All Deceased beginning with letters 'FA'

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All names beginning FA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FABER AbrahamE0620928 Aug 198882RN13 32
FABER RebeccaE0621002 Oct 198581RN13 31
FABER SarahE0621129 May 197869RN13 30
FABERSHAK CyrilE0621219 Jul 196638RJ11 25
FABINSKY MaxE0621304 Apr 197356RH15 26
FABRICANT FannyE0621420 Feb 196664RH31 25
FABRICANT YettaE0621517 Jan 197373RH31 23
FACTOR AnnieE0621611 Mar 199695RG09 4
FAER Sarah SadieE0621707 Nov 198064RN08 27
FAGELSON EstherE0621808 May 195371RA42 23
FAGELSON IsaacE0621925 Oct 194667RA42 22
FAGELSON LeahE0622028 Jun 194477RB32 26
FAGELSON MarieE0622114 Nov 198589RO11 53
FAGELSON SimonE0622205 Feb 196349RA04 23
FAGELSON ZeldaE0622311 Oct 193940RB15 9
FAGIN HymanE0622421 Apr 195449RD29 21
FAGIN RoseE0622509 Aug 197874RL09 24
FAGIN SolomonE0622618 Apr 194747RA43 29
FAIERTAG RebeccaE0622709 Mar 197682RC22 15
FAIERTAG SamuelE0622807 Jan 197685RC22 16
FAIGENBAUM FannyE0622921 Feb 195170RB52 29
FAIGENBAUM LilyE0623012 Oct 198982RM40 37
FAIGENBAUM MorrisE0623129 Oct 199189RM40 38
FAIGENBAUM WoolfE0623210 Apr 197866RL10 12
FAIRMAN RitaE0623329 May 197746RM27 4
FAITELSON RebeccaE0623405 Aug 195367RB09 7
FAKER CharlesE0623513 Apr 194568RA34 6
FALBER AnnieE0623601 Jan 197777RH38 14
FALBER Lazarus AlecE0623712 Mar 196562RH38 13
FALK FannyE0623827 Nov 197971RB03 24
FALK HettyE0623905 Mar 196857RC16 5
FALK KateE0624008 Oct 199788RC27 7
FALK SamuelE0624126 May 200895RC27 8
FALKENSTEIN HermanE0624215 Mar 194669RA39 26
FALKNER KateE0624322 Dec 196241RF33 15
FALKSON HarryE0624419 Dec 197979RM37 32
FALKSON MyerE0624507 Oct 198176RO12 15
FALKSON PeggyE0624602 Jan 199184RO12 16
FALKSON Ruby Elizabeth HonorE0624711 Nov 197469RM37 31
FAMILE LenaE0624814 Jan 199693RK35 40
FAMILIE LouisE0624927 Feb 200795RL34 28
FANE MorrisE0625004 Feb 196458RH44 7
FANE RebeccaE0625108 Nov 199583RH44 8
FANOVITCH RoseE0625216 Jun 195685RE15 29
FANOVITCH SarahE0625301 Sep 198584RN21 10
FARBER AnitaE0625416 Oct 199369RD40 32
FARBER AnnieE0625531 Oct 196476RF23 5
FARBER Chana JeanE0625617 Dec 199083RI33 11
FARBER DeborahE0625702 Oct 197961RM25 25
FARBER DennisE0625823 Apr 200685RD40 33
FARBER HelenE0625909 Jan 199574RJ37 3
FARBER HymanE0626004 Sep 199473RJ37 4
FARBER IsaacE0626124 Apr 197260RI33 10
FARBER JeffreyE0626206 Sep 19524RA59 19
FARBER MaxE0626315 Feb 197891RJ28 22
FARBER PaulE0626426 Dec 199645RI30 4
FARBER SamuelE0626525 Feb 197155RM25 26
FARBER SarahE0626606 Nov 197384RJ28 23
FARBY BerthaE0626713 Sep 197477RD35 9
FARBY IvorE0626823 Aug 201382RK36 44
FARBY RachelE0626925 May 197667RJ19 18
FARBY SamuelE0627019 Sep 195353RD35 10
FARRA DavidE0627120 Apr 196869RH19 16
FARRA EstherE0627213 Mar 197169RH19 17
FARRAR JackE0627310 May 198478RO32 36
FARRAR LilianE0627428 Mar 199383RO32 37
FARROW HettyE0627521 Dec 200288RA37 2
FARROW NathanE0627608 Apr 195549RD21 28
FASHT AdaE0627722 Nov 194574RB37 21
FASS DinahE0627803 Aug 196771RG40 24
FASSENFELD FannyE0627914 Aug 197874RN12 11
FASSENFELD JaneE0628013 Oct 200989RK42 36
FASSENFELD JosephE0628107 Sep 199084RN12 12
FASSENFELD LawrenceE0628209 Oct 196959RG44 31
FASSENFELD RachelE0628309 Oct 197160RK23 27
FASSENFELD RebeccaE0628402 Feb 196178RG08 12
FASSENFELD Sarah GoldaE0628523 Aug 193860RB12 13
FASSENFELD Sid SolomonE0628615 Mar 197365RK23 26
FASSENFELD SimonE0628723 Aug 198673RK42 35
FAULKNER JackE0628816 Sep 201797RG11 1
FAULKNER RubyE0628907 Dec 200074RG11 2
FAUX AbrahamE0629013 Jan 197369RJ28 9
FAUX DebbieE0629124 Jan 199990RJ28 10
FAVIZINSKI MorrisE0629223 Apr 195568RD20 8
FAW AnnieE0629303 Nov 198085RN20 36

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