All Deceased beginning with letters 'MO'

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All names beginning MO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MOCISERA SolomonE1669519 Dec 195064RA55 26
MOCTONIAN JacobE1669602 Sep 197969RI40 25
MOCTONIAN LeahE1669707 Feb 198070RN29 18
MODELWICH AbrahamE1669811 Jan 197675RO21 33
MODELWICH IsaacE1669920 Oct 198080RN08 35
MODELWICH MinnieE1670005 Jan 199793RN08 36
MODELWICH SarahE1670105 Jun 195982RF45 20
MODELWICH SarahE1670204 Mar 199184RO21 34
MODELWICH SolomonE1670313 Apr 194574RA36 24
MODELWICK DaisyE1670415 Mar 198783RK44 12
MODELWICK IsraelE1670505 May 196361RG19 20
MODELWICK JackE1670601 Feb 199286RK44 11
MODLIN AbrahamE1670726 Jan 194764RA42 28
MODLIN HarryE1670813 Apr 199888RJ39 20
MODLIN LeahE1670922 Sep 194558RB37 18
MODLIN LilianE1671024 Sep 199670RJ39 19
MOGALOFSKY MorrisE1671111 Jun 195161RA57 29
MOGHILEVER IsaacE1671221 Mar 197782RL25 19
MOGHILEVER SarahE1671310 Apr 197877RL25 18
MOGILEVER AdaE1671415 Nov 196269RE43 16
MOGILEVER IsraelE1671520 Sep 196168RE43 15
MOIR Reina RachelE1671622 Feb 198977RL04 34
MOKOTOW SamuelE1671729 Apr 198587RM29 29
MOLAVA EstherE1671812 Dec 198394RN31 42
MOLAVA HymanE1671910 Sep 194776RA44 30
MOLAVA LouisE1672023 Jan 198183RN31 43
MOLAVA MelvynE1672105 Sep 200661RJ30 37
MOLDOFSKY AdaE1672211 Dec 194643RB41 15
MOLDOFSKY RachelE1672308 Oct 195590RD20 30
MOLEN Mark Stanley VanderE1672406 Aug 195438RD27 26
MOLHO MiriamE1672529 Dec 200495RH01 28
MOLHO VictorE1672603 Apr 194338RA30 17
MOLINSKY LeahE1672701 Dec 195980RF43 23
MOLOTNIKOFF AnnieE1672806 Feb 196684RE21 16
MOLOTNIKOFF MyerE1672901 Jan 195778RE20 19
MONCHECK ZeisherE1673003 Feb 193959RA14 23
MONCHER HymanE1673119 Aug 196766RJ13 35
MONGER LilyE1673225 Feb 200278RL11 43
MONGER SamsonE1673308 May 197855RL11 36
MONJACK DavidE1673419 Jan 199578RJ38 3
MONJACK SadieE1673502 Oct 200987RJ38 4
MONK AnnieE1673627 Mar 196476RA03 9
MONK MandelE1673729 Aug 194764RA44 9
MONK MorrisE1673820 Apr 197976RO25 32
MONKSFIELD SusanaE1673905 Jun 199887RI35 4
MONSTAFF JacobE1674024 Apr 197167RE18 27
MONTAGUE DennisE1674110 Jun 201281RE44 35
MONTAGUE RalphE1674228 Jun 200772RI15 34
MONTAGUE SandraE1674326 Jul 198240RO28 30
MONTAJEES RebeccaE1674425 Feb 197875RI33 21
MONTLAKE GertrudeE1674524 Nov 2004101RG23 6
MONTLAKE HarryE1674608 Dec 196655RH27 20
MONTLAKE MorrisE1674704 Dec 196356RG23 5
MONTLAKE StellaE1674812 Apr 198779RN46 26
