All Deceased beginning with letters 'RI'

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All names beginning RI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RIBAK WoolfE1920306 May 197680RI38 31
RIBEKOW AnnieE1920404 Apr 196891RH20 27
RICE AnnieE1920505 May 197882RL22 8
RICE JackE1920601 Oct 197484RL22 7
RICH Annie EvaE1920706 Jun 196669RG07 26
RICH BabyE1920814 Jan 19691 mthRB42 22S
RICH Benjamin BernardE1920918 Nov 196159RG11 16
RICH BettyE1921005 Jun 200589RL05 2
RICH BettyE1921111 May 197593RH47 16
RICH DorisE1921207 Sep 199889RM20 41
RICH EstherE1921311 Aug 197064RG11 15
RICH EvaE1921417 Apr 197583RF23 22
RICH HannahE1921516 Jan 195370RD42 22
RICH HarryE1921617 Feb 198273RK33 30
RICH Helen ConstanceE1921710 Apr 195036RB50 23
RICH HelenE1921808 Apr 197748RL25 26
RICH Irving IsraelE1921906 Jun 197867RC23 16
RICH Israel JohnE1922007 Apr 198880RO35 54
RICH JennieE1922128 Jul 198076RN31 12
RICH KateE1922222 Apr 199065RL38 40
RICH KatieE1922313 Jan 201294RC23 17
RICH Leah LilyE1922412 May 198482RO26 56
RICH LouisE1922508 Jan 198465RO26 55
RICH LouisE1922626 Feb 196174RG07 27
RICH LouisE1922709 Nov 200987RL38 41
RICH MaxE1922810 Feb 199988RL05 1
RICH MyerE1922922 Jun 198469RN42 7
RICH NathanE1923028 Oct 196475RF23 23
RICH or RISCOVITCH HarryE1923123 Sep 195512RA59 16
RICH RachelE1923222 Jun 195467RD27 18
RICH RichardE1923330 Jul 196858RH18 19
RICH WandaE1923412 Jun 200488RK33 31
RICHARDS AnnetteE1923506 Feb 201366RI23 35
RICHARDS BettyE1923616 Nov 199987RJ16 40
RICHARDS GoldaE1923708 Mar 197879RG22 15
RICHARDS LeslieE1923810 Oct 196365RG22 11
RICHARDSON AlbertE1923912 Jan 198685RO35 31
RICHARDSON RoseE1924022 Oct 199388RO35 32
RICHENBERG BettyE1924114 Feb 197866RN14 42
RICHENBERG NathanielE1924214 Oct 197876RN13 41
RICHENBERG Rose MissE1924317 Jan 200596RG17 2
RICHENS RebeccaE1924408 Oct 197357RM27 8
RICHIK RebeccaE1924519 Sep 196179RF36 31
RICHLAND BerthaE1924601 Jan 195152RB52 23
RICHLAND FannyE1924729 Mar 197787RL25 23
RICHLAND LouisE1924824 Apr 198290RL25 24
RICHLAND MaryE1924918 Nov 195383RD34 10
RICHLAND SarahE1925016 Jan 194972RB46 21
RICHLAND SarahE1925119 Nov 197774RN14 22
RICHLAND SarahE1925224 Apr 197476RI30 8
RICHLAND SydneyE1925302 May 198187RN14 23
RICHMAN AbrahamE1925410 Jan 197081RF33 5
RICHMAN AnnieE1925502 Jan 196275RF47 16
RICHMAN AnnieE1925601 Aug 197686RK07 16
RICHMAN DeborahE1925720 Nov 195566RE09 27
RICHMAN ErrolE1925829 Dec 199553RK42 31
RICHMAN EstherE1925924 Aug 197680RL22 39
RICHMAN HarryE1926002 Jul 198465RF34 4
RICHMAN HarryE1926111 Oct 199482RE41 4
RICHMAN HymanE1926225 Jun 196952RF33 10
RICHMAN JackE1926311 Feb 197280RL18 38
RICHMAN JEANE1926424 Feb 200085RN43 47
RICHMAN LewisE1926504 Jul 197059RM23 12
RICHMAN MarksE1926621 Sep 195873RF47 17
RICHMAN MarrisE1926716 Jun 197772RM27 12
RICHMAN MarthaE1926827 Feb 201294RE41 3
RICHMAN MillieE1926914 Nov 196272RF33 6
RICHMAN ReneeE1927026 Mar 201898RA27 36
RICHMAN RoseE1927108 Aug 198674RM23 11
RICHMAN SamuelE1927218 Mar 195575RD22 6
RICHMAN SolomonE1927321 Jun 194337RA30 8
RICHMOND AbrahamE1927415 May 195870RF50 29
RICHMOND BarnettE1927512 May 197064RG45 20
RICHMOND JohnE1927628 Jan 194519RA31 6
RICHMOND Lazarus (Leslie)E1927716 Jun 2015101RD46 4
RICHMOND LouisE1927813 Jan 195448RD31 18
