All Deceased beginning with letters 'PI'

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All names beginning PI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PICKETT RachelB0326019 Jul 197875N127 22
PICKHOLTZ DoraA0225818 Dec 194873B245 12
PIERCE RoseC0126114 Jan 199788A244 35
PIERCHOTKIN JulieA0613122 Mar 196380H247 13
PIETERS CecilC0446716 Jun 200982M10 43
PIETERS EdithC0349217 Aug 200475M10 42
PIEZCOWITCH JuliusA0121406 Aug 194372A131 15
PIKE ReneA0989314 Jul 197145G247 19
PIKUS BarnettC0266817 May 200193F140 02
PIKUS JosephA0899604 Nov 196953F251 30
PIKUS LilyC0260002 Mar 200192F140 01
PIKUS MarieB0808212 Jun 198879O08 48
PIKUS SolomonA0444618 Apr 195880F251 28
PILBERRY AnneA0822127 Feb 196864G106 25
PILBERRY Harry AaronB0080829 Oct 197370M34 24
PILBERY JosephC0316105 Apr 200372E251 27
PILCH MillieA0796018 Jul 196763H125 10
PILCH MillyA0640517 Dec 196369G124 16
PILDERS RuthA0095711 Feb 194210A260 13
PILDUS HettyB0581210 Sep 198382M33 25
PILDUS Michael BernardC0526520 Aug 201474M33 38
PILLEY BetsyA0983924 May 197158G247 23
PINCHOFSKY MorrisB0883414 Jan 199085L35 10
PINCHOFSKY YettaB0430424 Jul 198077L35 09
PINCUS (TOMLINSON) IreneC0043627 Oct 199459K130 04
PINCUS CeliaC0094810 Mar 199690H136 15
PINCUS DavidB1006412 Feb 199380D131 03
PINCUS GeorgeB0928507 Mar 199182O37 34
PINCUS JennieB0757321 May 198781K131 06
PINCUS MorrisA0711124 Jul 196562H136 16
PINCUS SamuelC0003825 Sep 199387K131 05
PINDUS Bernard HymanB0272024 Jun 197749O23 17
PINDUS EstherB0865912 Sep 198974M04 28
PINDUS Jack JacobB0568510 May 198374N108 07
PINKOFSKY IsraelB0463429 Mar 198177O13 48
PINKUS DoraB0147119 Jan 197556I119 09
PINKUS HarryB0828013 Nov 198882H112 10
PINKUS KittyB0742425 Jan 198775O37 33
PINKUS MillieA0968122 Feb 197163J04 42
PINKUS Morris HarrisB0623807 Jul 198480J04 41
PINKUS RachelB0816625 Aug 198874H112 09
PINKUS RebeccaA0539313 Sep 196180A135 01
PINKUS RoseB0396016 Nov 197969O15 51
PINKUS SarahA0516615 Jan 196182G108 23
PINKUS SylviaA0376108 Sep 195554D118 10
PINNER AbrahamA0901214 Nov 196972H113 28
PINNER AlfredC0418021 Dec 200787M33 43
PINNER FannyC0153616 Oct 199797H124 32
PINNER FlorenceB0270511 Jun 197779I139 18
PINNER HildaB0638919 Nov 198476O21 08
PINNER HildaC0517327 Nov 201392M33 42
PINNER HymanB0182611 Oct 197570O21 09
PINONSICK / PINONSKY JosephA0129519 Jan 194467A133 16
PINONSICK FannyA0234922 Apr 194970B246 06
PINS GoldaB0540814 Nov 198279M09 35
PINS Joseph BenB0577127 Jul 198377M09 36
PINSENBAUM AnnieB0052201 Mar 197381G125 28
PINSKER PhilipA0778713 Feb 196766H125 31
PINSKER RebeccaA0853303 Nov 196866H125 30
PION GoldaB0192716 Dec 197578M15 14
PIPERSBERG RachelB0302102 Feb 197871O24 07
PITKOFSKY AnnieA0944920 Sep 197080L20 29
PITTAL EvaA0918801 Mar 197064F112 32
PITTAL JackC0296610 Jul 200282D104 07
PITTAL LewisB0886004 Feb 199074D104 09
PITTAL LilyB0987327 Aug 199270D104 06
PITTAL PamelaC0457109 Feb 201054K245 43
PITTAL RoseC0088917 Jan 199675D104 08
PITTEL JacobA0891701 Sep 196968F112 33
PITTER PhylisB0579216 Aug 198358O09 17
PIZAN FannyC0374128 Sep 200592M33 01
PIZAN HannahC0173924 Apr 199878K111 41
PIZAN ReubenB0840516 Feb 198978K111 40
PIZAR CissieA0812527 Dec 196762I112 15
PIZER HarryA0707724 Jun 196571G135 09
PIZER OscarA0478416 Aug 195947F244 10
PIZER OscarB0666117 May 198580C122 18
PIZER RachelA0731322 Dec 196569E249 19
PIZER SadieA0821924 Feb 196864G135 10

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