK39 26
ABRAHAMS FannyE0010617 May 197072RJ23 29
ABRAHAMS FannyE0010727 Feb 198078RN14 35
ABRAHAMS FayE0010828 Sep 198581RO10 51
ABRAHAMS FloraE0010911 Apr 197080RI26 22
ABRAHAMS FlorenceE0011028 Aug 199286RJ29 20
ABRAHAMS FrancesE0011119 Aug 200682RM13 9
ABRAHAMS FrancesE0011201 Jul 198296RN33 44
ABRAHAMS GabrielE0011317 Apr 194334RA30 15
ABRAHAMS GabrielE0011420 Aug 201082RM15 43
ABRAHAMS Geoffrey (Joseph)E0011503 Jun 200168RC27 16
ABRAHAMS GoldaE0011625 Feb 198683RK37 36
ABRAHAMS GoldaE0011726 Mar 196294RA04 12
ABRAHAMS GretaE0011823 Apr 200164RO09 1
ABRAHAMS HarrisE0011908 Nov 195477RD26 9
ABRAHAMS HarrisE0012019 Apr 197879RJ30 7
ABRAHAMS HarryE0012101 Aug 196867RJ15 21
ABRAHAMS HarryE0012220 Mar 197572RJ29 19
ABRAHAMS HarryE0012328 Jan 194179RA23 12
ABRAHAMS HarryE0012418 Jul 198187RJ23 30
ABRAHAMS HenryE0012526 Jun 196158RF37 5
ABRAHAMS HenryE0012620 Aug 198277RM09 22
ABRAHAMS HenryE0012704 Sep 198485RK37 35
ABRAHAMS HettieE0012830 Sep 197982RO14 29
ABRAHAMS HymanE0012930 Mar 196858RH21 16
ABRAHAMS IreneE0013012 Mar 201688RN40 46
ABRAHAMS IsaacE0013113 Apr 196375RF31 25
ABRAHAMS IsaacE0013218 Sep 199176RJ35 37
ABRAHAMS IsidoreE0013330 Dec 199470RO33 22
ABRAHAMS Israel RalphE0013416 Feb 197061RH11 22
ABRAHAMS IvorE0013508 Mar 201678RD55 28
ABRAHAMS JackE0013604 Feb 199176RO30 10
ABRAHAMS Jeffrey MertonE0013704 Sep 199850RJ37 40
ABRAHAMS JennyE0013827 Oct 199587RD54 31
ABRAHAMS Joseph LouisE0013915 Jun 198873RL04 35
ABRAHAMS JosephE0014029 Nov 195969RF43 10
ABRAHAMS JosephE0014105 Feb 198576RK39 27
ABRAHAMS JosephE0014201 Oct 199788RO10 52
ABRAHAMS JosephE0014322 Dec 200295RD29 2
ABRAHAMS LeahE0014427 Dec 199289RJ26 23
ABRAHAMS LeslieE0014510 Jun 200280RL14 42
ABRAHAMS LewisE0014602 Jun 195770RD12 29
ABRAHAMS LionelE0014704 Jan 195130RA56 14
ABRAHAMS LipmanE0014829 May 194567RA37 20
ABRAHAMS Louis HymanE0014924 Jan 199390RL06 3
ABRAHAMS LouisE0015027 Sep 198891RM37 40
ABRAHAMS MargaretE0015112 May 199689RF37 1
ABRAHAMS MarieE0015228 Aug 197468RM37 13
ABRAHAMS MarieE0015315 May 200297RI43 5
ABRAHAMS MarjorieE0015409 Sep 19408RA60 33
ABRAHAMS MarkE0015502 Aug 196665RI05 8
ABRAHAMS MarkE0015610 May 196871RF12 23
ABRAHAMS MaryE0015726 Aug 197170RG47 18
ABRAHAMS MatildaE0015803 Jun 194846RB45 19
ABRAHAMS MichaelE0015905 Jun 199362RG38 5
ABRAHAMS MillieE0016003 Jul 198273RN37 26
ABRAHAMS MillyE0016108 Oct 195270RD42 18
ABRAHAMS MorrisE0016201 Oct 195249RD50 24
ABRAHAMS MorrisE0016328 May 197571RG16 30
ABRAHAMS MorrisE0016411 Mar 197476RI26 21
