All Deceased beginning with letters 'FI'

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All names beginning FI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FIALKA EstherE0649905 Jan 197060RI25 23
FIALKE WoolfE0650006 Nov 197466RI25 22
FIANSKY KatieE0650118 Mar 194867RB44 21
FIDLER Maurice JackE0650201 Apr 198288RK07 15
FIDLER SarahE0650330 Mar 197678RK07 14
FIELD AbrahamE0650428 Jun 195678RE15 6
FIELD AnneE0650515 May 199584RN26 12
FIELD BellaE0650614 Feb 195675RE12 17
FIELD BenjaminE0650729 May 198066RN10 26
FIELD BenjaminE0650805 Feb 199383RH04 32
FIELD BettyE0650903 Jul 196330RG20 27
FIELD Brian LouisE0651015 Sep 199457RN34 48
FIELD FlorrieE0651104 Mar 199888RH04 33
FIELD JackE0651218 Oct 197765RN26 11
FIELD LeaE0651330 Jan 200594RG28 2
FIELD LouisE0651421 May 196040RE39 25
FIELD MarianneE0651505 Dec 200474RH54 12
FIELD MarieE0651603 Mar 198075RE03 15
FIELD MauriceE0651724 Apr 198072RN30 32
FIELD NathanE0651825 Sep 200185RG20 26
FIELD NicholasE0651920 Mar 198073RE03 16
FIELD RachelE0652011 Aug 201195RN30 31
FIELD SamuelE0652104 May 196868RH20 22
FIELD SidneyE0652210 Apr 196458RG28 10
FIELDER ZeldaE0652330 Jul 197966RN12 42
FIELDMAN AbrahamE0652416 Oct 196579RF26 24
FIELDMAN DoraE0652511 Mar 196474RF26 23
FIELDS CyrilE0652624 Nov 198758RG04 20
FIELDS Ivor AlanE0652709 Mar 201884RG01 6
FIELDS RuthE0652808 Apr 201783RG01 5
FIELDS SylviaE0652901 Feb 200978RG04 19
FIELKER AliceE0653017 Nov 194132RB24 9
FIERSTEIN LilianE0653118 Jul 197354RM24 31
FIERSTEIN SamuelE0653202 Mar 198272RM24 30
FIERSTONE JosephE0653324 Jan 197958RC23 23
FIFE AnneE0653413 Feb 198470RN06 18
FIFE MauriceE0653513 Aug 198279RN06 17
FIFER AnneE0653625 Dec 198584RK25 14
FIFER AnnieE0653702 Jun 197364RK25 37
FIFER SidneyE0653803 Oct 197774RK25 38
FIFER SydneyE0653902 Dec 197269RK25 13
FIGA BlumaE0654016 Sep 199881RH39 32
FIGA FrankE0654124 Jun 199581RH39 33
FIGA JacobE0654222 Sep 199980RC18 34
FIGA JeannieE0654305 Mar 198060RC14 30
FIGGETT ArnoldE0654429 Jan 200777RD45 1
FIGGETT CyrilE0654502 Jan 199972RB35 1
FIGGETT HymanE0654616 Dec 196170RC08 6
FIGGETT PollyE0654711 Mar 197883RC08 5
FIGOR AnnieE0654828 Aug 197473RK22 36
FIGOR HarryE0654913 Aug 197170RK22 37
FIKERSHINSKY SarahE0655002 Nov 194458RB34 19
FILAR AnthonyE0655114 Jul 198969RF53 13
FILAR DebbyE0655229 Jul 197358RM34 37
FILAR ZenaE0655326 Feb 200480RF53 14
FILBURG FredaE0655422 Feb 197069RJ22 28
FILBURG MarkE0655504 Sep 197175RJ22 29
FINCH EsmeE0655620 Jan 199770RJ04 29A
FINCH JosephE0655706 May 198086RJ04 24
FINCH MillieE0655801 Feb 196769RJ04 23
FINE AbrahamE0655905 Apr 197371RK19 31
FINE AbrahamE0656031 Jul 199878RI42 5
FINE AnneE0656116 Jun 198778RO34 56
FINE DavidE0656224 Jul 198982RO34 55
FINE DoraE0656314 Dec 200392RF35 32
FINE EmanuelE0656409 Jun 198569RK40 20
FINE EstherE0656519 May 200198RK19 30
