All Deceased beginning with letters 'DE'

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All names beginning DE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DE -YOUNG HettyE0546120 Nov 198494RD20 4
DE CASTRO (LERNER) JosephineE0546203 Nov 198983RE11 2
DE GRASSE StanleyE0546324 Sep 200079RH23 1
DE GRASSE StellaE0546425 Feb 201391RH23 2
DE GROOT MosesE0546519 Mar 196874RF13 20
DE GROOT RoseE0546624 Mar 197283RF13 21
DE HAAN LenaE0546729 May 197678RI38 19
DE LEON AbrahamE0546820 Aug 196359RG21 20
DE LEON RosalineE0546912 Feb 200696RG21 21
DE SWARTE BarendE0547017 Jul 197385RK12 13
DE SWARTE HettieE0547124 Nov 195851RF46 18
DE Swarte LeonE0547213 Mar 2017101RG01 26
DE SWARTE LouisE0547322 Jun 198565RK12 4
DE SWARTE LouisE0547401 Feb 197176RM21 5
DE YOUNG MarcusE0547530 Dec 196168RD20 3
DE- BORRO DoraE0547617 Sep 198378RO09 34
DE-YOUNG AlfredE0547720 Aug 200383RD18 4
DEACON PhilipE0547806 May 195651RE13 9
DEACON SophieE0547918 Mar 198779RO36 51
DEAN BeatriceE0548018 Feb 200291RO38 74
DEAN DavidE0548111 Feb 197461RM26 29
DEAN EstherE0548214 Jan 201089RM26 30
DEAN FayE0548311 Apr 199690RF08 12
DEAN Sidney SamuelE0548430 Jan 199280RF08 11
DEANE AlfredE0548516 Dec 197052RI28 17
DEANE HarryE0548619 Jan 200580RE30 2
DEANE HettieE0548727 Aug 200293RH14 35
DEANE RitaE0548808 Jun 200480RE30 1
DEANE ZangwillE0548926 Mar 200497RH14 34
DEANER DoraE0549028 Jan 195367RA08 17
DEANER MarksE0549119 Aug 194064RA19 26
DECENT AnnE0549228 May 199088RO15 30
DECENT EmanuelE0549310 Aug 197980RO15 31
DECENT HarryE0549412 Nov 196564RH32 31
DECENT PaulineE0549514 Apr 197671RH32 30
DECKNOFSKY KateE0549604 Nov 198469RN43 40
DECTRONE o/w LEWIS FannyE0549708 Oct 195663RE17 11
DEDINGER AnnieE0549801 Sep 197056RF34 13
DEDINGER DavidE0549905 May 201175RJ36 6
DEDINGER EdithE0550005 Dec 199787RJ27 16
DEDINGER IsaacE0550108 Jan 197364RJ27 15
DEDINGER PhilipE0550213 Oct 196048RF39 13
DEE EmanuelE0550309 Nov 199593RL02 28
DEE RachelE0550416 Jun 198079RL06 28
DEETCHER Sharon AnneE0550507 May 19547 mthRB56 50
DEFRIES AnnieE0550623 Dec 197186RM29 13
DEFRIES EstherE0550706 Jun 198778RE10 31
DEFRIES Henry AldousE0550811 Jan 195646RE10 30
DEFRIES JohnE0550926 Jan 197976RE54 20
DEGEN AdolphE0551012 Dec 195071RA55 11
DEIGHTON JeanE0551122 Feb 197452RI35 19
DEIN HymanE0551222 Mar 198675RK42 7
DEIN LouisE0551330 Mar 199878RK02 15
DEIN StellaE0551406 May 199976RK42 8
DEIN SylviaE0551508 Feb 200681RK02 16
DEION BellaE0551630 Oct 197061RB06 10
DEITCH IsraelE0551716 Feb 197774RO22 49
DEITCH JennyE0551819 Dec 197469RH22 16
DEITCH LilyE0551923 Jun 197376RH45 28
DEITCH Yetta NaomiE0552016 Sep 195972RE37 13
DEITCHMAN EstherE0552119 Feb 196265RE08 4
DEITCHMAN JackE0552204 Apr 196869RE08 3
DEITSCH AnnieE0552310 Mar 197678RN22 30
DEITSCH EstelleE0552418 Feb 198274RO11 12
DEITSCH SidneyE0552512 Dec 199389RO11 11
DEKOVNICK SarahE0552612 Sep 195682RE16 27
