All Deceased beginning with letters 'DI'

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All names beginning DI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DIAMOND AbrahamE0559412 Mar 198883RJ31 1
DIAMOND AbrahamE0559523 Jun 199285RN35 15
DIAMOND AlfredE0559610 Jun 198144RN13 17
DIAMOND AnnieE0559725 Jul 199979RN08 45
DIAMOND BarnettE0559814 Apr 199288RN13 16
DIAMOND BerthaE0559912 Oct 200283RE41 35
DIAMOND BessieE0560020 Dec 194640RB41 13
DIAMOND BetaE0560103 May 198575RJ31 2
DIAMOND BetsyE0560225 Aug 201296RK14 36
DIAMOND DavidE0560327 Sep 196763RH24 11
DIAMOND DavidE0560421 Nov 196279RC03 7
DIAMOND DoraE0560502 Mar 197158RK19 21
DIAMOND DoraE0560608 Mar 198590RO28 53
DIAMOND DoraE0560706 May 200397RH24 10
DIAMOND EthelE0560812 Feb 199286RJ35 7
DIAMOND EvaE0560924 Jun 197581RB03 13
DIAMOND HoraceE0561025 Jun 200289RN08 46
DIAMOND JackE0561115 Jul 194428RA34 11
DIAMOND JackE0561201 Sep 199681RM02 25
DIAMOND JackE0561330 Jul 197786RC03 30
DIAMOND JackE0561419 Oct 197886RO16 5
DIAMOND JessieE0561503 Jan 198782RC03 29
DIAMOND JessieE0561616 Feb 199990RJ35 6
DIAMOND KittyE0561724 Sep 198180RN35 14
DIAMOND LeahE0561804 Oct 195769RE23 30
DIAMOND LewisE0561928 Aug 198366RO10 46
DIAMOND MorrisE0562018 Nov 194370RA32 14
DIAMOND MorrisE0562131 Mar 196694RC12 30
DIAMOND MossE0562205 Aug 197671RK19 22
DIAMOND NathanE0562310 Feb 196165RG08 5
DIAMOND PercyE0562417 Nov 199569RN05 17
DIAMOND PhilipE0562528 Apr 195775RE23 31
DIAMOND RachelE0562605 Apr 196444RG27 8
DIAMOND RachelE0562713 Mar 198893RO16 6
DIAMOND ReneeE0562807 Sep 200282RO10 47
DIAMOND Rochelle BeverleyE0562901 Oct 201652RN32 48
DIAMOND RosaE0563004 Jul 2016100RM02 24
DIAMOND SarahE0563128 Jul 197081RL20 17
DIAMOND SarahE0563224 Feb 196388RC12 29
DIAMOND ShayerE0563302 Nov 197373RF10 26
DIAMOND SylviaE0563430 Dec 201475RI47 27
DIAMOND TaubaE0563507 Oct 198986RF10 25
DIAMOND TillyE0563621 Apr 197871RN13 15
DIAMOND WoolfE0563721 Aug 200993RE41 34
DIAMOND YettaE0563804 May 196469RE48 13
DIAMONDSTEIN PollyE0563927 Feb 195686RE12 24
DIAMONDSTONE StanleyE0564007 Jan 197551RD52 22
DICKENS HenryE0564121 Oct 198574RO35 13
DICKENS MillieE0564205 Feb 200083RO35 14
DICKER Millie BrocaE0564302 Dec 196558RG37 22
DICKER ReubenE0564426 Dec 198883RG35 23
DICKEY RoseE0564516 Nov 197590RM15 11
DICKLE JennyE0564629 Nov 195034RB51 10
DICKMAN MinnieE0564725 Jun 196079RB07 17
DICKSTEIN TillyE0564821 Nov 194373RB31 23
DIDYA FredaE0564908 Nov 199668RK14 41
DIGHT BerthaE0565001 Nov 199991RN24 34
DIGHT LeonardE0565109 Nov 197668RN24 33
DIGHTMAKER HarryE0565221 May 200383RO25 1
DILLEY AnneE0565323 Dec 197974RN29 41
DIMLER LouisE0565414 Jul 197984RL08 33
DIMLER RachelE0565520 Nov 198084RL08 34
DIMLER SidneyE0565623 Dec 199876RB07 35
DIMOVITCH GildaE0565706 Apr 195747RC11 29
DINGLEY BrendaE0565806 Apr 200759RH50 2
DINKLE BettyE0565924 Jun 199164RJ25 5
DINKLE DanielE0566023 Aug 199976RJ25 6
DINOFF HymanE0566120 Mar 194353RA30 18
DINOFF IsaacE0566222 Oct 197470RM33 15
DINOFF SarahE0566306 Apr 194478RA30 7
DINOFSKY NettieE0566416 Sep 195060RB51 15
DISCOUNT SarahE0566515 Oct 195977RE37 24
DITKOFSKY JosephE0566627 Apr 196563RG35 17
DIX AdaE0566716 Mar 198465RO32 32
DIX CharlesE0566823 Oct 196448RE48 7
DIX CissieE0566930 Aug 198671RN06 32
DIX DavidE0567029 Nov 198267RN06 31
DIX DoraE0567103 Jan 199579RG19 21
DIX EvaE0567219 May 199881RE48 6
DIX IsraelE0567301 Dec 198670RO32 33
DIXON ElizabethE0567428 Jul 198884RM06 34
DIXON LeonE0567506 Sep 197875RN27 21
DIXON LouisE0567624 Sep 199383RM06 35
DIXON SadieE0567702 Mar 197869RN13 7

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