All Deceased beginning with letters 'AL'

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All names beginning AL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ALA TheresaE0028114 Nov 197465RH34 8
ALABARADS ChanaE0028210 Apr 196084RC08 14
ALBERT AaronE0028324 Dec 197666RN22 15
ALBERT AbrahamE0028403 Dec 195172RD50 30
ALBERT DoreenE0028514 Jun 198060RD03 24
ALBERT EstherE0028623 Jul 199389RO07 52
ALBERT EvaE0028726 Feb 197673RN22 16
ALBERT HettyE0028829 Jun 195671RD50 31
ALBERT HildaE0028929 Jan 200882RM04 31
ALBERT JosephE0029008 Feb 195450RD30 18
ALBERT MontyE0029109 Jul 198657RO07 51
ALBERT SophieE0029215 Sep 196158RG10 20
ALBERT WoolfE0029319 Aug 2011100RD03 25
ALBERTS DoraE0029413 Dec 200989RO34 36
ALBISTON JohnE0029524 Aug 199680RG20 33
ALBISTON RoseE0029602 Nov 198872RG20 32
ALBISTON SarahE0029706 Aug 198188RH18 32
ALBUM AlfredE0029825 Sep 198879RL10 40
ALBUM GoldaE0029916 Aug 198876RL17 40
ALBUM MillieE0030004 Apr 195032RB50 22
ALBUM RachelE0030101 Feb 197287RL18 39
ALBUM StellaE0030213 Apr 199791RL10 41
ALCOFROM KlaraE0030306 Aug 198673RN09 43
ALDERMAN Michael AlanE0030421 Dec 198738RO39 23
ALDERMAN MillieE0030515 May 196576RE17 15
ALDERMAN MorrisE0030624 Sep 195682RE17 16
ALDUCT RoseE0030712 Aug 197863RN27 24
ALECKMAN BarnetE0030825 May 197688RN23 9
ALECKMAN KatieE0030908 Apr 197680RN23 10
ALEMBICK EstherE0031026 Apr 197078RD06 4
ALEMBICK MorrisE0031120 Aug 196270RD06 3
ALEXANDER (LEBE) HenriettaE0031210 Jan 197268RK16 17
ALEXANDER AbrahamE0031303 Jan 194260RA26 13
ALEXANDER AlecE0031418 Feb 198879RN37 3
ALEXANDER BessieE0031516 Oct 197490RI14 8
ALEXANDER Doreen IrisE0031631 Jul 198249RN29 43
ALEXANDER EvaE0031722 Dec 200898RN37 4
ALEXANDER FannyE0031831 Aug 197982RE15 20
ALEXANDER FriedaE0031914 Jan 200995RE46 35
ALEXANDER JackE0032005 Feb 197169RK18 9
ALEXANDER JosephE0032101 Jul 195664RE15 19
ALEXANDER JosephE0032220 Oct 200085RG24 1
ALEXANDER JosephineE0032315 Jan 199085RN37 6
ALEXANDER LilianE0032426 Feb 197958RK32 12
ALEXANDER MarksE0032507 Jun 196170RD48 1
ALEXANDER NathanE0032610 Oct 200686RG09 22
ALEXANDER NathanE0032719 Aug 200294RE46 34
ALEXANDER RachelE0032827 Aug 199090RO04 51
ALEXANDER RoseE0032920 Aug 195570RD18 14
ALEXANDER SandraE0033030 Jul 199550RK19 41
ALEXANDER SarahE0033107 Dec 194072RB21 17
ALEXANDER SophieE0033227 Mar 197275RD48 2
ALEXANDER WoolfE0033329 Mar 195873RD18 16
ALEXANDROVITCH LeahE0033405 Jan 193919RB13 19
ALEXON BernardE0033503 Feb 2018RJ40 5
ALEXON HarryE0033615 Jan 197378RJ28 12
ALEXON RebeccaE0033710 Oct 199695RJ28 11
ALEXON SharonE0033803 Jan 199739RJ35 5
ALFERT Annie EvaE0033917 Apr 197672RA05 1
ALFERT ClaraE0034023 Dec 194266RB30 16
ALFERT EdnaE0034131 Jul 196251RB31 2
ALFERT IsidoreE0034206 Feb 196855RG40 28
ALFERT LilyE0034307 Apr 195448RA09 6
ALFERT Louis AbrahamE0034406 Sep 194845RA48 19
ALFERT MaryE0034527 Aug 198172RB31 1
ALFERT Solomon SidneyE0034630 Nov 196160RA05 19
ALFERT YettaE0034702 May 194369RB28 12
ALFORD DavidE0034806 Nov 199391RE50 12
ALFREDS Bernard BaronE0034910 May 198863RI41 9
ALFREDS ZenaE0035009 Aug 197449RF09 28
ALICK JosephE0035123 Feb 196456RA04 1
ALICK RebeccaE0035231 Jul 199282RA04 2
ALKALAY SophieE0035310 Aug 197381RK11 8
ALLAN JosephE0035420 Dec 201693RA48 35
ALLAN MargotE0035526 Apr 200989RA48 34
ALLAN PepiE0035607 Aug 196436RG29 28
ALLEN Amy NaomiE0035710 Dec 200983RI41 3
ALLEN AnneE0035808 Feb 200891RG25 34
ALLEN BarryE0035901 Aug 200169RI11 1
ALLEN BettyE0036025 May 201392RG23 34
