All Deceased beginning with letters 'RI'

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All names beginning RI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RIBAK WoolfB0217206 May 197680I138 31
RIBEKOW AnnieA0827404 Apr 196891H120 27
RICE AnnieB0316205 May 197882L22 08
RICE JackB0128101 Oct 197484L22 07
RICH Annie EvaA0751306 Jun 196669G107 26
RICH BabyA0863514 Jan 19691B242 22S
RICH Benjamin BernardA0547418 Nov 196159G111 16
RICH BettyB0162811 May 197593H247 16
RICH BettyC0366705 Jun 200589L05 02
RICH DorisC0185307 Sep 199889M20 41
RICH EstherA0939111 Aug 197064G111 15
RICH EvaB0159917 Apr 197583F123 22
RICH HannahA0316516 Jan 195370D242 22
RICH HarryB0507517 Feb 198273K133 30
RICH Helen ConstanceA0254210 Apr 195036B250 23
RICH HelenB0260708 Apr 197748L25 26
RICH Irving IsraelB0321406 Jun 197867C123 16
RICH Israel JohnB0801107 Apr 198880O35 54
RICH JennieB0430828 Jul 198076N131 12
RICH KateB0894422 Apr 199065L38 40
RICH KatieC0487313 Jan 201294C123 17
RICH Leah LilyB0616412 May 198482O26 56
RICH LouisA0520826 Feb 196174G107 27
RICH LouisB0598508 Jan 198465O26 55
RICH LouisC0452309 Nov 200987L38 41
RICH MaxC0199610 Feb 199988L05 01
RICH MyerB0621822 Jun 198469N242 07
RICH NathanA0676928 Oct 196475F123 23
RICH or RISCOVITCH HarryA0377123 Sep 195512A259 16
RICH RachelA0348622 Jun 195467D127 18
RICH RichardA0842230 Jul 196858H118 19
RICH WandaC0346112 Jun 200488K133 31
RICHARDS AnnetteC0504206 Feb 201366I123 35
RICHARDS BettyC0223316 Nov 199987J16 40
RICHARDS GoldaB0308008 Mar 197879G122 15
RICHARDS LeslieA0633610 Oct 196365G122 11
RICHARDSON AlbertB0693412 Jan 198685O35 31
RICHARDSON RoseC0005922 Oct 199388O35 32
RICHENBERG BettyB0304314 Feb 197866N114 42
RICHENBERG NathanielB0338514 Oct 197876N113 41
RICHENBERG Rose MissC0357517 Jan 200596G117 02
RICHENS RebeccaB0077408 Oct 197357M27 08
RICHIK RebeccaA0540319 Sep 196179F136 31
RICHLAND BerthaA0270201 Jan 195152B252 23
RICHLAND FannyB0259729 Mar 197787L25 23
RICHLAND LouisB0516824 Apr 198290L25 24
RICHLAND MaryA0334318 Nov 195383D134 10
RICHLAND SarahA0226616 Jan 194972B246 21
RICHLAND SarahB0109224 Apr 197476I130 08
RICHLAND SarahB0290019 Nov 197774N114 22
RICHLAND SydneyB0467802 May 198187N114 23
RICHMAN AbrahamA0911510 Jan 197081F133 05
RICHMAN AnnieA0553502 Jan 196275F247 16
RICHMAN AnnieB0228201 Aug 197686K107 16
RICHMAN DeborahA0380220 Nov 195566E109 27
RICHMAN ErrolC0086729 Dec 199553K242 31
RICHMAN EstherB0231124 Aug 197680L22 39
RICHMAN HarryB0623202 Jul 198465F134 04
RICHMAN HarryC0041911 Oct 199482E241 04
RICHMAN HymanA0883325 Jun 196952F133 10
RICHMAN JackA1020811 Feb 197280L18 38
RICHMAN JEANC0232124 Feb 200085N243 47
RICHMAN LewisA0934704 Jul 197059M23 12
RICHMAN MarksA0455421 Sep 195873F247 17
RICHMAN MarrisB0271016 Jun 197772M27 12
RICHMAN MarthaC0489327 Feb 201294E241 03
RICHMAN MillieA0590814 Nov 196272F133 06
RICHMAN RoseB0723108 Aug 198674M23 11
RICHMAN SamuelA0366718 Mar 195575D122 06
RICHMAN SolomonA0119421 Jun 194337A130 08
RICHMOND AbrahamA0446615 May 195870F250 29
RICHMOND BarnettA0929212 May 197064G245 20
RICHMOND JohnA0148428 Jan 194519A131 06
RICHMOND Lazarus (Leslie)C0538616 Jun 2015101D246 04
RICHMOND LouisA0338313 Jan 195448D131 18
