All Deceased beginning with letters 'SZ'

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All names beginning SZ
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SZCZENSLIVE ArthurE2406522 Jan 199091RI42 21
SZCZENSLIVE FannyE2406616 Jul 199991RN41 16
SZCZENSLIVE RubenE2406708 Mar 198476RN41 15
SZEZENSLIVE RoseE2406801 Feb 197285RC18 27
SZKLAREK Minnie MurielE2406901 Apr 196779RC06 17
SZKLAREK YettaE2407031 Mar 197481RC06 18
SZMULEWICZ Marjem o/w MiriamE2407121 Aug 194182RB23 29
SZOSTAK IsaacE2407209 Apr 197681RC22 22
SZOSTAK RachelE2407315 Mar 198581RC22 23
SZTAYN BayliE2407406 Jan 194088RB16 13
SZTENCEL MarthaE2407511 Feb 199071RO18 11
SZTENCIL NachumE2407624 Jan 197769RO18 12
SZWARC MordchajE2407702 Jan 197767RN16 23
SZWARC RosaE2407829 Dec 199989RN16 24
SZYPER LeybE2407905 May 194543RA36 28

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