All Deceased beginning with letters 'NA'

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All names beginning NA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NAAVA AbrahamE1720708 Oct 198275RO29 17
NAAVO MaryE1720824 Aug 200291RO29 16
NABER AmeliaE1720904 Feb 194376RB25 6
NACHAMOVITCH /LEVY Woolf SimonE1721027 May 194228RA27 14
NACHLANSKY MorrisE1721128 Jun 197284RM19 38
NACOVITCH LouisE1721205 Sep 197282RM31 37
NADEL AlecE1721318 Feb 194965RA49 17
NADEL MabelE1721422 Oct 19400RA21 14
NADEL MichaelE1721522 Oct 19400RA21 15
NADLER SolomonE1721613 Oct 193956RA17 25
NADOLNICK LillianE1721727 Mar 194517RB28 3
NADOLNICK SarahE1721827 Mar 194547RB28 4
NAGELSTOCK KatherineE1721911 Apr 195360RD39 29
NAHOME Norman SolomonE1722024 Apr 199059RD08 13
NAHOME SolomonE1722101 Feb 196675RD06 13
NAIRN MaxE1722202 Oct 196450RG30 25
NAIRN NatE1722304 Jun 195248RD46 9
NALKIN DavidE1722431 May 197668RH06 28
NALKIN SylviaE1722517 Sep 199081RH06 29
NANASBAUM YettaE1722614 Jun 194982RB29 21
NAPATA LillieE1722729 Sep 196460RB07 30
NAPATA RachelE1722805 Dec 199891RB07 31
NAPATA SarahE1722912 Aug 194741RB41 30
NAPOTA PollyE1723012 Jul 197477RB07 32
NARDEL LeahE1723124 Jul 199490RM03 11
NARDELL AaronE1723201 Dec 198987RM03 10
NARDELL GoldaE1723308 Feb 195861RE31 8
NARIN Miriam JeanE1723430 Nov 199777RN17 46
NARIN SamuelE1723507 Aug 198671RN17 45
NARINSKY BarnettE1723606 Feb 195451RD31 16
NAROD Bar- KochbaE1723718 Jun 197973RN20 32
NAROD Lily o/w Esther LeahE1723817 Jun 197568RN20 31
NASH AnnieE1723912 Dec 197469RH46 17
NASH HarryE1724004 Sep 199384RJ07 33
NASH IsaacE1724106 Aug 199082RO32 62
NASH JackE1724217 Jul 196655RH46 15
NASH JoeE1724310 Aug 198284RO28 38
NASH Leslie PaulE1724410 May 196319RH46 16
NASH MillieE1724511 Dec 199587RO32 63
NASH Murray MauriceE1724607 Jul 198175RH34 27
NASH NormaE1724716 Sep 200970RG46 33
NASH RachelE1724817 Apr 198475RH34 26
NASH RoseE1724911 Jun 198287RN36 34
NASON Cecilia JessieE1725006 Feb 198570RO07 22
NASON David WilliamE1725125 Apr 201268RN33 3
NASOVITCH MiriamE1725220 Dec 193879RB13 7
NATHAN / HAMILTON Allan KennethE1725313 Jan 200673RO29 61
NATHAN AbrahamE1725405 Apr 195263RD46 28
NATHAN AlfredE1725523 Nov 196757RD11 7
NATHAN Anthony IanE1725604 Feb 199759RD09 2
NATHAN BarnettE1725713 Oct 196048RD08 5
NATHAN BebeE1725808 Feb 197370RD46 32
NATHAN BenjaminE1725928 Aug 199176RJ35 33
NATHAN BettyE1726002 Oct 199590RD11 8
NATHAN DavidE1726110 Feb 19423RA60 14
NATHAN DoraE1726202 May 200690RN32 4
NATHAN EricE1726329 Sep 199672RK37 40
NATHAN EttieE1726420 Apr 194950RB46 30
NATHAN EvaE1726528 Jul 194540RB36 22
