All Deceased beginning with letters 'MU'

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All names beginning MU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MUJITSKY PhyllisE1704822 Oct 196451RD13 11
MULBERG EvelynE1704904 Apr 200284RG04 1
MULBERG MorrisE1705021 Mar 200580RG04 2
MULLER EveE1705106 Sep 197497RM18 14
MULLER FayE1705219 May 199974RO07 2
MULLER KateE1705308 Aug 198595RN21 35
MULLER MaxE1705409 Jul 196583RJ09 10
MULLER Millie AmeliaE1705513 May 196782RJ09 9
MULLER MorrisE1705606 Oct 199981RO07 1
MULLER or BRANSTATER FrymetE1705702 Jun 198184RA31 34
MULLER RalphE1705803 Jul 198057RL34 27
MULLER ReginaE1705909 Mar 197889RN13 8
MUNDEL Ivor IssaE1706022 Oct 197165RM19 34
MUNDLACK MarkE1706118 Feb 197884RE50 17
MUNDY LeonieE1706220 Feb 19456 mthRB56 40
MUNN SydneyE1706313 Jun 197263RK24 28
MUNN TillyE1706413 Jan 199185RO02 15
MURACHNICK YettaE1706528 Feb 196384RF31 31
MURGRAFF AnnieE1706603 Mar 198688RJ17 32
MURGRAFF SamuelE1706725 Dec 196876RJ17 33
MURKOFF AlecE1706801 Jan 199680RD54 33
MURKOFF BarnettE1706918 Jan 199988RF28 32
MURKOFF BettyE1707014 Apr 200493RD54 32
MURKOFF SadieE1707101 Jun 200991RF28 33
MURRAY EstherE1707224 Apr 199390RJ26 18
MURRAY HarryE1707317 Aug 197271RJ26 17
MURRAY HenryE1707419 Jul 197468RF29 35
MURRAY HettyE1707511 Jun 196450RF29 34
MURRAY IlseE1707622 Sep 201089RH01 29
MURRAY IsaacE1707718 May 197575RM16 34
MURRAY SadieE1707806 Apr 200086RG22 3
MURRAY SarahE1707905 Aug 199393RM16 35
MUSCAT AnnieE1708002 Aug 198781RN13 28
MUSCAT Jack JacobE1708122 Nov 197974RN13 27
MUSCATT JohnE1708223 Feb 196977RC05 12
MUSCATT KittyE1708309 Jan 197874RJ04 13
MUSCATT SarahE1708426 Dec 194773RB43 21
MUSCATT YettaE1708510 Jul 196669RC05 11
MUSCOVITCH HenryE1708604 Feb 194959RA48 10
MUSCOVITCH RebeccaE1708710 Nov 194642RB40 11
MUSGRAVE MinnieE1708803 Dec 195855RE34 19
MUSGRAVE SeymourE1708929 Jul 197070RE34 20
MUSKABLATT Alfred JosephE1709009 Dec 200345RD28 27
MUSKARON MillieE1709128 Nov 198880RO13 4
MUSKATT HarrisE1709215 Jul 193983RA15 32
MUSKETT LazarusE1709304 Jun 196777RH24 29
MUSKORON JeanneE1709419 Apr 2018RM36 19
MUSKORON Solomon ZalmanE1709503 Apr 197462RM36 18
MUSLIN AgnesE1709602 Dec 199484RF53 32
MUSLIN EdwardE1709723 Jul 199391RF53 33
MUSLIN MarkE1709808 Apr 195559RD20 11
MUSTER DebraE1709906 Dec 196868RJ17 24
MUSTER EvaE1710023 Aug 200391RO39 3
MUSTER JeremiahE1710104 May 196687RH31 22
MUSTER MalcolmE1710222 Apr 199251RC26 1
MUSTER MillyE1710306 Mar 198888RO39 4
MUSTER MyerE1710409 Nov 198282RJ17 23
MUSTER NormaE1710519 Jul 200966RC26 2
MUSTER PaulineE1710606 Jun 195660RE14 25
MUSWELL LeonardE1710714 Jul 195552RD18 25
MUSWELL Philip DavidE1710809 Sep 194033RA20 16
MUSWELL RachelE1710901 Jul 198283RD18 24
MUTH HarryE1711002 May 196166RF41 35
MUTH MillieE1711122 Aug 197167RF41 34

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