FINE HarryE0656619 Jun 199287RJ01 27
FINE LeahE0656709 Nov 199082RJ01 26
FINE MarthaE0656831 May 197463RM36 30
FINE MinnieE0656927 Jan 200689RK40 19
FINE MurdochE0657022 Sep 199684RM36 31
FINE PhilipE0657111 Feb 196244RF35 33
FINE ReubenE0657208 Feb 195976RF46 10
FINEBAUM ReubenE0657308 Jun 198773RN33 11
FINEBAUM RosaE0657421 May 198176RN33 9
FINEBERG AnnieE0657523 Sep 198686RN30 21
FINEBERG BenjaminE0657613 Feb 198570RE52 12
FINEBERG BetsyE0657706 Jan 194778RB37 29
FINEBERG DavidE0657821 Sep 200174RE30 34
FINEBERG FannyE0657908 Oct 196973RG43 6
FINEBERG HarrietE0658029 Mar 194254RB21 31
FINEBERG HarrisE0658122 Dec 194877RA49 18
FINEBERG IsraelE0658218 Jun 196458RG29 16
FINEBERG KateE0658329 May 200193RL08 21
FINEBERG MaxE0658419 May 198172RO27 33
FINEBERG MyerE0658516 Mar 198279RN36 32
FINEBERG PhilipE0658605 Apr 197977RL08 22
FINEBERG RachelE0658727 Feb 195855RE32 14
FINEBERG RuthE0658820 Feb 200250RM17 42
FINEBERG SamuelE0658929 Jul 200362RM19 41
FINEBERG SamuelE0659024 Jan 198079RN30 22
FINEBLOOM HenryE0659113 Mar 19950RM35 1
FINEBLOOM MorrisE0659206 Dec 197162RM28 34
FINEBURGH HenryE0659308 Apr 196774RI09 25
FINEBURGH RebeccaE0659419 Jun 196876RI09 26
FINEGOLD Aaron LouisE0659523 Apr 197568RD33 4
FINEGOLD AnnieE0659622 Dec 195381RD33 10
FINEGOLD CeliaE0659729 Jun 194742RB35 6
FINEGOLD DebbyE0659813 Mar 198573RK40 7
FINEGOLD FayE0659928 Apr 196858RH19 15
FINEGOLD HarryE0660024 Dec 199681RM07 21
FINEGOLD JackE0660119 Jun 198676RK43 5
FINEGOLD JackE0660204 Jun 200690RK21 41
FINEGOLD LeahE0660306 Nov 199688RK03 32
FINEGOLD Marion (Marie)E0660410 Dec 199579RK21 40
FINEGOLD MelvynE0660507 Oct 201569RI13 2
FINEGOLD MorrisE0660605 Apr 195687RD33 9
FINEGOLD o/w Findley CissieE0660726 Aug 195148RA58 27
FINEGOLD RalphE0660821 Apr 199788RK40 8
FINEGOLD ReubenE0660901 Feb 197870RH19 14
FINEGOLD RochelleE0661021 May 200462RI13 1
FINEGOLD YettaE0661116 Dec 198978RK43 6
FINEMAN DinahE0661227 Jan 199687RI24 33
FINEMAN DorisE0661318 Jan 197062RJ20 27
FINEMAN HannahE0661419 Aug 197180RM27 18
FINEMAN Harry NoahE0661521 Sep 196970RJ20 26
FINEMAN HarryE0661615 Aug 198672RO04 27
FINEMAN HarryE0661714 Jan 200085RI24 34
FINEMAN HymanE0661806 Mar 195650RE12 10
FINEMAN IsraelE0661902 Dec 194345RA32 12
FINEMAN Jack JohnE0662002 Mar 196259RB07 10
FINEMAN JackE0662108 Sep 194739RA45 18
FINEMAN LottieE0662207 Feb 200090RB07 11
FINEMAN Michael HaroldE0662307 Jun 195719RE08 10
FINEMAN PollyE0662406 Aug 197174RJ20 25
FINEMAN ReubenE0662521 Mar 198477RL40 33
FINEMAN RoseE0662613 Dec 199987RO04 28
FINEMAN SarahE0662704 Aug 193864RB12 10
FINEMAN SophieE0662809 Jul 199692RL40 34
FINER AnneE0662912 May 200087RL38 3
FINER CissieE0663030 Nov 199487RM17 26
FINER LeonE0663110 Aug 197044RI27 13
FINER LewisE0663222 Feb 197381RJ27 21
FINER LouisE0663305 Aug 197359RM17 25