ABRAHAMS MorrisE0016529 Sep 197087RG46 31
ABRAHAMS MyerE0016626 Sep 194180RA25 25
ABRAHAMS MyraE0016709 Sep 19406 mthRA60 34
ABRAHAMS NathanE0016813 Apr 197682RM39 31
ABRAHAMS NellaE0016909 Jun 199792RK42 40
ABRAHAMS O/W ASHLEY Ivor o/w AnthonyE0017013 Jul 201075RI44 4
ABRAHAMS or BRAHAM ReubenE0017118 Sep 196775RF15 12
ABRAHAMS PriscillaE0017206 Sep 198877RJ31 21
ABRAHAMS RachelE0017323 Mar 198668RO21 58
ABRAHAMS RachelE0017413 Jan 194673RB37 28
ABRAHAMS RachelE0017517 Jan 198292RN36 19
ABRAHAMS Rene SarahE0017620 Feb 200887RL06 4
ABRAHAMS ReneeE0017704 Jan 200492RK37 33
ABRAHAMS Rose HannahE0017814 Jan 198894RF05 12
ABRAHAMS RoseE0017912 Apr 2011100RD29 1
ABRAHAMS RoseE0018018 Oct 196380RG22 9
ABRAHAMS RubinE0018120 Apr 195563RD20 10
ABRAHAMS RuchlaE0018229 Apr 198367RO30 9
ABRAHAMS SadieE0018313 Oct 198381RJ30 8
ABRAHAMS SamuelE0018419 Jun 194763RA44 21
ABRAHAMS SamuelE0018526 Aug 197471RG28 29
ABRAHAMS SamuelE0018604 Jan 199175RJ31 20
ABRAHAMS SarahE0018706 Nov 195656RE18 15
ABRAHAMS SarahE0018830 Jun 198981RF12 22
ABRAHAMS SarahE0018930 Jan 199281RL23 4
ABRAHAMS SheilaE0019031 Oct 200572RM15 42
ABRAHAMS SidneyE0019114 Nov 198579RE37 32
ABRAHAMS SimonE0019227 Mar 198174RG34 14
ABRAHAMS SimonE0019324 May 199584RN37 27
ABRAHAMS SolomonE0019418 Feb 197865RM13 8
ABRAHAMS SolomonE0019527 Oct 198785RN41 46
ABRAHAMS SolomonE0019612 Jul 199586RD54 30
ABRAHAMS Sophie JaneE0019710 Apr 197877RN16 7
ABRAHAMS SophieE0019822 Oct 196360RG23 19
ABRAHAMS Woolf ShustermanE0019903 Feb 196472RH44 20
ABRAHAMS YettaE0020028 Nov 193868RB13 13
ABRAHAMSON DavisE0020121 Nov 197584RM31 6
ABRAHAMSON DorisE0020223 Apr 199385RF09 4
ABRAHAMSON Dr. HansE0020307 Apr 197979RF09 5
ABRAHAMSON KittyE0020404 Sep 198983RM04 32
ABRAHAMSON MorrisE0020519 Sep 196792RJ11 18
ABRAHAMSON PollyE0020613 May 196684RJ11 17
ABRAHAMSON RebeccaE0020726 Jan 194164RB22 17
ABRAMOVITCH Abraham GodelE0020812 Apr 194572RA31 31
ABRAMOVITCH EstherE0020917 Jul 195475RD27 23
ABRAMOVITCH EstherE0021022 Feb 195882RA31 32
ABRAMOVITCH MosiekE0021126 Feb 194363RA29 29
ABRAMOVITCH RayE0021217 Apr 198570RO34 40
ABRAMOVITCH SolomonE0021306 Apr 193863RA10 5
ABRAMOVITCH SolomonE0021416 Mar 196683RH30 19
ABRAMOVITCH ZeldaE0021519 Dec 194164RB25 21
ABRAMS AbrahamE0021609 Jan 197276RM29 21
ABRAMS AnnieE0021708 Nov 195048RB51 24
ABRAMS AnnieE0021824 May 198281RK34 24
ABRAMS PhilipE0021929 Dec 197583RO21 32
ABRAMSKY SolomonE0022020 May 196565RH37 21
ABRAMSON MinaE0022127 Jan 199890RJ07 36

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