MONTSOFF AliceE1674910 Jan 197681RE18 25
MONTSOFF Annie LeahE1675022 Apr 197078RE18 26
MONTSOFF SolomonE1675113 Oct 195659RE17 26
MONTY KateE1675216 May 198378RO31 6
MONTY SolomonE1675323 Nov 199185RO31 5
MOODNICK LeahE1675405 Feb 194263RB22 30
MOODNICK or MUDNICK SimonE1675511 Feb 194469RB22 32
MOODNICK RayE1675621 Feb 195055RB24 33
MOODY BarnettE1675715 Jan 196468RF35 35
MOODY HymanE1675812 May 196352RB06 25
MOODY KateE1675918 Aug 198082RF35 34
MOODY MinnieE1676004 May 196857RH19 10
MOODY Robert HymanE1676123 Nov 199482RH35 4
MOODY SarahE1676226 Nov 2011100RB06 26
MOONSHINE Jack IsraelE1676307 Jan 198272RN07 12
MOONSHINE ReneeE1676418 Jan 201491RN07 11
MOORE AbrahamE1676505 Apr 197367RK25 28
MOORE DoraE1676608 Feb 198785RK25 27
MOORSCHACK JacobE1676709 Jun 196657RG38 13
MOORSHACK SarahE1676806 Nov 197287RI34 21
MORBEY RachelE1676909 Mar 200389RE37 2
MORBY BernardE1677023 Feb 200089RE37 1
MORDKOWICZ MichaelE1677103 Jan 200486RJ16 3
MORDKOWICZ SarahE1677209 Mar 200477RJ16 4
MORDSLEY JosephE1677302 Jan 196558RF21 35
MOREBERG MarksE1677416 Nov 196564RG37 21
MORENSKY LeahE1677521 Dec 196696RA17 27
MORENSKY SamuelE1677628 Dec 193968RA17 28
MORGAN Alan A. (Dr)E1677719 Nov 198772RC21 8
MORGAN DoraE1677812 Jan 197076RH12 19
MORGAN LilyE1677917 Sep 201091RE05 2
MORGAN SidneyE1678007 Mar 199982RE05 1
MORGANSTEIN AbrahamE1678112 Apr 194642RB39 18
MORGANSTEIN AbrahamE1678204 Mar 196574RH39 27
MORGANSTEIN AnnE1678301 May 199285RI16 12
MORGANSTEIN JudithE1678410 Mar 194911RA60 2
MORGANSTEIN LeahE1678505 Apr 197083RF39 32
MORGANSTEIN LewisE1678602 Jul 196288RF39 33
MORGANSTEIN MarionE1678707 Nov 194810RA60 3
MORGANSTEIN SarahE1678816 Feb 195564RD21 20
MORGANSTERN HymanE1678928 Mar 197372RK22 35
MORGANSTERN SarahE1679028 Sep 197165RK23 24
MOROFSKY BessieE1679126 May 195450RD28 19
MOROWITZ AbrahamE1679228 Feb 197175RL19 13
MOROWITZ BessieE1679328 Jun 197172RL19 12
MORPURGO AnnetteE1679411 Oct 200293RE38 2
MORRIS (KLEIN) BenjaminE1679514 Feb 196257RF35 20
MORRIS AaronE1679627 Nov 195170RD50 9
MORRIS AdaE1679717 Jan 197373RM18 39
MORRIS Alfred IsaacE1679823 Jul 199284RD29 3
MORRIS AlfredE1679909 Jan 196555RG33 27
MORRIS AlfredE1680023 Jan 198378RI19 25
MORRIS AlfredE1680125 Feb 198680RI10 28
MORRIS AliceE1680203 Nov 196364RC12 22
MORRIS AmeliaE1680314 Aug 198580RO33 47
MORRIS AnitaE1680405 Jan 201689RE50 2
MORRIS AnneE1680507 Dec 197361RM35 13
MORRIS AnneE1680614 Oct 200286RK17 7
MORRIS AnneE1680711 Jun 200294RA03 35
