All Deceased beginning with letters 'SP'

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All names beginning SP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SPACK FannyE2321326 Jun 198688RD25 34
SPACK HymanE2321429 Jan 197876RK28 17
SPACK JessieE2321507 Aug 197474RK28 18
SPACK MyerE2321605 Nov 196162RD25 35
SPALTER AdaE2321704 Apr 198471RL37 28
SPALTER HarryE2321807 Jun 198171RL37 27
SPANBOK AnneE2321903 Sep 199781RL33 41
SPANBOK LewisE2322013 Aug 198871RL33 40
SPANGLETT ManuelE2322106 Jun 200485RG18 27
SPANGLETT RachelE2322227 May 200894RL08 1
SPARAG Esther (Hetty)E2322305 Jul 199282RB04 17
SPARAG HarryE2322405 Apr 196756RB04 18
SPECTERMAN AlfredE2322513 Nov 196756RI12 24
SPECTERMAN AnnieE2322604 Sep 195752RE26 19
SPECTERMAN FayE2322719 Feb 198472RN41 35
SPECTERMAN LazarusE2322805 Aug 194072RA19 23
SPECTERMAN LazarusE2322931 Aug 195892RE33 16
SPECTERMAN NettieE2323021 Feb 197356RM17 12
SPECTERMAN SadieE2323104 Nov 200791RI12 25
SPECTERMAN SamuelE2323226 Oct 198784RO39 7
SPECTERMAN SamuelE2323327 Nov 199385RO25 39
SPECTERMAN SarahE2323418 Aug 195889RE33 15
SPECTMAN RebeccaE2323509 Dec 197765RK32 22
SPECTOR AnnieE2323621 Feb 198680RN19 26
SPECTOR BessieE2323719 May 198588RL30 39
SPECTOR DavidE2323804 Jan 200297RN35 46
SPECTOR EdithE2323904 Jul 198675RN35 45
SPECTOR EstherE2324005 Mar 194632RB38 22
SPECTOR EstherE2324125 Jun 194868RB32 4
SPECTOR HymanE2324230 Apr 196865RF12 19
SPECTOR IsraelE2324315 Mar 196965RH16 10
SPECTOR JeanE2324428 Mar 196559RH38 25
SPECTOR JoelE2324504 Feb 197471RM17 34
SPECTOR Leonard EliezerE2324623 Jan 198169RC15 32
SPECTOR MillieE2324712 Feb 197877RL28 37
SPECTOR MinnieE2324803 Sep 194773RB42 11
SPECTOR MyerE2324908 Jul 195358RD37 10
SPECTOR Rebecca BettyE2325021 Jun 197368RF12 18
SPECTOR RebeccaE2325123 Apr 194260RB26 20
SPECTOR SarahE2325223 Feb 19470RB38 30
SPECTOROFF HymanE2325304 Mar 195276RD47 27
SPECTOROFF LeahE2325416 Mar 196079RD47 28
SPEGELSTEIN EmanuelE2325516 Nov 197674RK10 1
SPEGELSTEIN Sarah YettaE2325615 Dec 196062RD09 35
SPEIGEL JaneE2325718 Jan 198774RM07 13
SPEIGEL MinnieE2325814 Feb 199281RK43 21
SPEIGEL NormanE2325927 Jan 198781RK43 20
SPEIGLE DavidE2326009 Dec 199987RL10 43
SPEIGLE MinnieE2326107 Jun 200186RL10 42
SPELLMAN NancyE2326208 Apr 195242RD48 9
SPENCE EstherE2326305 Aug 198479RO24 57
SPENCER Alan LewisE2326423 Mar 199053RM31 40
SPENCER AlfredE2326507 Mar 199873RE42 33
SPENCER BabyE2326608 Aug 19651 mthRE43 16S
SPENCER EstherE2326718 Oct 196658RH47 32
SPENCER EvaE2326817 May 197963RN29 13
SPENCER HenryE2326909 Aug 199278RN29 12
SPENCER HettyE2327009 Jun 197857RE42 32
SPENCER Jeanette EveE2327122 Jul 197440RE42 24
SPENCER John SidneyE2327207 Oct 201186RE42 25