NATHAN FayE1726608 Feb 198564RJ12 5
NATHAN FrancesE1726728 Jul 19410RA24 26
NATHAN FrancesE1726801 Dec 198474RN43 44
NATHAN FrederickE1726906 Apr 199887RI05 33
NATHAN GeorgeE1727011 Jul 198058RJ12 6
NATHAN HarryE1727118 Apr 198262RN06 10
NATHAN HarryE1727210 Jan 198778RO32 55
NATHAN IsadoreE1727328 Nov 194983RB23 3
NATHAN JacobE1727425 Feb 194010 mthRA61 26
NATHAN JacobE1727526 Mar 195082RA51 24
NATHAN JaneE1727606 Oct 199280RI05 32
NATHAN JennieE1727709 Oct 200492RN25 2
NATHAN Josephine ValerieE1727810 Apr 196522RD08 6
NATHAN KittyE1727914 May 199378RJ35 34
NATHAN Leonard IsadoreE1728008 Dec 198969RF03 16
NATHAN LewisE1728104 Jan 198865RL12 24
NATHAN MarieE1728228 Mar 201396RF03 15
NATHAN Michael IsaacE1728318 Jan 19442 mthRB56 29
NATHAN MinnieE1728426 Nov 196995RH25 11
NATHAN MorrisE1728518 Jul 198089RD11 6
NATHAN NathanE1728612 Dec 196675RG31 27
NATHAN NathanielE1728712 Mar 197783RM14 39
NATHAN NormanE1728827 Sep 200090RN25 1
NATHAN or NATALSKY NancyE1728910 Jul 198584RO32 45
NATHAN or RUBCHINSKY EstherE1729023 Oct 195244RD49 11
NATHAN PeterE1729111 Mar 201580RI35 1
NATHAN PeterE1729221 Dec 200783RM35 43
NATHAN PhilipE1729322 Oct 198776RN32 3
NATHAN RachelE1729422 Mar 195166RB52 30
NATHAN RebeccaE1729503 Jul 197986RM12 17
NATHAN ReneeE1729630 Sep 200884RM35 42
NATHAN RoseE1729717 May 199685RO32 56
NATHAN SadieE1729809 Jan 199785RD08 4
NATHAN SamuelE1729909 Jan 197061RD47 30
NATHAN SarahE1730005 Apr 194274RB23 6
NATHAN SarahE1730110 Apr 197986RG31 28
NATHAN SolomonE1730228 Jul 19410RA24 27
NATHAN Stanley SamuelE1730323 Sep 195330RD38 5
NATHAN Susan PhyllisE1730406 Jan 197534RF09 6
NATHAN SylviaE1730513 Nov 200682RN06 9
NATHAN WilliamE1730602 Nov 195968RE37 23
NATHANSON AbrahamE1730723 Jan 197383RB33 34
NATHANSON HymanE1730810 Oct 197085RJ03 9
NATHANSON IsaacE1730926 Oct 194634RB33 30
NATHANSON JackE1731010 Jan 199169RJ33 23
NATHANSON LeahE1731108 Jan 197886RJ03 10
NATHANSON LilyE1731206 Sep 199579RJ33 24
NATHANSON MillieE1731314 Jan 199796RJ28 17
NATHANSON MiriamE1731419 Mar 20040RN23 1
NATHANSON MorrisE1731502 May 201591RN23 2
NATHANSON PollyE1731604 Sep 194429RB33 24
NATHANSON SidneyE1731715 Sep 197370RJ28 16
NATHANSON TillyE1731804 Sep 194960RB33 33
NATKIEL EdwardE1731918 Feb 197775RN16 35
NATKIEL SarahE1732011 Feb 197875RN16 34
NATOFF BernardE1732125 May 197269RM18 5
NATOFF CyrilE1732206 Jun 196653RH29 7
NATOFF DoraE1732319 Jun 197674RM18 6
NAWROCKI BettyE1732401 Mar 198576RO34 30
NAYMAN JosephE1732512 Apr 197782RL13 18
NAYMAN JuliaE1732616 Jul 196268RF34 3

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