All Deceased beginning with letters 'ZI'

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All names beginning ZI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ZIANTS SidneyC0510015 May 201387N135 30
ZIANTZ IreneB0494120 Nov 198150N135 29
ZIDERMAN HenriettaB0017801 Aug 197284G249 21
ZIDMAN AnnieB0122809 Aug 197479F129 09
ZIDMAN MorrisA0632901 Oct 196377F129 10
ZIEDENBERG EstherA0549909 Dec 196177C104 33
ZIELINSKI LeahB0414208 Mar 198083C119 21
ZIELINSKI MozekB0054020 Mar 197381C119 22
ZIGMAN RebeccaA0479530 Aug 195959D113 15
ZIGMAN SamuelB0575108 Jul 198382D113 14
ZILESNICK RosaA0575604 Jul 19621B131 21S
ZIMBLER AlvinaA0783723 Mar 196796I108 09
ZIMBLER AnnieA0157119 Jun 194565B135 08
ZIMBLER SolomonA0141820 Aug 194476A134 28
ZIMET HedwigA1013902 Jan 197286G139 15
ZIMMERMAN Abraham SimonA1020208 Feb 197279C105 26
ZIMMERMAN AnnieA0476417 Jul 195959E136 13
ZIMMERMAN FayC0139123 May 199787J38 29
ZIMMERMAN GertrudeC0234421 Mar 200087K106 02
ZIMMERMAN HarryB0390103 Oct 197965K106 01
ZIMMERMAN Joseph o/w JoelA0209806 Feb 194866A139 31
ZIMMERMAN JosephC0318704 May 200380E244 04
ZIMMERMAN KateA0338414 Jan 195473D131 19
ZIMMERMAN LeahC0214813 Aug 199989D135 04
ZIMMERMAN LewisA0509317 Oct 196074E140 22
ZIMMERMAN LouisC0022305 Mar 199488J38 30
ZIMMERMAN MichaelB0714708 Jun 198665K242 32
ZIMMERMAN RachelB0531303 Sep 198278F124 28
ZIMMERMAN Sarah AnnB0429414 Jul 198082C105 27
ZIMMERMAN SarahA0129826 Jan 194463B130 14
ZIMMERMAN SarahC0453120 Nov 200988K137 11
ZIMMERMAN SimonA0663310 Jun 196458F124 29
ZINN Isabelle BerthaB0676019 Aug 198582K137 39
ZIONS AbrahamA0203324 Oct 194761A244 05
ZIPPERMAN RachelA0296310 Feb 195262D248 25
ZISMAN IsaacA0562307 Mar 196254H251 20
ZISMAN MauriceA0034014 Jun 193960A116 12
ZISMAN SarahA0560019 Feb 196276C113 33
ZISSERMAN AnneA0097821 Mar 194288B122 06
ZISSLING LewisA0537215 Aug 196180D113 27
ZISSLING MillieA0807210 Nov 196790D113 26
ZITVER EdithA0537114 Aug 196165E243 29
ZITVER LazarusA0895409 Oct 196970E243 28
ZIVAN JacobA0311804 Nov 195286B251 32

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