All Deceased beginning with letters 'HU'

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All names beginning HU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HUBBERGILT OscarE1095909 Oct 197782RE55 34
HUBERFELD Esther RachelE1096009 Nov 196481RC13 23
HUBERFIELD ChaimE1096121 Dec 200284RC19 33
HUBERFIELD Phyllis FayE1096218 Sep 199275RC19 32
HUBERT AdolphE1096316 Nov 197984RC04 12
HUBERT FannyE1096406 Sep 198086RC04 13
HUDDERSMAN ManisE1096522 Apr 199674RI32 4
HUDDERSMAN RaieE1096610 Dec 201287RI32 3
HUDDESMAN TonyE1096720 Jul 196445RH41 23
HUDES PaulineE1096808 Jan 196482RH44 18
HUDSON MavisE1096903 Nov 198337RJ16 39
HUGHES JennyE1097028 Nov 199996RG09 33
HULL MinnieE1097129 Jun 201591RI46 21
HULL PaulE1097219 Jul 201369RI46 20
HULMAN Allen MorrisE1097329 Mar 19572 mthRB54 50
HUNT BabyE1097414 Aug 20001 mthRB56 13A
HUNT BabyE1097505 Oct 20010RB56 14A
HUNT GoldaE1097611 Jul 197563RN21 7
HUPKA DeborahE1097716 Mar 200089RN26 32
HUPKA HansE1097821 Feb 197874RN26 31
HURST AlfredE1097930 Jul 199978RE43 4
HURST Anita GoldaE1098009 Mar 2018RH29 2
HURST AnneE1098108 Jun 199687RO22 62
HURST AnnieE1098213 Jul 197083RA36 8
HURST BarryE1098303 Aug 200456RI12 35
HURST BernardE1098419 Jan 199976RB13 35
HURST BrendaE1098514 Apr 200764RI04 2
HURST BrianE1098616 Feb 201773RG50 7
HURST Cecilia CissieE1098703 Jul 198767RK45 21
HURST CyrilE1098811 Feb 196336RA36 1
HURST CyrilE1098928 Feb 200477RN22 2
HURST HildaE1099002 Apr 200989RE43 3
HURST IsaacE1099122 Apr 194538RA36 9
HURST JackE1099206 Feb 200282RH29 1
HURST KennethE1099310 Jun 200381RI04 1
HURST Leslie HaroldE1099424 Sep 199982RK45 22
HURST LilyE1099512 Mar 201491RN22 1
HURST Lindsey MyraE1099607 Nov 197627RO22 30
HURST ReneeE1099705 May 200887RO23 59
HURST SamuelE1099803 Jul 197187RA36 7
HURST SidneyE1099905 Nov 198670RO23 58
HUSED AnitaE1100029 Sep 199682RD35 3
HUSED Jack IsaacE1100124 Nov 195352RD34 9
HUSHANSKY LewisE1100225 May 196689RE49 20
HUSK BerthaE1100321 Apr 199786RM04 41

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