All Deceased beginning with letters 'OG'

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All names beginning OG
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OGIN AlecC0012415 Dec 199377O28 62
OGIN FayeB0425916 Jun 198071D113 30
OGIN LilyA0704227 May 196548G135 21
OGIN LilyC0208920 May 199974I139 04
OGRODOVITCH MarksA0614704 Apr 196370D135 35
OGUS AnnieB0685213 Nov 198582N135 06
OGUS DellaA0475026 Jun 195952A246 33
OGUS GershonA1009913 Dec 197173G248 29
OGUS HarryA0847412 Sep 196870I117 22
OGUS IsraelA0025720 Feb 193976A112 04
OGUS LeonardA0354127 Sep 195450D125 18
OGUS LewisA0286520 Sep 195147D251 20
OGUS MontagueC0358711 Feb 200584H101 21
OGUS MyerA0206316 Dec 194746A246 18
OGUS Samuel JosephB0487103 Oct 198170O27 40

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