All Deceased beginning with letters 'VO'

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All names beginning VO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VOGEL BlancheB0697609 Feb 198677N123 44
VOGEL CellyA0735127 Jan 196672C103 33
VOGEL FrancineC0473908 Mar 201178C103 35
VOGEL NossonC0399704 Jan 200782C103 34
VOGEL OscarA0548226 Nov 196167C103 32
VOGEL PhilipC0512719 Jul 201387H102 11
VOGEL RitaC0497820 Sep 201283H102 10
VOLCOVITCH BessieA0003909 Apr 193831B110 09
VOLENSKY SarahA1024407 Mar 197289D250 06
VOLINSKY SimonA0291305 Dec 195179D250 07
VOLK GoldaB0953029 Oct 199180M31 18
VOLK MorrisB0011410 Jun 197262M31 17
VOLKOVITCH HarryA0228408 Feb 194958A247 29
VOLKOVITCH LazarusA1003501 Nov 197177M28 13
VOLKOVITCH RachelB0087513 Dec 197381M28 12
VOLOFSKY (MILLER) MillieA0978620 Apr 197163G247 27
VORSKY JosephC0047226 Nov 199493M16 41

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