All Deceased beginning with letters 'VO'

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All names beginning VO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VOGEL BlancheE2479309 Feb 198677RN23 44
VOGEL CellyE2479427 Jan 196672RC03 33
VOGEL FrancineE2479508 Mar 201178RC03 35
VOGEL NossonE2479604 Jan 200782RC03 34
VOGEL OscarE2479726 Nov 196167RC03 32
VOGEL PhilipE2479819 Jul 201387RH02 11
VOGEL RitaE2479920 Sep 201283RH02 10
VOLCOVITCH BessieE2480009 Apr 193831RB10 9
VOLENSKY SarahE2480107 Mar 197289RD50 6
VOLINSKY SimonE2480205 Dec 195179RD50 7
VOLK GoldaE2480329 Oct 199180RM31 18
VOLK MorrisE2480410 Jun 197262RM31 17
VOLKOVITCH HarryE2480508 Feb 194958RA47 29
VOLKOVITCH LazarusE2480601 Nov 197177RM28 13
VOLKOVITCH RachelE2480713 Dec 197381RM28 12
VOLOFSKY (MILLER) MillieE2480820 Apr 197163RG47 27
VORSKY JosephE2480926 Nov 199493RM16 41

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