All Deceased beginning with letters 'VI'

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All names beginning VI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VICHINSKY LewisE2472606 Aug 195676RE16 20
VICHINSKY RoseE2472722 May 194665RB39 26
VICKERS AlfredE2472805 Dec 198675RI41 17
VICKERS BetaE2472914 Apr 201191RI42 17
VICKERS CissieE2473006 Dec 198277RN07 26
VICKERS LouisE2473108 Jan 198282RN07 25
VICKERS PhylisE2473213 Feb 200084RI41 16
VICKERS RobertE2473326 Oct 198058RN08 29
VICKERS SoniaE2473405 Sep 201488RN08 28
VICTOR EstherE2473523 Apr 198372RN07 7
VICTORS MontagueE2473615 Sep 198462RO33 26
VIDOR DeborahE2473703 Jan 198173RF10 29
VIDOR JosephE2473810 Oct 197372RF10 30
VIDOWSKY AlbertE2473923 Dec 197878RL30 29
VIDOWSKY HenryE2474024 Jun 198862RK44 34
VIDOWSKY RubyE2474105 Jun 198761RK44 33
VIDOWSKY Shajna HenaE2474208 Sep 198183RL30 28
VIELAGURA MarieE2474323 Apr 195181RA34 4
VIENER DavidE2474423 Dec 194544RA39 19
VIENNE or WINNERBILT JacquelineE2474519 Feb 196670RH31 19
VIGAL MinnieE2474629 Apr 197972RO16 48
VIGON CissieE2474723 Mar 196759RI08 14
VIGON DavidE2474822 Aug 196973RD24 35
VIGON GoldieE2474928 Apr 197675RC19 25
VIGON HarryE2475026 Dec 198078RN31 26
VIGON JackE2475121 Nov 201187RE27 35
VIGON JudahE2475219 Dec 199893RB06 35
VIGON LeahE2475327 Aug 199279RN16 11
VIGON MarkE2475412 Apr 197378RC19 24
VIGON MarksE2475521 Oct 196457RF22 29
VIGON PhilipE2475620 Dec 197677RN16 12
VIGON PhilipE2475703 Mar 199285RJ33 6
VIGON RachelE2475824 May 196163RD24 34
VIGON RebeccaE2475907 Sep 195757RE26 20
VIGON RoseE2476007 Apr 200496RB06 34
VILENSKY ElyE2476113 Apr 195366RD38 12
VILINSKY EstherE2476210 Apr 197590RH10 24
VILINSKY PaulineE2476312 Oct 197157RH10 25
VILKA DoraE2476414 Sep 197771RE36 4
VILKA HarryE2476512 Nov 198176RE36 3
VILKA RoseE2476628 Jul 195929RE36 12
VINACOUR Charles MichaelE2476708 Jul 194532RA26 3
VINACOUR EstherE2476826 Mar 198169RA29 34
VINACOUR HarrisE2476918 Jul 195473RD28 28
VINACOUR JamesE2477026 Nov 194157RA26 18
VINACOUR LeahE2477117 Apr 197188RD28 32
VINACOUR LenaE2477212 May 195365RA09 28
VINCHINSKY SarahE2477323 Dec 199692RE04 21
VINE RosettaE2477417 Feb 197989RL08 18
VINIKER BernardE2477526 May 197659RK31 16
VINIKER David AlanE2477607 Oct 201769RK32 15
VINIKER FayE2477712 Aug 199981RK31 15
VINITSKY SippaE2477805 Jan 196276RE44 12
VINSON FrederickE2477929 Dec 198564RL07 42
VIPLOSH AliceE2478022 Jul 200383RB33 1
VIPLOSH BloomahE2478107 Feb 195271RB22 3
VIPLOSH SolomonE2478214 May 194159RA20 31
VISHNICK HymanE2478314 Aug 198494RC21 14
VISHNICK KatherineE2478412 May 201493RI18 1
VISHNIK RebeccaE2478509 Apr 197583RC21 15
VISHNIPOLSKI AnnieE2478616 Jan 196467RH44 16
VITKOFSKY AnnieE2478703 Nov 195387RD37 7
VITOFSKY CeliaE2478803 Jul 199779RC25 23
VITOFSKY SidneyE2478904 Oct 198774RC25 22

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