All Deceased beginning with letters 'AU'

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All names beginning AU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AUBER EricC0306510 Dec 200288J31 11
AUBER MargaretB0643325 Dec 198469J31 12
AUBREY RebeccaB0074313 Sep 197367I111 14
AUBUS CharlesA0441813 Mar 195884E132 11
AUERBACH (LEWIS) Jane o/w JeanC0095305 Mar 199676E252 23
AUERBACH EmanuelB0731929 Oct 198681O04 32
AUERBACH LewisA0262818 Sep 195077A254 12
AUNG GertrudeB0719514 Jul 198668N244 05
AUSTIN AbrahamB0341813 Nov 197864H120 33
AUSTIN AlbertB0368405 May 197973N111 33
AUSTIN Allan IanA0539514 Sep 196124C102 08
AUSTIN Ann RachelC0381902 Feb 200689H254 29
AUSTIN AnnB0781225 Nov 198771H120 34
AUSTIN EstherB0908821 Sep 199085K134 17
AUSTIN FayB0420325 Apr 198081M27 33
AUSTIN GertieC0503705 Feb 2013100C102 09
AUSTIN LouisC0034917 Jul 199490C102 10
AUSTIN Melvyn AnthonyA0832803 May 196823H120 20
AUSTIN MillicentB0892607 Apr 199091B134 01
AUSTIN MyerB0516724 Apr 198278K134 18
AUSTIN o/w AUSTRIA AnnieA0145310 Nov 194481B134 15
AUSTIN RebeccaB0596129 Dec 198378N111 34
AUSTIN RoseB0450206 Jan 198164L20 26
AUSTIN SidneyA0943208 Sep 197067L20 25
AUSTINA EstherA0481401 Oct 195963B134 02
AUSTRIA SarahA0231126 Feb 194954B246 26

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