All Deceased beginning with letters 'LU'

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All names beginning LU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
LUBART MorrisE1535227 Jan 199375RI03 21
LUBART SidneyE1535306 Mar 200286RM24 43
LUBELSKI RebeccaE1535421 Apr 195680RC08 24
LUBERT JennieE1535515 Dec 195058RB52 16
LUBESCHITZ SolomonE1535605 Sep 196172RE41 22
LUBICK AlfredE1535715 Dec 196258RG16 11
LUBIN David Richard CharlesE1535804 Mar 198080RN10 24
LUBIN FrancesE1535914 Mar 197257RH32 8
LUBIN GodfreyE1536021 May 199065RF18 32
LUBIN LewisE1536129 Jul 196356RG21 10
LUBIN SamuelE1536221 Dec 196686RE06 14
LUBIN SophieE1536318 Mar 197074RG44 7
LUBINSKA EmiliaE1536409 Nov 194069RB19 6
LUBINSKY GoodmanE1536516 May 196670RI06 29
LUBINSKY MyerE1536612 Jan 196658RH32 7
LUBINSKY RoseE1536704 Feb 197177RI06 28
LUBINSTEIN LilyE1536822 Sep 198787RJ21 22
LUBINSTEIN NathanE1536927 Sep 196969RJ21 21
LUBLINER FannyE1537019 May 193878RB11 22
LUBOFSKY FannyE1537108 Sep 194033RA20 20
LUBOFSKY FannyE1537215 Oct 195977RF46 31
LUBOFSKY HymanE1537308 Sep 194035RA20 18
LUBOFSKY MartinE1537408 Sep 194017 mthRA20 19
LUBOSCHITZ NettieE1537516 Jun 199481RE42 22
LUBOSHITZ JessieE1537606 Feb 196174RE41 21
LUBOWSKY AdelaideE1537707 Mar 195239RD47 29
LUBRANETSKY MaryE1537825 Apr 200389RH25 35
LUBRANITSKY BernardE1537920 Mar 201788RG01 25
LUBRANITSKY HarryE1538002 Dec 198777RI42 24
LUBRANITSKY LeahE1538109 Nov 197186RM28 20
LUBRINSKY MyerE1538217 Mar 196676RF17 20
LUBRINSKY RayE1538326 Sep 196672RF17 21
LUCK Averill MillicentE1538415 Nov 199644RK03 18
LUCK HildaE1538523 Nov 199081RG09 32
LUCK SidneyE1538621 Jun 201578RK03 19
LUCKMAN IsraelE1538724 May 195166RA58 15
LUCKMAN RebeccaE1538814 Jan 197577RI19 6
LUCKS DavidE1538916 Jul 199761RE47 32
LUDENSKY HarryE1539026 Jul 196175RB07 5
LUDENSKY SamuelE1539119 Jan 196047RE38 26
LUDENSKY SophieE1539211 Nov 193954RB15 5
LUDER AaronE1539312 May 194311RA30 22
LUDER AbrahamE1539411 Jul 196984RE36 31
LUDER AnnieE1539522 May 195971RE36 30
LUDER PhyllisE1539610 Jul 201795RE36 33
LUDER SarahE1539711 Apr 194892RB44 23
LUDER Solomon SidneyE1539831 Jul 198171RE36 32
LUDINSKY RachelE1539918 Nov 194839RB46 16
LUDNOWSKY CharlotteE1540017 Jul 195480RA57 23
LUDNOWSKY JacobE1540123 Apr 195184RA57 10
LUDNOWSKY WalterE1540227 Apr 196869RA57 4
LUDWIN ClaraE1540303 Jun 200388RJ32 20
LUDWIN JackE1540403 Dec 199378RJ32 19
LUDWIN StephenE1540516 Nov 200960RJ36 32
LUFTMAN EdwardE1540622 Nov 200481RK20 41
LUFTMAN Sarah LeahE1540727 Aug 199569RK20 40
LUKAS SarahE1540804 Jan 196242RA05 11
LUKES JosephE1540908 Jun 195654RE14 8
LUKES RachelE1541028 Dec 198389RE14 7
LUNN CeliaE1541102 Sep 196066RF40 11
LUNN LillianE1541206 Aug 198860RL31 40
LUNN MyerE1541311 Apr 200079RL31 41
LUPER Sarah LilyE1541416 May 198381RK36 6
LUPIN AdaE1541512 Nov 198986RF03 13
LUPIN SamuelE1541610 May 199380RF03 14
LUPINSKY LeslieE1541709 Oct 194031RA21 12
LUPU FroimE1541827 Jan 194361RB57 19
LURIE BasiaE1541917 Mar 194390RB18 34
LURIE HildaE1542011 Nov 198372RL05 40
LUSTIG AbrahamE1542108 Mar 199489RN36 12
LUSTIG Estera (Esther) LilyE1542220 Jan 201888RO09 15
LUSTIG Karl ChaimE1542323 Jul 198358RO09 14
LUSTIG OsiasE1542413 Dec 195360RD32 18
LUSTIG RayE1542520 Mar 198268RN36 11
LUTERLOF Max MarkE1542629 Sep 198382RM32 15
LUTERLOF SadieE1542730 Aug 197264RM32 14
LUWISCHE AnnetteE1542814 Jul 194060RB18 21
LUX AdaE1542902 May 195777RE23 24
LUX AlfredE1543012 Feb 195848RE31 11
LUX AnnieE1543110 May 194375RA21 4
LUX FloraE1543227 Jul 200590RM04 15
LUX HerresE1543324 Nov 194981RA21 3
LUX HymanE1543423 Jun 193861RA12 10
LUX JackE1543508 Aug 198986RM04 16
LUX LeahE1543608 Jul 198284RI40 16
LUXENBERG DoraE1543713 Mar 197177RJ03 15
LUXENBERG HarryE1543829 Nov 197781RJ03 16

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