All Deceased beginning with letters 'TH'

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All names beginning TH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
THALER LeibE2432420 May 194666RA41 17
THOMPSON RebeccaE2432517 Mar 196174RE12 13
THOMSON AbrahamE2432602 Mar 195675RE12 14
THORN AmeliaE2432701 Dec 196969RE52 5
THORNTON GaryE2432803 Nov 199637RM38 4
THORNTON Harry LeslieE2432915 Feb 201290RM38 2
THORPE Anthony ReubenE2433012 Dec 197272RH50 28
THORPE FriedaE2433116 Nov 198678RL33 20
THORPE Hannah BloomahE2433205 Dec 197372RH50 27
THUN Henry AlbertE2433304 Apr 194557RA25 35
THUN Laura LeahE2433412 May 194968RA25 34
THUN MarcusE2433512 Aug 195879RA25 33

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