All Deceased beginning with letters 'AC'

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All names beginning AC
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ACKENSON BellaC0276711 Oct 200181M37 06
ACKENSON Henry LazarusB0121225 Jul 197457M37 05
ACKER Ivor IsaacA0409717 Jan 195745E120 09
ACKERMAN AnneB0945512 Aug 199176K122 19
ACKERMAN AnnieB0507617 Feb 198272O28 28
ACKERMAN AnnieB0510610 Mar 198276O11 26
ACKERMAN BarnettC0178320 Jun 199881I102 23
ACKERMAN CeliaC0119911 Dec 199683I102 22
ACKERMAN DavidC0058414 Feb 199592O11 27
ACKERMAN Ella AliceB0243505 Dec 197665L24 20
ACKERMAN EstherB0780419 Nov 198781H110 10
ACKERMAN Freda FannyB0218514 May 197675I138 18
ACKERMAN Harry MorrisB0454831 Jan 198174L24 21
ACKERMAN MaryA0090311 Nov 194177B124 10
ACKERMAN MyerB0148203 Feb 197571H110 11
ACKERMAN RalphA0985031 May 197146K122 20
ACKERMAN RebeccaB1024707 Aug 199380G103 15
ACKERMAN SimonB0095330 Jan 197473L15 25
ACTON AnnieA0106429 Sep 194248B128 20

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