All Deceased beginning with letters 'TE'

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All names beginning TE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TEACHER CeliaE2425525 Nov 196373RG23 7
TECKMAN BloomahE2425602 Oct 198791RN33 5
TECKS MauriceE2425708 Aug 198875RL04 7
TECKS SandraE2425824 Apr 201090RL04 8
TEFF AlexanderE2425926 Jun 195349RD35 20
TEFF BennettE2426015 Jul 197481RE16 6
TEFF BertE2426110 May 197274RA03 33
TEFF SolomonE2426221 Jul 198276RO12 36
TEFF SophieE2426321 Mar 197475RA03 32
TEFF YettaE2426424 Mar 198071RD35 21
TEIMAN FrancesE2426510 Mar 199975RK28 42
TEIMAN MontyE2426614 Feb 200278RK28 43
TEISHEFF EstherE2426705 Oct 195959RF43 5
TEITZ DoraE2426821 Jul 195379RD35 16
TEKEL Chuna MeyerE2426926 Feb 194081RA17 29
TELSHEFF JosephE2427025 Aug 199291RF43 11
TEMPELHOF KittyE2427124 Apr 197064RC17 12
TEMPLE AnnieE2427213 Nov 197781RF22 2
TEMPLE BessieE2427301 Aug 197768RI39 17
TEMPLE CharlesE2427408 Aug 196675RF22 1
TEMPLE CynthiaE2427503 May 200476RN29 1
TEMPLE Freda FanellaE2427602 Apr 198484RN05 9
TEMPLE HarrietE2427710 Dec 193961RB16 30
TEMPLE HazelE2427810 Jun 195815RF49 22
TEMPLE HettyE2427925 May 196262RB06 15
TEMPLE Hyman AaronE2428001 Dec 196768RF20 15
TEMPLE JuliaE2428108 Jul 198680RO07 50
TEMPLE LeonardE2428227 Jan 199677RF22 3
TEMPLE LeslieE2428318 Mar 201893RN29 2
TEMPLE LilianE2428425 Apr 196045RF49 21
TEMPLE MillieE2428505 Jun 196565RF20 16
TEMPLEHOF JacobE2428608 Jan 198884RC17 13
TENCOR AnitaE2428709 Jun 200780RL39 43
TENCOR LouisE2428820 Apr 201188RL39 42
TENDELL AmyE2428914 Apr 199988RJ39 28
TENDELL WalterE2429020 May 199689RJ39 29
TENDLER JohnE2429117 Feb 19503 mthRB55 40
TENDLER JuliusE2429223 Dec 198968RJ35 1
TENDLER LeonardE2429330 Sep 200773RI36 18
TENDLER LotteE2429428 Jan 201694RJ35 2
TENDLER PhyllisE2429510 Mar 198676RA09 4
TENDLER WoolfE2429619 Aug 195142RA09 3
TENEN SamuelE2429721 Aug 197991RH49 35
TENENBAUM AnnieE2429805 Nov 200299RH36 1
TENNER DoraE2429905 Nov 196486RF49 7
TENNER MaxE2430022 May 194370RA30 12
TENNER MillieE2430108 Jul 195845RF49 8
TENSER AbrahamE2430226 Aug 199479RI12 32
TENSER HettyE2430325 May 198275RK34 19
TENSER HettyE2430426 Jun 200282RI12 33
TENSER KevaE2430523 Feb 194779RA42 29
TENSER MorrisE2430621 Aug 198481RK34 20
TENTLER LeahE2430730 Dec 194056RB20 29
TENZER EvelynE2430801 Oct 197254RK14 17
TENZER HarryE2430926 Feb 196865RH44 10
TENZER IsaacE2431008 Sep 198885RL34 40
TENZER Jaqueline MilesE2431115 Jan 197935RL08 10
TENZER JosephineE2431226 Dec 196344RH44 9
TENZER Millicent RebeccaE2431314 Oct 199482RL34 41
TENZER MorrisE2431409 Jul 200283RK14 18
TENZER Staurt LawrenceE2431524 Nov 199845RK29 20
TEPPER MillieE2431622 Sep 196456RC14 18
TERTIS DoraE2431714 Aug 197977RI24 19
TERTIS IsraelE2431829 Oct 196984RI24 20
TESTLER Estelle (Stella)E2431930 Apr 199167RH03 15
TESTLER SolomonE2432004 Apr 199078RO33 46
TESTLER Stella annaE2432120 May 198566RO33 45
TESTLER WoolfE2432215 Nov 201392RH03 14
TEW PhilipE2432314 Nov 196268RD52 19

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