All Deceased beginning with letters 'DI'

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All names beginning DI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DIAMOND AbrahamB0797112 Mar 198883J31 01
DIAMOND AbrahamB0982223 Jun 199285N135 15
DIAMOND AlfredB0473110 Jun 198144N113 17
DIAMOND AnnieC0213425 Jul 199979N108 45
DIAMOND BarnettB0973514 Apr 199288N113 16
DIAMOND BerthaC0302612 Oct 200283E241 35
DIAMOND BessieA0184720 Dec 194640B241 13
DIAMOND BetaB0663803 May 198575J31 02
DIAMOND BetsyC0496725 Aug 201296K114 36
DIAMOND DavidA0591821 Nov 196279C103 07
DIAMOND DavidA0802327 Sep 196763H124 11
DIAMOND DoraA0969802 Mar 197158K119 21
DIAMOND DoraB0655908 Mar 198590O28 53
DIAMOND DoraC0318806 May 200397H124 10
DIAMOND EthelB0967312 Feb 199286J35 07
DIAMOND EvaB0169524 Jun 197581B103 13
DIAMOND HoraceC0295725 Jun 200289N108 46
DIAMOND JackA0139815 Jul 194428A134 11
DIAMOND JackB0275830 Jul 197786C103 30
DIAMOND JackB0338919 Oct 197886O16 05
DIAMOND JackC0109501 Sep 199681M02 25
DIAMOND JessieB0739603 Jan 198782C103 29
DIAMOND JessieC0200116 Feb 199990J35 06
DIAMOND KittyB0485624 Sep 198180N135 14
DIAMOND LeahA0427504 Oct 195769E123 30
DIAMOND LewisB0580428 Aug 198366O10 46
DIAMOND MorrisA0126018 Nov 194370A132 14
DIAMOND MorrisA0743531 Mar 196694C112 30
DIAMOND MossB0228705 Aug 197671K119 22
DIAMOND NathanA0519410 Feb 196165G108 05
DIAMOND PercyC0082117 Nov 199569N105 17
DIAMOND PhilipA0416928 Apr 195775E123 31
DIAMOND RachelA0655905 Apr 196444G127 08
DIAMOND RachelB0797513 Mar 198893O16 06
DIAMOND ReneeC0300607 Sep 200282O10 47
DIAMOND SarahA0609124 Feb 196388C112 29
DIAMOND SarahA0937028 Jul 197081L20 17
DIAMOND ShayerB0081602 Nov 197373F110 26
DIAMOND SylviaC0531030 Dec 201475I247 27
DIAMOND TaubaB0869207 Oct 198986F110 25
DIAMOND TillyB0314321 Apr 197871N113 15
DIAMOND WoolfC0449321 Aug 200993E241 34
DIAMOND YettaA0659604 May 196469E248 13
DIAMONDSTEIN PollyA0388227 Feb 195686E112 24
DIAMONDSTONE StanleyB0144407 Jan 197551D252 22
DICKENS HenryB0683621 Oct 198574O35 13
DICKENS MillieC0231105 Feb 200083O35 14
DICKER Millie BrocaA0726902 Dec 196558G137 22
DICKER ReubenB0832626 Dec 198883G135 23
DICKEY RoseB0188116 Nov 197590M15 11
DICKLE JennyA0266829 Nov 195034B251 10
DICKMAN MinnieA0500025 Jun 196079B107 17
DICKSTEIN TillyA0126121 Nov 194373B131 23
DIDYA FredaC0116508 Nov 199668K114 41
DIGHT BerthaC0221601 Nov 199991N124 34
DIGHT LeonardB0240109 Nov 197668N124 33
DIGHTMAKER HarryC0319421 May 200383O25 01
DILLEY AnneB0402723 Dec 197974N129 41
DIMLER LouisB0377714 Jul 197984L08 33
DIMLER RachelB0444620 Nov 198084L08 34
DIMLER SidneyC0194523 Dec 199876B107 35
DIMOVITCH GildaA0415306 Apr 195747C111 29
DINGLEY BrendaC0405206 Apr 200759H250 02
DINKLE BettyB0940124 Jun 199164J25 05
DINKLE DanielC0215423 Aug 199976J25 06
DINOFF HymanA0114920 Mar 194353A130 18
DINOFF IsaacB0131522 Oct 197470M33 15
DINOFF SarahA0134406 Apr 194478A130 07
DINOFSKY NettieA0263016 Sep 195060B251 15
DISCOUNT SarahA0482515 Oct 195977E137 24
DITKOFSKY JosephA0701727 Apr 196563G135 17
DIX AdaB0607116 Mar 198465O32 32
DIX CharlesA0676323 Oct 196448E248 07
DIX CissieB0725630 Aug 198671N106 32
DIX DavidB0543529 Nov 198267N106 31
DIX DoraC0050903 Jan 199579G119 21
DIX EvaC0175819 May 199881E248 06
DIX IsraelB0735101 Dec 198670O32 33
DIXON ElizabethB0813528 Jul 198884M06 34
DIXON LeonB0332306 Sep 197875N127 21
DIXON LouisC0003724 Sep 199383M06 35
DIXON SadieB0307302 Mar 197869N113 07

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