All Deceased beginning with letters 'RY'

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All names beginning RY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RYBNICK SolB0077604 Oct 197384K111 17
RYDER DorisB0683825 Oct 198571K140 34
RYDER LouisC0089220 Jan 199683K140 35
RYMAN RebeccaA0633409 Oct 196378F129 24
RYMAN SamuelA0668809 Aug 196478F129 25
RYMAN SolomonA0755822 Jul 196667H129 15
RYNGOLD MarianA0516412 Jan 196173E241 15
RYNHOLD AaronA0602628 Jan 196391E241 14
RYNHOLD Miriam DeniseB1003826 Jan 199352J02 41
RYSMAN JacobB0664104 May 198571O31 44
RYSMAN RayB0882104 Jan 199075F103 10
RYSMAN SidneyB0875827 Nov 198983F103 11
RYZMAN BettyB0776420 Oct 198784L23 06
RYZMAN HertzA0223320 Oct 194848A248 21

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