RICHMOND PasseC0164809 Feb 199875C120 03
RICHMOND Rachel IreneB0994908 Nov 199272D246 03
RICHSTEIN JacobA0448001 Jun 195882D140 09
RICHTER FayB0463802 Apr 198180N132 39
RICHTER Lezer LipmanA0858719 Dec 196876J05 32
RICK BettieC0267117 May 200184K133 23
RICK HenryB0453424 Jan 198165K133 24
RICK MarthaA0507121 Sep 196082F139 20
RICKAYZEN JaneB0155020 Mar 197578I135 23
RICKLER MorrisA0412807 Mar 195758E120 06
RICKLER YettaA0642728 Dec 196363E121 06
RICKLOVITCH RachelA0592327 Nov 196282F133 07
RICKMAN EstherB1001906 Jan 199385F140 04
RICKMAN KateB0366018 Apr 197968N128 41
RICKMAN SidneyC0524212 Jun 201498N128 42
RICKOVITCH EttyB0049916 Feb 197382M30 34
RIDDELL AbrahamB0955014 Nov 199187E103 17
RIDDELL RosettaC0016312 Jan 199484E103 18
RIDDLE SamuelA0640416 Dec 196349A104 31
RIDLER AdelaideC0198729 Jan 199979B102 03
RIDLER MaxC0164406 Feb 199875B102 04
RIEBENFELD ReginaA0468213 Mar 195950C106 26
RIEBENFELD SaulA0617302 May 196367C106 27
RIFCOFF JessieA0891030 Aug 196978J20 17
RIFKIN PearlB0567330 Apr 198379O19 56
RIFKIN Solomon NathanB0090506 Jan 197460M35 18
RIMEL Cissie SarahB0794121 Feb 198885N245 33
RIMEL Israel SidB0679523 Sep 198585N245 32
RIMMER Alice FayB0229107 Aug 197658M15 36
RIMMER SarahB0531707 Sep 1982101N137 14
RIMMER SidneyC0165817 Feb 199884M13 41
RIND BarnetC0051715 Jan 199583G103 32
RIND HettyC0257303 Feb 200189G103 33
RIND JudahA0669013 Aug 196453H241 17
RIND WoolfC0057807 Mar 199582K105 26
RINDER AbrahamA0802226 Sep 196774G114 20
RING RoseB0073905 Sep 197394M30 14
RINGEL BernhardC0323810 Aug 200384M14 02
RINSKY MorrisC0090804 Feb 199688K126 38
RINZLER GertrudeA0422118 Jul 195773B131 03
RISCOVITCH EstherA0598607 Jan 196378G110 16
RISEMAN HettyC0516508 Nov 201390K243 37
RISEMAN MarthaB0843308 Mar 198994F134 10
RISEMAN MorrisA0585224 Sep 196268F134 09
RISEMAN MyerA0421910 Jul 195757E124 28
RISEMAN Nita or RitaB0278519 Aug 197768L26 09
RISEMAN SamuelB0765825 Jul 198782K243 38
RISIDORE Catherine SarahA0531719 Jun 196176A255 03
RISIDORE FannyB0680029 Sep 198578K110 32
RISIDORE HannahA0173901 May 194634B119 04
RISIDORE HarryB0147730 Jan 197565K110 31
RISIDORE LazarusA0266325 Nov 195065A255 14
RISIDORE Lewis BarneyA0894326 Sep 196946B105 07
RISIDORE RoseA0043805 Jan 194019B116 08
RISNICK Charles IsaacA0453528 Aug 195858F248 07
RISTER BerthaB0862815 Aug 198990N243 17
RISTER FannyB0243605 Dec 197673N124 18
RITMAN HettyA0306426 Jul 195241D244 27
RITTA AlexanderA0031504 May 193930A115 18
RITTA EstherB0254915 Feb 197758K109 26
RITTENBAUM MillyB0088318 Dec 197384C103 11
RITTENBERG BlanceA0633003 Oct 196338H245 07
RITTER BetsyA0289816 Nov 195168A109 22
RITTER DeborahA0627029 Jul 196363D125 20
RITTER JosephA0502401 Aug 196081E139 19
RITTER MarksA0466015 Feb 195976A109 23
RITTER OscarA0355524 Oct 195474D125 19
RITTER SarahB0699925 Feb 198688J16 16
RITTER SolomonA0834619 May 196873J16 15
RITTER SolomonB0460109 Mar 198161F110 04
RITZ LeahC0021124 Feb 199489O06 23
RITZ MyerB0609327 Mar 198477O32 35
RITZ RebeccaC0081012 Nov 199589O32 34
RITZ RoseA0228909 Feb 194948B245 31
RITZ ZeligB0698615 Feb 198677O06 22
RIVLIN AaronC0248610 Oct 20000E104 01
RIVLIN FannyC0312216 Feb 200383E104 02

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