RICHMOND PasseE1927909 Feb 199875RC20 3
RICHMOND Rachel IreneE1928008 Nov 199272RD46 3
RICHSTEIN JacobE1928101 Jun 195882RD40 9
RICHTER FayE1928202 Apr 198180RN32 39
RICHTER Lezer LipmanE1928319 Dec 196876RJ05 32
RICK BettieE1928417 May 200184RK33 23
RICK HenryE1928524 Jan 198165RK33 24
RICK MarthaE1928621 Sep 196082RF39 20
RICKAYZEN JaneE1928720 Mar 197578RI35 23
RICKLER MorrisE1928807 Mar 195758RE20 6
RICKLER YettaE1928928 Dec 196363RE21 6
RICKLOVITCH RachelE1929027 Nov 196282RF33 7
RICKMAN EstherE1929106 Jan 199385RF40 4
RICKMAN KateE1929218 Apr 197968RN28 41
RICKMAN SidneyE1929312 Jun 201498RN28 42
RICKOVITCH EttyE1929416 Feb 197382RM30 34
RIDDELL AbrahamE1929514 Nov 199187RE03 17
RIDDELL RosettaE1929612 Jan 199484RE03 18
RIDDLE SamuelE1929716 Dec 196349RA04 31
RIDLER AdelaideE1929829 Jan 199979RB02 3
RIDLER MaxE1929906 Feb 199875RB02 4
RIEBENFELD ReginaE1930013 Mar 195950RC06 26
RIEBENFELD SaulE1930102 May 196367RC06 27
RIFCOFF JessieE1930230 Aug 196978RJ20 17
RIFKIN PearlE1930330 Apr 198379RO19 56
RIFKIN Solomon NathanE1930406 Jan 197460RM35 18
RIMEL Cissie SarahE1930521 Feb 198885RN45 33
RIMEL Israel SidE1930623 Sep 198585RN45 32
RIMMER Alice FayE1930707 Aug 197658RM15 36
RIMMER SarahE1930807 Sep 1982101RN37 14
RIMMER SidneyE1930917 Feb 199884RM13 41
RIND BarnetE1931015 Jan 199583RG03 32
RIND BellaE1931131 Dec 2017103RK05 27
RIND HettyE1931203 Feb 200189RG03 33
RIND JudahE1931313 Aug 196453RH41 17
RIND WoolfE1931407 Mar 199582RK05 26
RINDER AbrahamE1931526 Sep 196774RG14 20
RING RoseE1931605 Sep 197394RM30 14
RINGEL BernhardE1931710 Aug 200384RM14 2
RINSKY MorrisE1931804 Feb 199688RK26 38
RINZLER GertrudeE1931918 Jul 195773RB31 3
RISCOVITCH EstherE1932007 Jan 196378RG10 16
RISEMAN HettyE1932108 Nov 201390RK43 37
RISEMAN MarthaE1932208 Mar 198994RF34 10
RISEMAN MorrisE1932324 Sep 196268RF34 9
RISEMAN MyerE1932410 Jul 195757RE24 28
RISEMAN Nita or RitaE1932519 Aug 197768RL26 9
RISEMAN SamuelE1932625 Jul 198782RK43 38
RISIDORE Catherine SarahE1932719 Jun 196176RA55 3
RISIDORE FannyE1932829 Sep 198578RK10 32
RISIDORE HannahE1932901 May 194634RB19 4
RISIDORE HarryE1933030 Jan 197565RK10 31
RISIDORE LazarusE1933125 Nov 195065RA55 14
RISIDORE Lewis BarneyE1933226 Sep 196946RB05 7
RISIDORE RoseE1933305 Jan 194019RB16 8
RISNICK Charles IsaacE1933428 Aug 195858RF48 7
RISTER BerthaE1933515 Aug 198990RN43 17
RISTER FannyE1933605 Dec 197673RN24 18
RITMAN HettyE1933726 Jul 195241RD44 27
RITTA AlexanderE1933804 May 193930RA15 18
RITTA EstherE1933915 Feb 197758RK09 26
RITTENBAUM MillyE1934018 Dec 197384RC03 11
RITTENBERG BlanceE1934103 Oct 196338RH45 7
RITTER BetsyE1934216 Nov 195168RA09 22
RITTER DeborahE1934329 Jul 196363RD25 20
RITTER JosephE1934401 Aug 196081RE39 19
RITTER MarksE1934515 Feb 195976RA09 23
RITTER OscarE1934624 Oct 195474RD25 19
RITTER SarahE1934725 Feb 198688RJ16 16
RITTER SolomonE1934809 Mar 198161RF10 4
RITTER SolomonE1934919 May 196873RJ16 15
RITZ LeahE1935024 Feb 199489RO06 23
RITZ MyerE1935127 Mar 198477RO32 35
RITZ RebeccaE1935212 Nov 199589RO32 34
RITZ RoseE1935309 Feb 194948RB45 31
RITZ ZeligE1935415 Feb 198677RO06 22
RIVLIN AaronE1935510 Oct 20000RE04 1
RIVLIN FannyE1935616 Feb 200383RE04 2

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