All Deceased beginning with letters 'AC'

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All names beginning AC
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ACKENSON BellaE0022211 Oct 200181RM37 6
ACKENSON Henry LazarusE0022325 Jul 197457RM37 5
ACKER Ivor IsaacE0022417 Jan 195745RE20 9
ACKERMAN AnneE0022512 Aug 199176RK22 19
ACKERMAN AnnieE0022617 Feb 198272RO28 28
ACKERMAN AnnieE0022710 Mar 198276RO11 26
ACKERMAN BarnettE0022820 Jun 199881RI02 23
ACKERMAN CeliaE0022911 Dec 199683RI02 22
ACKERMAN DavidE0023014 Feb 199592RO11 27
ACKERMAN Ella AliceE0023105 Dec 197665RL24 20
ACKERMAN EstherE0023219 Nov 198781RH10 10
ACKERMAN Freda FannyE0023314 May 197675RI38 18
ACKERMAN Harry MorrisE0023431 Jan 198174RL24 21
ACKERMAN MaryE0023511 Nov 194177RB24 10
ACKERMAN MyerE0023603 Feb 197571RH10 11
ACKERMAN RalphE0023731 May 197146RK22 20
ACKERMAN RebeccaE0023807 Aug 199380RG03 15
ACKERMAN SimonE0023930 Jan 197473RL15 25
ACTON AnnieE0024029 Sep 194248RB28 20

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