FINER ReubenE0663421 May 195841RF50 8
FINER SylviaE0663530 May 198252RI27 12
FINER YettaE0663604 Apr 197782RJ27 22
FINESILVER AbrahamE0663712 Jan 197659RM15 16
FINESILVER AnitaE0663802 Aug 200577RM15 17
FINESILVER AnneE0663908 Jan 199493RF09 12
FINESILVER Frank IsaacE0664023 Dec 199179RJ37 17
FINESILVER HarryE0664108 Dec 197665RN19 40
FINESILVER HarryE0664228 Jun 197074RE06 7
FINESILVER HarryE0664316 Dec 198275RN27 39
FINESILVER Isaac IsraelE0664424 Feb 199276RJ25 40
FINESILVER LouisE0664514 Aug 197473RF09 11
FINESILVER Martin HillaryE0664603 Jul 199048RM03 35
FINESILVER Millicent RachelE0664712 Apr 200483RJ25 39
FINESILVER MiriamE0664811 Nov 197563RN19 39
FINESILVER RachelE0664920 Apr 196675RE06 8
FINESILVER RoseE0665012 Mar 200084RJ37 16
FINESLIVER RonaldE0665110 Nov 199461RG37 10
FINESTEIN DavidE0665213 Dec 197465RM38 21
FINESTEIN FannyE0665311 Jan 199489RI03 15
FINESTEIN JosephE0665404 Feb 199789RI03 16
FINESTEIN PollyE0665513 Feb 199581RM38 19
FINESTEIN RaphaelE0665617 Apr 195377RD37 22
FINGER MorrisE0665701 Jul 198679RK43 13
FINGER SidneyE0665831 Jul 199862RB02 31
FINGLESON Annie LenaE0665913 Oct 195472RD25 31
FINK BenjaminE0666001 May 196371RC12 13
FINK BerthaE0666104 Oct 199173RK29 10
FINK Judith CarolE0666225 Jan 198618RK42 13
FINK PhyllisE0666313 Feb 198953RK42 14
FINK RoseE0666412 Oct 198683RK42 11
FINK Sidney IsaacE0666512 Nov 197459RK29 9
FINKEL AlecE0666602 Oct 197879RK07 32
FINKELESTEIN AnnieE0666722 Oct 195866RC11 28
FINKELSTEIN AbrahamE0666815 Mar 194746RA33 31
FINKELSTEIN AnnieE0666923 Mar 196865RH21 19
FINKELSTEIN EstherE0667021 May 197674RO22 18
FINKELSTEIN IsaacE0667122 Feb 196354RC12 24
FINKELSTEIN Israel MorrisE0667202 Jun 197161RK18 32
FINKELSTEIN IsraelE0667331 Jan 197476RL15 20
FINKELSTEIN JaneE0667423 Jul 197980RO15 27
FINKELSTEIN MorrisE0667512 May 193973RA15 6
FINKELSTEIN RoseE0667621 Jun 193862RB11 17
FINKELSTEIN SarahE0667702 Jul 197987RN29 15
FINKELSTEIN SarahE0667805 Jan 199297RL15 21
FINKELSTON SarahE0667908 Apr 197471RM17 37
FINKLE BarnettE0668024 Dec 198086RN27 32
FINKLE CeliaE0668125 Apr 199299RL22 29
FINKLE FannyE0668215 Aug 197884RN27 31
FINKLE SamuelE0668327 Nov 197482RL22 30
FINKLE SarahE0668424 Dec 198983RK07 33
FINKLEBERG SarahE0668503 Nov 195279RD42 14
FINKLEMAN AnnieE0668604 Mar 196070RF41 20
FINKLEMAN David NathanE0668707 Dec 195747RE29 6
FINKLEMAN LilyE0668818 Jun 199894RE30 8
FINKLER BerthaE0668927 Nov 196359RG23 27
FINKLESTEIN Bernard HershE0669001 Jan 196067RE38 25
FINKLESTEIN BessieE0669123 Sep 197274RC07 14
FINKLESTEIN BloomahE0669212 Apr 198481RO08 25
FINKLESTEIN EstherE0669325 Mar 195086RB50 15
FINKLESTEIN FannyE0669430 Jul 193924RB15 19
FINKLESTEIN FannyE0669513 Aug 193877RB11 30
FINKLESTEIN FrankE0669628 Dec 200094RN44 47
FINKLESTEIN HarryE0669725 May 195573RC07 15