MORRIS Annette FionaE1680820 Nov 196318RH50 35
MORRIS AnnieE1680906 Jan 194862RB36 31
MORRIS BarnettE1681023 Sep 194124RA25 11
MORRIS BellaE1681103 Jun 197161RH10 21
MORRIS BenjaminE1681229 Nov 200086RH09 30
MORRIS BenjaminE1681320 May 199488RI06 3
MORRIS BertramE1681411 Apr 197664RH50 33
MORRIS BessieE1681526 May 196762RI10 29
MORRIS BessieE1681613 May 198888RL21 9
MORRIS CecilE1681722 Sep 197974RO14 12
MORRIS CharlotteE1681828 Nov 195884RE34 18
MORRIS ClaireE1681922 Feb 200479RI06 4
MORRIS DavidE1682029 Nov 194750RA45 10
MORRIS DavidE1682114 Aug 197157RK17 8
MORRIS DavidE1682203 Jun 198375RN06 41
MORRIS DavidE1682324 Oct 197077RL21 10
MORRIS DorisE1682420 Jan 200786RN37 35
MORRIS Edward EmanuelE1682519 Feb 198249RH11 10
MORRIS Emanuel FrederickE1682624 Nov 200578RE29 34
MORRIS Ernest EleazerE1682704 Aug 198983RN21 23
MORRIS EstherE1682821 Feb 199076RN06 40
MORRIS EthelE1682917 Aug 198178RN34 24
MORRIS EvaE1683008 Aug 200394RD29 4
MORRIS Florence EmmaE1683127 Sep 197786RM15 39
MORRIS GertrudeE1683211 Dec 19910RL14 34
MORRIS GertrudeE1683309 Mar 197378RH12 29
MORRIS GertrudeE1683425 Jan 200083RO35 71
MORRIS Golda PollyE1683501 Apr 197268RI33 23
MORRIS GraceE1683607 Sep 194359RB30 25
MORRIS Harry (Alfred)E1683710 Jul 199987RE50 1
MORRIS HarryE1683824 Jan 19920RJ22 5
MORRIS HarryE1683924 Jun 193926RA16 14
MORRIS HarryE1684031 May 198776RN46 9
MORRIS HildaE1684114 Apr 200184RH08 24
MORRIS HymanE1684222 Nov 197673RL14 33
MORRIS IreneE1684305 Jul 200889RK45 3
MORRIS Isadore LeonardE1684427 Nov 200280RK13 41
MORRIS Israel JohnE1684511 Dec 198889RF20 3
MORRIS IvorE1684630 Dec 198664RM40 24
MORRIS J. AnnE1684706 Oct 19680RB36 18S
MORRIS JackE1684810 Aug 196763RI11 29
MORRIS JackE1684928 Jul 199079RA43 1
MORRIS JackE1685025 Feb 198083RN30 7
MORRIS JackE1685104 Mar 199487RJ02 13
MORRIS JaneE1685209 May 196861RI15 17
MORRIS JessieE1685306 Oct 196972RG43 24
MORRIS JoeE1685416 Mar 198170RI40 28
MORRIS John PeterE1685523 Jul 198479RN05 30
MORRIS JohnE1685619 May 195162RA57 7
MORRIS JosephE1685707 Jan 196873RA06 11
MORRIS JosephE1685805 Aug 193878RA12 18
MORRIS JosephE1685915 Dec 199894RC27 9
MORRIS Joyce RitaE1686003 Dec 197347RH09 31
MORRIS JuliusE1686130 May 200383RK24 8
MORRIS KatieE1686228 May 198075RO14 11
MORRIS LeahE1686309 Apr 200485RH02 21
MORRIS LeahE1686425 Oct 196389RC07 13
MORRIS LewisE1686531 May 197878RI18 19
MORRIS LillianE1686614 Oct 201095RN05 29
MORRIS LilyE1686717 Jan 196960RI19 24