SPENCER JulieE2327302 Apr 198774RO34 44
SPENCER LouisE2327416 May 198282RO12 38
SPENCER MildredE2327518 Sep 2000100RO12 39
SPENCER SidneyE2327620 Jun 198577RO34 43
SPENCER ValerieE2327728 Sep 199351RJ38 23
SPENDEL Karol HenrykE2327818 Jan 196065RD07 25
SPERACKE MauriceE2327917 Apr 195786RE23 21
SPERO AbrahamE2328018 Sep 197883RL29 32
SPERO AnnieE2328115 Jul 1992101RJ37 28
SPERO MosesE2328209 Jul 196266RF35 5
SPERO RebeccaE2328306 Sep 198485RL29 31
SPERO SarahE2328421 Sep 195766RD45 28
SPERO WoolfeE2328507 Apr 195265RD45 21
SPEVAK MinnieE2328604 Jul 197574RH43 21
SPEVOCK Israel MorrisE2328723 Dec 199675RM02 30
SPEVOCK Rachel LeahE2328807 May 200891RM02 31
SPIEGALMAN LeahE2328908 Feb 194046RB11 4
SPIEGEL ElsieE2329007 Apr 200690RO23 63
SPIEGEL EricE2329101 Aug 199980RO23 64
SPIEGEL FriedaE2329228 Jul 195379RA48 23
SPIEGEL LilianE2329313 May 197882RL12 39
SPIEGEL NettyE2329421 Feb 196665RA03 23
SPIEGEL SigmundE2329516 Nov 194877RA48 22
SPIEGELMAN FannyE2329620 Jan 195564RD28 26
SPIEGELMAN MorrisE2329717 Apr 197162RE49 30
SPIEGLER AlecE2329827 Feb 196461RF44 13
SPIEGLER BerthaE2329904 Dec 195885RF47 5
SPIEGLER Clive EdwardE2330004 Oct 195822RF47 15
SPIEGLER LouisE2330118 Aug 196458RG18 22
SPIEGLER NellieE2330212 Jan 198983RF44 12
SPIEGLER RamahE2330310 Mar 196348RG18 21
SPIELMAN DorothyE2330404 Mar 196362RH47 27
SPIELMAN JackE2330521 Apr 196664RH47 28
SPIER DoraE2330619 Feb 196989RJ15 32
SPIERS Ernest IsidoreE2330710 Nov 196885RH16 19
SPIERS o/w BLAKE AnnieE2330821 Apr 196279RC10 22
SPIGELMAN EthelE2330919 Feb 194978RB47 18
SPIGELMAN HymanE2331025 Aug 197364RK19 18
SPIGELMAN LeibaE2331112 Oct 199184RK19 19
SPIGGLE SamuelE2331203 Mar 199575RK05 23
SPILBERG Alfred ThomasE2331303 Apr 198269RN36 26
SPILBERG MadalaineE2331426 Jan 200188RN36 27
SPILLER JosephE2331512 Nov 198375RO08 5
SPILLER LeahE2331622 Mar 198993RN04 14
SPILLER LilyE2331713 Feb 200188RO08 6
SPILNICK BellaE2331825 Feb 196647RI04 31
SPILNICK WoolfE2331901 Oct 198670RI04 30
SPINAK BerthaE2332010 Dec 195979RF43 14
SPINAK SolomonE2332113 Apr 196080RF43 13
SPINDEL ZirlaE2332212 Apr 199793RD07 24
SPINDLE Sadie RifkaE2332320 Mar 198077RL06 9
SPINDLE Woolf MarkE2332405 Apr 198079RL06 10
SPINDLER AnnE2332527 Jul 197250RM31 25
SPINDLER MichaelE2332607 Jun 198467RM32 23
SPINK DeborahE2332704 Sep 196488RF23 17
SPINNER IsidoreE2332803 Apr 197052RH11 14
SPINNER RayE2332924 Apr 200385RH11 13
SPIRA BloomahE2333002 Aug 198578RO31 49
SPIRA HymanE2333101 Nov 197384RJ24 29
SPIRA LeahE2333212 Jul 197181RJ24 30
SPIRA MyerE2333302 Jan 198982RO31 48
SPIRO Abraham JockE2333417 Nov 198183RN11 6
SPIRO AbrahamE2333513 Dec 198371RK35 7
SPIRO BernardE2333612 Aug 196748RH24 23
