All Deceased beginning with letters 'HI'

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All names beginning HI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HICKIE AnnieE1077222 Feb 197781RM14 12
HIGGINS RoseE1077301 May 194024RB17 14
HIGHMAN HenryE1077430 Jul 194368RA31 16
HILKOWITZ AnnieE1077529 Apr 196661RI05 26
HILL AnneE1077624 Apr 198571RH23 10
HILL o/w HOROWICZ WilliamE1077729 Oct 196765RH23 11
HILLER AnnieE1077801 Sep 197568RM36 32
HILLER CyrilE1077907 Feb 201385RI46 2
HILLER DeborahE1078017 May 197876RM36 35
HILLER HettyE1078107 Oct 199085RM23 25
HILLER IrvingE1078203 Feb 201483RI47 4
HILLER JackE1078305 Jun 197470RM36 33
HILLER JackE1078423 Feb 198875RM06 13
HILLER LewisE1078524 Dec 197574RM36 38
HILLER Moses MorrisE1078610 Mar 197967RM12 11
HILLER SadieE1078707 Sep 199780RM12 12
HILLER SamuelE1078828 Dec 197481RG26 11
HILLER SarahE1078903 Mar 196465RG26 13
HILLMAN DavidE1079012 Mar 200191RK26 42
HILLMAN FannyE1079113 Sep 196867RG41 30
HILLMAN HildaE1079223 Oct 200585RK26 43
HILLMAN JacobE1079314 Mar 197877RN13 10
HILLMAN MarkE1079426 Sep 199586RE02 12
HILLMAN PollyE1079512 May 199782RE02 11
HILLS BabyE1079619 Jul 19831 mthRM33 11S
HIMMELFARB BeckyE1079715 Dec 198288RN13 38
HIMMELFARB BernardE1079808 Feb 199571RN02 4
HIMMELFARB MarksE1079901 Oct 194257RA28 10
HIMMELFARB MinnieE1080019 Dec 199879RN02 3
HIMMELFARB SarahE1080108 Sep 195483RD33 25
HIMMELSTEIN KateE1080230 Jan 194768RB40 7
HINDEN DavidE1080316 Mar 196651RI04 17
HINDEN SadieE1080409 May 200988RI37 20
HINDLER DeborahE1080503 Apr 193947RB14 28
HINDLER MyerE1080621 Apr 194674RB30 30
HIRSCH AlbertE1080708 Oct 198353RO31 9
HIRSCH AlfredE1080806 Apr 198756RO04 26
HIRSCH AnnieE1080901 May 198180RJ23 23
HIRSCH BernardE1081026 Jul 198757RG12 31
HIRSCH DavidE1081109 Jul 197673RK31 35
HIRSCH EstherE1081222 Feb 199893RO10 4
HIRSCH LilyE1081311 Aug 199183RK31 34
HIRSCH LuisE1081407 Nov 195165RD51 10
HIRSCH MarcusE1081520 Mar 198474RO32 28
HIRSCH MarkE1081613 May 195353RD36 16
HIRSCH MendelE1081725 Nov 197780RG11 30
HIRSCH MillyE1081827 Oct 196160RG11 31
HIRSCH ReginaE1081906 Sep 197768RO23 23
HIRSCHBONE LazarusE1082007 Feb 194161RA23 24
HIRSCHMAN LazarusE1082128 Sep 197972RO26 5
HIRSH AnnieE1082221 Nov 197586RD51 9
HIRSH BernardE1082314 Jun 197956RL08 26
HIRSH HannahE1082429 Jul 197775RO22 52
HIRSH RoseE1082507 Jan 200581RL08 25
HIRSHDIELD BabyE1082617 Oct 19761 mthRB45 23S
HIRSHORN AbrahamE1082729 Mar 197956RO25 35
HIRST BettyE1082801 Dec 199065RD24 4
HITMAN YettaE1082901 Nov 195156RD51 11

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