MORRIS LionelE1686801 Sep 199165RE52 16
MORRIS LouisE1686921 Mar 198995RO40 31
MORRIS Marcus SimonE1687024 Sep 19494RA59 22
MORRIS MarkE1687123 Jan 197385RM33 33
MORRIS MarkE1687207 Nov 199889RA03 34
MORRIS Mary LeahE1687306 Feb 198284RF20 4
MORRIS MauriceE1687402 Mar 198473RK37 5
MORRIS MichaelE1687506 Dec 194143RA26 17
MORRIS MichaelE1687610 Jul 196956RJ20 10
MORRIS MichaelE1687705 Aug 199480RH02 20
MORRIS MillieE1687826 Dec 196867RI18 20
MORRIS MillieE1687907 Nov 201099RK37 6
MORRIS MillyE1688031 Oct 195642RE18 7
MORRIS MillyE1688131 Aug 196959RI23 30
MORRIS MinnieE1688207 Mar 197772RL13 27
MORRIS MinnieE1688306 Oct 200596RN46 10
MORRIS Montague MaxE1688402 Jun 199781RD47 35
MORRIS MontagueE1688505 May 196056RF40 21
MORRIS MontagueE1688628 Sep 198262RN37 34
MORRIS MorrisE1688721 Apr 197186RI29 13
MORRIS NettieE1688801 Sep 197260RI34 27
MORRIS PhilipE1688909 Feb 195770RE21 29
MORRIS RachelE1689021 Mar 196462RG26 7
MORRIS RachelE1689106 Jan 196379RD52 9
MORRIS RalphE1689208 Aug 195041RA53 4
MORRIS RayE1689314 Dec 197572RO21 19
MORRIS RebeccaE1689412 Apr 197254RK24 7
MORRIS RebeccaE1689514 Oct 197569RN21 22
MORRIS RebeccaE1689603 Feb 199485RH50 34
MORRIS ReubenE1689702 Apr 197681RI33 22
MORRIS RitaE1689829 Jan 199169RK13 40
MORRIS RonaldE1689928 Sep 198462RK38 22
MORRIS RoseE1690024 Jul 198883RC26 5
MORRIS SadieE1690126 May 200091RA43 2
MORRIS SarahE1690213 Aug 196877RG41 9
MORRIS SarahE1690328 Apr 198890RN30 8
MORRIS SarahE1690417 Feb 201198RK46 42
MORRIS SheilaE1690521 Aug 199473RF54 23
MORRIS SidneyE1690604 Oct 197468RH08 25
MORRIS Simon JacobE1690717 Oct 196866RH17 21
MORRIS SimonE1690809 Dec 197459RM35 14
MORRIS SophieE1690904 Sep 197580RO20 20
MORRIS SylviaE1691008 Feb 200994RG37 1
MORRIS Trevor MervynE1691118 Nov 201270RI45 31
MORRISON AnnieE1691208 Feb 194264RB25 17
MORRISON FrancesE1691321 Sep 198968RF53 27
MORRISON JackE1691403 Oct 198361RC24 19
MORRISON LeonardE1691529 Aug 199979RF53 26
MORRISON LilyE1691607 Nov 199567RL03 30
MORRISON RobertE1691718 Oct 198265RG41 4
MORRISON VioletE1691808 Nov 200889RC24 20
MORROW AlfredE1691906 Oct 198979RO04 38
MORROW HannahE1692013 Oct 198675RO04 39
MORROW RachelE1692131 Dec 197461RG49 12
MORTON BarbaraE1692219 Dec 199150RE50 14
MOSCISKER BlankaE1692315 Jan 200991RM01 26
MOSCISKER TheodoreE1692411 Sep 200993RM01 25
MOSCOVITCH AaronE1692524 Jun 195878RF49 28
MOSCOVITCH AbrahamE1692623 Jul 198174RI05 29
