All Deceased beginning with letters 'OS'

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All names beginning OS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OSATCH JackE1778731 Jan 197581RM38 33
OSATCH RoseE1778831 Jan 198489RM38 34
OSBORNE DebbyE1778903 Jun 197167RK18 35
OSBORNE FrankE1779008 Jul 197968RO24 50
OSBORNE HarryE1779114 Nov 198579RK18 34
OSBORNE LouisE1779203 Nov 198073RM11 17
OSEN Dr Hyman EmanuelE1779317 Mar 199988RL06 43
OSEN LewisE1779428 Dec 196187RC09 14
OSEN LilyE1779503 May 200695RL06 42
OSEN PearlE1779605 Jul 200087RK24 3
OSEN RachelE1779720 Mar 197689RC09 15
OSER RachelE1779806 Jul 197978RO25 30
OSHER Ellen o/w HelenE1779907 Dec 195148RB26 5
OSHER HettyE1780028 Oct 199779RB28 2
OSHER LeahE1780107 Mar 194365RB26 6
OSHER MaxE1780218 Jun 198468RB28 1
OSHER MelanieE1780323 May 201364RH03 11
OSHER MorrisE1780419 Feb 196691RB27 2
OSHER WilliamE1780511 Sep 194746RA45 17
OSHEROWITZ HarryE1780622 May 195159RA58 16
OSHEROWITZ MillieE1780707 Mar 197689RA58 1
OSKOVITCH JonasE1780826 Feb 194963RA49 16
OSNER MorrisE1780930 Dec 198274RG12 8
OSNOWITZ IsraelE1781014 May 193947RA15 21
OSOSKY MillieE1781125 Aug 197862RH05 23
OSOSKY MorrisE1781204 Jan 194468RA33 17
OSSEROWITZ AnnieE1781316 Feb 194288RB25 8
OSTASZMSKI MichaelE1781408 Sep 198179RN35 8
OSTASZYNSKI RysiaE1781524 Jun 200089RN35 7
OSTER George OscarE1781626 Aug 198063RO24 25
OSTER JeanE1781726 Feb 197859RO24 24
OSTERELY DoraE1781801 Feb 197062RJ21 29
OSTERLEY Jack SolomonE1781921 Nov 197576RJ21 30
OSTERLEY SamuelE1782027 May 196073RF41 31
OSTRIN or OSTRYN JacobE1782122 Mar 195178RB49 32
OSTROFF EdnaE1782206 Feb 199070RF03 26
OSTROFF EvaE1782321 Oct 196479RF22 17
OSTROFF LeonardE1782420 Apr 199878RF03 25
OSTROFF LouisE1782529 Jun 200383RJ38 40
OSTROFF Sarah EstherE1782606 Jul 199469RJ38 39
OSTROFF SidneyE1782721 Dec 194131RA26 21
OSTROFSKY FlorenceE1782804 Aug 194936RB47 10
OSTROI CyrilE1782905 Aug 199556RH22 3
OSTROI HarryE1783011 Feb 197472RH22 22
OSTROI MaryE1783110 Nov 196765RH22 21
OSTRYN BenjaminE1783201 Oct 199686RK03 35
OSTRYN DeborahE1783312 Dec 200388RE43 35
OSTRYN FayE1783403 Oct 199686RK03 36
OSWITCH Ada ElizabethE1783511 Dec 197171RM24 21
OSWITCH HarryE1783604 Oct 194648RA42 15
OSWITCH HarryE1783719 Oct 197074RM24 22
OSWITCH OlgaE1783804 Apr 198588RO07 31

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