All Deceased beginning with letters 'TR'

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All names beginning TR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TRACHTENBERG BlumahE2445503 Jul 197572RC21 20
TRACHTENBERG SamuelE2445625 Jan 196034RF42 23
TRACHTENBERG WoolfE2445713 Feb 197874RC21 21
TRACK GoldaE2445810 Mar 199575RG08 3
TRACK HarryE2445920 Nov 200185RG08 4
TRACKEN AlfredE2446023 Mar 197056RH11 18
TRACKMAN AnthonyE2446107 Dec 199647RG40 4
TRACKS SusanE2446206 Jan 19970RK38 3
TRAGER YettaE2446323 May 196178RE42 11
TRAINIS AnneE2446419 Apr 199686RL02 8
TRAINIS Gregory IanE2446512 Mar 199754RL31 42
TRAINIS HarryE2446622 Oct 199586RL02 7
TRAINIS JoeE2446716 Jan 198673RL30 31
TRAINIS Marjorie VivienneE2446802 Dec 197860RL30 30
TRAJER o/w TREGAR NathanE2446921 Aug 196853RE43 10
TRANIS BarnetE2447001 Apr 199594RH36 24
TRANIS MinnieE2447128 Mar 197480RJ24 26
TRANIS RebeccaE2447221 Jun 196565RH36 25
TRAUBERMAN LeoE2447327 Mar 194481RA33 27
TRAVERS BeatriceE2447415 Jan 200287RE31 34
TRAVERS BenjaminE2447525 Aug 200991RO32 54
TRAVERS ElizabethE2447612 Dec 198560RO32 53
TRAVERS JudahE2447721 Jul 195054RA53 6
TRAVERS LeahE2447805 Jun 197074RA53 5
TRAVERS MorrisE2447924 Oct 198263RE31 35
TRAVIS JackE2448003 Jan 195652RE10 24
TRAVIS RachelE2448114 May 195750RE10 25
TRAY GoldaE2448231 Aug 198885RL20 23
TRAY SimonE2448306 Sep 197065RL20 24
TREE CicelyE2448412 Sep 198976RO28 60
TREE HenryE2448513 Feb 196271RG13 5
TREE LazarusE2448629 Jul 200185RO28 61
TREISMAN EstherE2448704 Oct 193862RB12 28
TRENNER IdaE2448807 Sep 194058RB18 28
TRENT BeatriceE2448908 Oct 198862RF09 17
TRENT JohnE2449004 Feb 200894RF04 2
TREPPEL GoldaE2449117 Oct 198068RN08 42
TREPPEL SolomonE2449213 Jun 199586RN08 41
TRESSER CeciliaE2449326 Aug 196779RF19 27
TRESSER Lily LeahE2449410 Sep 196959RI22 10
TRESSER MyerE2449510 Nov 196580RF19 26
TREVOR DebbyE2449617 Apr 197062RI26 16
TREVOR Harry JosephE2449724 Apr 195542RA40 7
TRIBER AnneE2449811 Aug 199380RJ31 34
TRIBER MarkE2449928 Oct 198879RJ31 33
TRISK RachelE2450016 Feb 193992RB14 11
TROMER DavidE2450126 Sep 194661RA42 16
TROMER Grace Elsie SarahE2450231 Oct 198191RN35 27
TROPP HymanE2450311 Dec 196387RG24 17
TROPP MichaelE2450416 Aug 194135RA25 12
TROPP NathanE2450504 Mar 195345RD39 24
TROPP SadieE2450628 Jan 201397RO11 23
TROPP SimonE2450718 Feb 198281RO11 22
TROTSENBURG DinahE2450801 Sep 198255RN06 27
TROTSKY HenryE2450904 Jul 197655RE52 8
TROUB Alexander RobertE2451020 Sep 196274RF34 8
TROUB EstherE2451126 Dec 196778RF34 7
TROUBE RayE2451204 May 195055RB50 26
TROYNA ChanaE2451312 Jun 194595RB35 9
TROYNA LouisE2451419 Nov 199582RH44 4
TROYNA MinnieE2451525 Apr 197082RF48 4
TROYNA MorrisE2451610 Dec 196183RF48 3
TROYNA RaynaE2451722 May 201197RH44 3
TRUBNICK EvaE2451804 Dec 195774RE29 27
TRUBNICK LouisE2451917 Mar 196584RE29 28
TRUDEAU LilianE2452017 Mar 199358RI31 32
TRUMAN LeahE2452122 Jun 198660RK42 33
TRUMAN SidneyE2452219 Feb 200579RK42 34
TRUPPIN Hilary PaulineE2452302 Mar 201368RM22 42

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