MOSCOVITCH AbrahamE1692719 Feb 199186RN32 15
MOSCOVITCH AliceE1692817 Apr 198878RF05 22
MOSCOVITCH AnnieE1692923 Aug 196677RI05 7
MOSCOVITCH DoraE1693021 Aug 196876RG41 28
MOSCOVITCH HarryE1693111 Jan 197659RO21 29
MOSCOVITCH Heid LeahE1693230 Jul 196661RI05 9
MOSCOVITCH KittyE1693328 Feb 198172RN32 14
MOSCOVITCH LewisE1693405 Oct 197061RL20 34
MOSCOVITCH MyerE1693505 Aug 196569RF20 11
MOSCOVITCH NettieE1693619 Aug 198690RF20 10
MOSCOVITCH or MOSS FannyE1693715 Aug 195884RB21 35
MOSCOVITCH PollyE1693826 Mar 197481RH51 17
MOSCOVITCH RayE1693914 Dec 196770RI12 9
MOSCOVITCH SarahE1694013 May 193861RB11 19
MOSCOVITCH SarahE1694121 Mar 196673RG38 23
MOSCOVITCH SolomonE1694202 Mar 198873RO39 39
MOSCOVITCH ZeldaE1694315 Apr 196650RI05 30
MOSCOW AdolphE1694424 Nov 196572RH34 6
MOSCOW IsadoreE1694515 Aug 196071RF40 14
MOSCOW RachelE1694626 Feb 199895RN34 16
MOSER BessieE1694713 Mar 198667RO35 45
MOSER JoshuaE1694804 Jan 199782RO35 47
MOSER PearlE1694904 Apr 198979RO35 46
MOSES o/w MOSS EttieE1695016 May 195883RF50 27
MOSES AbrahamE1695106 Jan 199380RC16 32
MOSES AnneE1695217 Aug 198165RB09 33
MOSES AronE1695323 Jul 194974RA49 32
MOSES BessieE1695422 Sep 197668RE15 32
MOSES EdithE1695511 Nov 199791RD54 23
MOSES EstherE1695629 Nov 197680RN17 28
MOSES EstherE1695704 Jan 200394RB09 34
MOSES FloraE1695805 Jul 200784RC16 33
MOSES HannahE1695909 Sep 198168RM34 28
MOSES HymanE1696005 Feb 196271RE15 33
MOSES JacobE1696111 May 200670RN05 22
MOSES KatieE1696218 Apr 197677RD04 15
MOSES LenaE1696314 Jan 193964RB11 32
MOSES LouisE1696420 Nov 199591RD54 24
MOSES Polly LilyE1696502 Aug 199288RB09 35
MOSES RosaE1696603 Nov 197569RB09 32
MOSES VivianE1696727 Dec 201789RE01 5
MOSESON SolomonE1696817 Apr 194669RA40 23
MOSKAL MorrisE1696914 Apr 201299RJ34 1
MOSKAL Regina RifkaE1697002 Oct 198870RJ34 2
MOSKI HabibaE1697106 Sep 195060RB51 16
MOSKOWITZ o/w MANN BenjaminE1697226 Sep 194038RB57 26
MOSS AbrahamE1697326 Dec 198987RF03 31
MOSS Alfred (Abraham)E1697425 Apr 199785RO32 12
MOSS AlfredE1697529 Jun 196562RG35 12
MOSS AlfredE1697621 Aug 198876RG04 6
MOSS AnnieE1697710 Jan 199789RK29 3
MOSS AnnieE1697803 Aug 199992RL22 2
MOSS Barbara JeanE1697918 Apr 194918RB47 15
MOSS BarnettE1698011 Feb 197670RN22 12
MOSS BellaE1698128 Jul 198182RI14 26
MOSS BellaE1698213 Feb 198782RK29 11
MOSS BenE1698329 Jan 198984RN24 9
MOSS BettyE1698404 Jan 195338RD42 7
MOSS BettyE1698525 Aug 199789RF02 20
MOSS CeliaE1698601 Oct 194983RB48 22
