All Deceased beginning with letters 'DR'

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All names beginning DR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DRACHMAN IsadoreE0578404 Apr 194065RA18 16
DRAGE AlfredE0578503 Jun 198181RN33 22
DRAGE David SidneyE0578623 Mar 199567RN33 20
DRAGE EstherE0578731 Jul 198384RN33 21
DRAKE FloraE0578819 Feb 198678RO06 37
DRAKE IsaacE0578926 Nov 198682RO37 11
DRAKE SidneyE0579002 Apr 197276RM30 7
DRAKE SophieE0579103 Feb 199586RO37 12
DRAKKER JosephE0579225 Jun 196458RH42 13
DRANSE RachelE0579330 Apr 200897RG25 1
DRAPKIN BenjaminE0579407 Jun 199479RE47 5
DRAYENSTOCK LeahE0579530 Jul 196168RG09 20
DREEN Eleanor MaryE0579628 Jul 199177RA58 33
DREEN LewisE0579724 Jan 200190RA58 32
DREEN Sandra RobertaE0579818 Apr 19466 mthRA62 36
DREEN SarahE0579930 Apr 194490RB32 22
DREEZER MarcusE0580012 Nov 197178RJ01 8
DREEZER MillyE0580107 Jun 198888RJ01 7
DREGENT MaryE0580207 Feb 194060RB16 3
DREISSIN GeorgeE0580322 Nov 199769RG02 29
DRESDNER Aaron MyerE0580418 Feb 198374RN39 13
DRESDNER ElizabethE0580513 Oct 199085RI41 10
DREW Anne OliveE0580620 Sep 200897RN02 10
DREW BenjaminE0580726 May 199483RN02 9
DREW-DAVIS JosephE0580809 Apr 198577RN45 15
DREW-DAVIS RachelE0580904 Jul 19890RN45 14
DRIAN AnneE0581006 Apr 201798RN43 11
DRIAN BurtE0581110 Sep 198467RN43 12
DRISCOLL Jeffrey AllenE0581214 Dec 201268RG47 35
DRIVER JohnE0581325 May 196569RH36 31
DRIVER RachelE0581419 Apr 198183RH36 30
DRIZEN WoolfE0581524 Dec 200893RG16 34
DROBINER AbrahamE0581614 Jul 196053RD12 14
DROBINER AlecE0581708 Aug 196569RF20 7
DROBINER EstherE0581823 Oct 197067RF20 8
DROBINER EstherE0581928 Apr 199480RH08 33
DROBINER KateE0582001 Feb 198586RO33 32
DROSE HarryE0582110 Feb 195874RC01 4
DRUBITCH CissieE0582201 Apr 200592RN37 47
DRUBITCH FannyE0582317 Aug 195268RD43 14
DRUBITCH PercyE0582425 Mar 198063RN10 11
DRUBITCH SimonE0582512 Sep 198776RN37 46
DRUCE FannyE0582627 Apr 198186RM12 32
DRUCE IsraelE0582726 Oct 197986RM12 33
DRUCK HymanE0582814 Jan 195259RD48 16
DRUCK SarahE0582918 Jun 197074RG45 15
DRUCKER Irwin SamuelE0583011 Aug 197542RO20 13
DRUCKER SarahE0583125 Sep 194085RB19 9
DRUIAN MinnieE0583220 Jul 198192RM17 10
DRUIK DoraE0583328 Jan 194678RB38 19
DRUIN NathanE0583407 Feb 197389RM17 9
DRUKASH Moshe MauriceE0583512 Oct 198761RE42 7
DRUKER BernardE0583609 Jun 198775RO37 26
DRUKER MatildaE0583715 Jan 193965RB13 20
DRUPIEFSKY AnnieE0583818 Jan 197891RH12 18
DRUPIEFSKY DavisE0583905 Dec 196987RH12 17
DRYER AnnieE0584012 Feb 194869RB44 18
DRYER BerthaE0584131 Jan 197173RG46 8
DRYER BessieE0584211 May 198970RI42 25
DRYER CissieE0584314 Mar 200797RJ37 23
DRYER IsidoreE0584418 Jan 199278RJ37 22
DRYER JackE0584529 Jun 196969RJ19 25
DRYER JackE0584620 Apr 197971RN11 29
DRYER Joseph MyerE0584706 Jun 198179RN33 27
DRYER JuliusE0584806 Oct 198768RI42 26
DRYER KateE0584919 May 198781RO38 24
DRYER LenaE0585029 May 197782RF27 10
DRYER MichaelE0585113 Aug 197368RK26 12
DRYER RachelE0585224 Oct 198078RJ19 26
DRYER RachelE0585328 Apr 198379RN11 28
DRYER SamuelE0585408 Aug 197579RF27 9

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