All Deceased beginning with letters 'AU'

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All names beginning AU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AUBER EricE0069310 Dec 200288RJ31 11
AUBER MargaretE0069425 Dec 198469RJ31 12
AUBREY RebeccaE0069513 Sep 197367RI11 14
AUBUS CharlesE0069613 Mar 195884RE32 11
AUERBACH (LEWIS) Jane o/w JeanE0069705 Mar 199676RE52 23
AUERBACH EmanuelE0069829 Oct 198681RO04 32
AUERBACH LewisE0069918 Sep 195077RA54 12
AUNG GertrudeE0070014 Jul 198668RN44 5
AUSTIN AbrahamE0070113 Nov 197864RH20 33
AUSTIN AlbertE0070205 May 197973RN11 33
AUSTIN Allan IanE0070314 Sep 196124RC02 8
AUSTIN Ann RachelE0070402 Feb 200689RH54 29
AUSTIN AnnE0070525 Nov 198771RH20 34
AUSTIN EstherE0070621 Sep 199085RK34 17
AUSTIN FayE0070725 Apr 198081RM27 33
AUSTIN GertieE0070805 Feb 2013100RC02 9
AUSTIN LouisE0070917 Jul 199490RC02 10
AUSTIN Melvyn AnthonyE0071003 May 196823RH20 20
AUSTIN MillicentE0071107 Apr 199091RB34 1
AUSTIN MyerE0071224 Apr 198278RK34 18
AUSTIN o/w AUSTRIA AnnieE0071310 Nov 194481RB34 15
AUSTIN RebeccaE0071429 Dec 198378RN11 34
AUSTIN RoseE0071506 Jan 198164RL20 26
AUSTIN SidneyE0071608 Sep 197067RL20 25
AUSTINA EstherE0071701 Oct 195963RB34 2
AUSTRIA SarahE0071826 Feb 194954RB46 26

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