All Deceased beginning with letters 'KN'

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All names beginning KN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
KNAPFELD SamuelE1276713 Jul 194774RB25 4
KNAPFIELD RachelE1276810 Apr 196881RB25 3
KNEBEL EstherE1276915 May 197963RH04 30
KNEBEL JacobE1277003 Jan 199480RH04 31
KNELLER AdaE1277126 Dec 199183RO07 46
KNELLER DavidE1277205 Sep 198572RO07 47
KNELLER JaneE1277323 Jul 196886RJ15 19
KNELLER LouisE1277421 Apr 196657RE06 24
KNELLER Martha MillieE1277504 Mar 197972RE06 23
KNIFELD AbrahamE1277605 Feb 200288RH27 34
KNIFELD FrancesE1277703 Mar 199678RH27 33
KNIGHT DavidE1277825 Sep 197972RO14 16
KNIGHT IsabellaE1277922 Mar 196852RJ14 30
KNIGHT Sarah AnneE1278018 Nov 199689RO14 15
KNIGHT SharonE1278114 Apr 194611RB27 32
KNOBB SarahE1278230 Mar 194059RB17 12
KNOBEL EvelynE1278303 Mar 201685RO30 65
KNOBEL RebeccaE1278420 Oct 199090RO31 62
KNOTT AnneE1278506 Jan 199991RN45 34
KNOTT EmmanuelE1278612 Oct 198572RN45 35
KNOTT EvaE1278708 Dec 199275RM14 4
KNOTT MartinE1278802 Aug 198979RM14 3

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