All Deceased beginning with letters 'SL'

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All names beginning SL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SLACKMAN AbeE2269421 Aug 198669RO36 39
SLACKMAN EvaE2269515 Jun 200995RO36 40
SLAPPER IsabelE2269623 Jan 198562RN31 36
SLAPPER JoshuaE2269720 Aug 199475RN31 37
SLASBERG HannahE2269823 Feb 196659RG38 21
SLASBERG LewisE2269929 Apr 200097RB56 12A
SLASBERG SybilE2270002 Sep 194216 mthRB56 11
SLASBURG MinnieE2270128 May 198684RK30 17
SLASBURG WilliamE2270213 Nov 197576RK30 16
SLATER AlfredE2270325 Jun 199683RH10 23
SLATER CeliaE2270413 May 198373RO30 28
SLATER Frederick GeorgeE2270515 Mar 198980RM04 23
SLATER MillieE2270606 Oct 197258RH10 22
SLATER MorrisE2270724 Feb 199881RI02 24
SLATER RoseE2270818 Feb 200288RM04 24
SLATER YettaE2270929 Dec 199678RI02 25
SLAVID BerthaE2271014 Sep 197892RJ06 18
SLAVID HillardE2271111 Jun 197064RI27 31
SLAVID MorrisE2271207 Mar 196765RD03 29
SLAVID RebeccaE2271326 Mar 199386RI27 30
SLAVID SidneyE2271405 Dec 196478RJ06 17
SLAVIN BarnetE2271502 Jan 197774RL24 11
SLAVIN DavidE2271617 Mar 196763RJ04 27
SLAVIN PaulaE2271709 Jan 198785RJ04 26
SLAVIN SallyE2271822 Nov 198274RL24 12
SLAVNY ClaraE2271904 Aug 196874RI16 13
SLAVNY DavidE2272010 Jul 197982RI16 14
SLAVNY SusanE2272130 Aug 198959RO40 32
SLAZANJER LindaE2272229 Oct 199849RK11 42
SLEEK RebeccaE2272326 Mar 195467RA23 5
SLEEK SolomonE2272410 Feb 194166RA23 10
SLENA NettieE2272516 Dec 199187RJ35 23
SLENOFF HymanE2272622 Oct 196183RB26 1
SLENOFF MinaE2272721 May 194265RB26 16
SLIFKIN EstherE2272830 Sep 200084RG09 2
SLIFKIN Harry MauriceE2272913 Sep 198988RF53 22
SLIFKIN SamuelE2273031 Jan 197677RN22 27
SLIFKIN SophiaE2273106 May 194949RB41 32
SLIFKIN WoolfE2273215 Jun 200998RG09 1
SLIPMAN DorisE2273319 Jan 197253RI29 22
SLIPMAN IsadoreE2273418 Jun 197171RI30 20
SLIPMAN JosephE2273515 Jan 198676RO30 56
SLIPMAN LeahE2273623 Aug 197670RI30 21
SLIPMAN MarksE2273708 Apr 197152RI29 23
SLIPMAN MorrisE2273808 Oct 197360RK12 23
SLIPMAN NathanE2273927 Mar 195347RD38 14
SLIPMAN NathanE2274002 Feb 194254RA26 27
SLIPMAN Norma RoseE2274122 Dec 194417 mthRB56 37
SLIPMAN RachelE2274221 Dec 199482RO30 57
SLIPMAN Sadie SarahE2274305 Jul 199885RK12 22
SLIPMAN SadieE2274428 Feb 199883RD54 10
SLOAM or SLOMAN Sidney or Moss or MauriceE2274528 Oct 194655RA42 12
SLOAN LeonardE2274601 Jan 199880RK02 28
SLOAN RebeccaE2274718 Sep 200888RK02 27
SLOAN Sidney JamesE2274804 Apr 197156RE49 6
SLOANE FredaE2274921 Oct 200190RL24 4
SLOANE HymanE2275008 Sep 199286RL24 3
SLOFSKY (FELDMAN) AnnieE2275102 Oct 197896RD24 8
SLOFSKY Isaac HarryE2275212 Dec 195451RD24 7
SLOFSKY SamuelE2275304 Mar 196184RD24 9
SLOGGEM AbrahamE2275427 Feb 195258RD46 18
SLOGGEM PhilipE2275512 Dec 198281RN38 26
SLOGGEM SylviaE2275621 Jul 198568RN38 25
SLOMAN JackE2275718 Jun 195777RE24 24
SLOOPER FannyE2275810 Sep 199694RI37 27
SLOOPER MarkE2275905 Jan 197581RI37 26
SLOOTS SheilaE2276030 Mar 201177RK46 29
SLOOTS YettaE2276110 Mar 198987RK20 24
SLOTIN EstherE2276220 Jun 199373RK23 21
SLOTINE Ephraim FrankE2276322 Aug 197356RK23 20
SLOTINE MauriceE2276411 Jan 196663RH35 30
SLOTINE Rachel RhodaE2276523 Dec 198078RH35 29
SLOTKIN or SLOFFKIN MaryE2276614 Nov 194962RB49 19
SLOTNICK LeahE2276718 Nov 196778RF29 16
SLOTNICK MarkE2276807 Sep 196372RF29 15
SLOTNITSKI MarieE2276904 Jul 195966RF45 15
SLOTSKY AbrahamE2277017 May 196659RI05 21
SLOTSKY AnneE2277120 Dec 198783RI22 29
SLOTSKY RebeccaE2277216 Jan 195168RB52 24
SLUGLETT JackE2277324 Dec 197162RG48 26
SLUTSKY AlexandraE2277416 Dec 19412RA61 32
SLUTSKY BetsyE2277507 Dec 194765RB43 15
SLUTSKY IsraelE2277616 May 195850RF50 11

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