FINKLESTEIN MarkE0669802 Oct 198888RO08 26
FINKLESTEIN MarksE0669911 Jun 194886RA47 13
FINKLESTEIN MaryE0670001 Oct 199484RK18 33
FINKLESTEIN SarahE0670115 Jun 198374RA55 35
FINKLESTEIN SarahE0670229 Oct 199796RH21 20
FINKLESTON Alfred FrankE0670315 Jan 197768RM17 36
FINLAY BennettE0670401 Oct 197671RF15 3
FINLAY FannyE0670528 Jul 197367RK12 17
FINLAY JosephE0670629 May 197775RO23 10
FINLAY MillicentE0670729 Oct 199692RF15 4
FINLEY HarryE0670831 Mar 197563RM39 32
FINLEY HildaE0670906 May 197970RM39 33
FINN AlfredE0671021 Dec 198478RL40 37
FINN AnieliaE0671104 May 199991RL40 38
FINN HarrisE0671203 Feb 194775RA24 35
FINN HarryE0671306 May 200288RI10 4
FINN IsaacE0671429 Jul 196063RD22 30
FINN Jeroham HananE0671503 Jun 196964RC19 1
FINN KatieE0671628 Oct 195882RA24 34
FINN LeahE0671707 Jul 197567RC19 2
FINN LeahE0671812 Jun 199479RI10 3
FINN RebeccaE0671929 Aug 198579RN45 29
FINN RoseE0672019 Mar 199192RJ29 25
FINN SamuelE0672127 May 194942RA23 34
FINN SidneyE0672215 May 194124RA24 33
FINN TheodoreE0672304 Jul 197583RJ29 26
FINNEY HenryE0672417 Dec 197658RN24 29
FINSKY MorrisE0672526 Dec 198782RN45 30
FIRE Abraham EdwardE0672620 Mar 199176RL13 1
FIRE AdelaideE0672712 Jan 198970RL13 2
FIRE CeciliaE0672804 Nov 196582RH33 18
FIREMAN IsraelE0672925 Nov 197986RN28 25
FIREMAN JaneE0673016 Dec 197886RN28 26
FIREMAN KateE0673129 Jun 198884RN04 8
FIREMAN MichaelE0673211 Jun 198781RM07 26
FIREMAN SamuelE0673327 Jun 197880RN12 8
FIRESTEIN FannyE0673423 Oct 194884RA40 32
FIRESTEIN HettieE0673513 Apr 199288RD34 33
FIRESTEIN LazarusE0673612 Jun 194785RA40 31
FIRESTEIN SidE0673719 Jun 199382RD34 32
FIRESTONE CeliaE0673822 Aug 195383RD35 13
FIRESTONE FredaE0673920 Jun 198788RN29 4
FIRISEN Pamela LouiseE0674020 Mar 198642RK42 19
FIRMAN JackE0674130 Dec 198381RO09 18
FIRMAN MichaelE0674231 Oct 197868RO17 47
FIRMIN AdaE0674317 Jul 199790RI30 15
FIRMIN BessieE0674411 Jul 198384RO09 19
FIRMIN SamuelE0674501 Aug 197164RI30 14
FIRSHT DinahE0674601 Dec 197782RB04 9
FIRSHT EmanuelE0674719 Dec 194239RA29 14
FIRSHT EvaE0674813 Sep 198380RO31 16
FIRSHT Lily AnnE0674927 Feb 195433RD30 23
FIRSHT NathanE0675008 Jun 197160RM26 21
FIRSHT Philip JosephE0675119 Nov 197055RM20 3
FIRSHT RebeccaE0675207 Dec 197159RG47 7
FIRSHT SolomonE0675324 Aug 197076RB04 8
FIRSHT SoniaE0675407 Mar 195076RB49 26
FISCH FrancisE0675512 Feb 197138RK21 34
FISCH JurekE0675627 Jun 200276RK22 42
FISCHER Johanna ClaraE0675725 Jun 194539RB35 28
FISCHLER AronE0675801 May 196958RH16 8
FISCHLER ChayaE0675922 Jul 196584RC14 10
FISCHMAN FredaE0676006 Dec 198773RL29 14
FISCHMAN MauriceE0676121 Jun 197864RL29 13
FISH AdaE0676222 Jul 196175RG09 19
FISHBAUM GoldaE0676326 Jan 198080RG23 12
FISHBAUM HarrisE0676423 Oct 196387RG23 11
FISHBBURG SamuelE0676523 Dec 195064RA55 6
FISHBEIN AnnE0676631 May 196069RF41 6
