All Deceased beginning with letters 'ZI'

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All names beginning ZI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ZIANTS SidneyE2607115 May 201387RN35 30
ZIANTZ IreneE2607220 Nov 198150RN35 29
ZIDERMAN HenriettaE2607301 Aug 197284RG49 21
ZIDMAN AnnieE2607409 Aug 197479RF29 9
ZIDMAN MorrisE2607501 Oct 196377RF29 10
ZIEDENBERG EstherE2607609 Dec 196177RC04 33
ZIELINSKI LeahE2607708 Mar 198083RC19 21
ZIELINSKI MozekE2607820 Mar 197381RC19 22
ZIGMAN RebeccaE2607930 Aug 195959RD13 15
ZIGMAN SamuelE2608008 Jul 198382RD13 14
ZILESNICK RosaE2608104 Jul 19621 mthRB31 21S
ZIMBLER AlvinaE2608223 Mar 196796RI08 9
ZIMBLER AnnieE2608319 Jun 194565RB35 8
ZIMBLER SolomonE2608420 Aug 194476RA34 28
ZIMET HedwigE2608502 Jan 197286RG39 15
ZIMMERMAN Abraham SimonE2608608 Feb 197279RC05 26
ZIMMERMAN AnnieE2608717 Jul 195959RE36 13
ZIMMERMAN FayE2608823 May 199787RJ38 29
ZIMMERMAN FlorrieE2608927 Apr 201797RE44 3
ZIMMERMAN GertrudeE2609021 Mar 200087RK06 2
ZIMMERMAN HarryE2609103 Oct 197965RK06 1
ZIMMERMAN Joseph o/w JoelE2609206 Feb 194866RA39 31
ZIMMERMAN JosephE2609304 May 200380RE44 4
ZIMMERMAN KateE2609414 Jan 195473RD31 19
ZIMMERMAN LeahE2609513 Aug 199989RD35 4
ZIMMERMAN LewisE2609617 Oct 196074RE40 22
ZIMMERMAN LouisE2609705 Mar 199488RJ38 30
ZIMMERMAN MichaelE2609808 Jun 198665RK42 32
ZIMMERMAN RachelE2609903 Sep 198278RF24 28
ZIMMERMAN Sarah AnnE2610014 Jul 198082RC05 27
ZIMMERMAN SarahE2610126 Jan 194463RB30 14
ZIMMERMAN SarahE2610220 Nov 200988RK37 11
ZIMMERMAN SimonE2610310 Jun 196458RF24 29
ZINN Isabelle BerthaE2610419 Aug 198582RK37 39
ZIONS AbrahamE2610524 Oct 194761RA44 5
ZIPPERMAN RachelE2610610 Feb 195262RD48 25
ZISMAN IsaacE2610707 Mar 196254RH51 20
ZISMAN MauriceE2610814 Jun 193960RA16 12
ZISMAN SarahE2610919 Feb 196276RC13 33
ZISSERMAN AnneE2611021 Mar 194288RB22 6
ZISSLING LewisE2611115 Aug 196180RD13 27
ZISSLING MillieE2611210 Nov 196790RD13 26
ZITVER EdithE2611314 Aug 196165RE43 29
ZITVER LazarusE2611409 Oct 196970RE43 28
ZIVAN JacobE2611504 Nov 195286RB51 32

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