All Deceased beginning with letters 'HI'

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All names beginning HI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HICKIE AnnieB0256022 Feb 197781M14 12
HIGGINS RoseA0051801 May 194024B117 14
HIGHMAN HenryA0121130 Jul 194368A131 16
HILKOWITZ AnnieA0747429 Apr 196661I105 26
HILL AnneB0662324 Apr 198571H123 10
HILL o/w HOROWITCH WilliamA0805829 Oct 196765H123 11
HILLER AnnieB0178001 Sep 197568M36 32
HILLER CyrilC0503907 Feb 201385I246 02
HILLER DeborahB0318317 May 197876M36 35
HILLER HettyB0910307 Oct 199085M23 25
HILLER IrvingC0519803 Feb 201483I247 04
HILLER JackB0115405 Jun 197470M36 33
HILLER JackB0794423 Feb 198875M06 13
HILLER LewisB0195024 Dec 197574M36 38
HILLER Moses MorrisB0360510 Mar 197967M12 11
HILLER SadieC0149207 Sep 199780M12 12
HILLER SamuelB0141928 Dec 197481G126 11
HILLER SarahA0652003 Mar 196465G126 13
HILLMAN DavidC0261412 Mar 200191K126 42
HILLMAN FannyA0847513 Sep 196867G241 30
HILLMAN HildaC0374923 Oct 200585K126 43
HILLMAN JacobB0308814 Mar 197877N113 10
HILLMAN MarkC0076226 Sep 199586E102 12
HILLMAN PollyC0138112 May 199782E102 11
HILLS BabyB0576319 Jul 19831M33 11S
HIMMELFARB BeckyB0546115 Dec 198288N113 38
HIMMELFARB BernardC0055008 Feb 199571N102 04
HIMMELFARB MarksA0106701 Oct 194257A128 10
HIMMELFARB MinnieC0194019 Dec 199879N102 03
HIMMELFARB SarahA0352808 Sep 195483D133 25
HIMMELSTEIN KateA0187530 Jan 194768B140 07
HINDEN DavidA0741416 Mar 196651I104 17
HINDEN SadieC0444509 May 200988I137 20
HINDLER DeborahA0030103 Apr 193947B114 28
HINDLER MyerA0173021 Apr 194674B130 30
HIRSCH AlbertB0585008 Oct 198353O31 09
HIRSCH AlfredB0752506 Apr 198756O04 26
HIRSCH AnnieB0467601 May 198180J23 23
HIRSCH BernardB0766126 Jul 198757G112 31
HIRSCH DavidB0225109 Jul 197673K131 35
HIRSCH EstherC0166122 Feb 199893O10 04
HIRSCH LilyB0945211 Aug 199183K131 34
HIRSCH LuisA0289207 Nov 195165D251 10
HIRSCH MarcusB0607920 Mar 198474O32 28
HIRSCH MarkA0324913 May 195353D136 16
HIRSCH MendelB0291825 Nov 197780G111 30
HIRSCH MillyA0543827 Oct 196160G111 31
HIRSCH ReginaB0280706 Sep 197768O23 23
HIRSCHBONE LazarusA0076407 Feb 194161A123 24
HIRSCHMAN LazarusB0389528 Sep 197972O26 05
HIRSH AnnieB0188621 Nov 197586D251 09
HIRSH BernardB0373314 Jun 197956L08 26
HIRSH HannahB0275629 Jul 197775O22 52
HIRSH RoseC0357007 Jan 200581L08 25
HIRSHDIELD BabyB0239117 Oct 19764B245 23S
HIRSHORN AbrahamB0363629 Mar 197956O25 35
HIRST BettyB0916301 Dec 199065D124 04
HITMAN YettaA0288901 Nov 195156D251 11

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