MOSS DoraE1698703 May 196465RG28 25
MOSS Edward IsaacE1698806 Sep 197264RL17 13
MOSS EileenE1698926 Jun 197650RO20 54
MOSS EliE1699020 Oct 196867RG42 19
MOSS EvaE1699108 Sep 199882RG34 11
MOSS FredaE1699210 Jun 20020RG37 33
MOSS GusE1699321 Nov 197475RK29 12
MOSS HarryE1699424 Nov 196467RG28 26
MOSS HarryE1699507 Dec 198470RL06 8
MOSS HenryE1699626 Jan 195564RD23 16
MOSS HildaE1699715 Jun 198679RL37 12
MOSS Hyman HarryE1699804 Mar 197463RI35 13
MOSS Isaac JackE1699926 Mar 200389RB02 16
MOSS IsraelE1700008 Feb 195367RD39 19
MOSS JackE1700123 Aug 196762RI11 23
MOSS JackE1700209 Nov 198067RN08 12
MOSS JoanE1700303 May 199862RE02 19
MOSS JohnE1700419 Dec 195656RE19 25
MOSS KateE1700512 Jan 197472RK12 29
MOSS LazarusE1700602 Apr 199066RO40 46
MOSS LeonardE1700724 Aug 200372RK32 1
MOSS LeslieE1700826 Feb 199180RF02 19
MOSS Lewis HenryE1700924 Oct 198488RG14 7
MOSS LilianE1701005 Apr 200899RN08 11
MOSS LouisE1701104 Apr 198175RL37 11
MOSS MarkE1701221 Apr 197567RG28 8
MOSS MarkE1701318 Feb 201084RG49 32
MOSS MarksE1701415 Feb 196873RI14 27
MOSS MaryE1701509 Nov 198071RI35 14
MOSS MauriceE1701624 Aug 196762RH25 5
MOSS Millie KatieE1701725 Nov 200189RL17 14
MOSS MillieE1701825 Mar 198877RG04 5
MOSS MinnieE1701919 Oct 197570RI38 15
MOSS MyrtleE1702002 Mar 200474RN27 47
MOSS o/w MOSCOW EmanuelE1702116 Aug 198179RN34 15
MOSS o/w Moses GertrudeE1702229 Jan 201794RN02 33
MOSS or MOSCOVITCH LilyE1702322 Aug 197758RL12 17
MOSS PhilipE1702415 Feb 196957RB05 19
MOSS RachelE1702530 Jun 198675RB05 30
MOSS RachelE1702608 May 199386RH25 3
MOSS RachelE1702730 Apr 200898RF03 30
MOSS RayE1702829 Nov 197665RN24 8
MOSS Rebecca BrinaE1702921 Mar 196574RF21 20
MOSS RebeccaE1703031 May 196263RG14 6
MOSS RebeccaE1703113 Jun 199187RI11 24
MOSS RoseE1703225 Mar 198469RO32 11
MOSS SadieE1703316 Oct 199482RH29 3
MOSS SadieE1703425 Dec 200087RE19 24
MOSS SamuelE1703505 May 198177RO27 10
MOSS SarahE1703615 May 196777RH25 20
MOSS SarahE1703703 Jun 199384RF08 3
MOSS SidneyE1703817 Sep 197264RK14 16
MOSS SidneyE1703902 Feb 196666RG37 7
MOSS SidneyE1704006 Feb 197369RH15 13
MOSS TillyE1704121 Jul 198985RH15 14
MOSS TillyE1704213 Sep 197786RD23 15
MOSS VictoriaE1704312 Sep 199088RG28 9
MOSS William Ernest SlazengerE1704420 Dec 194265RA29 15
MOSSESON RebeccaE1704529 Aug 196482RG16 5
MOUNT Joseph StuartE1704629 Mar 200654RH45 34
MOUZA SolomonE1704727 Jan 197765RE55 32

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