DELL Richard IsaacE0552702 Dec 197166RK17 24
DELLA CarolineE0552812 Jul 198871RM16 32
DELLA JosephE0552907 May 197558RM16 33
DELMAN RebeccaE0553023 Oct 196966RI23 6
DELMAN SamuelE0553116 Jan 198580RI23 7
DELMONTE RaieE0553224 Dec 196868RG42 26
DELMONTE Sharon AvrilE0553310 Dec 200657RK01 26
DELRAY Alan JohnE0553417 Feb 19414 mthRA61 11
DELROY LouisE0553528 Jul 199177RJ01 19
DELROY Rebecca BellaE0553619 Aug 199076RJ01 18
DELS HarryE0553729 Feb 198885RN34 42
DELS SarahE0553806 Sep 198175RN34 41
DELVIN AnnieE0553913 Apr 195361RD37 30
DELVIN CharlesE0554007 Dec 197991RF50 22
DELVIN PercyE0554102 Aug 196977RD37 31
DELVIN RoseE0554203 May 195870RF50 21
DEMB EthelE0554304 Feb 200092RN10 38
DEMB HarryE0554405 Jun 198068RN10 37
DEMBINA JosephE0554508 Oct 196568RG36 9
DEMBINA RebeccaE0554616 Oct 199394RG36 10
DEMBINSKY AbrahamE0554715 Aug 194649RA41 8
DEMBY EstherE0554828 Jun 200079RL36 17
DEMBY Sidney SollyE0554916 Jan 198163RL36 18
DEMPSEY MarianE0555011 Jan 197162RG46 14
DEMPSEY MorrisE0555102 Jan 198068RG47 16
DEMPSEY Samuel ThomasE0555204 Aug 199090RF47 28
DEMPSEY SidneyE0555309 Jul 199074RG47 15
DEMSKY JacobE0555423 Mar 198574RI17 14
DEMSKY Jeremy BrianE0555502 Apr 19553 mthRB55 10
DEMSKY Millicent ReginaE0555613 Sep 196848RI17 15
DENBY EstherE0555730 May 196859RG41 13
DENENBERG HettyE0555829 Nov 194942RB49 17
DENENBERG SamuelE0555925 Apr 194669RA40 13
DENISTEIN Gershon JamesE0556017 Nov 197781RN26 17
DENISTEIN LeahE0556127 Sep 198892RN26 16
DENNENBERG CeliaE0556214 Feb 197186RM19 20
DENNING AnnieE0556330 Jun 196060RD13 8
DENNING NathanE0556405 Apr 196162RD13 7
DENNIS Louis SholtoE0556507 Sep 199987RJ35 14
DENNIS RachelE0556623 Jul 199187RJ35 13
DENNIS SamuelE0556714 Aug 197280RJ19 33
DENNIS SarahE0556802 Jun 196968RJ19 34
DENNY HymanE0556910 Mar 198578RO34 12
DENNY Leah o/w LilyE0557002 Feb 2007103RO34 11
DENOFF EstherE0557123 Jul 195939RE37 6
DENOFF TerrenceE0557219 Jul 201166RI30 35
DENTON FannyE0557318 Mar 196264RF39 4
DERFIELD ArthurE0557430 Jan 198879RM07 30
DERFIELD VeraE0557520 Oct 198972RM07 31
DERSON Bernard SolomonE0557622 Jun 199379RJ25 38
DERSON BettyE0557705 Jan 198873RJ25 37
DESLER EstherE0557806 Jun 198468RH08 15
DESLER JackE0557927 May 197166RK18 31
DESLER ReubenE0558004 Nov 197461RH08 14
DESMOND Rosheen CandyE0558106 Mar 196215 mthRB54 43
DESWARTE AmeliaE0558210 Feb 199097RO36 46
DESWARTE IsaacE0558310 Feb 198796RO36 45
DESWARTE JeannieE0558401 Dec 197889RK12 12
DESWARTE JennyE0558522 Apr 201483RE03 11
DESWARTE LeonE0558610 Apr 197347RM23 7
DESWARTE MarkE0558717 Mar 199163RE03 12
DESWARTE SarahE0558802 Dec 196975RM21 6
DEUTSCH ErnstE0558908 Sep 198581RO32 49
DEUTSCH PhilipE0559013 Oct 196380RG22 18
DEVON BrianE0559103 Mar 200180RH38 3
DEVRIES Henry GeorgeE0559229 May 196356RG19 15
DEVRIES JessieE0559326 Aug 198371RG19 16

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