SPIRO CeliaE2333705 Jul 198683RK43 9
SPIRO EvaE2333827 Jun 198267RK35 8
SPIRO IsaacE2333914 Apr 197772RO22 50
SPIRO LewisE2334004 Sep 194873RA47 7
SPIRO MillicentE2334112 Aug 195553RD18 22
SPIRO MillyE2334212 Nov 195378RA47 6
SPIRO MillyE2334310 Oct 198787RN11 7
SPISBACH FalicyaE2334409 Feb 197290RK16 18
SPITAL AnneE2334504 Nov 198677RM10 8
SPITAL BenE2334616 Aug 197271RJ10 8
SPITAL IsraelE2334713 May 198075RJ10 9
SPITAL SimonE2334817 May 198173RM10 7
SPITAL SimonE2334928 Sep 199688RJ10 7
SPITALLAN PollyE2335022 Nov 195451RB09 21
SPITALSKY SarahE2335115 Jul 194647RB40 19
SPITZER AlexanderE2335231 Jul 197071RC17 9
SPITZER Gerald RalphE2335314 Jul 194733RA44 11
SPITZER SamuelE2335425 Jun 196367RG20 22
SPITZER YoelE2335523 Aug 201084RE51 16
SPIVACK EstherE2335608 Jun 196692RH29 24
SPIVACK IsraelE2335710 Mar 196687RC05 9
SPIVACK LeahE2335827 Jun 196692RC05 10
SPIVICK FrancesE2335912 Feb 197476RM24 12
SPIVICK SarahE2336012 Sep 194674RB40 22
SPOLANDER ColemanE2336120 Feb 197872RL28 18
SPOLANDER MyerE2336204 Jan 197660RN18 42
SPOLANDER RebeccaE2336305 Apr 200088RN18 41
SPOLANDER SadieE2336430 Sep 198071RL28 17
SPORN AlexanderE2336529 Nov 199889RI25 3
SPORN Israel SamuelE2336605 Feb 197469RJ28 31
SPORN LeahE2336706 Jan 197471RJ28 30
SPORN LilyE2336819 Jul 201194RI25 2
SPOROWER AlecE2336931 Oct 194428RA35 13
SPRING DavidE2337004 Dec 200479RO06 31
SPRING EvaE2337127 Jan 198671RO06 32
SPRING FannyE2337203 Oct 195772RE25 6
SPRING MorrisE2337329 Sep 199474RJ02 32
SPRING PhilipE2337430 Aug 195067RA54 13
SPRINGER AnnieE2337505 Jun 198175RL19 36
SPRINGER AnnieE2337609 Jul 198982RL23 23
SPRINGER BarnetE2337705 Mar 198266RN08 15
SPRINGER BenjaminE2337803 Aug 196155RG09 31
SPRINGER BettyE2337917 Feb 196541RB06 7
SPRINGER BlancheE2338029 Sep 199680RK03 41
SPRINGER DoraE2338107 Oct 197973RG09 30
SPRINGER ElsaE2338214 Jan 200686RK03 40
SPRINGER FelixE2338312 Feb 199778RK03 39
SPRINGER GoldaE2338408 Jan 196869RA03 20
SPRINGER GusE2338513 Feb 198278RL23 22
SPRINGER HymanE2338609 Jan 199867RO31 3
SPRINGER IvorE2338723 Sep 197541RL23 21
SPRINGER JohnE2338815 Feb 199971RB19 35
SPRINGER LilianE2338920 Sep 200690RK02 42
SPRINGER MillieE2339005 Nov 198170RN08 16
SPRINGER SamuelE2339127 Jan 199976RK02 43
SPRINGER Sidney IsraelE2339207 Oct 196666RA03 19
SPRINGER SimonE2339318 Sep 197175RL19 35
SPRUNG CillaE2339428 Nov 198273RC15 22
SPRUNG EliasE2339513 Nov 196661RC15 23
SPURLING AndrewE2339622 Jun 199629RK04 32
SPURLING ClaraE2339715 Dec 201493RD15 16
SPURLING Ernest MontagueE2339807 May 198575RN39 11
SPURLING EstherE2339902 Mar 198368RN39 12
SPURLING HaroldE2340015 Apr 195837RD15 17

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