All Deceased beginning with letters 'KN'

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All names beginning KN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
KNAPFELD SamuelA0197613 Jul 194774B125 04
KNAPFIELD RachelA0828910 Apr 196881B125 03
KNEBEL EstherB0370115 May 197963H104 30
KNEBEL JacobC0015003 Jan 199480H104 31
KNELLER AdaB0961126 Dec 199183O07 46
KNELLER DavidB0678305 Sep 198572O07 47
KNELLER JaneA0841223 Jul 196886J15 19
KNELLER LouisA0746421 Apr 196657E106 24
KNELLER Martha MillieB0358904 Mar 197972E106 23
KNIFELD AbrahamC0285805 Feb 200288H127 34
KNIFELD FrancesC0094003 Mar 199678H127 33
KNIGHT DavidB0388825 Sep 197972O14 16
KNIGHT IsabellaA0825822 Mar 196852J14 30
KNIGHT Sarah AnneC0117118 Nov 199689O14 15
KNIGHT SharonA0172214 Apr 194611B127 32
KNOBB SarahA0050130 Mar 194059B117 12
KNOBEL EvelynC0546003 Mar 201685O30 65
KNOBEL RebeccaB0912320 Oct 199090O31 62
KNOTT AnneC0196106 Jan 199991N245 34
KNOTT EmmanuelB0682212 Oct 198572N245 35
KNOTT EvaB0998508 Dec 199275M14 04
KNOTT MartinB0860702 Aug 198979M14 03

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