All Deceased beginning with letters 'RY'

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All names beginning RY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RYBNICK SolE2038604 Oct 197384RK11 17
RYDER DorisE2038725 Oct 198571RK40 34
RYDER LouisE2038820 Jan 199683RK40 35
RYMAN RebeccaE2038909 Oct 196378RF29 24
RYMAN SamuelE2039009 Aug 196478RF29 25
RYMAN SolomonE2039122 Jul 196667RH29 15
RYNGOLD MarianE2039212 Jan 196173RE41 15
RYNHOLD AaronE2039328 Jan 196391RE41 14
RYNHOLD Miriam DeniseE2039426 Jan 199352RJ02 41
RYSMAN JacobE2039504 May 198571RO31 44
RYSMAN RayE2039604 Jan 199075RF03 10
RYSMAN SidneyE2039727 Nov 198983RF03 11
RYZMAN BettyE2039820 Oct 198784RL23 6
RYZMAN HertzE2039920 Oct 194848RA48 21

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