ALLEN David HenryE0036119 Jan 201793RI41 2
ALLEN DavidE0036212 Jul 197175RK23 16
ALLEN EstherE0036322 Jul 200985RE08 26
ALLEN GertrudeE0036428 Apr 200075RG19 34
ALLEN IsaacE0036513 Jun 196966RH14 27
ALLEN Jack BasilE0036614 Sep 195460RA09 5
ALLEN JohnE0036715 Sep 195451RD26 30
ALLEN JosephE0036812 Jul 197174RI22 9
ALLEN JosephE0036904 Jul 199490RI11 3
ALLEN LilyE0037009 Dec 198286RK23 15
ALLEN LottieE0037102 Apr 199992RH14 26
ALLEN MarionE0037212 Mar 201077RI44 10
ALLEN MauriceE0037330 Sep 197770RN14 8
ALLEN MiltonE0037403 May 201681RI44 9
ALLEN Peggy MatildaE0037528 May 198379RD26 31
ALLEN RachelE0037626 Jan 199886RN14 7
ALLEN Ronald JackE0037705 Dec 200581RG19 35
ALLEN SarahE0037812 Jan 199692RI11 2
ALLEN SimonE0037911 Oct 196660RI06 13
ALLEN Stuart GeoffreyE0038020 Dec 19856 mthRB54 18
ALLENBICK IsaacE0038110 Nov 195275RD42 26
ALLENSWICK DavisE0038212 Nov 194780RA45 13
ALLENSWICK LeahE0038312 Aug 194878RA45 12
ALLIN FannyE0038425 Jan 198264RJ05 19
ALLISON AbrahamE0038525 Apr 197065RM22 12
ALLISON FannyE0038621 Mar 199795RM24 41
ALLISON JuliaE0038703 Jul 200289RN03 24
ALLOUSKY AlecE0038818 Jan 198583RO17 58
ALLSUCH AlfredE0038919 May 199574RO05 8
ALLSUCH ArthurE0039006 Aug 200784RK09 44
ALLSUCH LilianE0039125 Feb 201492RO05 7
ALLSUCH MurielE0039226 Oct 198459RN43 22
ALLSUCH RaynaE0039327 Jul 201347RK01 30
ALOFSKY AlfE0039424 Apr 198580RO30 42
ALOFSKY EvelynE0039510 Mar 198975RO30 43
ALONY LilyE0039621 Feb 199877RD01 30
ALPERN LeonE0039704 Aug 198683RN25 4
ALPEROVITCH MaryE0039809 Apr 197485RK27 27
ALPEROVITCH NathanE0039915 Dec 194328RA32 10
ALPERT JosephE0040027 Mar 198774RK06 30
ALPERT MaszaE0040109 May 199792RK06 31
ALSCHWANG Harry o/w AaronE0040208 Nov 195460RD24 18
ALSCHWANG RachelE0040312 Nov 196873RD24 17
ALSTON Bene SimoneE0040409 Sep 199684RK04 20
ALSTON Morris BryanE0040510 Dec 199784RK04 21
ALTBACH BenjaminE0040627 Sep 197265RJ04 36
ALTBACH EmilieE0040718 Jun 200586RJ04 35
ALTBACH SimonE0040818 May 198884RL28 40
ALTBACK AnnyE0040911 Feb 199788RL28 41
ALTER CissieE0041019 Mar 197472RJ21 14
ALTER MorrisE0041121 Oct 196980RJ21 13
ALTERESCO AlfredE0041222 Nov 198269RI30 25
ALTERESCO LeahE0041321 Jun 197153RI30 24
ALTERMAN EstherE0041422 Dec 196973RC11 10
ALTERMAN HirschE0041501 Nov 196279RC11 9
ALTMAN AbrahamE0041609 Apr 199064RK28 1
ALTMAN AbrahamE0041707 Jan 199473RD42 33
ALTMAN AbrahamE0041829 Sep 196676RC15 25
ALTMAN AdaE0041907 Apr 199998RN33 15
ALTMAN AnnieE0042001 Apr 199780RJ21 38
ALTMAN DavidE0042127 Jul 194925RA30 33
ALTMAN DavidE0042211 Feb 197580RK10 33
ALTMAN FannyE0042314 Feb 199697RK14 38
ALTMAN FredaE0042405 Mar 198082RC15 24
ALTMAN GoldaE0042511 Mar 198279RL39 29
ALTMAN HelenE0042623 Oct 197951RO15 41
ALTMAN HenrykE0042703 Jul 199182RO15 33
ALTMAN IreneE0042807 Mar 201283RK28 2
ALTMAN Isaac MyerE0042927 Mar 194518RA36 23
ALTMAN KlaraE0043005 Nov 199190RJ04 38
ALTMAN PhilipE0043102 Jan 197376RK14 39
ALTMAN RachelE0043202 Dec 200180RD42 34
ALTMAN RebeccaE0043320 Oct 195164RA36 33
ALTMAN RebeccaE0043418 May 196971RE05 21
ALTMAN SamE0043509 Jan 19970RJ21 39
ALTMAN SamuelE0043602 Mar 196265RH51 21
ALTMAN SamuelE0043715 Jan 195566RA36 34
ALTMAN SamuelE0043827 Apr 197370RJ04 37
ALTMAN SamuelE0043917 Nov 198486RN33 14
ALTWARG IsraelE0044005 Aug 197163RK22 34
ALTWARG SarahE0044130 Nov 198171RN16 14
ALWYN JackE0044218 Feb 199189RO29 30
ALWYN TillyE0044304 Dec 198279RO29 29

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