All Deceased beginning with letters 'SN'

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All names beginning SN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SNAPPER HelenaA0277212 Apr 195189B252 08
SNELMAN AlexanderB0731219 Oct 198669L14 26
SNELMAN EmanuelC0356903 Jan 200584E121 04
SNELMAN Evelyn LilianB1008223 Feb 199367E121 03
SNELMAN LeahB0525106 Jul 198294L15 24
SNOOK JohnC0303218 Oct 200254O19 01
SNOOK LindaC0462616 Jun 201061O19 02
SNOW IsidoreA0824015 Mar 196876F113 19
SNOW NellieB0727519 Sep 198694F113 18
SNOWDEN AnnieB0539506 Nov 198274N125 19
SNOWDEN EveB0979908 Jun 199286O21 18
SNOWDEN JoeB0187812 Nov 197570O21 17
SNOWDEN Malcolm LionelB0794323 Feb 198852O39 29
SNOWDEN SarahB0768421 Aug 198789N246 37
SNOWDEN SydneyB0267124 May 197778N125 20

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