FISHBEIN JackE0676720 Jul 196572RF41 5
FISHBERG MorrisE0676826 Aug 200295RN44 26
FISHBERG RosieE0676922 Dec 198473RN44 25
FISHBONE AnnieE0677001 Jul 196872RA05 26
FISHBONE Ray o/w RachelE0677102 Feb 195657RE11 7
FISHBONE ReubenE0677227 Mar 193947RA14 24
FISHBURN BenjaminE0677318 May 196655RI05 13
FISHBURN GertrudeE0677413 Jul 199072RL25 22
FISHBURN LouisE0677527 Mar 197770RL25 21
FISHEL Jeffrey JosephE0677610 Aug 19543RB55 13
FISHEL SidneyE0677718 Aug 197764RG19 10
FISHER AbrahamE0677808 Jan 193967RA13 29
FISHER AbrahamE0677919 Jan 196785RH27 9
FISHER AlbertE0678019 Jan 200188RN04 40
FISHER AlexanderE0678118 Mar 198779RN30 45
FISHER AlfredE0678225 Nov 197365RM34 34
FISHER AnnieE0678309 Jun 195662RE14 11
FISHER AnnieE0678414 Aug 195573RD19 18
FISHER AnnieE0678515 Apr 198177RC17 29
FISHER AnnieE0678610 Sep 196382RF31 28
FISHER AnthonyE0678708 May 19462RB55 21
FISHER BarnetE0678828 Feb 197170RM25 27
FISHER BeatriceE0678930 Nov 19416RA60 15
FISHER BeatriceE0679016 Sep 197187RF30 14
FISHER BenjaminE0679115 Nov 194027RA22 14
FISHER BenjaminE0679204 Dec 197670RN24 12
FISHER Bert BeereE0679310 Jul 196384RF30 13
FISHER ClaraE0679404 May 194651RB39 16
FISHER DoraE0679526 Feb 196250RE44 11
FISHER Esther BessieE0679628 May 198356RH27 8
FISHER EvelynE0679702 Dec 199392RF19 8
FISHER FannyE0679817 Sep 196883RH27 10
FISHER FayE0679909 Jan 198975RN04 41
FISHER FredaE0680012 Apr 201294RJ32 29
FISHER FreidaE0680107 Feb 195983RA13 34
FISHER GeraldE0680207 Nov 196564RF19 7
FISHER HarryE0680316 Jan 198968RF52 17
FISHER HarryE0680431 Mar 198484RL40 11
FISHER HymanE0680501 Nov 197683RK31 29
FISHER JackE0680607 Jan 197777RL15 28
FISHER JacobE0680711 Oct 193963RA17 10
FISHER JosephE0680823 Dec 196161RG11 22
FISHER JosephE0680903 May 195571RD19 19
FISHER JosephE0681030 Oct 197775RN26 7
FISHER JulietE0681103 Jun 200382RH46 3
FISHER JuliusE0681229 Sep 196975RC17 28
FISHER JuliusE0681321 Feb 196986RC16 19
FISHER LeahE0681416 Oct 199185RO27 63
FISHER LilyE0681508 Mar 198272RN07 10
FISHER LilyE0681623 Jan 200197RM25 28
FISHER MarieE0681707 Feb 197368RG11 21
FISHER MarilynE0681817 Oct 201676RG50 17
FISHER MartinE0681901 Oct 201294RF52 18
FISHER Michael NicholasE0682017 Sep 197262RH46 4
FISHER MichaelE0682102 Sep 196279RE25 4
FISHER MillieE0682215 Jul 194841RA55 34
FISHER MillieE0682313 Jan 199789RN24 11
FISHER MillyE0682420 Jul 197685RK31 28
FISHER MinnieE0682522 Feb 197472RL15 27
FISHER MinnieE0682607 Aug 200388RL28 14
FISHER MorrisE0682709 Oct 199480RF19 32
FISHER MorrisE0682810 Nov 197583RK30 20
FISHER or FISHLER DavidE0682904 Oct 196275RF37 33
FISHER RachelE0683009 Oct 197587RE29 20
FISHER RebeccaE0683127 Dec 196072RE41 20
FISHER RoseE0683218 Oct 195744RE27 8
FISHER RoseE0683326 Apr 199574RI03 18
FISHER RoseE0683422 Mar 199482RN26 8
FISHER SamuelE0683519 Feb 197866RL28 13
FISHER SamuelE0683614 Feb 199085RJ32 28
FISHER SarahE0683708 Nov 196569RJ09 23
FISHER SidneyE0683828 Aug 197147RK23 22
FISHER SoniaE0683907 Aug 195164RB08 25
FISHER Sydney MontagueE0684030 Dec 198771RO03 17
FISHERMAN JosephE0684111 May 196073RE08 21
FISHLER HymanE0684217 Oct 199692RH32 4
FISHLER MiriamE0684310 Jan 197475RF39 27
FISHMAN AbrahamE0684431 Jul 199073RO18 4
FISHMAN AdaE0684505 Mar 193878RB10 15
FISHMAN AdaE0684631 Jan 198187RN30 43
FISHMAN AnnaE0684708 Oct 196081RF39 21
FISHMAN AnnieE0684815 Feb 196265RH51 24
FISHMAN Anthony JeffreyE0684905 Jan 201271RD17 31A
FISHMAN BettyE0685011 Aug 194415RB33 14
FISHMAN DavidE0685128 Oct 196468RG31 21
FISHMAN DorisE0685223 Nov 198657RO37 10
FISHMAN EdwardE0685323 Jul 200494RE51 25
FISHMAN EstherE0685422 Oct 200495RI14 34
FISHMAN FannyE0685509 Aug 195865RF48 24
FISHMAN FannyE0685610 Jul 196270RD41 7
FISHMAN FannyE0685731 Jul 197178RK19 38
FISHMAN FayeE0685812 Jan 198560RN44 22
FISHMAN HarrisE0685908 Apr 194660RA40 22
FISHMAN HarryE0686006 Mar 2016102RH41 2
FISHMAN HarryE0686127 Dec 198778RD16 31
FISHMAN HymanE0686226 Jan 196060RA06 26
FISHMAN JosephE0686330 Jan 195372RD41 8
FISHMAN JuliusE0686429 Dec 200684RI14 35
FISHMAN KatyE0686524 Dec 198084RN24 15
FISHMAN MillieE0686618 Dec 197384RB03 14
FISHMAN MontaguE0686728 Feb 198665RM08 21
FISHMAN MontagueE0686828 Sep 200774RI16 2
FISHMAN RachelE0686902 Oct 196153RE44 20
FISHMAN RebeccaE0687025 Oct 198989RH03 28
FISHMAN Robert IsaacE0687114 May 200986RI43 14
FISHMAN RosieE0687209 Nov 195541RD16 30
FISHMAN SadieE0687312 Apr 197979RF09 18
FISHMAN SamuelE0687410 Dec 197683RN24 14
FISHMAN SarahE0687529 May 195176RB53 26
FISHMAN SarahE0687626 Jul 198579RK40 29
FISHMAN SarahE0687725 Mar 200589RH41 1
FISHMAN SimonE0687805 Nov 196672RH51 25
FISHMAN Solomon JacobE0687910 Jan 200492RN44 21
FISHMAN SolomonE0688015 Dec 199383RF54 3
FISHMAN SylviaE0688124 Feb 200784RM08 20
FISHMAN YettaE0688229 Oct 200393RF54 4
FISHON QueenieE0688303 Sep 196756RH28 25
FISHTEL AliceE0688418 Jun 196163RF37 26
FISHTEL DennisE0688511 Apr 198158RF36 27
FISZER ChavaE0688601 Feb 198975RM05 35
FISZER RafalE0688723 Jun 199178RM05 36
FITTER EmmanuelE0688820 May 199875RI38 32
FITTER FannyE0688906 Feb 198289RD11 24
FITTER FrankE0689014 Sep 201179RH53 35
FITTER HaideeE0689111 Sep 199873RI38 33
FITTER IsaacE0689207 Jun 196069RD11 23
FITTER ShirleyE0689326 Nov 200775RH53 34
FITTERMAN AlfredE0689422 Mar 200386RM04 2
FITTERMAN FayE0689520 May 198366RO16 14
FITTERMAN GoldaE0689620 Apr 198577RO27 25
FITTERMAN MyerE0689725 Oct 197875RO16 13
FITTERMAN RachelE0689825 Feb 201295RM04 1
FITZERMAN SarahE0689908 Aug 196570RF20 26
FITZPATRICK CharlesE0690008 Mar 197977RN28 37
FIXLER DorisE0690101 Jun 198062RN10 32
FIXLER VilemE0690221 Oct 198369RN10 31

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